65+ Open when You Forget Something Important in My Life Letter

Open when letters are very famous in any kind of relationship. Writing a letter when the other person has forgotten something important in your life means you want to assure that person that you do not mind. And you are not angry with him or her, and everything is ok between you two. 

Open when you forget something important in my life letter

Here are some examples of letters that you can write when the other person has forgotten something important in your life.

Letters for boyfriend

-Hey, I know you have forgotten my birthday this year, and I know you are feeling guilty for that. But I want to assure you that I did not mind that. I understand that you were busy.

-Dear, the love between us matters the most to me. I did not care much about the fact that you forgot to wish me on my birthday. It is ok. Talk to me now. 

-Dear love, you forgot my parent’s anniversary this year. But you wished them later. That is also ok. They are also not angry with you.

-Hey love, why are you not talking to me? I know you forgot that I was going to give the most important exam of my life yesterday. But that does not mean that I am angry with you. 

-You do not need to say sorry this many times. Everybody commits mistakes. But not everybody has the strength to say sorry. And I am happy that you said sorry. Now leave this matter.

-Yes, I thought that you would be there with me before my University exams. But you forgot. Yes, I was a little bit sad. But it is ok now.

-Hey, you know me. How did you think that I would be furious with you for forgetting such a thing in my life? I do not mind these things.

-You and your love is everything for me. Yes, you forgot something important in my life. But that is not a very big deal for me. 

Letters for girlfriend

-Hey love, I know that you are also regretting that you forgot the most special day in my life. But I know you did not do it deliberately. It is ok. Stop saying sorry to me.

-You and your love are very precious to me. These small things like forgetting something in my life do not matter to me that much. You know it.

-My parents have absolutely no issue with you that you forgot their special day, which is also a special day for me. Come and meet us. We have a surprise for you.

-I understand you, darling. I know you can never forget something important in my life until you are very busy—so no need to be sorry. 

-My love for you will never decrease for such a thing that you forgot an important thing in my life. I do not consider this a big incident. I just need your love.

-It was my first day at the college yesterday. I thought that you would come to drop me. But you did not come. I was a little upset then. But later I got to know about your work.

-I am lucky that I got someone like you in my life. It is not a big thing that you forgot that yesterday I was about to go to an NGO. I know if you remembered you would have gone with me.

-It was my dream to go to a film festival with you. But your work did not let us go this year. You forgot that we were about to go yesterday. But it is ok we can go next year too.

Letters for parents

-Dear parents, I know you did not message me on my birthday. But you both are ill. So, my first concern is that. I am not concerned about you guys not messaging me on my birthday.

-Dear Dad, you have done a lot of things for me throughout my life. You are my hero. I have no words to thank you. And you just forgot something in my life. That is ok.

-Dear mother, you are my life. I get scared when I imagine what I would have done without you. And I can never be angry at you for forgetting some event in my life.

-My loving parents, I am thankful for whatever you guys have given me throughout my life. This time you forgot to wish me on my anniversary. And that is ok.

-Dad, tell mummy not to be guilty because she missed my daughter’s birthday. Tell her that my daughter did not mind anything and she is eager to meet her grandmother.

-Mumma, please come to meet us with dad. Your son-in-law is waiting to celebrate our anniversary this year with you two. It is ok that you forgot to wish us on that day.

-My love for you two will never decrease because you guys forgot that yesterday was my first day at Court as a judge. You guys were the reason for me being successful.

-I will respect you guys throughout my life because you were beside me when I needed you. Forgetting an event in my life is just a small incident for me.

Letters for grandparents

-You guys are the reason for my childhood being superb. I know you have become old and it is normal for you to forget something. I am ok with it.

-You guys made me smile throughout my childhood. I still remember those days. You just forgot my birthday this year. That is a minor thing for me.

-Dear grandfather, I was expecting a wish from you before my first match as you always wanted me to be a cricketer. But I am not upset now after knowing the reason.

-Dear grandmother, you guys are love. You guys taught me how to love someone. So how can I be angry with you for not wishing me on my anniversary? 

-Dear grandmother, your guys are my favorite. And how can someone be upset with their favorite person? I am also not upset with you at all.

-I love you, grandfather. You did not need to give reasons for not calling me before my exams. I can understand your situation.

-I always tell my friends that my grandparents are the best in the world. So there is no possibility that I can be angry with you. You guys are two pieces of my heart.

Letters for siblings

-Hey brother, I know how busy you are with your job. And forgetting something is normal for you. But when you get time, come here. We will party together.

-Hey, I know that you are very busy with your family life. I can understand that as I am also in a similar situation. But when you come here in summer, we will have a blast. 

-Hey sister, I know that your son’s health is not ok. And he is admitted to a hospital. So it is ok that you forgot our anniversary this year. Do not say sorry.

-Dear sister, I did not expect that you would forget that my first time at the theatre was yesterday. I started my acting career. But you have to promise that you will come home soon and we will party hard.

-Dear brother, I know how hectic your schedule is. So, I am not concerned that you forgot my parent’s anniversary this year. 

-Dear, as a brother, I can understand what is going through you as you are going through a rough phase. So you do not have to be sorry for not wishing me.

-I am blessed to get a sister like you. And it is ok that you forgot a very big event in my life. I can understand that you had exams and needed to study hard.

Letters for children

-I know that you always remain busy with your office work, son. So it is ok that you forgot our anniversary this year. We did not mind at all. We are there with you.

-You are an angel in our life, daughter. Always be happy, and do not think much that you forgot to wish us this year. We are your parents. We understand everything.

-Without you and your children, there is nothing. Your children are like a blessing to us. So it is not a big deal that you forgot my birthday this year.

-We have been waiting for you to come back for a long time. Moreover, you forgot to take us to your anniversary celebration. But we can forgive you if you promise to come fast and meet us.

-You forgot to come on your mother’s birthday this year. But we are your parents. We can never be angry with you. You are our everything.

-Nobody forgets anything deliberately. So you do not have to feel sorry. Leave that thing and come to meet us as soon as possible.

Letters for friends

-You are my best friend. And nobody can be upset with their best friend for a longer period. I love you more than my brother. Call me, and we will sort out everything.

-My friend, I know you remain busy throughout the day. And you get a little time. So you can’t remember everything. I am not at all upset with you.

-I love you the most in this world. And I am very happy that you still call me sometimes even though you are a very busy person. That is enough for me. 

-A friend like me does not expect you to remember all the important events of my life. And it is normal for you to forget something considering the work that you do throughout the day.

-You were the friend who was there with me in my every need. There is no way that I can be upset with you for anything. Just call me once. I need to talk to you.

-My friends are the most valuable assets of my life. They are very precious to me. Yes, I expected you to wish me, but you forgot. That does not mean that I will never talk to you again.

-I thought that you were coming to celebrate my success with me. But then you forgot the whole thing. I was a little upset then. But now everything is alright.

-Though you forgot to come to our daughter’s birthday celebration. We did not mind that at all. We just want to come with your family to celebrate it on some other day.

Letters for partner

-I do not know how you can forget our fourth anniversary. I know that you work in a high post. Your responsibilities are big. But give some time to me too. Forget the past; come back now.

-I promise you that I will not quarrel with you if you call me now. Do not be afraid of that. Forgetting something is very much normal. I can understand the situation you are in.

-You are my life. I can not imagine a day without you. I do not know how you forget such a big event in my life. But let us not talk about bad things. Come back; we will have some good times.

-You and our daughter are my life. I never thought that you could forget that tomorrow is my first day at my office. But that is ok. It happens with everyone in life.

-Just do not think much about what you did yesterday. You might think that is a big thing. But for me, it is nothing. You matter to me. You are bigger than any event in my life.

-Do not think about what I am thinking about you as you forgot that yesterday was my first day as a doctor. I know that you are there for me always though you might not be present physically.

-Your love gives me strength. Your words make me happy. That is enough for me. It feels good if you remember my special days but if you do not remember them then also it is ok.

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