65+ Open When You Have A Nightmare Letters

Nightmares are terrifying thoughts, aren’t they? So vivid, small, and yet terrifying enough to send shivers down our spines. These can cause us to lose our sense of rationality to the extent that we forget the difference between reality and imagination. This thought in itself terrifies me.

Open When You Have A Nightmare Letters

Letters For Boyfriend

-To be scared of your nightmares is the most natural feeling to have; nightmares make you completely vulnerable and threaten your emotional and mental health. You know that not getting enough sleep at night is bad enough, but to have nightmares is just torture.

-The gloom of nightmares starts haunting your daily life; it does nothing but darken your days too. Red eyes, restless heart, dark eyes, and weak body, how far are these nightmares going to torment you, and how far will you let them?

-I know that you are not feeling well, and believe me, no one can feel well after having such nightmares. I can not help you in dealing with them; I can not be in your dreams to help you, the only other way is for you to open up to someone and tell what it is all about, and for that, I am always there for you.

-I am aware that your nightmares torment you pretty badly, and it is not like you wanted to choose a path that led you to them. But do not forget that light can always be found even in the darkest places, you are a strong person, and I truly believe that you will overcome your nightmares.

-These bad thoughts are hurting you emotionally and mentally, and they affect your daily life to a great extent. You must not be bound to them, or you are likely to lose sight of what you want in fighting the fear of nightmares.

-It is natural for nightmares to be filled with darkness, confusion, and fear, but what you should keep in your mind is not to lose yourself in these; if you do, you will lose your purpose of existence. Whenever you need me, I will always be there for you, you can always grasp my hand, and I will pull you out of darkness and your fears.

-I know very well that your nightmares are not about any tragic incident, accident, or any death; you are scared of your failures. In these circumstances, the best thing to do is take lessons from your mistakes and move on, or you will be left behind all alone.

-Your nightmares will never let you live in peace if all you ever want to do is the dream. When all you want to do is live in a world of fantasy, you just can not achieve any goals in reality.

-You can not always gain things that you dream of, not if you don’t have it in your heart to work hard to achieve them. If you keep dreaming, you will completely lose it; your only choice is to work hard to get it.

-For how long do you intend to keep your dreams locked away in fear of nightmares? Chase your dreams, and in time nightmares will get tired of chasing you, and you know that I am always here for you whenever you need even the slightest of my help.

-I just want you to understand that these nightmares are yours, just like your dreams and goals. I can help you in keeping you safe from them, but it is only you who can fight and overcome them, and I know that you will do exactly that very soon.

-I know how much of a good and pure person you are, and that is the reason I love you as much as I do. If you keep believing in these nightmares, these thoughts will corrupt and corrode your mind; every positive feeling you hold will be lost, all that will remain is hate, and I do not want that to happen.

Letters For Girlfriend

-I have no right to be so persistent when I can’t directly feel the fear that you feel in those nightmares, but instead of your fears, I understand you. And I know that running away from them is not going to stop them; what you need is a confrontation, you need to be strong enough to fight your fears, and you need to do that on your own.

-You know in yourself that nightmares are nothing more than products of the pain or fears that we have experienced in the past. But in the end, it always comes down to what you truly choose to do; I want you to be strong enough to face them all alone and overcome them.

-Your nightmares are the regrets, losses, and disappointments, and failures that are weighing heavily on your heart. Do not let these be a hindrance in the future that you want to achieve; if you can not defeat these, there is no hope for a future at all.

-You need to let go of your past, or these horrid memories are going to harm you more than just what meets the eyes. The strength of resolve, a clear aim, and good mental fortitude are the only way to overcome your fears.

-You are not lonely, not anymore, you have me; whenever you are to face your fears or despair, you are never going to be alone. I will always be there by your side to fight alongside you however long it takes, and I will always be there for you whenever you need a shoulder to lean on.

-I only bear feelings in my heart for you, feelings that you prosper in your life, make every dream of yours come true, claim victory over every difficulty you face. And I also know that you can’t do that with the resentment of your past weighing so heavy on your heart; my advice to you is to let it go.

-I want you to believe that it is okay to have nightmares because nightmares are more productive in helping you achieve your goals. These are what tell you the future that awaits you when you have failed.

-You need to be strong to face your fears, I can help you in getting stronger, but I can’t fight your fears for you. Only when you are strong enough to face your past will you be strong enough to work hard towards your future.

-Just like you have no control over your dreams, you can’t control your nightmares either. The only reasonable thing to do in that case is to let go and wake up.

-Just like you do not let your dreams hold you to your bed, do not let your nightmares either. You need to let them go and wake up. To wake does not mean you have accepted failure; it means you are strong enough to have control over your feelings and fears.

-Your nightmares will come to an end, just like every bad incident or memory does, and till then, I will stay by your side to accompany you. It always depends on you whether you want to let your nightmares go or you choose to stay trapped in them.

-You must realize that nightmares are not reality; whatever might happen, they will never turn into reality. But if you let them hold you back from moving forward, they will weaken your mind and resolve for sure.

-Whatever nightmare you might have, you will always have me with you in reality. You need not fear the world of night, for I will be there to hold your hand however much dark it might be.

-Nightmares are not the only place you face your fears; your fears exist in reality too. When you overcome your fears, in reality, your nightmares will run away too, for they will never be able to hold power over you again.

Letters For Wife

-You told me that your worst nightmare was to be in a world without me, but I am right here by your side in reality, and I will always continue to be no matter what the time might be. You do not need to be afraid for my sake; all you need to know is that I love you, and I always will.

-You need to come out of your nightmare, you can not keep living inside it, or you are truly going to lose me. Only in reality are you able to overcome your fears, and I know that you can. However much weight they might hold over you, you are not someone made to lose.

-We haven’t talked ever since you told me that you are having some nightmares, and I know that those nightmares will never be enough to bind you down. You are strong, much stronger than me; your mental strength knows no bounds; nightmares are nothing in your path.

-You failed in achieving your goals, but it does not mean you give up on your daily life. This is the same way; just because you have nightmares does not mean that you can give up on dreaming, so dream on with me.

-Nightmares are not something that I will ever let you get used to; you have protected me for most of my life. I want to protect you too. I want to help you in overcoming your fears, I want to help you in being stronger than you were before, and I will make that happen.

-To be afraid of reality just because of nightmares is the most idiotic thought to have. You have no right to give up on yourself just because you were alone in a nightmare, in that you might be, but in reality, you will never lose me.

-I have no right to make you believe in something that you do not want to believe, but I can not let you down either. Just like the way you have helped me, I want to stay by your side too, however many problems we might face.

-Do not let your nightmares control your life, or they will engulf your mind, take away your sense of reason, make you lose control of yourself, and drive you crazy. And in the end, you will be left all alone, but I do not want to let that happen, so instead of nightmares, believe in me.

– “Nightmares have a way of turning into reality.” This is what you are afraid of, but if it is so, then dreams come true too, and I will always be with you, for you are my only love, so do not give up on me either.

-Nightmares are no different from memories of the past; these have just gotten more imposing over time. But this is all that is, it is the past, and now you are working hard toward the future, do not let it fool you.

-You do not want nightmares to exist, and this is the most natural thought to have. I, too, do not want you to have such thoughts either but know that these are what help in letting go of our fears, so you let go too.

Letters For Husband

-Don’t be afraid of the darkness; I am here to lead you through it. And as long as I am here with you, I am going to make sure that you never venture into this darkness alone.

-You have grown up, overcome your fears, and have gotten over your nightmares. In your pursuit of letting go of your past, you have become stronger than you were before, and also your resolve has become firmer.

-You are you and will always continue to be; no one has a right to change you, not even your fears, only you. These can only drag you down, but you are the only one that can work to move forward, and in this, I will always help you.

-Don’t be afraid just because you were alone when you were facing your fears in the nightmares; they will never be able to haunt you in reality. But you hold power to overcome them in real life, too, so work hard, face your fears, and don’t be afraid.

-You told me about how nightmares have become a reality, the fears that society and the public face are so horrific to only be nightmares. I want you to know that just because of evil, we can not let go of hope either; there always will be light to guide us.

-There will always be a difference between reality and nightmares. For, in reality, I will never leave you; I will never let go of you; I promise to love you as long as the sun shines.

-You have helped me overcome my fears; there is no way that I will be leaving you alone in this time of need. Just like the way you protected me, I will protect you too; I will never leave you to bear your sufferings alone and walk a lonely path.

-You need to calm down; there is no point in getting worried over nightmares, for there are no meanings or reasons for them. Reasons and meanings are only for things that are real; nightmares are not; you need not lose your sense of reason either.

-Do not believe in nightmares; they are not real; these are made of pure imagination and fragments of unrealistic facts. Indulged in those, you will only question the possibilities of reality; like this, you will let your nightmares lead you, which is not good.

-It is natural for us to feel pain and fear, we grow stronger with time, yet we continue to feel them. These emotions do not hold us back; these strengthen us, just like how my love for you has made me stronger.

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