75+ Open When You Miss Holding My Hand Letter Ideas

So many priceless memories started with such a simple and small gesture, but the emotions that are displayed behind it, you can’t take all those into account. You must be the one to experience these all to truly understand their meaning. Send a letter to your loved ones for them to open when they miss holding your hand and let them feel joy!

Open When You Miss Holding My Hand Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-This is the first and foremost fact about love; even if you want to go away or let go, you can never let go of the hand of the person you are close to. This is the best thing about love and relationships; you just keep holding on even when you disagree with each other.

-All you need to do is hold the hand of someone you truly believe in, and that person will surely take you to the place where you want to go. Being with the person that you believe in will give you the courage that you never had.

-You hold hands with me in public, and that alone is enough for me to know that you love me. It lets me know that you are proud of me, and this fact makes me very happy knowing that I am someone worthy of you.

-You holding my hand makes me feel protected; it is like I have someone who will always love and protect me no matter what. Even in the face of the worst of problems, you make me feel safe, and it is like you are my hope.

-Knowing that there is always going to be a certain person by your side gives you courage, courage enough to win over this entire world. As long as your hand is being held, there is no way that you are going to lose.

-You might have let go of my hand, but you will never be able to let go of the love that your heart holds for me. And this is the very same for me; as long as I live, my heart is going to belong only to you.

Letters For Girlfriend

-Nothing feels better in this world compared to the safety that you feel when someone holds your hand. This comfort that you feel knowing that there finally is someone you can always rely on; I want to be that person for you.

-Your hand is the one that has guided me even in the darkest of times; you have encouraged me and inspired me. Whenever I have made mistakes, you have helped me correct all of those, do not think that I am ever going to forget all of that.

-All you have to do is hold my hand tightly, and I will never let go of you, for I do not seek a world where you are not there with me. I don’t believe that I would ever be able to survive without you; for the sake of my love, don’t let go of me.

-Holding hands with someone close to your heart is almost like a promise that however worst the word might get, you won’t be made to face it alone. That person will always be by your side, assisting you in every way that he can.

-You smile every time I hold your hands, and it makes me happy that even the smallest gesture that I make has such a pleasing effect on you. It makes me want to do it every time I see you, just to see that look on your face again and again.

-You do not want someone to live through all the troubles that you have; you would never impose your fears and insecurities over someone. All you need is a person who will hold onto your hand when you walk through your troubles.

Letters For Friend

-Every once in a while, we all stumble, and at that very point of time, you need someone who will hold your hand and not let you fall. I will be that person for you; as long as you remember my name, I won’t forget you either.

-You might be a strong person on your own, but you too need a person who would tell you that it will be alright. You need someone who will be able to help you when you are about to fall, someone to pull you back when you are on the wrong path.

-I like holding your hand just to let you know that you would never be alone in this world; you are always going to have me with you. You are my best friend, I will never be someone who will let go of a friend in need, and that includes you.

-This gesture might be a simple and small one, but the meaning behind it is something that can never be underestimated. This in itself says a lot without even muttering a single word, but you must be the one to seek the meaning that lies behind it.

-We might not be holding hands right now, but that will never make us any less of a friend than we already are. We have been together through highs and lows, we have worked together, we have shared victories and losses; this is what makes us friends.

-You are my best friend; being with you makes me feel like all of my stress and problems have just gone away. With you, I can always be myself; there is no need for lies or deceptions; the instant I meet you, you lighten my mind.

Letters For Partner

-Your hand fits just right in mine, and it makes me want to never let go of it ever again; whatever the problems might be, however hard the struggles, I will always be there with you. The perfection that I have found in you, I am never letting go of it.

-Our love might be able to last forever, but we will not. All the time that I have left, I want to spend it with you. I want to find happiness for both of us, a place where we can live happily, a place where you would be able to find everything that you seek.

-When you hold my hand, and our fingers intertwined fit just right, it makes me believe that I am made only and only for you. And you too are someone perfect for me, there is no flaw in you that I can think of, and you make me better.

-These small gestures that you make every once in a while make the person in front of you feel the most loved. This lets them know that you believe in them, and in front of them, you can be yourself; there is no need for acts.

-You hold my hand not to settle down or to restrain yourself to a single place; you hold it to be able to move forward in your life. You experience the love shared through this gesture, and this gives you the strength to be able to conquer all you seek.

-Even the strongest person there is in this world needs someone to hold his hands now and then; he too wishes for someone’s company. Being alone is a lonely way of life; you need someone else to live your life with.

Letters For Parents

-No one else can ever compare to you; that much is the affection that you have given to me; I am never letting go of you. Being with you still calms my heart just like it always has; it is like nothing has changed at all.

-I have full faith in my feelings towards you, and that is why I am not afraid of holding your hand, despite my age. Such is my belief in you, knowing that however much I might grow up, I will always be a disciple of yours.

-Holding hands might seem insignificant and simple to others, but it is not to me, for I know the deep meaning that lies behind it. There is nothing more that I want from you, except for you to always keep holding my hand and never letting go.

-This is just the same way it used to be when I was only a toddler; I feel the same love from you like I used to feel back then when you held my hand. This is the only place that I want to belong to, always with you, never to let go of your soothing shadow.

-I know very well that I won’t ever be left with nothing on my side, for your hand will always be there in mine. The love and care that I feel from you, I will never feel empty, for I know that you will never stop loving me, and I will gladly return the feelings.

-Your calming and soothing makes me feel like you are always protecting me from hardships and this harsh world. I do not want to ever let go of your hand; it frightens me, the thought of having to live without you.

Letters For Children

-Don’t ever believe that I would ever forget you; you are the one that I want to hold the hand of and venture into this whole world. It is only with you that I want to seek the answer to every problem that has ever been posed in front of me.

-No matter how down I might be or what kind of problems I might be facing, I will never let go of your hand. For that world would be completely lonely and meaningless without you in it, and I would never seek such a world.

-As long as you have me, I will never let you feel alone; I will keep on giving you all the care and life that I can. You will never be empty or have to struggle against the hardships of this world on your own.

-Just like the interlocked fingers of our hands, we too are meant to stay together forever, and that is why we are bound by blood. Even if I try, I would never be able to let go of you; we are pieces of a single puzzle, we need each other.

-It makes everything easier for you when you firmly hold my hand, for you know that you wouldn’t ever be alone again. You are not someone that I would ever be able to let go of, so cast that very thought out of your mind.

-You have made this far without even relying on my strength, and you are going to go much further ahead of this. These are the instances when I am most proud of you; I want to hold onto your hand and let everyone know that you are my son.

Letters For Siblings

-We do not need to show anyone else what we are; we have always been by each other’s side ever since we were born. We understand each other to the extent that no one else can; we know things about the other one that can’t be told to anyone else; this is how much we believe in each other.

-You will never be alone; as long as you keep believing in me, I will never let go of your hand. Whenever you are to fall, I will always be there to help you stand back up; this is exactly what siblings are for.

-You don’t have to pretend to be someone else in front of me; we have known each other since childhood. We can’t hide from each other, there is no need for any lies between us, and it is not like these are going to work.

-You are worthy enough to conquer this whole world as long as you find that strength within yourself. And in that journey of yours, I will never let you be alone; wherever you will need help, I will be there for you.

-Holding hands with someone that you are close to makes you want to believe in yourself; it makes you believe that you will be able to achieve your goals. This is the kind of person that you deserve, who would help you throughout your life.

-In this world of complete unrest, you must be wishing for some peace and silence, but these things can only be found within yourself. It is not something that I would be able to help you with, but if my presence brings calm to you, then I would be much obliged.

Letters For Grandparents

-Both of us holding hands, this is one of the most prized and valued memories that I have, it is like an illusion, yet I know that it most certainly is true. Those beautiful memories, I know that I would never be able to forget them.

-The thought of my age seems almost irrelevant when I am around you; I am only an idiotic kid when compared to you. You bring out the childishness in me; your presence makes me relax and helps me let go of all the worries that I have.

-You are not just some old man; I am well aware of the strength that I have always seen within you, the strength that has always inspired me. As long as you want to, even this world is far too short for you to conquer.

-You are not going away from me, and it is not like I am just going to let go of your hand. We have too many memories to just let go, it most certainly is not going to be easy, and I will never be prepared enough to do that.

-You might not want to be lonely right now, and believe me, that you would never be; your family still stands with you. There will never be a day when you suffer or cry alone; we will always be there with you to share all of this.

-You want to reach out your hand grasp someone else’s, to call him your own; I wish to be such a person for you. I want to be someone that you can depend on or speak your heart to.

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