51+ Open when You Miss Me Letters

One of the most popular things among relationships is open when letters. These letters are sent only on some extremely special occasions. Writing a letter to your partner when he or she is missing you simply means that you want to send a special message to your partner to give him or her strength or assurance or to show love. Here are a few open when letters when your partner is missing you.

Here are Open when you miss me letter ideas for your inspiration

-You do not know how much I miss you. I miss you every minute and every second of my life. I love you very much, so if you also miss me, just ping me once, and I promise to get back to you as I will be free from work.

-My darling, you may not understand how much I miss you. My days without you are incomplete. I have been missing you since I last met you. I am missing our deep conversations about various topics and all the lovely time spent with you. I know the same thing is happening with you. So, please come back.

-My darling, if you are missing me, just give me a call, and we will talk for hours, I promise you. But you need to understand that I also miss you. Being far from you is very hard for me too. But just think of the day we will meet again and be happy.

-Dearest love, missing you for a long time, and I know that you are missing me too. Your time without me must be very hard. But bear this, I will make up for this when we meet. Next, I assure you. I was hoping to meet you by next week.

-It is hard for both of us to be away from each other. But what can we do? We can just pray that this time passes away very fast. You know without you how alone my life is. 

-I can understand how life is for you without me. But my love for you is still intact. And everything will be just the same again when we see each other again, and difficult times will pass by soon. Be assured of that.

-You are missing me? Well, I am sending you a surprise. I hope that will cheer you up a little bit. That is the utmost I can do at the moment. But we can not meet now. Please understand the situation.

-Can you imagine how much I am missing you? But I know nothing can be done right now. I can only hope that you come back soon. I know that we both are incomplete without each other. So when you miss me, you can message me on WhatsApp.

-I can understand how much you are missing me. But I can not go home at this moment as there is a lot of work at the office. I wonder what you are doing without me? I hope you are absolutely fine and doing alright. You are getting a tight hug as soon as my work gets over and we meet.

-How are you without me? Do not miss me much. Though we can not be physically present in front of each other, we can still keep our contact through various social media. Love you.

-It is just a few days that you are gone. And I am already missing you. I know the same thing is happening with you. Come back as soon as possible, please. Till then, when you come to WhatsApp, we can see each other and talk through Whatsapp video calls.

-I miss being with you, spending time with you, your teasing, your scoldings, and everything about you. My love, I m badly missing you. When are you coming back to give me back those days? Please make this happen very soon.

-Your smile, your caring, your touch, and everything is missed by me, darling. I bet your days without me are dull too. I will only wait for few days, and then when you come back, I hope you will love me more.

-As you are away now, I bet you miss the weekends that we used to spend together. I don’t know when you will come back and hold me tight again in your arms. Till that time I have been waiting for you and hoping that you come very soon.

-Baby, if you miss me, remember that when I will be back, I will hold your hands, hug you tightly, and kiss you hard. And when I come back, we will go on a long vacation and spend a long time with each other. That vacation is coming soon.

-The love, affection, and physical presence are missed by both of us. I am also not well without you. But do not feel alone being apart from me. Just remember, wherever you are, I am always there beside you and will be there forever as your strength.

-You miss those days when we used to go for outings, have fun, disturb each other, play the guitar together? I can understand that you miss me day and night. But my love, have patience. I am trying hard to meet you within a few days; let me tell you those moments will be coming back soon.

-I know these few months are going very hard for you to be away from me. I also miss your eyes, your voice. For many days we have not seen each other. But when I will be back, I can guarantee you that I will compensate for this. Just wait for a little more.

-Do you miss the office hours that we used to spend with each other? Then I joined another company. If you don’t have any problem why don’t you apply to my company for a job? I miss you at my workplace.

-I also miss our long conversations, little fights, and the time we spend with each other. I know that you also miss me. But sorry, I have been busy for the last two days. That is why I could not pick up your call. But do not mind, I am calling you as soon as I am free.

-I know you are missing me, darling. But at the moment I can do nothing, but when I come back, everything will be great again, just wait till then. And when you miss me, just think of the moment when we will again see each other after so many days and be happy.

-I know we both are missing each other. But the circumstances are not letting us come closer. But every bad time is accompanied by a good time. So be strong, my love, everything will be fine very soon. We will be together again.

-We may be apart from each other. It seems like a long time that we did not meet each other. I am missing you very badly. But my love for you remains the same as it was before, so my love, please do not miss me much. Things will be the same as before soon.

 -You are a piece of my heart, love. I can understand what you are going through being apart from me. But trust me, I am coming back very soon, and you do not have to wait for long. And when we shall meet, we will have a blast.

-We have never been apart from each other for this long before. I am aware that you are missing me very much. Being apart from you is as difficult for me as it is for you. But till the next time, we meet let us be connected through social media and phone calls.

-I can get an idea about how you are feeling being away from me. But as we can not meet now let us write some letters to each other as I am writing to you now. I know that you love to read letters, especially when it is from me.

-I miss those days when we could be by each other’s side physically and mentally. But I also know that every time that is not possible. Now we are apart, but I am always there with you mentally, and I know that you are there for me too.

-When I remember those days when I used to make gifts for you, and you became happy instantly, I feel sad. But sadly, we are far from each other now. Till we meet again, I am making up a lot of gifts for you so when you come you are about to get a lot of gifts.

-I am in no position to call you now as there is a lot of work left to do at my college. But my love, I also miss you. So just leave a message on Facebook when I will be free, I will reply to you. And remember, my love for you will never be less, and the distance between us does not matter.

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