70+ Open When You Need to Hear a Friendly Voice Letters

A voice is all you need to lighten the weight of all the worries that are weighing heavily on your mind. That voice is sweet and kind enough to bring life to your day, and an instance becomes an unforgettable memory for your entire elite. 

Open When You Need To Hear A Friendly Voice Letters

Letters For Boyfriend

-Sometimes, a voice is all you need, that voice for no particular reason making all of your worries go away. The smoothness and calmness of that voice give you pleasure unlike anything else.

-When you have not had a good day, and you call a person close to you just to hear her voice, that moment becomes the best one of your entire day. Someday I wish to become that special person to you.

-When in distress, you want nothing more than to hear the voice of the person who is closest to you; the way that voice strengthens your soul is nothing less than a miracle. And for some reason, I want you never to be upset enough to need that voice.

-I think it is human nature to want something even if it is not ultimately possible. You, like everyone else, have someone who you hold dear, and I want to have all of your innermost desires fulfilled.

-Even in the worst of times, you always need someone to tell you how much you matter to her, or whatever the situation might be, she ain’t giving up on you. The resolve that reflects in that voice, its strength, is unbelievable.

-Even if she is an introvert, her voice screams louder than anything else, and every time it cries only to say that she loves you. That voice carries her feelings for you, do not give up on either one of them, neither her voice nor herself.

-Your quench for something can only be fulfilled when you get it; that is how strong your resolve is. And I am more than willing to spend the rest of my life praising that part of you.

-It is one of the greatest pleasures, isn’t it, when you call someone just to hear their voice, and that voice calms your racing heart. This is more than just being available or answering someone’s calls; this is what communicating truly means.

-You can never get enough of when you hear the interest in someone’s voice, and that too only for you. In itself, that voice speaks of the deep feelings that person bears for you.

-It is the greatest compliment there can be when you call someone only to say that you wanted to hear her voice. Every lady there is will find that statement more romantic than any roses.

-Even if you have had a bad day, only the voice of the woman you love is enough to calm and center you. And when that happens, you better realize that the woman you are talking to matters more to you than anyone else.

-Unexpected calls that help you more than the presence of other people can; the voice of a special someone makes more difference than what is thought to be possible. Know that you want more of a relationship with that person than you have right now.

-The voice filled with sweetness and kindness that makes you confide in someone, however much you might want to hold onto your emotions, belongs to someone much more than just a friend. Either your friendship is developing, or it is going to do so soon enough; just wait for it.

Letters For Girlfriend

-It is not that hard to notice; a person’s body language tells more about his character than you are likely to believe. Occasional phone calls are more than just a medium to pass the time; they are a reason to help you rely on that person just a little bit more.

-When a person becomes close enough to you, you become a slave to his voice, and the most amazing thing about that is, you like every last part of it. That voice that makes your heart skip a beat, that voice is one you fell in love with.

-It is me who knows about it better than you, that there are always thoughts wandering inside your head, and each one is filled with the melodious voice that boy has. The way you say that it is unlike any other you have ever heard; gives me butterflies in my stomach.

-It was so unpredictable for you to fall in love with him when you only met for the first time; as you said, it had been as if his sweet voice had enchanted your mind. 

-His voice is so melodious and sweet, as the smell and taste of some vintage wine sweeping your heart away were all it could do. That voice makes you want to tell all of your deepest and darkest secrets; it lays you bare in front of me.

-That intoxicating voice seduces you, making you do what you do not even want. And that makes him seem more reliable; even if you do not want to, you keep on opening up to him. 

-His voice makes your heart melt; it breaks through every barrier that you made up around your heart and mind. The strength of that voice and the emotions entangled with its voice make him seem more reliable than anyone else.

-His voice is as melodious and beautiful as the sirens of Greek mythology; it makes you see everything that you desire. And most of the time, everything that you can ask for is him.

-His voice is so unlike any other you have ever heard; it is a contrast to what you have grown up under, always forced to give up control over your own life. His voice makes you weak down to your knees and yet gives you confidence enough to face all the world alone.

-That soft, beautiful, angelic voice draws you towards him; it makes you feel like something like destiny exists. His voice echoes to your soul, filling your heart up with all the joys that you have not experienced yet.

-The dusky and smoky tone of his sends shivers down your spine, not in an intimidating way, but in a way that makes you crave for him. The familiarity of that voice directly connects with your heart and soul; something never experienced before.

-His voice puts you in a trance, in the kind where you wish for nothing except him, and for some reason, you wish to live at that exact place for the rest of your life. You lose all the care of the world around you, and his distance becomes all that you can ask for.

Letters For Husband

-Her voice is like some soothing lullaby from an old fairy tale; it is the closest you have come to actual magic. Her voice made you fall in love with you, not her body, not her behavior, but the beauty of her voice.

-Her beautiful voice is heavenly, and she is like an angel that has descended upon earth only for your sake. Her voice fills your world up with all the joys and beauties of this world, like a budding love story.

-Her voice makes your heartbeat like crazy; the untamed emotions of your heart reverberate knowing no bounds. Her soul and heart are just as kind as her voice, and that is why you fell in love with her. 

-A voice as heartwarming as hers, it is quite believable that you would want to be with no one else but her. Her angelic voice reminds you of the tale of fallen angels, the heaven that drowns in the melody of her voice is in love with you.

-Her voice is more amazing to you, compared to any flowers or gifts that could be sent over. Her voice, anchoring directly to your heart and soul, sending goosebumps all over your body, is an unbelievable moment.

-You once thought of her only as a friend, and yet even then, you wanted to go to sleep only after hearing her voice. Her voice connected directly to your heart, carrying away all the unrest that had seeped into your heart, and that is how you fell in love with her.

-After being away from her for weeks, now all you want to do is listen to her voice, hear her rant all the time. Her voice without interruption of telecommunications is like some melody that you have wanted to hear for years.

-Her voice evokes many sinful thoughts in your mind, and after hearing her sweet voice, all you want to do is keep her alongside you. It makes you crave for her touch; it makes you rely on her; it binds you to her.

-The memory of her whispering sweet nothings in your ear brings unbearable pain to your heart. It makes you want to make a run for her, even if it means that you are going to lose in the end.

-Her voice is the cure to all of your worries and sufferings, like rain on a midsummer day; it soothes your heart and soul. It makes all your pain fade away; it makes you smile and happy for real.

-Before meeting her, you had no idea of what you wanted to have in your entire life, and with her entrance in it, she became your necessity. Whatever problems you might have to endure in the future, but you know that you would never be able to gain anything in your entire life if not for her.

-The voice that you desire to hear all the time also seeks your presence, but in the end, you are the one who has to make the final call. Search for her, and once you get a hold of her, never let her go, for she is your entirety as a being.

Letters For Wife

-You are in love with him and his voice; it is capable of making your heart race even if it is from hundreds of miles away. And for some reason, you do not even want to put up any resistance against your feelings for him.

-You were never the person who was willing to listen to her own heart, let alone her voice, and yet here you are finding solace in the voice of someone else. You want to keep on hearing his voice for yeh rest of your life, but never forget that you have a voice too.

-Just like a heartbreaking song or a lullaby of childhood, his voice has always been of keen importance to you. You study his voice like the notes of your favorite music and never get tired of doing so.

-His smile brightens your whole day, and when you are not able to see that smile, in that case, just his voice is enough. The tenderness of her voice when he speaks of you alone tells about the feelings of love that he has for you.

-Your life and day are not complete or seem to be completely meaningless when you do not hear his voice. The strength of voice is bold enough to make all of your worries go away and calm enough to bring peace to your soul.

-His voice has become your favorite melody; it seems no less compared to some angelic song. His devilish looks completely contrast to your angelic voice, making you want to lay your soul bare in front of him.

-Everything about him seems to be perfect to you; the way he smiles, the way he speaks is beautiful to you. His presence in your life makes your world stop. It feels it is you the whole world is revolving around.

-It might have only been two weeks, but it still feels like it has been months since you heard his voice for the last time. The way you crave to feel his touch and hear his voice, you have never felt like that before.

-You are in love with his voice, ready to hear all that his heart has to say, willing to open up to him or pour your own heart out in front of him. His dark exotic voice, like some hymn of the old, captures your wild heart.

-His voice is like a heartfelt song to you, the words not simple enough to be told directly but to be written in a song. Just that voice, more than enough to bring happiness to you even on a bad day.

-The sweet melody of his voice is a million times better than any music that you have ever heard. The way it soothes your heart and soul is nothing less than a fairy tale concept but beautiful.

-It does not matter what he talks about; all you wish to do is get lost in the sea of his eyes and stay just like that for your whole entirety. The fact he wants to listen to you, too, fills you up with joy.

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