70+ Open When You Need a Hug Letter Ideas

Getting a hug whenever you are feeling low does not hurt at all. It feels much better than what you think. It has the warmth and strength to help you move forward on your path. All you need to do is believe in yourself and the person beside you.

Here are Open When You Need A Hug Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

  • I am always going there with you, by your side; every single time you need a hug, you would get it right away. All you have to do is be there, and I would never let go of you ever again. Just believe in me that much.
  • That is the most love you feel when you are wrapped in the arms of someone that you care about the most. The presence of love that you feel at that point is unlike any feeling that you are going to feel ever again.
  • There can not be a better cure than a hug in this entire world, especially when it is from someone that you care about very much. All of your stress, problems, and burdens, it is like these never existed in the first place.
  • A small and simple hug can make your whole day perfect, it can completely change the way you look at things, it can bring you immense happiness. With this, you won’t be depressed or feeling sad; what you will feel are happiness and joy.
  • A heartfelt embrace is all that you need to go through every problem that stands in your path; you will be unstoppable. It is not about words or gestures, and it is entirely about how you feel for the person who is embracing you.
  • These hugs might be short-timed and simple, but the meaning held behind these is not something that can be taken lightly. These hugs are all you need to warm your heart; these make you feel like you are at home.

Letters For Girlfriend

  • These simple hugs can be more meaningful than a thousand words; you do not need someone to tell you these; all you have got to do is feel. This is the power of such a simple gesture; all that matters is the emotion behind it.
  • You for sure need a hug every once in a while; it can entirely change the perspective with which you look at things. It brings you emotional calm and mental stability, and that is everything that you need right now to move forward.
  • When running away from your demons, a hug is well appreciated in these circumstances, for this is what gives you courage. Knowing that you have someone by your side, you will be able to achieve anything you long for.
  • There is an eternity of peace and calm that can be found in the arms of the person that you love the most. Some day, I would like to be that very person for you, and I can only hope that you will be waiting for me.
  • I belong completely to you, I am yours to have, yours to touch, and only yours to hug. All I wish for is for you to feel at home when you are around me; nothing will bring me happiness any more than that.
  • I might not be that sure about you, but for me, hugging you is the best feeling there is. You embrace me; this feeling is what I long for every time I come back home from work, for you to show your feelings towards me.

Letters For Friend

  • You have indeed grown up, or the person I remember wanting nothing more than to knock others out, not embrace them. You have started to get along with people, it is a good thing, and I hope that you keep this up.
  • No number of hugs are enough to express the emotions that you feel towards people around you; there is always going to be a need for more. However long these might last, you will always be left wanting more, such are the matters of the heart.
  • This world is a mess; in it, keep seeking intimacy with those who are around you; it keeps making things easier for you on a personal level. Knowing that you are close to people you want to be with makes things easier.
  • It is hard to find people who would even want to talk with you nicely; if you have got someone close to you, hug them as often as you can. It is not about keeping up appearances; and it is about getting along with others on an emotional level.
  • You know that we are friends, we can just talk everything out, and maybe we don’t even need to communicate about these things, just occasional hugs are enough. These are enough to show that we are close; we have no need for words to express our feelings for each other.
  • An occasional hug is more than enough to show that you care about me, the happiness to know that we still have each other. It is about the brotherly compassion and delight we feel when we get along.

Letters For Partner

  • When the right person hugs you, there can be no feeling greater than that one; it is almost like medicine. You should be grateful to the people around you who have made your life as it is, much better to live.
  • Emotions can make or break a person, and you would know about this better than anyone else around you. Hugging someone close to you is an important moment; this can help you be more successful in your work endeavor.
  • When a person dear to your heart hugs you, it is like all the problems that you had that day just melt away. This is like there can be no moment more perfect than this one, and just then, you want the time to freeze over.
  • A shoulder to lean on and a hug at the right moment is all that a person needs to find hope for himself even in the darkest of places. The laughter filled with emotions at these particular moments is no different from music.
  • It is hard to stay angry at the person that you live with the most, and such anger is no good; a hug is a much better alternative; at least it is meaningful. Show of love, instead of anger, will help you build up your relationship. 
  • A hug is much appreciated when you want to express your feelings but can not find the definite words to do it. In these situations, a silent hug speaks louder than any number of words; this is the most amazing thing.

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Letters For Parents

  • There are always going to be problems that can only be solved with a warm and tight hug from both of you. Your squishy hug can cure all the problems that I have, and much more than just that.
  • Hugs are a symbol of your love for us, but no matter how many times you hug us, it just is not enough. These inspire us to work harder, never stop in our path, and keep moving forward, knowing that you will always be there for us.
  • A silent hug is all that is left to say; otherwise, I would not be able to tell you the depth of my feelings that I feel towards you. We are bound by blood, and we don’t need words to tell what we feel about one another; just these occasional confrontations are enough.
  • You have taken in a lot of pain, pain that was only meant to be mine, and you have done this without asking for anything in return. No amount of thanks will be enough to express my gratitude towards you; all I can provide you with is this gesture.
  • Children must love their parents, just as their parents do, it has no logic behind it, but maybe it just doesn’t need one. All a person has to do is put his arms around you and make you feel loved when you are at your lowest.
  • I can’t express my feelings towards you with words; besides, there would be no point in having arms if I don’t embrace you enough. This is the only way I know how to tell you about my feelings, not with words.

Letters For Children

  • These small hugs can do you more good than you might be likely to believe; these are much helpful in expressing your emotions. These gestures help you get along with kids around you, and there is no better way of expression than that.
  • This is one of the greatest merits of having children, that there will always be someone wanting to be with you or hug you. And I am crazy for this feeling, this emotion that I feel when you hug me, this is the best.
  • There is nothing we wish to do more than to hug you and just hold on to you for as long as we can; these are the deepest emotions that we have towards you. And sometimes that is all you need, to make even the worst moments better.
  • I know that you miss me, but there is a reason why I can’t be there right now, but it is not permanent. Very soon, we will meet again, and then I am going to hug you as tight as I can, for as long as you will let me.
  • Just because I am not with you right now does not mean that I can’t understand you either; I know that all you need is some simple affection. And when I see you again, I will do just that for you, and there is no nonsense behind this fact.
  • To not be able to hold you in my arms right now does not feel good at all; it is like I have lost a part of myself. You are my child, and being distanced from you is not something that I can do with.

Letters For Siblings

  • It is okay to feel down every once in a while, and every time that you feel down, I will always be there to help you in every way I can. All you have to do is say a single word, and I will always be there for you; never forget that.
  • We do not need words or apologies to make up for the mistakes that we have made, the times when we have made each other angry. We do not need such words; a gesture of a simple hug is much better than that.
  • I want to be the person that you turn towards when you are going through hard times, and I am putting in efforts to be such a person for you. I don’t want you to be dependent on me; I want to make myself into someone you can rely on.
  • We have laughed alongside each other more times than anyone can believe, and sometimes it feels just like hugging you. It is good knowing that I can behave like myself in front of you.
  • I want to tell you how much you matter to me, but I can’t because these words embarrass me. Therefore, this hug is for you. Interpret on your own the words that I can’t say aloud, and never forget the meaning behind this.
  • I am not afraid of speaking freely in front of you, and this makes you into a more trustable person because I can’t hide from you. You see right through me, and just because of that, I know that we love each other; we are brothers after all.

Letters For Grandparents

  • I, too, have not forgotten the moments when I was just a child, and you used to swoop me up and hug me as your life depended on it. It is one of my most beloved memories of mine; this is not something that I am going to forget any day soon.
  • Warm hugs and sweet memories are all that I have received from you; not a single bad thing has ever happened to me that I can blame you for. You have given me more than what I deserve, and I will always continue to be thankful for that.
  • Your presence has always been like standing amid a garden of flowers; the freshness and love that we feel has never faded away. We feel loved and protected by you, even now, and always will.
  • You always make up some time when we have anything to talk to you about, so please make some time for yourself too. Sometimes, please come to visit us too, we would very much appreciate this gesture of yours.
  • You have always been the first person to come to my mind when things are not going well, like you are the remedy to all my problems. Someday, I would like to be the same person as you, and I am working towards it.
  • Just like you miss us, we miss you too; your touch has always been like heaven, making all of my sorrows go away. The feeling of bliss that I get when I am around you is what I always long for, and I never want to give this up.

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