70+ Open When You Need A Kiss Letter Ideas

Dread, desperation, and distance will all come to an if only you were to kiss me. This is the way you bring changes to my life. Even with small trivial actions, you change my life drastically and only to a better end.

Open When You Need A Kiss Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-The soft touch of your lips, believe me when I say it, I am craving for your kisses too. Ever since the moment you kissed me for the first time, this is all that has been on my mind, I just can’t stop thinking about it.

-You say it that my kisses make you feel drunk, but for sure, your kisses don’t intoxicate me any less. I have gotten myself used to being yours, and being with you is all that I wish for, along with those sweet kisses of yours.

-You have no idea what I am willing to do just for one more of your heartwarming and sweet kisses. Being kissed by you, makes me feel like I am finally at home, you are the person who makes me feel like I belong.

-Your soft, gentle and caring kisses give me goosebumps, the way you make my heart beat like crazy, I have never experienced this before. You make me feel the things that I have never felt before, you open up a world of opportunities for me.

-I want to kiss you like that is the only thing which I live for, the sole purpose of my very existence. The beauty, story and poetry of your lips, I want to listen to all of this, but only if it is with you.

-The way you kiss me, sweet yet so dominating, gentle but declaring your possession, is swoon-worthy. This is your very signature, making me feel like this is the moment for which I have lived till now.

-This is all that I wish for when I am going through any troubles, a sweet kiss from you. A loving kiss brings me calm, making me feel like I too have a reason for my existence, that there is a person who will always be waiting for me. 

-This thought is always on my mind, I can’t stop thinking about it, the soft touch of your lips on mine. I can never get enough of this feeling, you hold me to yourself, and kiss me so gently, making me feel the emotions that I never experienced before.

-Whenever you kiss me, you take my breath away, this is the way you make me feel every single time that you kiss me. Those deep kisses of yours, full of love and desire for me, make me crave your kisses, and this feeling is not something that I can ever get myself used to.

-Your soft touch and kisses make me nearly lose my mind, the soft touch of your lips feels so refreshing. The taste of your lips, this is what I want to live for, I have never experienced this before, and you are making me fall for you.

-Whenever you kiss me, you make me lose my mind, I lose the care of everything around me and all that matters is you. The passion in your kisses, as if only to let me know that it is you who I belong with, is what takes my breath away every single time.

-No matter how many times I kiss you, every single time this is the thought in my mind that you are made to be kissed. And I just want to kiss you as many times as I can, as often as I can, and I want to do it perfectly.

Letters For Girlfriend

-You are so fun to kiss, the soft touch of your lips, the flushed face you come up with, yearning for more, I love it. I can’t help but gasp out in admiration over how beautiful you look every single time I kiss you.

-Every time I kiss you, it is like the entire world has fallen silent, and you are the only one that matters. The only sound that I can listen to is the dishevelled beat of your heart and the way my soul churns over your touch.

-Your soft kisses in silence, tell me aloud how much you love me, and the answer is always the same, a lot. The ignited passion in your kisses tells me all about the depth of your feelings for me, and the purity of those feelings astonishes me.

-I never want it to be the last time you kiss me, and yet I admire and appreciate every single time you do. Whatever I might have to go through for this, I would never want a kiss to be our last one.

-All the time that we have spent apart, I want to make up for all of this, I want to make up for all of this by kissing you. This will be enough compensation for the time that we had to spend apart, but every single kiss that we will share will be worthwhile.

-I kiss you, and every time the passion is more than the last time, it is almost like I am afraid of losing you. And maybe I just am, I can never give up on you, and with these kisses, I show you the extent to which I love you.

-Every single midnight kiss that we have shared till now, I remember most of those, each one has been full of love. Your kisses and your embrace, protecting me from the darkness of night and my nightmares, I have found my peace in those.

-The soft kisses every once in a while that you give me over my forehead, make me believe that I matter to you. The way you hug and kiss me, makes me feel like I am finally back home, and at this place, I will always be desired.

-You were madly in love with me, and every single time that we kissed, just reminded us of that very resolution. And if it is about that, you can kiss me whenever you want, and each kiss that we share will be enough proof of our love.

-I want to kiss every part of you, to shower you with all the care that I can muster up at this instant. I want to show you the way you matter to me, the intensity of the emotions that I feel towards you, how much I love you.

-The way you look at me in my eyes, it almost feels like I am being kissed by you, your passion in your eyes, it just never dampens. The way you look at me, makes me feel loved thoroughly like I am your everything.

-All the time that I am left within this world, I want to spend all of this time only kissing you. For this is the only place where I truly belong, by your side, and just to let you know, I am not afraid of showing my emotions to you, for they all are meant only for you.

Letters For Husband

-I love it, the soft and sweet smile that always appears on your face when I kiss you. The happiness that it brings me, knowing that something that I do is making you happy, becomes my greatest joy for the time being.

-I have no idea how to stop myself once I start kissing you, this is how intoxicating you are, and this is the way you make me lose my mind. I can’t help myself from being with you, this is the only place I wish to exist, only with you.

-I still remember it, the first kiss that we had shared, and for the sake of God, every time I kiss you, it still feels the very same. It is like no time has passed at all, and yet the passion shared in our kiss keeps on increasing.

-Even before our lips meet to initiate the kiss, inside my soul, I feel a joy greater than just that. It is like I have finally been completed as I have finally accomplished everything that I came to in this world, and you have been my greatest achievement.

-When I kissed you for the very first time, call it intuition or whatever, but I knew that these were the lips that I was going to kiss for the rest of my life. That is just how beautiful you looked and how you made me feel, beyond this world.

-Every time you kiss me, it takes my breath away, it feels like the electricity is coursing through my veins. You make my heartthrob and my skin tingle, and this is exactly how I feel every single time you kiss me, just like the last one and the one before that.

-When your lips part from mine, you leave me dizzy, drunk and hazy over the intoxication of your kiss. This is the extent to which your thoughts rule over my mind, as if memories and visions of you, is the only reason and purpose of its existence.

-The small kisses that we share every once in a while for no particular reason, are of the best kind. Even without having any particular reason, these are always full of love and care, always reminding me that you care about and love me.

-Yesterday, I had a beautiful dream, and it was beautiful and realistic to the extent that I woke up in the morning yearning for your kiss. It is you who happens to visit my dreams every once in a while, making these much better than reality.

-My heart throbs like crazy whenever you kiss me, it makes me feel like this is the very reason for which I exist. It is almost like, my lips are made only to be kissed by you, like my entire existence and my very soul, it all belongs to you.

-I have wanted to kiss you for so long, all this time we have been apart, it has intensified my feelings for you. The feeling of your lips on mine was the greatest, maybe because I was yearning to do it for a long time.

-Just kiss me, and only kiss me, we can talk about everything else later. Other things are of no importance to me, you are the only one who matters to me, and just for your sake I live, not anyone else.

Letters For Wife

-I wouldn’t mind it at all if you were to just grab my face and kiss me as nothing else mattered. To speak bluntly, it would just be great, it would be enough proof that you too love me just the same way I love you.

-Grab me by my waist, pull me closer to yourself, and kiss me to your heart’s content. Kiss me like this is the only place that you want me to be like this is what you long for, this is what will make the happiest person there is.

-I want to kiss each time I have missed you in our time apart, and it is for that many times that all I can do is kiss you for the rest of my life. This is how many times you keep on being on my mind as if you are the only person that I can think of. 

-Just like my heart and soul do, now my lips too only speak your name, as if you are the only one that matters to me. If anyone else is to ask, the only answer one is likely to get is that I belong only to you.

-I want to be just as close to you as I can kiss you whenever I want, however many times I want, for the rest of my life. That is all I wish for, to be with you, and for you to wish for the very same in return.

-Just kiss me and you will know on your own how much I matter to you, and that is all you need to know. The changing rhythm of your heartbeat and unrest of your soul will tell you the truth on their own.

-That first kiss after spending a lot of time apart, the depth of feelings erupted with it, as if to make up for every second of lost time, is the true form of beauty. And that is exactly what I experienced when I met you after a month of the distance between us.

-I want to kiss you till the extent that the only name you would ever be able to mutter will be mine. And that is when I will know that I have truly loved you, and I have loved you enough to be acknowledged by you.

-I want to kiss you, and I want to do that just perfectly, to let you know how it truly feels to be kissed. I want you to feel the same emotions that I feel when you kiss me, and I will let these emotions be known to you with my kiss.

-I don’t need anything else but your lips on mine, that is precisely what I have always wished for. That is what I live for, to make you happy as long as I can, it doesn’t matter if you call me selfish, but your kiss is my only need.

-The spike in your heart rate that I feel every single time that I kiss you, makes me happy knowing that I have such an effect on you. You do the same to me too, and much more than just that, you make my heart beat like crazy, make my skin tingle, and my blood course.

-Your kiss is what I have gotten myself addicted to, and I want nothing more than that right now. Your touch and kiss are worth getting me used to, for I know that I will never be able to give up on that.

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