44+ Open When You Need A Laugh Letter For Friend

Letters that were only used recently for government or official notices or notifications are not the same now. Open when letters are memories that are completely worth preserving.

When we see any letter or postcard, it becomes an innate desire of ours to write it for someone. So, why not just write one? Especially to that idiotic best friend of yours that is more than just your friend.

Open When You Need A Laugh Letter Ideas For A Friend

-Just yesterday, I found some unused postal stamps in my cabinet, and the first person who came to mind was you. It’s been only a few days, but it feels as if I haven’t seen you in weeks. Let’s meet up someday and knock back some drinks, just like the same old days.

-Just a little while back, I came across a gift you once gave me in high school. And I thought of writing a letter to you, you know, for a little heart-to-heart. So, to my friend who stayed by my side, listened to all my ranting, and with whom I shared all of my secrets.

-Hey, it’s been a while since I last heard from you, and I am reaching out to all my friends to arrange a reunion. So, let’s hoard together all the wild animals of the like minds and do some mischievous rendezvous on the old streets of the town. 

-Hey, I know for sure that you will still remember, but it is my birthday in a few days. Unlike last time, I want you to come here instead of just sending over a gift; I am inviting you so that a few friends can get together and enjoy as we did back in school. You better not think of dishing out at the last moment, my parents have specially asked to invite you over.

-Friend among all my friends, I just got these couple of free tickets for a trip to the Netherlands. Come on and let us enjoy our heart’s content once more, just like we used to do when we were in school. I tell you, right now, it will be the best vacation you have ever had.

-Saw this movie yesterday, and that storyline touched my heart. “My home is where you are… I don’t care about anywhere else”, and the first person who came to my mind was you. You better not misunderstand me, idiot. I am completely straight, no homo.

-I remember you telling me a few days ago that you can’t find the CD of “our” movie; I have got an extra one with me. So, why don’t you come over this weekend? We will lay back and relax for a bit watching that movie. Also, I found the book edition of that movie and have bought two copies of that, for that your coming is a must.

-My mouth has been shuttering a lot lately; it’s as if my tongue is crying to insult someone these days. And just when I thought of insulting someone, you came to my mind. So brat, you better come to meet up with us guys soon, or you are going to sneeze a lot in your late-night sleep.

-Hey, yesterday I came across the girl you once had a crush on, so let’s meet up if you want to give it a try. However, she still is out of your range. Letting a friend have enough confidence as he is high on drugs is also the duty of a sincere friend. So, let’s get your wheels rolling again and get you a girl.

-Remember when I thought you were a nice and intelligent guy, but you turned out to be like a rundown mall. I have changed your affirmation just now; from now on, you are a roadside stall since you keep wandering around in the streets behind your girl. 

-I am sending this letter to let you know that I am arranging a reunion for all our school buddies. You need to come, or will you get as lonely as a fish without water (except when it is in my dinner); besides, what will there be to enjoy without my favorite duo partner. Let’s meet up with all of our drinking buddies just like we did in the old town; just don’t act like last time when after getting drunk, you stripped naked and went running around in the streets.

-Just when I thought that nothing was interesting to do anymore, I found an empty bundle of postcards and stamps. Let’s just exchange letters from now on and make it more interesting. You better not ditch out on me over my initiative.

-Hey, I won’t be able to make it to your birthday party this year, I mean, I wish that I could, but there’s some serious problem. However, that doesn’t mean I am completely missing out on your special day; I’ll be sending you the best gift you can imagine; just keep in mind to make a follow-up call after you get it. Enjoy that special day to your heart’s very content and miss me a lot.

-XYZ, my man, I am throwing a party this coming month end, and I want my best friend to be there with me. I have already made all the arrangements and contacted all our friends, so let’s get together. I also bought some hard liquor just for that occasion; you better not miss out on me.

-Hey, I am planning a trip for all of our buddies, and I want you too to be there and go wild in the wilderness. It’s just a one-and-a-half-week camping trip, and it’s safe and fully enjoyable. I will take care of all the arrangements that are to be made related to the trip. I will even come to pick you up after four days; all you have got to do is be there, and you better be.

-Work these days has completely become online, but the stress of that work still drives me crazy. It’s been months, no years since we last fort out somewhere together. Let’s just plan something out, a trip or something, for a change of air and much more.

-I came across our high school album when I was cleaning out some useless magazines that were lying around in my cabinet, and I found some awesomely embarrassing pictures of our other friends and a few girls. I am sending over a few of those with this letter, but for sure, you need to come to visit me one of these days, or you are going to miss out on too much fun. Also, I am noting down my contact information on this letter, as I lost yours, so you make sure to contact me as soon as possible.

-I found the contact number of the girl you asked me about, but I am not just giving it to you without something in return. I am not some saint, and I had to get through a lot of trouble to get that one. You can come over this weekend, and you better bring some drinks and takeouts.

-Hey, I just got to know that you are not feeling too well these days; I wanted to call you immediately, but I thought it’d be too lighthearted, and that’s why I wrote you a letter. You need to take better care of yourself; viral these days has become too serious and troublesome. And, you need to immediately contact me back when you get well; I am planning something fun for us, and I need you to be there with me.

-I listened to the song that you requested for me over the radio, and it turned out to be a masterpiece of its time. It’s a bit old and of the late 90s but still perfect. Its lyrics and tunes were just perfect, even without any electrical instrumentals.

-Jokes aside, you know it’s been more than two years since we last saw each other face-to-face, and I want to see you soon. It feels as if the last year has sucked all the fun out of my life; never have I ever felt so out of my mind bored. I want to do something, man, something interesting and a whole lot crazy, and I want to do it alongside you, so let’s get together next weekend.

-Remember the girl you matched me up for for a date, man it turned out to be my ex, and the date was a freaking disaster. I for sure think that you already knew about that and just wanted to make fun out of me. But I will not let you get off that easy; you better be prepared for the payback.

-I still know that you are crazy about beautiful romance novels, and I found some perfect ones for you. These are just recommendations, but these will not disappoint you even in the slightest. I also just got some paperback editions of novels that are not available online anymore, so I want you to be here to go through these at least once.

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