65+ Open When You Need Me To Be There For You Letter Ideas

Some memories or the moments shared, anything can ignite the need to be with the person with that you share a close bond. Through happiness or sadness, whatever it might be, you just can’t give up on those you care about. Send an “open when letter” to the person you love for them to open when they need you badly.

Open When You Need Me To Be There For You Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-Being away from someone that you love dearly is not easy at all; it is like being forced to do something that you never want to do. The only thing that you can do is miss her and let her know that you still care about her.

-Love is a concept that is hard to understand, but once you fall in love, it becomes the easiest thing there is. You start craving for the person that you are in love with; nothing makes your heartbeat like that.

-You must miss it, all the sweet moments that we have shared till now, the cuddles, hugs, and kisses; you have grown used to such tenderness. It just doesn’t feel fine when you start to miss one of those things.

-When you are in love, you do not need anything else to live by; all you need is that special person who means everything to you. That person makes everything better for you and truly makes you live a life that is worth living. 

-When you love a person more than you need to, then is the one time when a relationship intensifies. It helps build up trust and love between couples; it intensifies their feelings for each other.

-You deserve all the love that you can get; never think for a single second that you don’t deserve this. You need it much more if you have such feelings that everyone else deserves to be loved.

Letters For Girlfriend

-It is your trust and love that makes relationships work; as long as you hold on to these, you won’t give up on each other. And, these exact feelings I too bear for you, there is no way I could help myself from falling in love with you.

-Love might not be one of the necessities that a person needs to survive, but they at least deserve it. Everyone needs love, for it gives meaning to a lot of things that are around us, the feelings that we hold for others.

-Every time you wake up in the morning, all you can ask for is a cup of coffee from the hands of a person that is dear to you. This makes that morning all too relaxing, and you wake up feeling more refreshed than ever before.

-You need someone who helps you go through every harsh day there is; you can hold onto that person, and everything else will seem perfect. This is the way I want you, and you make everything easy and lively for me.

-I need you; you are the person that I need to make my life meaningful; without you in it, this is not the life that I want to live. It is just existence, days are passing by, and I don’t even care; this is not how I want to live.

-When you are sad or depressed, try not to think of giving up, for I will always be there to lift you whenever you fall. All you need to do is rely on me, and I will never disappoint you, just keep on having faith in me.

Letters For Friend

-To be desired in return, firstly, you must be able to speak your heart out in front of the person that you are in love with. You must let her know that she is important to you and that she means a lot to you.

-It is not as hard as you might think; all you have to do is ask her to stay by your side for the rest of her life, tell her your real feelings. A bouquet, a gift or handwritten note, or just as you are, anything will do.

-Express your feelings to your partner in such a way that she would never be able to forget what you are going to tell her. Let the feelings flow right through your heart, don’t be afraid, and just say it right away.

-Someone who you can’t stand to be without, you need to seek for such a person in your life, for you will know that your life is meaningless without her. You always need someone else to make your life beautiful for you.

-You need a person in your life that can complete you, the same a beautiful symphony completes a chorus. You can live without that person, but you don’t want to; you know that your life will only be a burden that way.

-Likely, you might not be able to value the worth of things when these belong to you; you know that only after these are lost. Do not let this happen with the person you love, for you will know that you miss her the moment she is gone.

Letters For Partner

-No one else can tell you how much I love you except myself, for others will not be able to explain the feelings that I have for you finely. That is something only my heart knows, and you must be the one to ask for it.

-There is no way I can explain my feelings towards you in words; all the words in the literature will fall short. However much love I try to give you, it feels like it always falls short and keeps loving you more and more.

-You must have this thought in your mind, if I too love you just as much as you do, and the answer to that one will always be yes. There is no way I could not love you, you have always been what I wanted, and now that I have you, I can’t give you up.

-Love might not be a game, but it too executes its pushes and pulls; just know that when one is pushing you away, you must pull him closer. This is how relationships are supposed to work; you just can’t let go of each other.

-It is exciting in its way when I choose to drop by your office or surprise you sometimes; it is for you to know that I care about you too. This random display of love is only for you, and it’s to let you know about my feelings.

-A relationship is about depending on the person you are in love with, but only to a certain extent and regards. This gives you a feeling of satisfaction on its own, knowing that you will always have a person that you can rely on.

Letters For Parents

-It is not like I have grown enough to never need you; I will always be your disciple; I still have millions of things to learn from you. It might have come as unplanned, but there is no way I would ever give up on looking up to you.

-This is not some kind of obsession; this is the gratitude that I feel towards you; you are the person that has made me grow up to what I am today. The deep feelings that I have for you are only pure and full of thankfulness.

-It is likely to turn towards someone when things are becoming hard for you; there are many things of which a burden you can’t bear on your own. In these cases, try to rely on me; I will most certainly meet your expectations.

-It is a pain not to be able to work with you; you always used to teach me all the cool stuff and kept my heart at work. Now, it just feels lame and useless, I am still doing it, but it is no fun anymore.

-You must be feeling that without me there, home is certainly missing something; I did cause a lot of trouble at home. But it doesn’t mean that you are alone in any way; I am still there with you; all you need to do is say the word.

-It almost feels pathetic to me not being able to feel your presence around me anymore; it makes it seem more real that you are not here. But I know that you have faith in me, and for that sake, I can’t let you down.

Letters For Children

-Kid, just know that you deserve the very best in the entire world, and if someone is not willing to accept you the way you are, then he is the one who doesn’t deserve you. You are what you are; you can improve yourself but can’t be a completely different person.

-It is okay to feel lonely, when you are with someone you like, time just passes too soon, and then you miss them a lot. This is not you being obsessed over someone; this just demonstrates that you care about that person.

-You are just a kid right now, there are always times when you would want me to be by your side, and these times are never going to come to an end. Besides, even if they do, it is not like I would be turning my back on my child.

-You want to have someone with you does not mean that you are completely dependent on that person; it is that you care about him. You know that he can be trusted, and you are not afraid to show that trust in him.

-You are not good at getting along with others your age, but that doesn’t make you weird in any way. Those who want to make friends with you will seek you on their own; you do not need to pretend to be someone else for that.

-Don’t restrain yourself just because I am your father; you can still talk to me as freely as you can; I am your friend too. I would be happy if you were to ask me for help; I want to be a helpful and supporting parent to you.

Letters For Siblings

-You can always rely on me for anything that you need; you are the closest person to me, it is not like I will refuse. Just the fact that you are entrusting me with something important to you makes me want to help you.

-We certainly have not met each other for a long time, but the time that we have spent apart feels more than just that. I miss you dearly, we have been away from each other for this long, and I miss my brother.

-You get angry over me for one reason or the other, we quarrel a lot, but it does not mean that we don’t care about each other. These are only petty fights; these hold no weight over the feelings of trust that we have for each other.

-You might miss me, but can’t miss me as much as I miss you; you have no idea how hard life has been since I had to move away from you. Being lonely is not fun at all; it makes me miss you guys even more.

-You miss me because you don’t have any other close friends that you can turn to when you are in a foul mood. This is not something to my liking, but it makes me happy too, knowing that I am still someone special to you.

-It is not like you can do anything about missing me; these things just keep on being over your head. The only way to feel relaxed and free again is to trust someone else with your thoughts, and it will be good for you.

Letters For Grandparents

-It is not sadness or loneliness; it is about the special feelings that you have only for a certain person. I am your only grandson, and I, too, want to be with you or hug you just as much, but these need to be with you; I won’t settle for anything less.

-The affection that you feel towards me, I too want to reciprocate all those emotions. And also, I want to be worthy of all this, you have been a great help to me ever since childhood, and I completely understand that.

-You are certainly lonely right now, but I don’t want you to be like that, neither I want you to feel that way. Your whole family and I all are with you; no matter what, all you need to do is say the word, and we will help you.

-You too might be remembering my childhood days when I used to play with you a lot; things have changed greatly from back then. It is not just about me growing up, and I guess we don’t share the same intimacy that we felt back then. 

-I remember all the nights when you used to tell me good night stories, and those moments used to be the best of my childhood. All the stories that you told me, I might not remember those, but the meaning behind those is not forgotten.

-You need to cheer up a little bit, and more than that, maybe you need a long and good vacation. I am sure that it will be refreshing for you, and seeing as you don’t want to retire right now, it is helpful to you in a different way.

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