75+ Open When You Think About Laying In Bed With Me Letter Ideas

Being away from your loved ones can hurt, and knowing that they miss you back badly hurts even more. Why not slip a beautiful surprise letter for them to open when they lie in bed thinking of being with you? 

Open When You Think About Laying In Bed With Me Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-Whenever I am free, for no particular reason, your face just appears in my mind. And then it just never goes away, not that I want it to. I think of the moment when I would be able to see you again, and that thought brings me true happiness.

-When I think of you, then your love and kindness are the only things that come to my mind. There is not a hint of evil in your eyes. The way you bring out the very best in me, there is no way I will ever forget that.

-There is no way that I would be able to spend even a single day without you getting to know about how much I love you. It does not matter how much time we are left with; whatever I have left, I want to spend all that with you.

-It is not hard to think of you, but missing you reminds me that you are away from me and that heartache is not what I can deal with. When you are away from me, this pain just never goes away, and you are the only cure to this pain.

-You keep me alive, making me want to live and move forward in my life, just like the sun does to plants. There is no hope for my survival if it is not meant for you, as the never-ending waves of the sea, you keep me in motion.

-There is no one else that I would like to think of whenever I am free; you are the only one that is continuously on my mind. However hard I try to suppress this feeling, it just never goes down.

-This is not a wound that time can heal; it is time that I am spending apart from you that is causing me this pain. And this time, makes me think of you more and more until all that I think about is you.

-When I think of you, all that I think about is the good effects that you have brought into my life; you have just made it so beautiful. You have helped me make it into something worth living, and only for your sake, I want to live through it.

-Every time I wake up, you are the only one that is on my mind, and when I go to sleep, it is your dreams that enchant my night. Amid all this, there is no way I would ever be able to stop myself from missing you.

-My mind is filled with the thoughts of you, or it is you that has made my mind beautiful, just with your existence. Whenever I am suffering, you bring out the hope in me to move forward, and knowing that I have you, I will never give up.

-You are like an angel, beautiful, wise, and full of kindness and love, someone that I am not even worthy of being around. And here, you are in love with me, and all that I ever want to do is reciprocate that love.

-As long as I can think of you, I will never be alone, for your thoughts will always be keeping me company. There is no time when I don’t think of you, and I think of you that many times, that it is like time passes only for your sake.

-I wonder about how you are right now, and I want you to know only the meaning of happiness and joy. I pray for your success and happy life; there is nothing else that I wish for but you.

Letters For Girlfriend

-There is no way a person would stop thinking about you, having once known how good of a person you are. Never think that you are all alone or no one cares about you; you are surrounded by people who look up to you.

-My life has been lonely and painful; it was you who made it worth living; you are the one who makes me want to keep on living. Every day and night, your thoughts keep me in motion, and that is what stops me from giving up.

-To have you in my life has made me the happiest person there is; this is how much joy you have brought into my life. You have made me lucky, and I want to let you know that, no matter what, I will always love you.

-There are a million things that I can be thinking about, and yet you are the only one that is always on my mind. I guess even my mind knows what my heart prioritizes, and it is only you.

-I miss you a lot, and think of the time that we have spent together when you are not here with me, and this is how I spend my time. Everything I do or accomplish, I want you to always be there with me.

-You have no idea how fast time passes when I think of you, it is like even time is secondary to you. And even then, I can’t take all those thoughts into account; this is what I want to do when you are away, think of you.

-When you are away from me, it is no different from torture, and the memories that we have together are my only bliss. With them in vision, I continue to move forward in my life, for that is what you always want me to do.

-There is no way I would ever want you to be out of my mind, for you are the only one who is supposed to be there. Ever since I met you, I could never imagine living my life without you, and you are the one who keeps me moving.

-You have no idea how much I think about you, every single second that I have to spare, in it you are the only one that I think about. Your memories make me happy, and to make more of these is what I want to live for.

-My mind is not the only one that thinks of you; before overwhelming my mind, you had already caught my heart. It does not matter which one it is, but you always continue to be on either of these, and I can’t think of a single moment when you are not.

-I would never let you forget me; this is the extent to which I would shower you with my love. The fear of having to go away from you, this fear makes me want to be by your side even harder.

-Whenever I am to see anything beautiful around me, you are the first person that comes to my mind. But even the beauty of that never compares to you, and you are like an angel making everything around you beautiful.

Letters For Husband

-I am doing exactly what I do all the time; I am thinking of you, no matter what I do or where I go, all I do is think of you. You are the first and the last thought that is on my mind every day, and I don’t think that I even want to hide that.

-Here, I am not even able to spend a single day apart from you, and here you are thinking of going away from me for an entire week. Unless I see your face, the day that I spend does not seem to have any significance to it.

-No matter what time it is, whenever I think of you, your thoughts always bring a smile to my face, and I never hide that. And when I want to tell you about how important you are to me, all the words just fall short.

-I never thought that missing someone could be this hard; it is nearly gut-wrenching, thinking of you going away from me. All that I feel is because of you, you make me feel this pain, and it is you who makes me feel alive.

-Everything around me feels lonely and empty when you are not around me; it is like everything has lost its meaning. In a world that does not have you in it, I don’t even want to think of living in it.

-Whenever I think about you, I think about all the good memories that we have made together till now. And all those thoughts bring a smile to my face, these memories make me happy, and I want to make more of these.

-The only thing that is good about not being able to see you right away is the anticipation that is keeping me on my toes. I think about hundreds of possibilities of how we would have an encounter the next time, and that thought is what I live by.

-I wonder if you think about me just as much as I think about you. To tell the truth, you are always on my mind. No matter where you are or where you decide to go, you will never be so far away that my heart can not reach you.

-You make my heart dance with joy every time I think about you, and more than that, the thought that I will be able to see you again. It brings me happiness, the thought that we will be together again, not to ever part.

-You make me smile even when I am facing hundreds of troubles; your presence just changes the entire mood. And then I realize that it is you that I am thinking about, and that thought makes me even happier.

-It does not matter how far you are going away from me; my love is strong enough to reach out to you wherever you are. And your absence only intensifies my love for you, and it never comes to my mind that this distance could ever dampen our love.

-However harsh the life might keep on being, you are the only person that I want to hang on to. You keep me afloat, going me hope to gain what I seek in my life, and the thoughts of you are what I want to hold on tight to.

Letters For Wife

-I never believed that just a single person would ever be enough for someone to live their lives with until I met you. You have proved to be the same person for me; you have made me what I could never be on my own.

-Thinking about you is the only way I can cure all the fears that claw over my heart every single second you are away. Your thoughts remind me of the extent to which you change my world; you make it into something so beautiful that I don’t even deserve it.

-You are the person that holds the key to my heart; you are the one that makes me feel the emotions that I had long since locked away. Everything that I do is for your sake, and if it is for you, I want to do it to the best of my abilities.

-It is like a fairytale come true when I think of you; I have finally gained someone that I want to live the rest of my life with. I love every single second that I spend thinking about it, and I look up to those moments.

-Now and then, I find some reason to think about you, and at that very moment, it is like time has reverted. I live through all those old memories all over again, and the sensation makes my heart fill with joy.

-I can live with not being able to see you for a while, but it does not mean that I can live without thinking of you. It is just impossible for me to abide by that; it is not something that I am capable of doing.

-There is not a moment when I am not thinking about you; I think of you as frequently as I breathe. You are the person who has been by my side whenever I got myself into trouble; to think of forgetting you is just foolish.

-In your eyes, heart, and arms, those are the only places that I want to belong to; as long as I have you, everything else will be just fine. It is like my heart beats only for your sake; you are the one that makes life worth living.

-I will always continue to be grateful towards the person that makes me the happiest, and without a doubt, that person for me is you. You just make me happy, even if there is no particular reason behind it.

-I want to think about my work, but even in the middle of that, your thoughts just creep inside my head. I think this is my definition of love, to always have the wishes of another one as your priority.

-I am alone at night, and I think about you, about how we met, fell in love, and what we stand as right now. And I do not regret any of this. Instead, I am just proud of all that we have accomplished together.

-Nothing else matters to me when I think of you because, at that point, you are the only one who is on my mind. And it is not like thinking of you is my habit or something; it is a crucial part of my life.

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