60+ Open When You Think The World Is Against You Letters

There are always moments when you end up feeling that you’re alone against this whole world and there is no one by your side. But even in those times, you can not give up on the person that has only admiration and love in his/her heart for you. And for exactly that, you must work harder.

Open When You Think The World Is Against You Letters

Letters For Boyfriend

-You are a whole lot stressed lately, you need to let your body and mind lose for a while, or you will not be able to work the way you want to do. You need to concentrate on yourself, not the world around you, and for that, you can start by improving your breathing technique to relax efficiently.

-You are opposed by people around you just because they want to impose their desires upon you; they want to change you to what they seem fit. You must not let that happen, and you need to respect yourself and be kind to your purpose in life.

-Just because I am not there with you, do not get too worked up and stressed because of your work. You are a human just like anyone else, you need to take care of yourself too, or you will fall sick.

-You need to overcome the pressure that is being forced over you; if you do not do that, you will not be able to progress forward in your life. To find peace in yourself is the only way to progress forward in your life, do not get burdened with others’ expectations; just move forward.

-You need to believe in yourself, and do not forget that the light can be found even in the darkest places; you can always get better at things you work hard for. Focus on yourself till then, focus on positive thoughts; good things are just waiting to happen to you.

-No problem in this world can be classified as impossible; in the same way, no problem is impossible for you either. You can overcome your problems too, if not as a whole, you can always move forward a step at a time.

-Do not get indulged in negativity just because you are having a bad time right now; know that this time too shall pass. Just like everything changes, these problems are momentary too; you will learn to face them sooner or later, just do not give up till then.

-This world might be against you but do not forget that this mind and body belong only to you, and so do your dreams and goals. You have more things under your control than you think; you have yourself and me, and no matter what, both of us are not letting go of your future just yet.

-Just because it was a bad day today does not mean that every day will continue to be just like this; these days will get better with your hard work. If you keep on improving yourself, these days will improve, and the world that is against you today will follow you in future.

-This pain and the problems that you are facing right now will come to an end with time, they will pass in for sure, and after that, you will come out stronger than you were before. The problems that you are facing right now are not meaningless; these are working as a medium to make you stronger.

Letters For Girlfriend

-Every problem has a solution, there has been every problem that we have faced till now, and if it is not in clear sight, we will work together to find one for it. And the process of overcoming these problems will make us closer than we were before; this will strengthen our bonds and relationship.

-This entire world might turn against you someday, but I will not let you go even then; we are always going to be together, you will never be alone. You have helped me numerous times till now; in your time of difficulty, I can not leave you; I am ready to struggle alongside you as long as it might take.

-Just because everyone is against you this very moment does not mean that you have to resent yourself about it; this is not your fault; it never was and will never be. You are a free person, and you do not need to bow in front of every problem you face; you can stand tall and fight against those too.

-You have started to have too many negative thoughts recently; I know that it is because of the mental stress that you have been under lately. Do not be burdened by those thoughts; I am right here near you to share that burden, do not bear the burden of all problems on your own; I too can help you.

-People say that everything has a meaning, so the problems that you are going through will also have a meaning to it too. These problems will make you stronger; you will have a firmer resolve than you have right now; with time, it will all work in your favour.

-Do not give in to despair just because you are facing problems right now; if you do that, you will lose every hope that you have in your future. Do not question your present; try to make the best of the time you have right now; only then will you be able to have a future that is truly favourable to you.

-This entire world has turned its back on you, but you are not alone; you have me, and I will continue to be with you in every step of your life. We will not give up on each other; we will work hard to make ends meet and secure a perfect future for ourselves.

-The best way to face this world is to believe in yourself; you have lived by yourself your entire life, you can live this life your way from now on too. You never had any expectations from people around you, so do not let them force themselves over you either; you are the strongest with the way you are right now.

-This world might have turned against you, but you still have your family with you, they have supported you since the very moment you were born, and I am sure that they will keep doing it for as long as they can. Do not disrespect the hope of your family by giving in to the fear of failure; as long as you work hard, you will get better with time.

-This entire world has betrayed you, every person has turned his back on you, but just for that reason, you do not have any right to dishonour your passion and dreams. You have lived for the sake of your dreams till now; I know that better than anyone else, just because some people have turned against you, do not give up on yourself.

Letters For Husband

-So what if you are walking on a path that is not per the expectations that are set upon you by others for their selfish reasons? You are a free person. You do not have to complain about the problems that you are facing down the path, the only option you have is to prove yourself to others, and I am sure that you will be able to do that.

-To make your authority known to others, you need to start taking on more responsibilities overwork as well as at home; this will show people that you are reliable. And the responsibilities that you bear will help you enhance the strength of your character.

-You have lost interest in everything that you once had stood for; now it is as if you have lost your faith in yourself. If you continue to keep being like this, you will end up losing all of your dreams; you will lead a lonely life with no desires, which is not something I want you to experience.

-You have always been following the same cycle of work for months now; it is genuine to want a change in your daily life. You can not always continue to live a life that feels meaningless and has no purpose in itself, or this will end up being only an endless chase with nothing to achieve in the end.

-People say that acceptance is the first step towards self-recovery; you are hurting right now, you need to accept that; only after that will you be able to overcome the pain. Work harder, grow stronger, help others, pursue your dreams; this is how you get a good future in your grasp.

-You feel so secluded and isolated these days; even to me, it feels as if your fear and failures are eating you up, and if you don’t do anything, you will lose yourself. You do not have to feel irritated over your past results; you can improve yourself whatever way you want if you work hard enough.

-One of the first things you need to do is distance yourself from disappointments and failures. These are not contagious, but with these always around you, you will never be able to concentrate on what you want to achieve in future.

-The mistakes that you have made till now are all in the past; you can not do anything about those from now on. The only choice you have left is to forget your mistakes and start fresh and anew; this way, you will be able to get much better results than expected in future.

-This is not possible to gain everything you want in your first attempt, it takes many struggles to get what you deserve, and sometimes you try hard only to fail in the end. In that case, you need to set new goals for yourself, start small and build up your goals as well as yourself to a higher level.

-The mistakes that you have committed in the past, you need to accept those and take lessons from those; they will be helpful in your future. Acknowledge your concerns and emotions; this way, you will gain more control over your mind and behaviour.

Letters For Wife

-I was free-spirited before I met you, and whatever others might say, it is not like you have chained me down to yourself. I have found my real freedom with you, you bring joy to my life, and I want this to keep on happening for the rest of my life.

-You want to start a business of your own, and you have my full support in this; I do not care what others might think; I will try to provide you with everything you might need. You want to stand up for yourself; never in my wildest dreams will I be against you over this thought.

-You want to keep on pursuing the same career that you did before we got married, and I have no problem with you doing this. We fell in love when you were doing that job, and I know that the work there is full of your ambitions, and I will never stop you from making your dreams come true.

-You are not good at home chores, but I can always help you with those whenever you need my help. You need not worry about anything when asking me for help; to help each other is the very basis of a relationship, so never hesitate.

-You want to live a free life just like you did before we got married, you do not have to worry about what others might think, or the others will oppose you; whatever it might be, I will always be there with you. Your dreams and everything you want in future is mine to help you with.

-Just because you are a woman does not mean that you are any less of a human being, just like men, you breathe too, you have dreams, and you want to achieve them. Even if I have to make an enemy of this whole world, I will at least protect you from this all.

-You are feeling suffocated and isolated right now, and believe me, this is the story of every woman, but unlike them, you have me, and I am going to support you in whatever path you choose to follow. You do not have to mind the ethics or rules of society; even if you choose to fight against those, you will still have me.

-You want to make your dreams come true; I have no right to criticize you over that, even if I had a right, I would not. We are one; if you are to gain what you have always desired, it will also satisfy me and motivate me to give more to our relationship.

-This is a cruel world with cruel people in it, they do not bother to hide the malice in their eyes, but as long as I am with you, those eyes will never turn towards you. I will always keep on protecting you till you are strong enough to fight on your own; I have no right to control you, but I can empower you.

-Just because you are more open to society does not mean anyone else has the right to criticize you over that. You are a free person, free to make your choices and decisions, and until the very end, you have my support with you.

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