120+ Open When You Wonder What I’m Doing Right Now Letters

Open when letters are very important in any kind of relationship. Writing a letter when the other person is wondering what you are doing right now means that you are trying to convey to him or her what work you are doing at that moment.

You can also tell the situation you are in through this kind of letter. You can assure them that you are fine or if you are in any kind of problem you can tell them that too. 

Open when you wonder what I’m doing right now letter ideas

Here is a list of letters that you can send to your loved ones when they wonder what you are doing. 

Letters for boyfriend

-Hey, I hope you are doing well. I was just going through social media, so I thought of writing something to you.

-Hey love, at this moment, I am just thinking about you. It could have been great if we could catch up right now. But I know that is not possible. So, it is ok. But call me.

-Dear love, you know that throughout the day, I think about you. I am missing you as you are not there with me. But I will feel good when we chat on social media or talk over the phone. Can you message me now?

-Dear, I am cooking right now. And you will be surprised to know that it is your favorite dish. I wish I could give this food to you. But unfortunately, this time it can’t happen. Come back soon.

-Hey love, I just saw your picture on social media. And you are looking fabulous. I like your dress as well as your smile. It is great.

-Hey, I couldn’t see your message when you sent it because I was very busy with my work. And do not worry, I am alright, and I will be free within a few days.

-I am planning a surprise for you right now. I will not give any hint of that, and you have to see everything tomorrow. But I promise you that this will be your best birthday ever.

-This is to let you know that I am cooking dinner for my family and the guests. Today I will remain very busy because the guests have come to visit us.

-My dear, I am watching a romantic movie. I want to talk to you about the movie. It was such a good film.

Letters for girlfriend

-Hey love, I just came back from the office. Today there was too much work pressure in the office so I couldn’t message you or call you. Sorry for that.

-Dear love, I am going out with my friends now. I will be back by tomorrow morning. So till then, I can’t talk with you. Please don’t be angry.

-Hey, can you guess what I am doing right now? I am cooking. I know you will not believe this. But wait for some time. I am sending you pictures on WhatsApp.

-Hey, I was watching a cricket match. You know how much I love cricket. Now I am free to talk to you. Can you call me over the phone?

-Hey, I am playing a game on my laptop. I will talk to you over the phone tonight. Because after this I will go out shopping with my parents.

-I am going to sleep right now. I am very tired after such a busy day. I will call you as soon as I wake up. But don’t call me now.

-My phone was switched off as there was no charge in it. Do not be worried. I am alright. And I just reached home.

-I am at a business meeting right now. I am very busy and can’t talk to you right now. There are a lot of things depending on this meeting.

-Hey, I have come on a morning walk. It could have been great if you had been there. I hope we will go on morning walks together someday.

-Hey, I have come on a long drive. But I am missing those moments when we came together on a drive. I hope we will be together when I come next.

Letters for partner

-Hey, I am going for a long walk now. I need some refreshment right now. And one of my friends called me, so we are going together.

-My love, it was a hectic day for me. But my presentation was very much appreciated. Now I need some rest. 

-Dear, I am watching a Bollywood movie right now. The songs in this movie are fantastic. I would highly recommend you to watch this movie.

-My new boss came to the office today. We had a good day. I am coming to meet you after I reach home. 

-I am listening to Bollywood songs. You know that I love them very much. Some lyrics touch our soul. And we get addicted to that song.

-I am looking at the childhood pictures that I have of you. You were very cute then. These pictures are very beautiful.

-Dear, I was just thinking about our future. We have to think about doing something big now. Otherwise, our future is going to be very tough. 

-My love, I am reading our old conversations now. And I am feeling emotional. I have been reading from the first day you started messaging me.

Letters for friends

-Hey, I was thinking of messaging you for a long time. But I was busy at work. So finally, I got the time today. I am watching our old videos together and writing to you.

-Hey, I was going through our school pictures. And then you came to my mind, so I started writing this letter to you.

-I miss those days we spent together. I cherish our friendship. Now I am watching our favorite film. Can you remember the name of the movie?

-You remember the discussions we used to have about the dramas that we read before our exams? I am going through one such drama right now.

-My friend, you are a blessing in my life. So I am planning a very big surprise now for you. Your birthday this year will be the best you have ever had.

-Dear friend, when are you coming to meet me? I am making a business plan that I want to start with you. I hope our business will go well.

-I have come to my village. Since you love the village, I thought of sharing my experience with you. 

-I am decorating my house for my parents’ anniversary. But I want to thank you for how you helped me by giving me some fantastic plans.

-You are my best friend. And you always wanted me to become a singer. I did my first show today on stage. But I was now recording that same song so that I could send it to you.

Letters for siblings 

-Dear brother, you are my life. I have come home for a vacation, but this time I will miss you as you will not be there.

-Dear, we have spent so many good days together in our childhood. But now it is very tough for us to meet these days. But you have a surprise. I am coming home now.

-Hey, as you know, I am very much fond of photography. And now I am going to Africa on vacation. I hope to click some fantastic pictures there.

-You know that it was my dream to study at the best university. And now I am studying hard as the admission test is knocking on the door.

-It was my dream to become a cricketer since childhood. And tomorrow I am going to play my first match for the state. I am a little bit nervous now.

-I have become a doctor. And now, I aim to serve the poor. So I am planning to set up a hospital in the village for the poor. I hope you will be there with me.

-Dear brother, you always wanted me to cook your favorite dish. I am cooking that right now, and when you reach here, you will see it.

-Hey, I am going to meet our grandparents tomorrow. Will you join me on the journey? They miss us very much and want to see us.

Letters for parents

-Hey mom, I am studying hard for my exams tomorrow. Do not be worried. Everything will go well as I have prepared throughout the year.

-Dear father, I am preparing for my first case tomorrow at the court. It was my dream to be a lawyer. And tomorrow, I will face my first challenge.

-Dear parents, I had a great interview today. Now I am on my way to reach home. The interview went well, and I hope that I will get the job soon.

-Tomorrow is my first show with my band. I have loved music throughout my life. I am planning that with my boys now.

-I am baking a cake for your anniversary tomorrow. And I am taking that with me tomorrow. I hope you guys like the cake.

-Dear father, I am thinking of celebrating your birthday this year. And I am doing the planning right now. I hope I can make you happy.

-Dear mother, you always wanted to visit Delhi. And now I am booking the tickets for Delhi. We all will go on vacation next month.

Letters for children

-Hey, son, you are a piece of my heart. I am playing with your son now. He is also very dear to me. I hope you come back soon.

-Dear daughter, I have become friends with your son. Now we are playing games together. I would request you to keep him with us for some time.

-Dear child, I am watching the football world cup final. I am missing you because we watched all the finals together till the last one and this time you are not there.

-Hey, I am planning for your mother’s birthday next month. Do not tell her anything about it. Keep it a secret. And come back soon so that we can do everything together.

-Hey, we were talking about you as we miss you very much. When are your exams going to finish and are you coming to meet us?

-Dear son, I have bought a car for you today. This is your gift because you have made us proud throughout your life.

-Dear daughter, we are coming to your birthday tomorrow as a surprise. We are on our way now. And there will be some special things also.

Letters for grandparents

-Dear granny, I know you guys miss me. But I can’t always be there with you. But now I am preparing for my journey to meet you tomorrow.

-Dear grandparents, your love for me is immense. I am very much thankful to you. I am making a video that I want to give to you guys. 

-My love and respect for you two are immense. I am drawing a picture of both of you as you guys hold a special place in my heart.

-How are you guys? I am fine here. And at the moment reading the book that you guys gifted me on my birthday.

-I am watching the video that you suggested to me to watch about India’s freedom struggle. And now I understand what significance it has.

-I am having a very good time with my brothers. And while chatting, we were talking about you. We love you very much.

-Dear grandpa, I am going on a vacation now. And I am having a very good time here in Paris. I hope I can bring you guys with me next time I come here.

-I am watching a cricket match in the stadium. I am missing you, grandfather, as you always used to come with me. I will send you pictures on Whatsapp

-I am buying many firecrackers for this festive season. And I am going home to meet you and enjoy the festive season together.

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