60+ Open when You’re Happy Letters

One of the favorite things in a couple’s relationship is open when letters. These letters are written only for some extraordinary occasions.

Writing a note when you are happy to your partner simply means that you are reporting this letter to your partner to convey your happiness and make him or her a part of your happiness.

You will get some nice ideas about writing a letter to your partner when you are happy in the following examples.

Here are Open when you’re happy letters

Letters for Boyfriend 

  • Hey love, can you imagine how happy I am today? I have achieved the dream of my life. I got admission to my favorite university, which I had wanted since my childhood. Come and meet me soon, and we will have a party for this reason.
  • My love, I am writing this letter to let you know that my father bought me a car on my twenty-fifth birthday. And I am the happiest person on earth right now. I am learning how to drive now. What about you and me going for a drive soon? 
  • Hey love, I hope you are doing well. And you will be happy to know that I got promoted in my job as my boss was impressed with my efforts and they also granted a big increase in my salary as a reward. I was very much appreciated in the office by everyone. 
  • My dear, my happiness has no boundaries today. Can you guess the reason? Well, let me tell you. The reason is that I bought a puppy today. You know how much I love pets. Having a pet around you is lovely. And today finally it came to my house.
  • You will be overwhelmed to know that I got the best gift in my life today. I came first to my university in graduation and will soon be applying for a master’s degree. Isn’t it great news? Can we meet this week and celebrate this special achievement of mine? 

Letters for Girlfriend 

  • Dear, I finally made it. Today in the evening, I finally got the email that the company I had given an interview to last month is finally offering me the job. As you know, this is my dream job, and finally, after getting it, I just can not hold my emotions. Come and meet me soon.
  • My dearest love, today, as you know, was my birthday. But apart from the celebrations, I wanted to do something else this time. I went to an old-age home and distributed some cardigans there. As you know, winter is around. But the happiness I got when I saw those old eyes was happy. 
  • Today, as you know, was my brother’s tenth birthday. My whole family worked very hard to make this birthday the best for him. And you will be happy to know that he was jumping out of happiness for how the whole day was for him at the end of the day. And naturally, it made us very happy too. 
  • Baby, I am writing this letter to express my joy to you that I got from the gift that you sent on my birthday. I do not know how you manage this, but every time you understand what I want on my birthday, you send that gift only. Today when I opened the gift box, I did not expect that, but finally, when I saw it, I was very happy.

Letters for partner

  • Dear, you are a big part of my life. And everything you do for me makes me happy. But today, what you did was very emotional for me. To draw a picture of my family and send it to us on my father’s birthday as a gift was emotional for every one of us. I do not know how to thank you.
  • So, finally, I am going for my first solo foreign vacation. You know already how much I have wanted this since my childhood, and finally, today, my parents have granted me this permission. And do not worry, I will be safe and will bring a surprise gift for you for sure.
  • I got selected for the state women’s cricket team. It is like a childhood dream come true for me. And probably the biggest moment of my life. I can not express how happy I am. I know there are a lot of things to do in the future. But as of now, I just want to celebrate this with you and my near and dear ones.
  • You know I have faced a lot of hurdles throughout my life, but finally, after becoming a court judge, which I have wanted for a long time, I feel emotional. I can not hold my tears of joy while writing this letter to you. When we talk over the phone, I will share everything with you in detail for sure.
  • You have always been my strength in doing everything. And today, when I finally became what you always wanted me to become. I want to give all the credit to you. It is only because of you that I could become a professor. Yes, I made it. I can only thank you for everything.

Letters for friend

  • Your suggestions, your love, and your care have made me overcome all the obstacles in my life with a smiling face. Today I finally became a doctor. And I promise to you that I will serve the community with full passion and honesty. And I will work for the poor for sure.
  • Today you not only gave a surprise to me by attending my birthday but also made me immensely happy. I know the kind of work that you have in the office and how difficult it is for you to make time from that. But you did, and once again, you proved that you love me very much and what I mean to you. 
  • Hey, you will be very happy to know that the company we both started made a revenue of more than ten lakhs today. I know it was hard for you to leave this and join another company, but I know you did that for our betterment. But today, our dream has come true. I think we should celebrate.
  • Hey, today I can finally write to you that I am coming back and your wait is over. You can not even imagine how happy I am to write this to you. My office has finally granted me a leave of ten days, and I am coming to visit you soon. So be ready we will have a great time.
  • Hey, I am extremely happy to make you aware that I have received the song that you sang for me on Whatsapp. You have no idea what that means to me. Thanks for such a great surprise. The song was very soothing, and it touched my heart.

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Letters for children 

  • You are the love of my life. So I have to share with you that I am becoming the manager of my company next month. I was informed of this today. I have no words to express my feelings. Please meet me soon, and we will go for dinner in your favorite restaurant for sure.
  • I was really surprised when I first received your letter. Then when I opened it I was more surprised because I found out that you are coming back very soon. Thanks for such a big surprise. I am thrilled to imagine that day when we will meet again after such a long gap. Thank you very much for this.
  • Today suddenly when I was searching for my books I found my first love letter that I received from you. I read it ten times. It took me back to those early days of our relationship. I got emotional. At this moment, I just want to kiss you and hug you tightly.
  • I am fortunate enough to get a scholarship from the government, and I will get admitted to the best engineering college. I am the happiest person on earth now. I just got the news, and I am writing this letter to you because I know after me it is you who will be the happiest person to hear this. Thank you for always being there for me.

Letters for siblings

  • You are the only person in the world whom I can rely on. You always guided me throughout my career, and today I finally cracked the job exam. It would not have been possible if you had not taught me. Thank you, love, for your guidance, your time, your love, and everything that you did for me.
  • So with a happy heart, I want to let you know that my parents have permitted me to go to London on vacation. I am going with my friends so do not worry about me much. I will be ok there, and they will be there to look after me. You know London is my dream destination that I have always wanted to visit. I am feeling great that my parents granted me this permission.
  • I am going to Kashmir, which is my dream destination. And I cannot express how happy I am. It is like a dream come true for me.
  • I got selected for the state cricket team. I worked hard for it for so many years. My happiness has no boundaries now.
  • You will be happy to know that I am getting a car from my dad as a gift because I made him proud as I stood first in the university. It is a happy moment for me.
  • You are the reason that I always remain happy. I don’t know how you manage to do this. This time also you understood my situation and stood beside me.
  • My parents’ love always makes me happy and strong. That is the most important thing in life. And I am blessed to have that.

Letters for parents

  • I am extremely happy because I am going through the best phase of my life. I came first in the annual exam that was conducted by our school. And at the same time, I won the drawing competition too.
  • I came to know the meaning of my life when I could make my parents proud through my deeds. This is the happiest phase of my life.
  • This was the best birthday for me as my grandparents came to visit me. They are very old, and it is very difficult for them to go anywhere.
  • Thanks to my grandfather who granted me the tour to Paris though my father was not willing to give his permission.
  • I am blessed to have grandparents who come to visit me every year because the love that I get from them is precious.

Letters for grandparents 

  • Not everybody has the fortune like me as grandparents encourage me to take whatever I like as my career. Their support strengthens me.
  • My boss just called me and gave me the news that I am getting a higher position in the company as a gift of my performance in the last six months. I am very happy about this.
  • My salary will get increased by forty percent as I got the best employee of the company award for back to back two years. This makes me very happy.
  • As you know that I have always wanted to become a footballer since childhood. And getting selected for the national team was a dream for me. And today, finally, that happened.
  • I have always wanted to help the poor since my childhood. And today, I finally got the chance to form a group that will help the poor. 
  • Drawing has been my passion since I was a child. My first drawing exhibition will be held tomorrow. I am very excited about that.
  • I am going to play my first match for my state team tomorrow. The journey to make it into my state team was very hard. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.
  • I am going to the court tomorrow as a judge for the first time. I am a bit nervous as well as excited about that.

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