171+ Relationship Problems Quotes and Sayings

We often face a lot of problems and hindrances in a relationship, we feel like we are just wasting our time by staying in a relationship and we should just give up.

But that is actually not the solution at all, we must not give in all the hopes because sometimes a little harder trying and installing a little more hope can save the relationship and in fact, can make the relationship much better than it was previously before.

Marriage problems quotes

-And at the end of the day, you can either focus on the things tearing you apart or on keeping you both together. It all depends on the perspective. –Anonymous

Giving up on each other is probably the easiest thing to do in this world. But holding it together when everyone thinks you guys have fallen apart is strength. –Anonymous

Behind every successful relationship lies two individuals who had fought very hard, and still do, to overcome every obstacle and interference to be that way. -Kim George

-We hear that people stay in love

when they are intrigued by each other or owing to the chemistry they share. But it also has to be because of forgiveness and gratefulness. -Ellen Goodman

-Every relationship in this world has to go through hell to experience what being in heaven feels like. –Anonymous

You don’t grow in comfort; you grow outside your comfort zone. The same goes for your relationship. For it to prosper, it needs to surpass challenges and obstacles. –Anonymous

Love is not only about forgetting what hurts you but also about forgiving everything that bothers you in a bad way. –Anonymous

A true relationship is all about how to hold on to each other in the moments of hardships and pain, rather than how easily you give up on it. –Anonymous

I can’t promise our relationship to be picture-perfect and devoid of any problems, but I can surely promise that you won’t have to face them alone. -Rose Hathway

-When you fall in love with someone, you don’t merely listen; you try to understand. You don’t merely see; you try to feel. –Anonymous

-People often misunderstand the power of being grateful and forgiving in a relationship. Only kindness, empathy, and other such attributes aren’t enough. –Anonymous

Even if a relationship is destined to stay forever, it simply can’t when the two souls involved decide to give up on each other. –Anonymous

Relationships persist when two brave people decide to make it out through every freaking storm out there until they see the face of the sun. –Anonymous

You’ll have to weather a thousand storms in your relationship to be able to feel the warmth of the heavenly sun on the other side. –Anonymous

For every relationship that has lasted forever, the credit goes to the two brave individuals who decided to fight against every odd until they could find a way to make it work. –Anonymous

How can you give up on each other if the situation isn’t ideal? The condition of ideality is present only in physics books, not real life. –Anonymous

Every great relationship has been through numerous problems, but they have always been a step ahead of those problems. –Anonymous

-To overcome every possible problem in your relationship, you need to face it as a couple rather than as two different individuals. –Anonymous

When an aspect of your relationship deteriorates, it’s important to address it with your partner. You can’t simply ignore it and call it a day. –Anonymous

Things change for the good. The sun rises again after you have weathered the storms. All it needs is two people never to let go of each other. –Anonymous

Every relationship goes through several different problems. The way you overcome those problems is what defines your relationship. –Anonymous

All relationships must go through phases of struggle and pain, but only the strongest ones get through them. –Anonymous

The secret behind a great relationship is not how well you understand each other but how well you avoid misunderstandings. –Anonymous

There are no relationships without fights, but you all can make your relationships worth every fight. –Anonymous

It is quite common to get lost along the road of your relationship, but trying to find your lost self and your love back again is what makes you different and stronger than the rest. –Anonymous

In a genuine relationship, the two souls involved never give up on each other, no matter how many obstacles come their way. –Anonymous

Every long-term relationship is about weathering the gorges and the valleys and striving until you reach the topmost peak. –Anonymous

Arguments in relationships, now and then, are important to prove that they are strong enough to survive and get well along the way. –Anonymous

What’s the point in remembering all those reasons it will not work out, rather than remembering the only reason it will? –Anonymous

Always remember that it is you both against the problem, not you both against each other. 


A strong relationship calls for loving each other harder in the moments when you both struggle even to like each other. –Anonymous

Couples that are meant to be are the ones who never give up on each other no matter what and come back stronger after every fight. –Anonymous

The way you overcome the problems in your relationship says a lot about your bond’s strength. –Anonymous

True love isn’t where there are no fights or struggles; rather, it is the one where there is love persisting even after a fight. –Anonymous

Sometimes, your destiny pushes you apart so that you can pull each other closer. –Anonymous

No relationship needs to be perfect. All it needs is two imperfect individuals, never allowing themselves to give up on each other. –Anonymous

When you love someone more than anything or anyone else, make sure that person never feels alone, especially when you are there. –Anonymous

The remedy to every other problem is nothing but love. You’ll notice your insults become humor, your misunderstandings become jokes, and your life becomes perfect. -Dielnov Muchati

-The problems in relationships are sole because every other individual is focused on finding out what’s missing in the other person. -Wayne Dyer

Compare your relationship to a house. When a light bulb burns out, you fix the bulb rather than buy a new house. -Bernajoy Vaal

-The emotions that tear your heart apart are the very ones that have the power to heal it as well. -Nicholas Sparks

-Troubles are part and parcel of your life, and when you don’t share your mishaps with the one who loves you, you don’t give that person enough change to love you. -Dinah Shore

-Every relationship embodies a shark. They need to keep on moving constantly, or else they die. -Woody Allen

-There can’t exist love without forgiveness, and forgiveness without love. -Bryant H. McGill

-You need to confess your relationship problems to God, not on social media. –Anonymous

When you share your joy, it gets doubled. When you share your sorrow, it gets halved. -Swedish Proverb

-As long as you see your relationship as a place where you go to give rather than to take, it will last. –Anonymous

Sometimes destiny puts up walls on your road towards love, not to keep others out, but to see who cares to take them down. -Socrates

-The extent to which two individuals can bring up the issues of their relationship, and resolve them, marks the critical soundness of that relationship. -Henry Cloud

-You develop courage in your relationship, not by being happy every day, but by going through adversities and weathering storms that are meant to break you. -Barbara 

de Angelis

Relationship Problems Quotes

-We often mess up things by assuming wrong things in a relationship so we must avoid that because comprehensions are like the bugs in an affair -Henry Winkler

-We must not allow a problem which can be easily sorted out to get more priority than the person who has ushered love upon us and badly needs love from us too -Barbara Johnson

-We can easily rule out the disturbances and quarrels happening within a stable relation by eradicating the practice of pointing out the missing things in our better half -Wayne Dyer

-In a relationship, it is highly necessary to fall for yourself as well in order to love your partner completely and deeply -Shannon. L. Alder

-Each and everyone is having some kind of problems in our lives and to make things work out and to get love from our partner, we need to share our problems with them -Dinah Shore

-If we often fail to express our love to our beloved often, we might damage a strong and stable relationship which appeared to last till forever -Robert Brault

-When you are facing a problem in a relationship you must talk and sort it out with your beloved to make things work out again -Anonymous

-If you truly want an everlasting relationship, then you must have the guts to bear the furrows and ridges of the relationship together by holding each others’ hand tightly -Nicholas Sparks

-If you ever feel ignored in a relationship, do not take it for granted and make your better half realize that it is the worst kind of feeling to be neglected -Betsy Kenton

-All the heartaches in a relationship must be a lesson for you to become much more strong and it must not turn you into a revengeful entity -Donna Goddard

-You don’t become brave by facing problems in your relationships, you just become strong and mentally stable by facing them by standing by holding each other’s hands -Epicurus

-Struggling with a relationship makes you a survivor at the end of the day. Whenever you figure the missing thing in your better half you just try to fill that gap by what you have within yourself -Deepak Chopra

-Never try to go down on someone’s feet when he or she barely cares about you and always accept the love of that person who can even die for you -Anonymous

-Always try to put some extra effort in a relationship because it is the worst thing when you look and realize that if you have tried a little harder things could fall into place -Dominic Riccitello

-Every relationship has its limit of tolerance whenever a relationship becomes very toxic and unhealthy we should immediately walk out of it and look for a new light in our life -Anonymous

-If you ever have to maintain  peace in a relationship, you will have to forgive small mistakes of our better-half and to fill the little gaps with your kindness and adjustments -Wayne Dyer

-Never be over-secretive in a relationship because sometimes secrets are those kinds of pest that totally can hamper a happy relationship and can create unnecessary doubts in the minds -Mark. W. Boyer

-Often troubles get raised due to differences of expression but all we have to do is compromise and hold hands with each other till the last breath -Anonymous

-Love concludes of both happiness and sadness because if you are not ready to face the downs of a relationship then how can you enjoy the enchantment of the ups -Anonymous

-You always need to keep in mind that everything in a relationship is not being said to you by your partner, sometimes you just have to put an effort to understand him -Anonymous

-Love is definitely magical but never ever allow magic to create illusions and make you hallucinate some extravagant things that can ruin the whole relationship -Anonymous

-The worst kind of thing is the hidden grudge in a relationship, when you vent out all you have in your heart to your beloved it will sort all kind of misunderstandings -Anonymous

-When you find your beloved being very tough on you that might have the meaning that you need to raise his expectations for you -Anonymous

-In most relationships, the main problem arises when the lover either becomes too caring or is just casual about all the hardships going through the other partner -Simon Baker

-Every relationship becomes very much painful and tormenting when one of the two partners start forcing the other one for something he or she is reluctant -Cyril Connolly

-Relationships only start standing down when the couples start behaving irrationally and stay rigid to each other’s points and refuse to compromise and talk a bit -Hugh Mackay

-Whenever you feel that you have become hurt in a relationship, then go and talk to your partner about this openly and clear things out -Melba Sean

-You are never going to have a relationship without quarrels and fights but all you need to ensure that the fights do not take a wrong turn and the relationship should be worthy enough for those fights -Anonymous

-In between a fight, the safe rule is that when one of the two partners is mad, the other one always has to be calm and sensible to handle the situation and to resist the relation to fall apart -Anonymous

-Every relationship have got some kind of troubles and struggles but how much you can, tolerate, adjust and compromise always defines your capability to holding up on each other -Anonymous

overcoming problem in relationship quotes

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Relationship Obstacles Quotes

-To test the strength of your love, let someone be free as a bird, if they fly away, they were never meant to be yours, if they stay, then they are the one for you -Richard Bach

-Never cry for somebody who will need proofs of your love for them throughout the life, always settle for those who can love you unconditionally forever -Jane Roberts

-Most of the relationships are affected by the fact one of the partners tries very much hard to improve himself to the fullest whereas the other remains rigid and puts no effort -Catherine Pulsifer

-Love is not a cakewalk or a bed full of roses, love is loving somebody when there are thorns spread all around and you find it difficult to love the other person -Ritu Ghatourey

-Sometimes the sacrifices and the compromises we make in a relationship is not actually the real sacrifice but it is the inoculums for a happy relationship which can last long -Joseph Campbell

-Most of the relationships are ruined these days due to the lack of trust and friendship between the couples, whenever you feel the lacuna of those try to supplement those with your love -Anonymous

-Relationship is very similar to the fuse of your house, when one of the fuses get damaged, you actually replace it with some other and never opt for abandoning the house -Bernajoy Vaal

-People often get afraid of long-distance relationships and create unnecessary troubles for that but one needs to understand that a finite space is required even between the dearest ones -Anonymous

-One definitely needs to understand that no relationship can exist without the occurrence of love, trust, patience, and tolerance and they are actually the foundation of a relation -Cornel West

-Do not ever jump into a relationship unless you are pretty much sure about it because infatuations can be deadly dangerous and can even ruin the ability to love someone again -Russ Von Hoelscher

-One of the most burning problems people are facing these days regarding relations is the fact that most of the couples date each other with high expectations from each other -Anthony Robbins

-The only trick that can make a relationship work very smoothly is to do the practice of giving and make someone happy and avoid only taking and making yourself happy -Anthony Robbins

-Whenever you try to make your relationship picture perfect, you will have to keep in mind you can never give up what may come and however hard it seems -Anonymous

-There will be a phase-in relationship when you really have to make a wise decision of staying and sticking with each other when the situation will pressurize to leave each other -Anonymous

-Whenever I quarrel a lot with you it means that you are very much special to me but whenever I will quit doing that it will mean I have nothing to tell you -Anonymous

-At times when you are facing a lot of difficulties and fights in a relationship, you need to take a break from all the chaos and go to some exotic place to spend quality time together -Anonymous

-When you are feeling that things are falling apart in your relationship, you just need to give each other a bit of space and privacy and magically things will again fall into their places -Anonymous

Overcoming Problems In A Relationship Quotes

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