21+ Cute Paragraphs For Him With Emojis

There might be a million things about your man that you find to be cute or attractive.

The best possible way to acknowledge what he does for you is to let him know what he means to you and what it is that pulls you toward him. Here are a few fantastic and cute lines to help you out. 

Cute Paragraphs For Him With Emojis

-I could go round the world looking for a reason why not to be just naturally drawn towards you. Everything that you do, every time you are around and however you behave makes me fall for you even more. Everything about is just so adorable to look at. I can’t wait to make more memories with you. Can’t wait to be with you all the time. Glad to have finally found the love of my life.🥰

-Popular opinion says you find everything cute about the person you are in love with and just so you know you looked really adorable the other day while brushing your teeth. It might sound a bit weird but I really find the simplest of things that you do to be really special be it doing the dishes or grocery shopping. I really hope it always stays this way and we find each other in the same space.🤗

-Be it the moon or be it the sun, be it day or be it a night, whether we are in a good mood or we have had a fight, you might be right or I may be right, one thing is for sure we love each other with all our might. What we have will never fade away, what I feel is what I say. I love you.❤️

-You are my favorite view of the scenery, you are my favorite time of the day, your smile is the best smile in the world and you are my favorite person of all time. I really feel like I don’t give you enough validation but then I save these things for special occasions. You are my cute little boyfriend who I really like to irritate and fight with but at the end of the day, I know I love you more than anyone and you are the person I would like to spend the rest of my life with.🥺

 -I saw you and flew my heart from my body right into your hands. I had fallen for you the moment I saw you with your shining eyes, attractive smile, and the features that are just a bonus. I used to think that it might just be a fling but I fell even harder after knowing what kind of a person you are. You are a beautiful human being and I love that the most about you, everything else fades away but that always stays and it will always stay, I promise you. Here’s to the best man that I know, single-handedly the cutest, most adorable guy I have ever come across, the man of my life. 😍

-Here’s to my favorite problem solver, my caretaker, my house help, my chef cum delivery guy, and most of all the most adorable human being and my favorite person on planet Earth. You make my life so much easier than it should be and I cannot thank you enough. It is your kind and caring nature that I find to be the most attractive about you and I wish I was even a tiny bit like you. I love you.☺️😊

-Is it really that you are the best boyfriend in the history of a boyfriend or does love make people delusional. Whatever the reason be, I have never felt happier than I when I am with you and I don’t think I ever will. You alone can turn a really bad day into an enjoyable one. You always have the right things to say and the right things to do. You are a blessing to have and are turning me into a keeper.😀

-Is there a more comfortable piece of clothing than your oversized baggy hoodie? I don’t think so. Also, is there anything cuter than the dimples of a man? Didn’t think so either. Besides, there is only one thing that can make a man go from cute or attractive to the category I like to call ‘super cute, please be my man’ and that is kindness but that is enough talking about you. You are the love of my life, the apple of my eye, Harry to my Gini and I am never letting you go, no matter what happens. I guess you are just stuck with me now. Lucky me.🥺❤️

-I always knew men to be very inexpressive and not in touch with their emotions but when I met you, I realized that nobody understood me quite like you did. I can never understand how you can just look at me or hear my voice and just make out if my day had been bad. You always know what is going on in my head and understand things without me even saying them. You are a true magician and I feel so proud to have a man like you in my life.💖

-You know I sometimes get really jealous of how effortlessly attractive you are. I take hours for my hair while you don’t even care about it. Slick or messy, you own them both. I have to sit down and decide about my outfit and you can just wear whatever you like and carry it like you couldn’t care less. I never really could understand where that kind of confidence came from. However, no matter how jealous I get, I am the real winner here, I found the right one, the only one and I couldn’t be happier about it.😄

-Kindness, goodness, humility, caring and that’s just the beginning of the list of things that make you so special, so special to me. You are what any woman would look for in a man and I am just lucky to have hit the jackpot. Literally everything about is so adorable so much so that you are a walking bag of cuteness that I would love to take home and carry around with me all the time. Everything about you is so prim and proper that it is even hard to believe that you are even real but that is a question I need not ask. I am just happy, immensely happy to have you with me.💘

-Does it count as stalking if I keep staring at you for the entire day? If no, then that’s my plan and if yes, I really don’t care, I would do it anyway. I can never have enough of you and I could just keep looking at you from dawn till dusk right through the moonlight into dawn again. Whenever I look at you, I get a reminder about how much I love you and what you mean to me. Whenever I am not looking at you, I am thinking about you anyway so it does not really matter. All in all, you just have to know that I am crazy about you and I really love you.😍

-You know you are in love when your heart starts to pounce with just one message from them. You know you are in love when you can’t keep calm in their presence. You know you have fallen from them when just a slight touch from him sends a shock wave through your body. You know you are in love when you feel the constant excitement about meeting them but go totally berserk when actually seeing them in person. But that’s enough about me and you, don’t you have your own side to tell?💌

-Find yourself a man who might make you breakfast sometimes but always carries a handkerchief. Find yourself a man who might go shopping with you sometimes but never denies any opportunity to spend some quality time with you. Find yourself a man who might give you surprise gifts once in a while but always holds your hand and lets you know that he is there for you and loves you. Well, that’s because I did find someone like that and if you are reading this, I love you. 💞

-Isn’t it cute when he holds your hand in public while walking to let you know that he is there.  Isn’t it adorable when he introduces you to his peers as “mine”? Isn’t it adorable when he shows up before time and waits for you without complaining? Isn’t it really cute when his face lights up after seeing or when he feels shy from looking at you? All of that and a million more things that I find cute in you. These little things are the signs that really told me you were the one and that I had found finally found the love that I had always been looking for all my life.🥰❤️

paragraphs for boyfriend with emojis

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