41+ Alluring Wedding Day Paragraphs for Your Love Partner

Guys always get cold feet on the day of their marriage. Everything that you have worked for is right in front of you waiting to be yours and that feeling makes men humble and numb.

It might be difficult for the groom to say anything when feeling dizzy, but we might have a way to help you out.

Wedding Day Paragraphs for Her

-I still can’t believe that the person I have always wanted to be my life partner finally stands in front of me, saying her vows. It is finally us against the world and I know it will never be any different. You mean a lot more to me than you think you do and I have always waited for this day to come to reality. I have always wanted to make you my Mrs. and now that it is finally happening, I have nothing else to say, all I feel is happiness and gratefulness. Thank you for everything.

-You have no idea how happy and excited I feel today. How blessed this marriage makes me feel. I hope I never fail in doing all my duties. I promise to take care of you, make you feel warm and secure, and be there for you like I have always been. If I ever go wrong somehow, make sure to bring me back on track but never desert me. You are what I have always imagined as my life partner to me and this wedding is a literal dream come true scenario for me. I love you and I always love you.

-Dear Mrs. Future Wife, I hope this message finds you in a wedding dress and the liveliest of spirits. Just wanted to remind you of the fact that, from this day onwards we are officially Man and Wife and I could not have possibly happy, just think about the things that we can do now. No more fooling around, we are grownups now, for the world of course, for each other we will always be the same stupid selves. I see my future right in front of you and it looks better than it ever has, thanks to you and lots of love. 

-I can finally say that my life is complete now. I finally see the most important character in my story. I have finally found you, finally found my dream girl. If I had to paint a picture of my perfect wife, it would feel dull compared to you. You make me feel better about myself, make me want to be a better person. You are the most beautiful, kindest person that I have ever meet. I just feel lucky, love you to the end.

-If all the goodness in the world had to take a physical form, I am pretty sure it would look like you. I am getting married to you today and even till today, I have never seen any faults in you and I am pretty sure there aren’t any. You are just perfect, whatever you do, you do it like no one and you do it with grace. I have no clue what did I ever do to deserve someone like you. I hope that I can always keep you happy and never let you regret your decision. Can’t wait to be a couple officially. Happy Marriage.

-Does it mean that we have to grow up now? Are we officially grownups? I am not sure if I am ready for that but what I am sure about is that no matter what happens, we will face it together and we will be fine. Believe me, all that I need in life is right here in front of me. From being strangers to now on the verge of starting a family together, we really have come a long way. Love you to the moon.

-Hey Future wife, I love the way you keep playing with your hair all the time. I also love the way you scratch your head when confused. I love the way take care of me like a child when needed and act like one yourself when you need attention. I love how you lift my mood up with just your presence and I want you to be around me for the rest of my life. You are the first thing that I want to see in the morning and thanks to us finally getting married, I get to call you mine for as long as I live.

-When true love finds and stays with you, you cannot help but feel like a movie character. Our story has been nothing less than a movie. Met in school, stayed together through college, and finally tying the knot today. If I were to be the hero of a movie, I am sure who the heroine is going to be. You complete this arch of my life and it is the beginning of a new storyline from here on. Welcome to my world.

-Marrying you was always on my mind since day one. It was always my final goal with you. I could always see myself spending the rest of my life happily with you. You were always my partner in whatever I did and that is basically how marriage works in my opinion. Now that you’re going from Ms. to Mrs. our lives will no doubt, I just hope everything changes for the better and we continue to be the partners that we always were. Always with you, come what may.

-Five years ago, if someone would have told me that that I would be marrying you, I would not have believed it in my wildest imaginations. You were always too good for me and even now I have to pinch myself to check if it isn’t just a dream. All of it is too good to be true and I promise to keep trying to keep it that way. I love you and marrying you is what I always wanted. See you soon.

Wedding Day Paragraphs for Him

Your wedding day is arguably the most important and nervous day of your life. You experience a roller coaster of emotions on the big day and it is hard to keep up with such a range. To help you a little bit on your special day, we have a few lines for you and your partner.

-it is still hard for me to digest the fact that it is my wedding day today. I have had fantasies about this day all my life. When I used to think about this day, everything used to be perfect. The lights, the dress, the food, the venue, everything. Now that it’s all happening in real life, it could not have been any better. I have you with me, I have all the blessings that I need and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

-After all the effort, all the sacrifices, and all the fights, I can’t be certain how we got here. How did we end up on our wedding day, saying our vows to each other? I cannot be anything but grateful for how everything turned out okay and all worked out in the end. It might not be a perfect wedding or a dream sequence but it is better than what I could ask for and way better than what I deserve and I have to thank you for all of it. Thank you for never letting go and never giving up on us. Love you Husband.

-After meeting you all that matters, in the end, is our happiness. Life is too short to not be happy and I want to spend the rest of my life being happy. My happiness lies with you and it has been like that since we came together. So much so that even on our wedding day, it brings tears in my eyes, tears of joy and happiness to see you as my future husband. This is it, I am finally getting married and I could not be happier.

-The longer you wait to get married, the older you will get and the lesser chances you will have. Look for a man you can see a future with, someone you can be happy with and never get bored of seeing. I was lucky enough to find you I almost immediately decided that I was not going to waste another moment of my life. Here we are now, on our wedding day looking right at each other, saying our vows, and hoping for a future ahead. 

-The nervousness on a wedding day is compared to none. It is like going on a journey without any destination with a partner that you choose for yourself and hope that everything turns out okay. None of us what life holds for us but whatever is thrown at us in the way is easier to tackle with someone constantly standing by us and motivating us to push through it all. Finally, before we embark on this new journey today as Man and Wife, I would just like to say that I love you and I am blessed to have you.

-This has to be the peak of my love life for I have finally worn my wedding gown today. I have my bridal makeup on and I am wearing the prettiest shoes possible. Despite all of it, nothing comes remotely close to the sparkle in my eyes. The glow that you bring on my face and the happiness that being with you makes me. I am glad that I am getting married to you and it is happening at the right time.

-Some people might see it just as a get-together, some might see it as a societal norm while some might even consider it to be a mere formality. I however see it as the next phase of our relationship. One in which we support and push each other in a positive direction. We were always close but this marriage brings our family and friends close. It is an irreplaceable feeling to get married and finally settle down with the person you have wanted to make memories with.

-People say that matches are made in heaven, that everything is pre-decided. I was never a believer in destiny, I never believed in the concept of having a set path that I cannot change. I don’t know about the other decisions of my life but I am pretty sure you were always my destiny and we were meant to be together. We complement each other so well that I cannot imagine my life with anyone else. We were always meant to be together and we will till death do us apart.

-Did you ever come across the concept of ‘The One’? It says that there is just one person meant to be with you in the entire world. That there is just one special someone out there in the world who will make your life complete. She/he would fit right in the jigsaw of your life and make your days better. Now I don’t know how much of this theory is true but ever since I saw you, I have become a stern believer in this theory. I feel you are the one and I feel it every moment of my life. Happy to have you.

-It brings me immense joy to announce to the world that I love you and we are together in front of the entire world through our marriage. All the people who thought that we won’t make it, all the people that thought that we won’t last long, and especially those who thought that we were never meant to be together can just sit and be in awe of how far we have come and it is just forward from here. Marrying you was easily the best decision of my life; I don’t know why I did not think about it earlier. 

Wedding Day Paragraphs For Your Love Partner

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