25+ Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis

Cuteness has no book definition. It is subjective and it totally depends on the person what he finds to be cute. For someone in love, no matter what their partner does, most of the time it will feel cute. To elaborate on such instances, we have a few paragraphs just for you. 

Cute Paragraphs for Her with Emojis.

-It is really funny how a grown-up like I could find things so stupid to be cute. Be it your stupid noises, your weird faces, or even the way you look at certain things, for some reason I always find everything that you do to be very cute. It could either be because I simply adore you or deep inside I know the kind of person you are, the kind of person that I am in love with.πŸ₯° 

-When I look at you, I see the cutest, the more adorable human being that I have ever laid my eyes on. You have managed to never get rid of the child in you and keep it alive when all of us forgot about it. You still enjoy the little things in life without thinking much and just being carefree. I wish I could have a mindset like that for now I would just have to make do with you around me. πŸ₯Ί

-I swear I wonder every time I look at you, about how did I end up being with you. How did I become so lucky or is it just a dream to be able to see you every day. To have someone as cute as you in life, someone who is the personification of love and care to be with me every single day. You are single-handedly and hands down the cutest person that I know of and I hope it stays that way. πŸ’žβ€οΈ

-I look at you curled up in a blanket, carefree and adorable, and I think to myself what I ever did to deserve this. How did I find myself in a situation looking at you at six in the morning, doing nothing but sleeping and it is still the most beautiful thing that I will probably see in the entire day. You make my day and you make every day feel like a pleasant dream that I never want to wake up from. β˜€οΈπŸ’˜

-Ice creams, chocolates, Teddys, and a million other options but the thing that really makes me happy is you. To be very honest you could even give any Disney princess a run for their money. Whatever you do, you do it a bit more gracefully than anyone else. Whatever you wear, makes it look like it was meant to be worn by you. Wherever you go, you make the whole room stare at you. You do all of it and you still don’t know that it is happening. Maybe that’s what I like about you the most. ☺️

-you know what I find to be really cute? It is not some t-shirt or something we keep as a souvenir.  I find your kindness, your caring nature, and the way you perceive love to be the most adorable thing ever. I am still learning new things from you every day and it makes me discover things about you that I find to be really cute. I hope this journey goes on and you remain the same.

-Nothing could beat you in that shiny little favorite dress of yours, nothing comes close to when you put on your eyeliner, and surely you with your hair done well is a sight to behold. Despite all that, what I find to be really cute is when you put on those baggy pajamas and slip into my hoodie. You look like a homeless person that I would love to take home and happily take care of for the rest of my life. My life would not have been better without you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

-Seven Wonders in the world, hundreds of monuments, thousands of historic places, and millions of tourist sites and you are still my favorite view to look at. Nothing makes me feel quite warm and fuzzy as having you close to me, it is a feeling I can’t explain but I crave the most. Be yourself and be with me for it makes me enjoy life a little bit more. πŸ€—

-All my favorite songs, all the romantic movies, everything that is close to my heart reminds me of you. The place where I jog, the morning sun, the moonlight, and even the rain reminds me of you. It reminds me of what really matters to me and what I find to be really adorable.  I think about you all the time and think about the things we would be doing if we were together. Need more of you in my life. 😁β™₯️

-You know what my idea of a perfect day is? It is not some fancy dinner or an exotic location but it is just you and me, a warm blanket, a nice romantic classic, and our favorite food. Sound like a plan that we could get by. It is these cozy little dates that I find to be the best, no planning needed, no effort required, just spend some quality time together, something that we can happily look back at.πŸ₯ΊπŸ’˜

-I always had a thing for girls with glasses but I never know that I find it to be this attractive. You are beautiful without the glasses, no doubt about that but the moment you put them on, you seem like an entirely different person that I find to be the cutest. You magically seem smart and dumb at the same time and I love it. There is absolutely nothing that I would change about you and there is also nothing that I don’t like about you. You are the prettiest girl that I know and the cutest that I have ever been with. πŸ’–β€οΈ

-You know there is a certain air about your smile that draws me towards you. When you are happy, you laugh like a kid unaware of the world and when you laugh, you have the whole world at your feet. It is your carefree nature that I find to be the most attractive about you besides all the cute things that you do. Your take on the world makes me believe in happiness and living a positive life. I hope nothing hinders your smile and you continue to lighten up the world with it, my world especially. 😘

-Everything from making breakfast, taking care of the clothes, keeping things in check and ready at all times is a blessing to have and I can’t thank you enough for it. Despite doing all of that, I find it to be really adorable how you take care of the small things about me that even I sometimes overlook. I thank you for all of it and I consider myself to be very lucky to have you.😍

-The first ray of sunshine in the morning takes me to a place where I constantly think about you and I stay there for as long as I can. I think about the things that I find really cute about you like the way you behave with kids or pets, the way your eyes lighten with a bowl of ice cream, and how even the smallest of things do not fail at making you happy. You are my favorite person and you will always be. πŸ’˜πŸ’ž

-Even the coldest day feels like a breeze with you and the rain seems like a dancing stage. Everything is just much more fun with you and nothing feels normal without you. How do you manage to take anything ordinary and magically turn it into something special is still a mystery to me that I don’t think I will ever crack. You are just a walking and breathing bag of cuteness that I would really like to take home.πŸ’Œβ€οΈ

paragraphs for girls with emojis

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