30+ Amazing Paragraphs to Surprise Your Love Partner

Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when in a relationship, it doesn’t really hurt to surprise your special someone every once in a while. Here are some paragraphs that are sure to inspire you.

Amazing Paragraphs To Surprise Her

Your girl works way too hard not to have small moments of joy in her life. She takes care of every small detail about you, so it is your responsibility to surprise her and make her feel as happy as she deserves to be. Make an effort this time and start by going through the lines below.

-I don’t give you enough credit for what you do for me. I never thank you for helping me whenever I did something, thank you for taking care of me without expecting anything in return, and thank you for being the ideal life partner. I might not be the ideal partner, but I am going to try my bit by gifting you something that you have been wanting for some time now. I have something exciting planned for when you get home. Can’t wait to see you, come soon, and I love you.

-How does a long vacation by the seaside sound? I know you have always wanted to just lie under the hot sun by the beach with a drink in your hand and nothing stressful on your mind. While I might not be able to promise that I will take all your stress away, I can try by taking you to the ocean for this one time. I know you have always been a sea animal and it is almost impossible to get you out of the water once you’re in. Well, this is my way of saying that I love you and that I want to see you happy.

-I know I am a man of few words and don’t express myself as freely as you would like me to. However, I am trying today to express what I feel about you. I know it might come as a surprise to you, but I have been thinking about you, and I think about you all the time. You have taken over my mind and my heart, and I can’t help it. Your smile is all I want to see, I want to spend all the time that I have in the world with you, and I would like to take you out if you would like.

-I might not be the most romantic of partners, I might not tell you romantic things or do things that might tingle your senses, but what I have planned for you might change that perception of me. When you come back today, you’ll notice that the lights are dim, that the candles are lit, and that you’ll feel this pleasant smell all across the house. You’ll notice a neat little table for two with the dish that you love, and the dessert will be sitting right across the table. 

-I have been trying to gift you something for a long time but wasn’t being able to put the pen down on what I could get you. Of course, I had to do all of it without you noticing because otherwise, what’s the point? Finally, I decided to get you something that you can’t say no to. If you check under your table, you’ll find a box. Inside the box, you’ll find a pretty little dress and a pair of shoes to go with it which I went out and bought myself, after considering it with a few of your friends, of course, I hope you like them.

-Just in case it happens to be a bad day for you, I just wanted you to know that I love you, I care about you, and I have been thinking about you. It is just a bad day, it will pass, and you’ll go back to being the amazing person that you are. However, if you still don’t feel good enough, I have left some chocolate in your bag to lighten your mood and help you cope up with the stress. And, even if that does not help, there’s a little album that you might want to peek through if you can find the time, love you.

-From being strangers to being inseparable, life has been full of surprises, and you’re the biggest one of the lot. To prove to you that I love you more than you love me, like I always keep saying, I have a date planned today. I will pick you up from work, watch a movie together, grab some dinner from your favorite Chinese place, and come home walking; I know how much you like that. I should get extra brownie points for planning all this up. I will see you soon; please tell me you’re impressed.

-When we moved in together, we set up a new world for ourselves where we had peace and happiness. I know we have a million memories here, and we wouldn’t trade that for anything. Well, I have good and bad news. The bad news is that we might have to let go of those memories now. The good news, however, and I wanted to keep it as a surprise, is that we will be moving into a new and better place soon. The keys are in your purse, and I hope you will like them. 

-I know that I forgot your birthday the last time, and I know that I have been pretending not to know about it this time around too. Believe me, I have not forgotten, and trust me, I have everything planned out, and I am not doing anything at the last moment like last time. This note is proof of itself. When you return today, you’ll be blown away by what I have planned for you; I promise this is going to be your best birthday ever with love, your not-so forgetful partner, me.

-Have got the tickets booked, the hotel room ready, the bags packed, and everything else ready. Just one little thing is left, and that is for me to tell you about the tour that we will be going on. I wanted to surprise you this time. I have always known that you wished to see Europe someday, well your wish has been granted, and we leave tomorrow. I planned a lot for this one, so please forgive me for not telling you in advance. I am super excited to see your face when I meet you. Vacation time.

Amazing Paragraphs To Surprise Him

Your man has always been selfless, so he is giving in the relationship. He has always thought about you and everyone else before doing anything for him. It is high time his selflessness was rewarded with a surprise that will sweep him off his feet, and who else is better to break the news to him than you? You do your bit, and we’ll help you with the rest, no worries.

-To the man of my life, to the person that has sacrificed everything in his life just to see a smile on my face, and to the man that is more important to me than my life, I love you, and please allow me to do something for you this time around. Take the day off tomorrow and spend some time with your boys tomorrow, you might not want to miss the match tomorrow, I know you want to go. I hope you have a good time there. I’ll be waiting for you. I love you, and you are the best.

-I have never liked that gaming habit of yours, I have never been a fan of the division of time that it causes, the division of my time, the time that I want for myself with you. However, it is only my love for you that forced me to get you the new console that you have wanted for a long time, even though I hate it. I know it is not expected of me, but I just wanted to prove how much I love you and that I can surprise you if I want.

-Now listen to me very carefully; when you come home today, don’t knock. Walk right in, and you’ll find something that will blow you away. You might see some changes in the lights, and the music and the table might look a bit fancier than usual. I promise you the meal of a lifetime, and I also promise you that there is something special about the dessert. I have a lot more to tell you about this, but I’ll keep it till here to not spoil the fun. Can’t wait to see you, rush home. Take care, and love you.

-I started believing in love when I started feeling what I feel for you. I started believing in destiny when we got together. Finally, I started believing in surprises when I started to know you better. You surprised me with almost everything that you did, so much so that I have decided to take a shot at it too. When you come home today, you’ll find some really exciting keys. Keys to what? That you need to figure out for yourself. I can’t be doing all the work, can I?

-I know that you might be extremely busy right now, I know that your workload might be at its peak right now, and I know that you might not even find time for a meal right now. Well, I know it is not much of a surprise, but I have ordered something that you might want to take a bite of. You should focus a bit more on your health, for my sake, at least. Eat something; work can wait. I love you.

-It might seem surprising to you, but I fell for you even before you had noticed me. I used to see you walk past me every day, but I never dared to initiate a conversation. I know I did play hard to get and prolong everything but isn’t that what girls are supposed to do?  If not, I am sorry for wanting to date you even before you knew that I existed. I love you because you finally noticed me and did the thing I had been waiting for for a long time. I was always mad at you. I just managed to never show it.

-I have to finally bite the bullet and tell you that you snore loudly at night. You also eat like a little kid and scatter food all over the place. As much as I hate those two and as much as I hate u cleanliness, I do love the smell of sweat on you, and when you’re being all manly and doing some heavy work, you’re my best view to look at. Alright, I have spilled enough beans for now. I still love you, don’t ever forget that no matter how much you snore.

-There are a few things that I have been meaning to tell you for quite some time now but never found the time. Now that you’re reading this, you should know that I like you more in bright colors and I hate that stupid beany of yours. I love you when you are clean-shaven; please get rid of the beard. I love it when you tickle me, although I’d never admitted it to your face, and lastly, I enjoy all those stupid movies you watch even though I pretend to be sleeping. That’s all for now, I love you and just you.

-Well, you might not be knowing this, but before we got together and moved in, I used to collect one piece of souvenir from all our dates. I have a total of thirty-seven objects, each of which holds a story about one of our dates. I would like to sit with you and go down memory lane someday. We might have forgotten some really fun stories to get our heads back on. I love you, and I loved all those dates.  

 Amazing Paragraphs To Surprise Your Love Partner

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