10 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

After spending some time with a guy, you may notice that he is not interested in sleeping with you at all. Even after you gave so many hints, he just doesn’t respond to them.

It can be quite frustrating to learn that the guy you are hanging out with has no interest in sleeping with you.

Here Is Why Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

If this happens often, it will make you question whether you are attractive or not, or if you have done something else or anything else. It will also reduce your overall morale and confidence as you will often wonder what’s wrong with you.

If this happens to you, then you need to find out the reason and solve it as soon as possible.

Here is some surprising reason why a guy doesn’t want to sleep with you:

He is sleeping with someone else

The first obvious reason for a guy not being interested in you is because he is seeing someone else. So there is no way he will sleep with you. If you two are not in a serious relationship, then this is normal and you can’t do anything to change it.

Yes, you two may have slept together numerous times in the past. But that doesn’t mean you can keep on doing this forever.

Your guy must have found someone else who he is genuinely interested in other than you. In such situations, you should just let him be instead of trying to win him over.

But if you two are in an active relationship and he is still sleeping with someone else, then you should consider a breakup.

Fear of getting attached

As you two keep on sleeping together for a long period, you may feel more and more attached to the guy. He may notice this and can be the reason why he is refusing to sleep with you.

As per research, women have an abundance of oxytocin which is a love drug that floods your brain after sex. Due to this, you may start getting to the guy every time you sleep with him.

If this is the reason for him pulling back from sleeping with you, then you need to control the situation. You need to figure out where this is going and how you want it to be in future. After that, confront him directly and tell him how you feel.

He is stressed most of the time

Doing work all day can be very stressful and it can have a direct effect on how men perform in bed.

It takes away the desire to have sex and can due to this, men may even have difficulty having an erection. So, if he says that he is not in the mood, then it may be because he is too stressed.

In such situations, there is not much you can do about it. However, you can help your man by relieving all the stress. This way you can get your guy back to sleep with you.

May be suffering from men’s problem

A man cannot share all his manly problems with you and you need to understand that. There are some things that he cannot talk about with you.

He may be having a hard time getting an erection due to which he may feel ashamed.

Lower testosterone level is also a reason why your man is no longer interested in sleeping with you. A lot of men suffer from such problems and it is normal. All you need to do is give it some time and treat them well.

No longer in love with you

After sleeping together numerous times, men may start losing interest in you over time. After some time, he will no longer feel any love for you and will not be interested in sleeping together.

Now if you have a serious relationship with him, then you need to confront him about this situation.

But if it’s just casuals, then there is nothing you can do to make him fall in love with you again. One of the reasons he is losing interest in you is because maybe he is seeing someone else other than you.

He is having some issues in life

Sometimes, your man may be going through some things in life due to which he is always stressed and depressed.

In such cases, he will no longer have any desire to sleep with you. He will avoid you and will stay by himself all the time.

If that’s the case, then you need to talk to him about it and let him know that you are always there for him. Make him feel loved and take care of him. If you do this, then maybe he may desire to have you back in his life.

He is insecure about his body

Just like women, men are also insecure about their body and how they look, especially when naked. It can eat them from inside as they keep on wondering how they look.

A lot of men are obese which can greatly decrease the morale level of men.

He will not talk to you about this and will keep it to himself. But if you try asking him about his problems, then he may open up to you. Let him know that you don’t care how he looks and you accept him the way he is.

Afraid of commitment

For some people, sex is fun as long as it’s casual. But if it gets serious, then people get scared and often back away from a relationship. Most men are afraid of commitment and fear that things are happening way too fast.

Even if he likes you, he may not be ready for a serious relationship and wants some time to think everything through. In such situations, you need to give some space to your man to let him process everything.

If you are serious about the relationship, then instead of hiding it, let him know about it.

How to make a guy want to sleep with you?

After you find out that he is losing interest in sleeping with you, you may feel lonely and wonder whether everything is fine with you. You will start checking out your appearance, personality, character and so on.

You can either think about it all day or you can follow some steps that will surely make him want you again. If you want him to desire you again, then you need to follow the below-given steps.

Be confident

When you talk to him, you need to make sure that you sound confident and genuine. Let him see that you are a confident woman who knows what she wants in her life. Men love confident women and are attracted to them like magnets.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you seem confident.

If you keep doing this, then he will surely get interested in you and will approach you. However, remember that there is a line which you should never cross. Suppose in an attempt to seem confident, you became overconfident and repelled him away from you.

Make eye contact with him

When you talk to him, make sure that you make a lot of eye contact with him. Let him see through your eyes and maintain eye contact as long as you can. Let him know that you want him by making continuous eye contact.

Just tease him and let him know that you are interested.

You can also show off your curves along with eye contact to get his attention. If everything works fine, he will surely make an advance towards you. This way you can win any man’s heart and make them want to sleep with you.

Be independent

Being an independent woman is very important if you want him to notice you. You need to stand out from the public so that he notices you wherever you go. Being independent simply means you need to be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else.

If you do, then he will find out one way or another.

All men find independent women far more attractive than any other women. So, if you want him, then you need to be independent. Show him that you can make your own decisions and can handle yourself.

He will surely love hanging out with you and have lots of fun.

Tease him when you talk

Whenever you talk to him, make sure to tease him. Let him know that you are interested and give some hints to him.

Ask him about how you look, does he like your perfume and so on. Tease him as much as you can so that he understands you are into him.

If you do so, he will surely crave for you and want you. He will do anything for you and will love to spend time with you.

You can also try sexting with him which is very fun to do. Even an absolute beginner can start sexting in no time.

Drive him nuts with your magic

Every man desires to have a woman whom he likes and wants to spend the rest of their life with them. You need to find out what he wants and use it to your advantage.

Once you find something, you can use it to drive him nuts and want him to be with you.

You can show off your curves, speak in a sensual tone, or give some hints to him. If you manage to do so, he will surely go crazy and will do anything to get to you.

Invite him over to your house

After some chit chat with him, you can invite him over to your house. It will give him a hint that you are interested in him. If he accepts, then it’s a mutual feeling and both of you can have a great night.

Even if he refuses to come over, you should not lose hope. You can try again and again until he agrees to come over.

Once he does, he will be in your territory and you will have full control of how you want things to proceed.

Compliment him as much as you can

All men love it when someone compliments them. It gives them enormous joy and loves the flattery. If you want him to want you, then you should consider complimenting him as much as you can.

This will surely get his attention and you can take this opportunity to get closer.

You can compliment him for his looks, work, achievements or anything that you know of. But be sure that you should be genuine or else he will surely find out the lie from you.

You can use this situation to express your feelings to him which can work as a game-changer.

Keep some things a mystery

You shouldn’t let him know everything about you right from the start. You should always keep some things a mystery and build up suspense around them.

Men are explorers by nature and love mysteries as it makes them curious.

You can use this to your advantage and compel them to be with you as long as you want. Over time, you can unravel the mysteries and let him know so that he stays interested in you. If you master the art of words, then you can make any man desire you.

Make him feel wanted

A man has so many things to do in life that they forget to spend time on themselves. You can make him feel wanted by letting him know how much you love him and want to spend more time with him.

Every man wants to hear these words from their woman.

Show him that you care for him and will love him for the rest of your life. You can give him some surprises as well to show him how much you care about him.

Once you get him into you, you will have control of the steering wheel and can steer in any direction in the future.

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