71+ Personalized Gifts For Her And Him

Your partner is the most crucial person in your life, and you should always try to make them feel that way. Gift them something that will be extremely special to them.

Personalize or customize a gift for them; they will never forget about your efforts and always love you. Here are a few great ideas.

Personalized Gifts for Her

Tshirt Get her a personalized T-shirt with her favorite bands, artists, celebrity, or even a character that she loves printed on it. It could even be a sports team that she loves and getting her a signed t-shirt would make things even better. You could even try twinning with this one to make things extra special.

Hoodie– Nothing comes close to a hoodie regarding comfort and care. Pick her favorite color and get something printed on it that she would love. From a quote to a symbol to even her photo on it would be a great idea. It is all about showing love, isn’t it? Go all out. 

Bracelet– A bracelet with a sweet message along with a design that she loves. You could try and experiment with different metals on this one and get her name engraved on it to make it even more special than it already is. Getting a wooden bracelet is also a great option if she is a fan. 

Necklace– A necklace made just for her and in a shape that she will love. It could be a heart, a key, or even her name in words would be a great option. Gold or silver are always the trustworthy options but you could try a few other options too. Get her initials engraved on it.

Footwear– Get her a pair of sneakers or boots custom-made for her. There are a lot of artists that love to customize footwear according to the demand of the customer and will give you great value for your money. Find one and get her a pair she will love for her entire life. 

Makeup– Compile a make-kit consisting of all the things that she loves. All the essential makeup accessories that she cannot live without and gift it to her. Do not go cheap on this one but get the best options that you can find and create a complete package for her to enjoy. 

Photo frame– A photo frame made especially for her. Get her a frame that she will happily keep in her house. Metal or wood, build a frame of what she loves, and make sure to pick the best photo that you have of her. If it is a couple of photos, even better. Make sure to add a message. 

Dress- Gift her a dress that has been tailor-made for her and made to perfection. She is mad about dresses and gifting her a dress that would fit like a dress from her dreams would mean a lot to her. Pick the right color and the best fit and you will have the best present ever. 

Chocolates– A box of chocolates made just for her consisting of various kinds of chocolates in the same box. No space for any fillers here, just the best ones in and she should enjoy every bite that she takes from this box. Life is after all just a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you are going to get. 

Cake– You could try baking one yourself but even ordering in is fine. Make sure to present to her a cake that she has never seen in her life. With her favorite character on top or maybe a theme that is very close to her heart will make the extra special and hard for her to demolish. 

Ring– A ring specially made for her with the right stone and the right metal. Get one specially made with a stone that favors her and her initials engraved on it. Do not forget to pick a box that would make the ring look and feel even more premium and expensive. 

Earrings– Earrings specially made for her special outfit. Earrings always form a special part of an outfit and make it come together in an organized way. Especially to go with her traditional outfits, these earrings will make her fall in love with them and make her look even more pretty.

Paintings– Paintings that she finds to be the true example of art and wants to have in her household would make up for a great gift. Try and get her a painting that she will love every day of the year and would make her extremely happy. They are easy to order and get online. 

Greeting card– A greeting card written by you especially for her telling her about all the feelings that you have for yourself and the place that she has in your life. Take a few chocolates and a flower along to make things feel even more special. End it with a quote that would touch her. 

Portrait– Her portrait made in pencil and paper by an artist, framed for her would be a great personalized gift for her to feel happy about. Getting a portrait made for her would make her feel like a celebrity and would make her feel a lot better about herself. 

Bouquet– A bouquet custom made of all the flowers that she loves will make her go crazy and she will be in love with not only the smell and look of the flowers but also you. Add a lovely side note to make it feel even special. Remember to add all her favorite flowers, don’t leave any out. 

Backpack– A backpack with either her name or her favorite design would be of much help to her. She would happily carry it around everywhere as it matches her personality and goes well with her. Remember to add a pretty little key chain to it. 

Apron– An apron with quotes like, the best chef ever or the kitchen is my place, would make her feel like the boss of the house which she is. Pick a color that she would be extremely happy to cook it and you’ll surely make her happy. Pick the right size too. 

Phone case– Customizing a phone case for her with her favorite character or celebrity or maybe even her photo will make the gift super special. Make sure to pick a phone case that also does the job of protecting the phone not just looks pretty. 

Musical Instrument– Gift her the instrument that she has been wanting for a long time and help her learn it. This is a personal gift as you would have to know her interests and hobbies very deeply to know what instrument she wants to learn and go forward with. 

Journal– Gift her a journal to help her write her thoughts down whenever she feels low or even really happy. Customize it by getting her initials written on the cover and you could even write her a note on the first page for her to make her feel special. 

Jeans– A pair of jeans custom-made for her would be a great asset for her wardrobe. If she likes distressing get her a distressed pair and if she is a fan of color or tie-and-dye, get her the colorful ones. She’ll be delighted to have something out of the ordinary black and blue and feel happy to wear it.  

Wall art– Some customized wall art for her to look at whenever she is leaving or entering the house. Something that is close to her heart and she finds happiness in would do the trick and make her want to put it up in the best place possible. 

Baking set- For the love of bakery in her, for the baker hidden in her, and even if you don’t care about any of that, who does not like some delicious cookies and a well-baked cake. Make sure she has all the right equipment to bake that master cake and show you some love in reciprocation. Look for a good set or try building one yourself. 

A song you have written- This is a special one. It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning but you would never know until you start. Start by writing just a line and the song will write itself. It is your love that is going to be the essence of the song and when you sing it to her, you’ll know you did well. 

Spa session– Gift her a spa session and let her feel relaxed and free from her daily monotonous life. She deserves a break once in a while and this session will surely bring her spirits back to normal and she would be full of energy in no time. 

Skincare– A complete skincare kit consisting of all the good products that her skin needs would make her extremely happy and would make her skin even happier. If her skin is smooth and flawless, she will always be in a good mood. Make sure she always has the right products. 

Plant– Gifting her a plant would make her feel more natural when she is surrounded by greenery and can breathe clean and fresh air. A plant would prove to be a friend to her as she would have to take care of it and it would keep her busy and away from other stressful things plus gardening is proved to be a great stress buster. 

Mug– A mug with her name or her favorite quote printed on it would make the coffee even tastier. You could also try and get a couple of photos printed on it to make things even more romantic. 

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Personalized Gifts for Him

Scented candles- Some scented candles make the place smell romantic, and the light of the candle itself is enough to get the romance going. He would love it if you make the effort and get things going all by yourself. 

Love note- Self-made things are always the best and make the person whom you are gifting them feel special. You can write a beautiful love note mentioning how much you love him and how much he means to you. Keep a rose along with that. Keep it on his table the night before, and he will wake up to this beautiful letter. 

Skincare kit- He might not care much about his skin but you surely do. Get him the right skincare kit and hook him up to a skincare routine. You would want to be with him more when his skin is glowing, and it will even give him a boost of confidence. 

Customized coffee mug- A customized coffee mug, with something that he loves or even a quote that greatly inspires him would be a great idea. He must start his day with the right amount of caffeine and the right kind of positivity and love. 

Frame- A picture frame with the design of his choice and maybe even a few lights to add to its specialty. Let him pick the photo of this choice and hang it wherever he feels right. Try and customize it to add the initials of your names. 

Red wine- You can gift him a bottle of red wine and plan a dinner at your place. You can also go out somewhere but at home, it is always cozy and intimate. You can decorate your room or balcony with some red lights and order some good food. Play your favorite music and enjoy.

A GIFT card- A handwritten greeting card along with a gift voucher would be the perfect combo for a personalized gift. Write down all the things that make you go crazy about him and list all the reasons why he is special to you if you can fit it all in. Don’t forget to hand in a gift card to help him get the shoes or the game he has been wanting for some time now. 

Diary- Gifting him a diary would make him want to write about all the wonderful memories he has with you, starting with your first kiss, your first fight, and so on. Get him into the habit of writing with this habit. Customize the diary to his liking with a cover that he might like or the texture that he is fond of. 

Perfume- When it comes to smelling special and for those really special and romantic nights, gift him a perfume that would make him smell wonderful and instantly make the room romantic for the both of you. If he smells good, he would automatically feel much better about himself and get the boost of confidence that he needs. 

A book- A book is always a great gift no matter who the person or what the day it is. Pick something that he has been wanting to read for a long time but has been unable to get his hands on. Get him a few of those to make him happy.  

Flower vase- You can buy him a flower vase filled with different kinds of flowers that he loves and draws happiness from. Make sure the vase has a design that he will love and happily put it in a special in his house. He will be extremely happy to be around the flower that he loves. 

 Sneakers- Get him an attractive pair of shoes. The first thought when we think about when it comes to shoes is some boring black or brown but this time around, help him stand out by adding some color to his shoe collection by bringing in some red, yellow, or even orange would not be too bad if he is comfortable wearing them. Grey is also a great option for him.

Socks- These are a great gift all year round and especially when he wants to feel warm and cozy, these socks would be of much help to keep him and his feet warm. Try and find some prints that show him the love that you have for him and he will never lose them. Go crazy with the colors and designs to make him fall in love with them. 

Tickets for a concert show- You can buy tickets for a concert show for the two of you. If your favorite band is in town then it would be a brilliant idea to buy tickets for their show, he will enjoy it and you will have your perfect date and it would prove to be a great personal gift for him. Even a great movie or a fest works if the band or the artist is not available.  

Showpiece- A showpiece in the shape of a heart or even of a couple holding each other would be an ideal personalized gift. You could even get a piece that shows messages in neon lights to make it extra special with a customized message. It would just make the room look much better plus would be the center of attraction on a lot of occasions. 

Video game- Make this gift extra special by giving him a collection of his all-time favorite video games that he enjoys with his friends and alone. Xbox or Playstation, gift him all the latest games that everyone is talking about. A Nintendo Switch is also a great option if he does not have one.  

Playlist- Music is always a great medium to turn up the romance. Compile a playlist of all the love songs you enjoy as a couple and re-create all those moments that you have with those songs. Some great music, some romantic lights, and lots of love, he would love this gift as it would be personal to him.  

 A flannel shirt- A flannel shirt will look smart on your man. You can give him a pair of formal pants with it or even a pair of denim would also look great. That would make a perfect date night outfit for him plus it would be a great addition to his wardrobe for some casual occasions. 

Pot plant- They bring in a lot of positive vibes and make the air fresher all the time. Some pot plant would be a great gift to bring in some greenery in his life this hug day. It would not only make his work table greener but it will also motivate him to be better at work and house.

Bluetooth speaker- Not only does it help with those zoom calls but he might even want to zone out with some music once in a while. A very thoughtful gift especially when you know that he needs a great speaker with all that has been going on. Help him relax with this one. 

Stickers- Some romantic and cute stickers for the fridge, his diary, his gadgets, or even his books to add some flavor to the things he spends most of his time with. His favorite characters. Movies or even his favorite celebrities would make up for great stickers and they are easily available. 

Suit- A customized suit specially made for him and one that fits him like a glove would instantly make him look much better and will take his confidence out of the roof. Get one tailor-made and he won’t be needing another one for a long time. 

Tie- A tie with the logo of his favorite sports club, his favorite superhero or even his favorite character would make the kid inside him super happy and he would want to wear it all the time with all his shirts with happiness and pride. 

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