75+ Best gifts for pregnant wife

Pregnancy is a delicate time for both the mom and the dad. The mother especially needs all the love and care in the world; sometimes, a small gift could make all the difference at a time like that. You should consider gifting your pregnant partner a few gifts to show you care.

Best gifts for pregnant wife

Oversized clothes. She is going to outgrow her clothes pretty soon, thanks to that baby bump, and when she runs out of clothes to wear, you must gift her some comfortable and baggy clothes that she can rest in the whole day. 

A handbag. To help her keep all her important belongings in one place and, most importantly, to give her a one-stop destination on the go for all the things that she might need throughout the day, gift her a big handbag that she can carry around. 

Cuddle pillow. For the nights when you can’t be with her or even for those afternoon naps that she needs to cuddle with, gift her a whole-body cuddle pillow to help her sleep better and reduce her pain a little bit. 

Good books. She needs to stay positive at this time, and when you gift her a good book, she is filled with happy and positive thoughts. Plus, it would keep her distracted from all the pain and stress that she is going through. 

Feel-good movies. The classic feel-good movies, from Forrest Gump to Love Actually, make sure she only watches the best one that would bring a smile to her face. Start the binge-watch train and never feel sad again. 

Chocolates. Chocolates and late-night cravings are best friends, best friends of all the pregnant ladies out there. Make sure her stock of chocolates never runs out, and she can munch on all her favorite ones whenever she wants. 

Ice cream. When chocolates aren’t the answer to a problem, ice creams definitely are. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you have all her favorite ones in the house at all times; you don’t know when her cravings will emerge. 

A robe. Robes are the most comfortable piece of clothing for any pregnant woman. No strings, zip, or ties to make her feel uneasy and lots of softness and fuzz to make her feel comfortable; get a matching one for yourself too. 

Hot water pouch. Hot water helps in reducing the pain in such situations, plus it will also help her calm down and relax when she gets too anxious. Plus, a hot water pouch could also help her sleep better if it is big enough. 

Multivitamins. You need to make sure that both the mother and the baby are healthy at all times, and to do that, she needs to take all the multivitamins, medicines, and supplements on time, make sure she does not skip anything. 

Emergency kit. Gift her an emergency kit that would have all the tools, like tissues, cotton, medicines, water pouches that would be of help should she face a medical emergency. Keep her present situation and other allergies in mind. 

Candles. Some scented candles would be a great gift because as soon as you light them up, you would notice the house becoming a lot quieter and peaceful, something both of you could use right now. Make sure to get her favorite scents. 

 A baby picture. There should always be a picture of a happy baby in the bedroom of a pregnant mother. She must wake up to that smiling face and a ton of cuteness to instantly make her day a lot better. Get a big one for her. 

A photo album. This one is an absolute no-brainer; you should surround her with as many happy memories as you can, and what better way to do it than gift her a photo album with all the great memories that you guys have created. 

Polaroid. To capture her daily progress as a mother-to-be, to help her capture all the sweet memories of motherhood and get a physical copy of it immediately, there could not be a better gift for her to keep track of her baby bump. 

Customized t-shirt. This one has to be at the top of any list; get her a customized t-shirt that says Mom to be, or best mom ever, and do not forget to get her name printed on the back with her favorite number. Focus on the details to make her happy. 

Hoodie. Not only are they super comfortable, which makes it perfect for her, but you could add a special touch to it by adding a word like MOM or mother to be at the front. Do not forget to get a size bigger and in her favorite color. 

Baby clothes. Nothing would make her happier right now than clothes for her baby that would soon be in front of her eyes and in her arms. Take her shopping and do not forget to visit the kids’ section when you do. 

Toys. Surround her with all the baby toys that you can fit in the room to prepare her for what is going to come in your life. Keep the room ready before the little superstar arrives in your life. Do not forget the soft toys. 

Sleeping mask. The nights are the worst during pregnancy. She keeps waking up in the middle of the night and is unable to have a good night’s sleep. Gift her a comfortable sleep mask to at least try to reduce her sleeping problems.

Make-up kit. No matter what phase of life she is going through, be it her nineteen’s or her ninety’s or even her pregnancy days, she would be equally whenever she is gifted anything related to make-up, gift her the whole kit. 

Comfy pants. Do not dare to get the pants of her size but go for two sizes bigger at least to make her feel comfortable. Go for lighter and stretchy fabrics to help her move around better whenever she decides to walk a few steps. 

Coffee set. If she is a coffee lover, get her an entire coffee set so that she can try out different flavors of her favorite drink whenever she wants to drink something. Get her a tea set if she is a tea lover and so on. 

Some jewelry. Anything from a bracelet to a pendant would work in this case; she is just looking for some jewelry as a gift, she would be happy no matter what you gift her. You could get her a MOM-written necklace if you are feeling creative. 

Undergarments. It will not be too long before she outgrows all her undergarments and needs new ones. Do your beloved wife a favor and save her the time and effort; get her some new oversized garments that she can feel comfortable in. 

Slippers. To help her move around the house more comfortably, get a pair of super soft and fluffy slippers that would make her feel a little lighter; she is already carrying enough weight. 

Socks. Our feel tends to get cold in times like these and to help her deal with the cold feet, gift her a few pairs of cozy socks. You could even try and get customized ones with all sorts of characters and fun quotes. 

Comfy shoes. She needs to at least go for a walk once a day up till the seventh, even eighth month and when she does, make sure she has the most comfortable shoes to walk in. Chunky dad sneakers would be the ideal gift here.  

Bubble bath. To help her relax at the end of the day or even get a refreshing start to her day, a bubble bath always helps. You could make the experience even better and more beneficial by adding some bath salts to it. 

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A diaper set. To prepare her for all the sleepless nights and diaper changing that both of you would be going through for years to come, gift her an entire set of diapers so that the groundwork is laid for the baby’s arrival. 

A journal. Writing down her thoughts is bound to help her reduce her stress and deal with her anxiety. It could also be a letter to herself telling her about how she is growing into becoming a mother, something she had wanted for a long time. 

Table lamp. She would be waking up abruptly in the middle of the night, and whether you like it or not, you have to wake up too. A table lamp helps a great deal in such situations when the switch is too far from the bed. 

Your time. This is the most precious and heart-melting that you can gift your partner. At a sensitive time like this, she needs nothing more than you to be with her, and she would be happy only if you gave her the time that she needs. 

Stretch marks cream. Pregnancy comes with a lot of stretch marks, it is not hidden, and we also know that they stay even after the delivery. To help her reduce the marks, gift her a body butter or a cream that would help her. 

Weighing machine. Monitoring her weight in the days of pregnancy is an important task, and a weighing machine would be the perfect gift given the situation. Gift her the digital one that also measures the heart rate and blood pressure. 

Yoga mat. She needs to do some form of exercise to help the delivery to be a bit easier on her body. Yoga is the best form of exercise for her because she can do it indoors, and it focuses mainly on flexibility, gift her a mat now. 

Massage oil. To help her relieve all that stress and crack open all those cramped muscles, a bottle of massage oil would be great. To make the gifts even more special, how about you give her a nice back massage yourself?

A mini-fridge. She probably goes to the kitchen a hundred times a day and opens the fridge every single time. To help her reduce all the effort and save some energy, get her mini-fridge attached to her favorite resting place for all her favorite snacks. 

Lactation powders. It might get difficult for the new mother to produce breast milk in the first few days or even months. These powders will her with that problem, and on top of that, they come in whatever flavor she likes. 

A flask. Staying hydrated is super important for just about any other person and even more for an expecting mom. Makes sure she carries that flask to wherever she goes, and it keeps her fluids at the right temperature. 

Oil diffusers. Oil diffusers help in calming you down and make the atmosphere a lot peaceful. Gift her an oil diffuser, and do not forget to gift her all the essential natural oils that she would love to have in the atmosphere. 

Room fresheners. If the room smells the way she likes, there are more chances of her being in a good mood than not. Gift all her favorite room fresheners and also make sure to spray the room before she wakes up. 

Dim lights. Dim lights are another great gift if you want to make the house more peaceful and calming. Also, when she wakes up in the middle of the night, bright lights might make her feel uneasy, while dim lights would help her relax. 

A massage tool. A massage tool is a must-have for any pregnant woman. Not only does it help her reduce her pain, but it will also help her release all the built-up tension and cramps in her muscles throughout the day. 

Photo frame. A photo frame is a gift that you must give to your pregnant wife, a beautiful looking frame with a photo of you guys together. Gift her something that would make her happy when she takes a look at it in the morning. 

Perfume. Gifting her a great cologne would make her feel happy every day of the week. Just something to add to her collection and make her feel better about herself when nothing seems to be under her control. 

A pregnancy book. A book that will tell her everything that she needs to know about pregnancy. What is normal about it, what is not, what you should do and what are the practices that she should stay away from. Get her the highest-rated book. 

A baby blanket. You would not even realize when the baby enters your life and takes it over completely. You would be holding it in your arms in no time and helping you keep the baby warm; gift her some cute little baby blankets. 

Dessert box. Gift her an exclusive gift box of all her favorite desserts in one place. From chocolates to cakes to all the pastries that she loves, compile the perfect box for her. Don’t forget to attach a love note to it. 

Pot plant. To add some greenery to the house and make her feel fresher, gift her a pot plant. Taking care of a plant is just like taking care of a baby. You nourish it, give it love and care and watch it carefully would be great practice for her. 

Customized sweatshirt. Get her a customized baggy sweatshirt to make her feel warm and comfortable. You could even add a personal touch to her by adding a few words like The Mom to Be, Baby on the way; she would love it. 

A cookbook. When she has so much spare time in her hands, and even if she can’t cook, she could at least gain a lot of knowledge about a lot of dishes and be ready to cook all the delicious food when she finally can in a few months. 

Gift cards. Shopping vouchers are a great gift for any given occasion, and even if she cannot go shopping right now, you can gift her a few vouchers that she can avail of at the time of checkout while shopping online at her favorite websites. 

Apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of benefits; it helps the skin, makes the quality of hair better, aids digestion, and so on. It is also known to reduce stomach pain to a great extent, something she really needs right now. 

A spa gift box. Even if she cannot go to the spa or you cannot take her to the spa, you can bring the spa to her at home by gifting her a complete spa at the home set, which has all the bath bombs, salts, and bubbles that she loves. 

An LED showpiece. These have been gaining popularity for a long time and make up for great showpieces. You can get the word Mother written in neon lights and place it at the center to make her feel special whenever you switch it on. 

Her portrait. Nothing would touch her heart more than a portrait of her with her baby bump that she is super proud of. Even if you are not much of a painter yourself, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you. 

Body and skincare kit. Her skin and body care routine is going to take a major hit now that she might be stuck with other much more important things. Gift her a compact time-saving kit that takes care of all such needs. 

Maternity support tools. A belt that holds her belly up, the maternity support band that reduces strain on the belly bump, the tool that helps her posture, and so on, all of those help a lot at a time like this. 

Dates. Even if you cannot take her on a date now, you could at least gift her all her favorite dates and nuts that she likes to munch on whenever she gets hungry out of nowhere. 

Food processors. Taking care of the meals is the biggest matter of concern when you are expecting a baby. A food processor will at least allow you to cook something healthy without any cooking skill or much effort. fx

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