40+ Promise Day Gifts For Him To Make Joyous

Valentine’s is probably the most celebrated and exciting week for millennials today. It starts with Rose Day on the 7th of February, ending on the 14th of February as Valentine’s Day.  11th of February marks Promise Day and is celebrated by couples as their promise to each other of being together ever after.

With Promises come loving endowments as memories to cherish forever in each other’s name embellished with affection and love. 

Here are some suggestions for Ladies for choosing the perfect present for the love of their life.

Promise Day Gifts For Him To Make Joyous

Handmade Greeting cards: Everything feels special when it comes personally handcrafted and adorned with passion and affection from your special one. A handmade card expresses your feelings most creatively and romantically and is a lifelong cherished for your life’s love. It is a perfect present for promises and vows taken together.

A personalized painting: A personalized painting of both of you perfectly adorned in the most suitable frame. Photographs are one of the greatest ways of capturing memories. A painting is an even more graceful and magnificent way of doing so. Painting of your most memorable moments would always stay his adored possession.

Perfume: Perfumes are another way of having cherishers. The scent of your true love always sticks around with you, and what more can be a perfect way of locking the fragrance of sweet love with a scent filled with passion?

Wristwatches: Every time the handstick, he remembers you. Isn’t that romantic? With every passing moment, the watch is a testament to your love and promises made for life.

Chocolates: Chocolates as sweet as your love to make the day even more special by flavorings your love in eternal sweetness.

A romantic dinner planned especially for him: A perfect candlelight dinner under the moon is a perfect romantic setup, and your partner would love every bit and moment of it.

Shirts/tees: Groom him up in the coolest and trendiest of designs in the most personable look of his dreams.

Jackets: Wrap him in the most pleasurable styles just like you wrap your affection around him.

Jeans: Men love jeans. And what could be a more cool and rocking piece than the one gifted by your beloved?

Wallets: A perfect storage for his monetary assets just as you store your love in him.

Shoes: A brand new pair of shoes to dazzle his every step as you both take steps to your magnificent new beginnings.

Personalized key chains: Gift him innovative and personalized key chains to unlock every new adventure of your life

Matching wristbands: Match your wristbands just like the perfect match you are.

A photo frame: Photographs capture memories, and a perfect photo frame will beautify those memories even more gracefully.

Homemade delicacies: A lovely way to make him feel special through the aroma and flavor of his beloved’s hands.

Bedsheets: He’ll feel you daily while waking up and returning to sleep. You’ll be in his thoughts every hour, whether at midnight or at the very dawn.

Cushions: The tenderness of the cushions would comfort him in his most stressful and tiring moments in the way your tender arms do.

Books: Books are a great idea for a gift if your significant other is a book lover. Books are the greatest gifts for such a person, and the fresh fragrance of each newly turned page would remind him of your love.

A movie date: A perfect genre of movie date would add spice to your lovely date and romanticize the moment to be held dearly in your memories.

A long drive: The never-ending road beautifully describes your never-ending love for each other.

Table Lamp: Gifting him a table Lamp may be one of the best as it has an underlying subtlety of the vows you two have taken and how much it all means to both of you.

Bath Towels: Bath towels mean a lot, though not much noticed. A bath towel speaks volumes about your presence around him.

Bathing Gown: Like a towel, a bathing gown also expresses your nearness to him. However, gifting your husband or partner a bathing gown says much more. It takes your love to a different level.

Tickets to the bowl: Most men love live sports and spending time with their friends. On Promise Day, presenting him with tickets to the bowl shows that you love him and want him to take his friends out to the bowl for some ‘Man Time’ with them. What a way to remind him of your promises to each other.

Shaving kit: Practically one of the essential things in any man’s life, shaving kits are one of the most welcomed gifts for men. Gift him one on Promise Day. See for yourself what a lovely effect it has on your relationship. And don’t forget to refill the kit with the shaving cream, aftershave, and blades from time to time. 

Ring: You have exchanged your nuptial rings, and both wear them constantly. Gift him a ring on Promise Day. It shows that you wish him to have more options and not be tied down to any kind of monotony. What a way to symbolically say that you are with him – as Promised.

Key chain/ring: Most men own some vehicle or the other, more so the Uber Males. When they receive a key chain or a key ring for a gift, they usually visualize it as a form of bonding. It will work wonders, and he will cherish your gesture with great pride. See, his fondness for you increases a lot more.

Showpiece: To have a showpiece on his desk, a showpiece that you’ve gifted your husband on Promise Day, will be a constant pleasure to him. His love and affection for you will be on the rise.

Diary: On Promise Day, gift your husband or partner a diary, especially if he writes down his POA and other notes regularly. It shows your concern for him and his disciplined lifestyle. On the platonic level, it will be a subtle suggestion of the love between the two of you.

Hammock: A hammock is a welcome gift for any man. When you gift your Man a hammock on Promise Day, it speaks a million words about how much you love to see him have a relaxing time. And if it is a hammock for two, expect to spend much romantic time together. Yes, in the hammock as well.

Wallet: Men have a fetish for wallets. Presenting him with a wallet on Promise Day will mean that you wish his money and wealth to be always safeguarded. And that is part of the vows you guys had taken. Gift him a wallet, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how he reciprocates.

Coffee Mug: A coffee mug goes a long way to say how much you love the person to whom you are gifting it. When it is for your Man, it says you care for him. When you gift him a cool coffee mug on Promise day, it will mean you want him to enjoy what he does. Gift him a set of two mugs, and you would have palpably suggested your togetherness, which he will cherish forever.

Planner: Women are known for their subtle suggestiveness. Gift your partner a Planner and see how he appreciates it. It will make him prioritize everything in his life far better. He will be a better organizer and gain more time to spend with you. That was a promise you guys made each other anyway.

Mobile cover: Almost everyone owns a mobile today. A great gift for your partner on Promise Day can be a mobile cover. It will remind him of you almost always. It is a great way to express your love for him.

Pen set: For the corporate man, pens are a part of their attire. Gift him a set, and you will be in his head always. Each time he uses the pen, he will become fonder of you. Expect great surprises after you have presented him with a pen set.

Flashlight: Although just a utility, a flashlight for a gift on Promise day can work wonders for both of you. The symbolism itself is quite deep and showcases the special light in which you two have vowed to walk together through life’s journey. 

Handkerchief set: A set of handkerchiefs can be the most unexpected gift for your Man on Promise Day. He will see it as your way of caring for him and his need. Well, caring for each other is part of the Promise anyway.

Tool kit: Most men love to show off their skills with work like carpentry, plumbing, electricals, fixtures, and more. When you gift him a toolkit, it shows that you do appreciate his efforts. This will charge him up to do a lot more for the household, and he will also love you more for showing such appreciation. Small things can help in achieving big dreams. Love is such a dream.

Deodorant spray: A deodorant spray is a valued possession in any man’s cosmetic collection. There are so many fragrances to choose from. Find out his preference and gift him a deo this Promise Day. See how much he treasures your choice. 

Swiss knife: A great utility any man loves carrying is a Swiss knife. Gift your Man a Swiss knife on Promise Day, and you will always be pleasantly surprised to see him carry it around.

Above are the most inexpensive yet loving and valuable gift ideas for your special one.  Various other gifts are expensive and would cost you good fortune. But at the end of the day, your feelings should be cherished, not the price tag. Gifts should be adorned with the jewels of passion and not money.

With this wish, you and your partner have lifelong happiness and pleasant memories for this promised day and many more days and promises to be shared by your bond of everlasting love.

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