25+ Promise Day Paragraphs for Your Partner

The promise of being together forever is what your partner wants from you. And on Promise Day, you can promise your partner that you are going to be with them forever. Here are a few paragraphs for you to say out loud on Promise Day.

Promise Day Paragraphs for Her

Promise day has to be one of the most emotional days of the valentine week and you need to make sure that you say all the right words on this day. Remind her of the promises that you have in the past and ensure her that you will never break them no matter what happens. Try making new promises to start a new journey for the two of you and make sure to tell her that you love her through it all. In case you need some help, we have something to help you get started.

-I promise to always keep trying to make you happy, I promise to always bring a smile on your face and I promise to never let you down no matter how harsh the situation. I still remember every promise that I have ever made to you and even today, on promise day I promise to always keep all the promises that I have ever made. You have always been the person that I turn to when the light gets dim and I will never let the sun set in your life, I promise and I love you.

-Promises have no meaning until you support them with your actions. I might promise to love you on Promise Day but start ignoring you on Valentine’s. Life is very tricky that way and relationships can break and build within the fraction of a second. Having said that, I do promise you that I will stay with you till the end of line and never give you a chance to complain. I know what promises really mean and I will keep my word, for I love you and I value your presence in my life.

-Promise day holds a special place in my heart, it was on this very day that I promised to be yours and never leave your side. It was on this very day that I promised to be your man and you said yes to be my girl. I still remember how nervous I was on this day and even to this day, thinking about it gives me the chills and still makes me feel happy to the core. I remember all the promises that have been made to you and I will happily fulfill all of them for all my life, I love you and happy promise day.

-The promise day in Valentines week is an art film in the time of box office blockbusters. It is what country music is in the times of pop. It is like writing letters in the times of text messages. Making promises feels so old school that people have lost meaning in what a promise really means. When you make a promise, you give someone an unbreakable word, a word that you protect with your life. I promise to always love you and never forget this promise.

-I might not be your knight in shining armor but I promise to always keep trying. I might not be the man of your dreams but I promise to always keep trying to be the person you deserve. I might even make you unhappy at times but I promise to overcompensate that sadness by making you feel like the happiness girl on Earth. I might not be the hero of your movie but I promise that I will keep working on it. Finally, I promise that I always love you for the kind of person that you are and never ask you to change.

-All my thoughts, all my efforts, all my feelings, all my actions are always directed towards keeping my promise that I made to you on this very day. The promise to never let that sparkling smile from your face go away and the promise to always keep you happy is what drives me day in and day out. You motivate me in ways that even you don’t know about and I could not have been as strong as I am if it were not for you. All my promises lie untouched and my love for you is limitless.

-Even if we have never vocalized our promises, even if we have never said the words I promise to each other, even if we never say it, the promises between us are implied and they are hidden in the things that we do for each other. How you are always five minutes early shows that you promise to always value the time spent with me, how you always manage to cheer me up shows that you promise to never leave my side in the worst of days. I promise to always do well by you and make sure that you get all the love and care in the world.

-I am a fan of the kind of person that you are. I am a fan of how beautiful you always look. I am a fan of how you handle every situation gracefully. I am a fan of how kind and caring you are. I am a fan of how humble and down to earth you always stay no matter where you go. I am a fan of the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you carry yourself, and the way you own the room. Anyone who gets to know you becomes your fan. What can I say, I promise to always be your fan and keep admiring and loving you.

-You bring hope in my life, you bring light in the darkest days and you bring happiness when all I see is negativity. You have managed to help me grow as a person and you always manage to bring a smile on my face. I am not someone who likes to make empty promises but I promise to never give you any reason to walk out of my life and I promise to always be the person you can rely on in any situation. I will be everything that you want me to be and I promise to always keep loving you without any demands or complaints. 

Promise Day Paragraphs for Him

Promises always help a person in love to feel easy and secure about the relationship. They make the person feel good not only about themselves but also about the situation that they are in. Guys particularly just want a person who can promise to always be on their side and never budge from the promise. All that men want to hear is for that special someone to promise him to keep loving him come what may. Making such promises should be the easiest thing in the world if you feel for him and we are always here to help you in case you may need some.

-I promise to always be the girl that you fell in love with. I promise to be the person that made you go head over heels. I promise to let my guard down in front of you and drop all by inhibitions and insecurities when you are around. I will always be myself in the truest form when I am with you, no filters, and no masks just me. I promise to be that person in your life who would love you till the end of time and would be the place you can call home. Remember the promise of this promise day, love you.

-I wish I could take all the promises that I have made to you, combine them all together and lock them in a safe for them to be as secure as possible. I cannot even imagine breaking even one of the promises that I have made to you. You are to me what love is to lovers, you give meaning to the word love in my life and I would have no clue about it without you. You have taught me what love is and what it really means to love someone. I promise to always love you the way you have always loved me.

-Even if it was my last on Earth, even if the world was coming to an end tomorrow, I would keep my promise of loving you till the end of time. I would hold you through the end of the world and would not let you feel a thing. I would never stop loving you and I would never stop making you feel loved. I promise to hold you through any problem, any obstruction in our way and will not let you go even after it has passed or died out. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I promise to always love you.

-As cheesy as it may sound, I feel like we were always meant to be together. Being with you feels like being in a romantic movie, under the starlit sky, just you and I talking to each other while looking in our eyes till the sun shows up. Life feels like poetry with you, where every line, where words come together so harmoniously and gives it a beautiful meaning. You are a symphony that I can never get enough of and I promise to continue to be this romantic for all the years to come. What I feel for is true and pure.

-All my letters, all my messages, all my words and importantly all the promises that I have ever said to you come directly from my heart. Whenever I talk to you, I talk nothing but the truth and I talk only from my heart. I can never find my filter when with you and I can never maintain any cover when you are around. You bring out the real me and you make me want to be the person that my heart wants me to be. On promise day, I promise to never let you go and hold you as tight as possible for as long as I can. 

-I feel so light when I talk to you, I feel so loved whenever you are around, I feel so lucky whenever I call you mine and I feel the happiest when you promise to always love me. You are my happy place, you are the love of life and you are what my heart always wants. I feel both peaceful and nervous with you at the same time and I don’t even know how it is possible. Whatever it may be, I know for sure that I love you and I promise to happily spend the rest of my life with you.

-You are my first thought of the day, you are the person that I want to see when I wake up and I want to start my day by telling you that I love you. Be it the valentine’s week or any other week of the year, I love you all the same and my promise to always love you stays intact. Although I need to work extra hard during this week to make you happy, I guess I signed up for this when I met you. You are the only valentine that I always want and I promise to always keep making these efforts during this week.

-You always deserve to feel special be it February or any other month of the year. You deserve all the gifts, flowers and chocolates in the world and I hope I manage to make this month as special as you would have imagined. I promise to always bring a smile on your face and never go back on my word to make your days better and happier. This promise day, I promise that I will always be your man and keep trying to be the man of your dreams. I promise that every moment that you spend with me will never be dull but will be worth remembering. Lots and love and all the happiness to you. 

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