70+ Sweet Propose Day Gifts to Surprise Your Girl

When would be the right time to take your relationship one step forward and propose to your lady love? Well. What could be better than Propose Day to tell her how much she means to you finally?

Propose Day is all about expressing your feelings and the courage to ask her out or ask her to be your life partner.

Unleash your charm, be on your best romantic behavior and seal the deal with the following gifts. We hope she says yes!

Sweet Propose Day Gifts to Surprise, Your Girl

Ring: When we hear the word “propose,” the first thing we think of is a ring. You don’t have to buy a solitaire or a rare gem; it is the thought that counts. Go down on your knees and swoop her off her feet. She cannot say no!

Roses: Go down on your knees with a bunch of red roses and finally ask her. You can never go wrong with a bunch of red roses.

Flowers: If you think red roses are too mainstream, choose your woman’s favorite flowers and ask her out. She is going to love the fact that you remembered her favorite flowers, and that calls for a yes!

Chocolates: Move ahead of flowers and roses; ask her out with chocolates. Nothing is more romantic than sharing a bar of chocolate after she says yes. If she says no – though we are sure she is not going to – you can always have the chocolate later.

Snacks: If your lady love does not have a sweet tooth, you can always ask her out with a box of snacks like burgers, pizzas, and everything she loves. 

Cake: Order a cake or bake one yourself with the question hidden as a surprise inside the cake. Let her devour the entire cake and then answer your question.

Cupcakes: Get customized cupcakes made with each word of the proposal written on each cupcake. Arrange the cupcakes accordingly and surprise her.

Perfume: If you have already proposed to your lady love and want to celebrate Propose Day to commemorate the special day, gift a perfume or any fragrance of her choice. 

Classic Black Dress: A classic black dress never goes out of style. Buy her a black dress of perfect fit and do not forget to click nice pictures of her.

Shoes: Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world. Buy her a pair of high heels or a pair of on-trend white sneakers.

Earrings: Women love earrings. Ranging from studs to danglers

Accessories: Buy her accessories such as anklets, bracelets, nose pins, or toe rings. Do not forget to keep her wardrobe in mind while choosing them.

Make-Up Kit: First and foremost, do not label all her makeup as similar. Learn about them and carefully choose the tailor-made makeup kit for your woman. You can always take the help of Google while you are at it.

Teddy Bear: Get your woman a live-sized teddy bear that she can hug and sleep at night. Do not forget to name the teddy bear before giving it to her.

Rubber Bands: The most helpful gift for her would be an adequate number of rubber bands, preferably a lifetime supply, because women keep losing them or they just disappear mysteriously.

Pendant: Get a pendant for her, maybe a customized one, and tell her that she is the one for you.

Mixtape: Create a mixtape for your woman choosing all her favorite songs and the songs that are special to both of you and give her a trip down memory lane. Women love the essence of personal touch.

Book: Gift your woman a book that is special to her or that she loves but could never buy the hard copy for herself. Books are extraordinary gifts, especially if you bonded over them.

Letter: Write a letter to your woman asking her the big question. Pour your heart out because we know you can never say them to her in person. Tell her she means the world to you and how you want to spend your entire life with her.

Skin Care Kit: Assemble all her essential skincare products and make a hamper. Include everything like a face wash, sheet mask, moisturizer, face serum, cleanser, scrubber, and everything she uses daily.

Hair Care Kit: Buy a hair care kit for your woman that includes everything she needs for her beautiful hair. The must-haves in the kit are shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair oil, and everything else she needs to maintain her hair.

 Phone Cover: Choose the perfect phone cover for her phone because women find it very difficult to buy a phone cover for themselves.

 Purse: Get your woman a purse of the right size where she can keep all the essential things, as well as a passport-size photograph of you.

Bag: Women love bags, and most importantly, women need bags because all the denim companies decided against giving adequate pocket space in their trousers. Choose a bag for your woman and gift it to her. No number of bags is enough number bags.

Customized Mug: Get a personalized mug made for her with her favorite picture of the two of you. Mark our words, that mug is going to find the most prominent place in her crockery cupboard.

Photo Frame: Make a photo frame for her or buy one and all the good and bad pictures of the two of you together throughout the timeline. Let her know how you have through these days right into that very moment and how you are going to love her for the rest of your days.

Pets: Adopt a dog together or a cat. Getting a pet together is the best way to begin a commitment. However, think wisely before bringing a living being into your love life and make sure you take proper care of your pet, be it a fish, a dog, or a cat. 

Watch: A watch is a gift that can never go wrong. It is classy, elegant, and ‘timeless. Get a watch for your woman because happy times have arrived for both of you.

Customized Cushions: Get customized cushions made for her on the occasion of Propose Day with a quirky picture of the two of you or a cheesy line, because who doesn’t like cheese, right?

Pizza: Go down on your knees with a box of pizza in your hands and watch her eyes light up with joy and happiness. We guarantee you a yes, considering she loves pizza. We boldly assume that EVERYONE loves pizza.

Fancy Date: Take your woman out on a fancy date, preferably to the place where you had proposed to her for the first time. Reminiscence all the memories that you have made together since and have a gala time together.

Surprise Party: Plan a surprise party for her. Order all her favorite dishes, decorate the room just how she likes, and add arrange for a candlelight lunch or dinner with her.

Pen: Propose to her with a pen and tell her how you want to write your story together from that day onwards.

Video Games: If your woman is into video games, buy her the latest ones and tell her you long to be her partner in crime forever.

Matching Hoodies: Get matching hoodies made for both of you and flaunt them in style. Let the world know that she is yours and you are hers for this lifetime and the rest to come.

Ethnic Wear: We know how you cannot keep your eyes off of her when she wears a Saree or a Kurti. Get her a saree or a Kurti of your choice and gradually watch it become her favorite too.

Ice Cream Tub: Gift her a tub (preferably tubs) and let that priceless smile on her face make your day.

 Greeting Cards: Make a personalized greeting card for your woman for the special day and present it to her. Old-school love is not dead, and handmade gifts are the best way to convey your love to your partner. These little things are what matter the most in the long run.

Movie DVDs: Make a wide collection of her favorite movie DVDs and gift it to her on a special day. She is going to love the gift as well as the amount of thought that you have put into it.

Online Subscriptions: Subscribe to her favorite OTT channels and platforms and give exclusive access to them. Tell her how you want to spend the rest of your life binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix while cuddling on a couch and with a bowl of popcorn.

Casual Wear: Buy some oversized t-shirts and shorts for her for a lazy day at home or an extended weekend. Tell her she looks beautiful in them.

Cook for Her: Cook something for her, even if it is just Maggi. And also tell her that you wish to cook for her every day of your life.

Fairy Lights: If your woman loves to decorate her room gift her fairy lights of different colors and sizes. Let her decorate her room, as well as yours. 

Bluetooth Earphones: Gift her a pair of Bluetooth earphones for wireless music on the go and sneaky phone calls in between meetings or classes.

Car Accessories: If she loves her car and never fails to take proper care of it, gift her essential car accessories like a cover, car perfume, or car polish.

Walk: She values you as a person more than any gift you can ever give her. Take a long walk to your favorite place, no fancy date or extravagant event- just the two of you, walking hand in hand down your favorite lanes of the city.

Badges: Make cute badges for her with all the cute nicknames printed on them or all the inside jokes between the two.

Trip: Plan a trip with your lady love and go for a vacation to the seas, mountains, or forests. Enjoy your time together away from the monotonous daily life and rejuvenate yourselves.

Spa Coupons: Buy spa coupons for her and give her a free pass to relaxation. She is going to thank you for it and love you even more.

Coffee Beans: If your woman is an avid coffee lover, get her some excellent coffee beans, also available in different flavors.

Tea Leaves: If she is addicted to tea, buy the tea leaves of her favorite type, and every time she sips on to her tea, she will miss a bit more.

Candles: Nothing is more intimate than gifting your partner a fragranced candle. Choose a lavender or a jasmine one, and give it to her on Propose Day.

Diary or Journal: Get a customized diary or a journal made for her where she can record her day or take important notes.

Hygiene Kit: Create a hygiene kit for her, including tampons, face masks, hand sanitizers, and everything she needs.

Homemade Face Packs: Make homemade face packs for her. Learn her skin type, google the necessary information and make a face pack for her using all the natural ingredients. Trust us; she is going to be thankful for a long, long time.

Photo Album: Print all the favorite pictures of her and the both of you and put them in a photo album. In this world where everything is virtual, gift your woman an old-school photo album.

Remember Important Dates: Last but not least, remember all the important dates of her life and acknowledge them. Women love that, and it shows how much you care. Spend the special days with her and tell her how much you love her often.

A little validation never harmed anyone. Calm her down when she is hyper and support her decisions. Correct her when she is being irrational and be patient with her.

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