75+ Propose Day Gifts to Gift Him Now

This day comes after rose day. On this day partners push their boundaries a little more, they get out of their way and do something special for their partner to show them how significant their presence is in each other’s life.

People plan new ideas and methods to propose to their partners on this day. Here is some amazing suggestion to make your partner’s day special. 

Propose Day Gifts to Gift Him Now

Customized keychain. Need a way to propose to him and express your feelings about him. A cute way to propose to him is by giving him a customized keychain with a small love note on it. It will remind him of you every time he sees it. 

3D Lamp. Not an ordinary one but a lamp that will show a 3d silhouette of a boy proposing to a girl or just a message to propose to him when it is switched on. It will be a very beautiful way to express your feelings to that lucky one. 

Light jar. Not a jar to store pickles. A full of lights inside it with a silhouette painted on one of its sides or a beautiful message. It will be a very beautiful proposal gift for the person with whom you fell in love with. 

Customized chocolate box. What could be more amazing than proposing him through a customized box of chocolate? A sweet proposal message engraved on top of the chocolates will bring a smile to his face and there’s no doubt that he will not refuse it. 

Platinum ring. Rings are a beautiful accessory for one’s fingers and if it is made of platinum then it is durable and ideal jewelry than the rest of the metals. A platinum ring that will fit in his finger would do the work. 

Kissing showpiece. Be it men or women they both adore these small, beautiful showpieces that can express feelings that people cannot tell. A proposal with a showpiece of kissing will be a beautiful idea because that showpiece will tell him everything that you have in your heart. 

Personalized coffee mug. Most people like to have coffee because some people love it, and some have to stay awake for their work. But if you could personalize a coffee mug with a beautiful proposal message for him that he will not be able to resist it. 

Wooden shadow box. Wouldn’t it be a more creative and beautiful way of proposal if you could present a proposing scene silhouette on a wall? Don’t worry, it’s possible to do that with the help of a shadow box and in no time, you will have his heart. 

Platinum bracelet. One cannot ignore a person who has accessorized himself well. Accessories are very attractive, and bracelets are one of them. This special step of proposing him a platinum bracelet will be a great get-along gift. 

Love contract.  Contracts are made whenever there is a deal made. So, why not a contract should be made when you are about to exchange hearts. Propose him with a contract in which you have written down the things that you want to do with him after the proposal is accepted. 

Canvas print. These prints are one of the most beautiful things and they are very soothing to the eyes. You can disseminate your proposal through a canvas print on this special day, he is bound to fall for it. 

Personalized cake. Everyone loves to eat cake and one can never get enough of it. if you can get a cake personalized in your way with a sweet message or a proposing scene on top of it. So that you both can celebrate together. 

Personalized cushion. Cushions are small, beautiful, and soft. They make your sofa or bed look colorful and beautiful. Gift him a cushion on this day that has been customized in your way. Which he will use all the time instead of having others. 

Couple statues. These statues can become beautiful memories in one’s relationship life. Propose him with a couple of statues that will make him bound to accept it and whenever his eyes will fall on the statue it will remind him of your beautiful proposal. 

Personal diary. If you are a person who maintains a personal diary and updates it with everyday moments that take place, then you must have mentioned him. Take out the pages in which you have written about him and give them as a gift. He will find your method of proposal very unique. 

Flowers. These are colorful and beautiful, and it is easy for them to win anyone’s heart within a moment. Propose to him and as a gift give him a bouquet of his favorite flowers which he can’t say no to. He will fall for you.  

A letter. This method was used in old times. People used to control their excitement and wait for the letters. You can write a handwritten to him expressing your feelings about him in that letter and suddenly slip it into his hands. 

Door plate. Have been in a relationship for quite a few years and everything is going to be perfect. Do you want to propose to him for marriage? Get a door plate made which has his and your name in it and give it to him as a gift. He will love and agree to it. 

Matching watches. Want to wear something that will match him? Propose him and get him a watch that matches your one. It will be the sweetest method of a proposal that anyone could do. 

A poem. What’s more beautiful than a poem? What can be deeper than a poem? The answer is nothing! If you are a creative kind of person then write a poem for him and slip your proposal into it. If he understands it then think he is yours already. 

Music concert.  Music is close to everyone’s heart and being able to listen to their favorite singer or band play live is a dream. You can make his dream come true by taking him to his favorite musician’s live concert and propose to him while you both are in the spotlight. 

Handmade card. People love creative stuff and especially if it is handmade because handmade stuff is unique. This is the time to show your creativity, prepare a card by yourself beautifully designed with a proposal message in it and give it to him. 

Dream catcher. They fill out the negative dreams and only let positive dreams enter through them. Along with your proposal give him a dream catcher as a gift on this special day. The gift will win his heart and he will fall for you. 

Photo album. These albums store lots of memories in one place safely and one can relive those moments just by going through the pictures. Propose him with a photo album and tell him that you wish to make a lot of beautiful memories with him and would not stop even if it gets full. 

A bottle of wine. It’s very easy and comfortable to share your feelings and problems with a glass of wine. Take along a bottle of good wine and drink together and while you both have a conversation slip your proposal in between. This could be the smartest way to propose to him. 

Handkerchief. It is a very essential piece of cloth that one never forgets to carry. If you can get your proposal to embroider in a handkerchief in small and give it to him as a gift. He will come back to you when he sees your proposal and will propose to you instead.  

Perfume. Want him to smell with the scent that you love? Get him a perfume that you think will make him smell good as a proposal gift and let your heart speak to him about your feelings. And then the magic happens.  

Sports tickets. Men love sports. The kind of sports may vary from man to man but there is no man who does not like any kind of sport. Get tickets for the sports that he likes and go with him. Make your proposal in between the game. 

Netflix subscription. People who like to binge-watch movies, t.v. series and a lot of things. If he is the kind of person who is into such things, then propose him a subscription to Netflix so that you both can binge watching together making a cute couple. 

Dinner date. Dinner dates are the most beautiful events to go on with someone special for you. Plan a beautiful dinner date and ask him out to go with you and open up your feelings to him at the correct moment.  

Collection of romantic novels. If one starts reading a romantic novel, then he gets lost in it and regrets why did it finish so early. Gift a collection of romantic novels and slip your proposal into one of them. When he finds it while reading the novels, he will happily accept your proposal. 

Mixtape. These are the most adorable gifts that one can give to someone. You can make a mixtape of beautiful songs and record your proposal and shuffle it with the songs and give it to him. He will come back for you when he has finished listening to the tape. 

Spotify subscription with customized playlist. Music brings rhythm to one’s life. You can even suspect one’s mood by the types of songs they are listening to. On this propose day, give him a Spotify subscription with a playlist customized by you. He will understand your proposal when he listens to the playlist. 

Action camera. Do you love to capture every beautiful moment of your life and create a world of your own? Propose him with an action camera and tell him that you wish to create magical moments with him and capture those moments with this camera. 

To open letters. Letters are beautiful and it even gets more beautiful if two or more letters are received by you at a scheduled time. These things happen in movies only but what would be it like to do it in real life? Schedule open letters for the person you want to propose and in your last scheduled letter place your proposal in it.  

Dressy drawstring trousers. These trousers are comfortable and very stylish and look good on almost everyone. It is a great way to make your boyfriend long, good, modern, and dapper without trying too hard. 

Handmade muffin. It is not compulsory that muffins are always sweet; they are savory also. If one needs to define its taste in one word, then the word would be “sweet”. Propose him with muffins made by you with love especially for him. 

Signed merchandise. Everyone had their idol in their life. Which inspires them to work on their interests and become like them. It’s a hard one but very worthy. If you could arrange signed merchandise and with that place your proposal. Then he is bound to accept it happily.  

Superhero models. In childhood, everyone used to watch superhero shows and movies and had a favorite one. Find out that superhero model which used to be his favorite when he was a child and propose him with that model as a gift. 

Tickets to valentine’s vacation. Vacation helps people to refresh their life and spend some time away from reality. Your proposal to him with tickets to valentine’s vacation as a gift will be undeniable and you would love to see that glow on his face. 

Laptop skin. These can make a laptop look beautiful and stylish and it will also protect from getting scratches. Proposing him with a laptop skin specially personalized by you for him will be a great way to take that man’s heart away with you. 

Mobile case. These keep one’s mobile phone protected and make them look cool; you can even get accessories with a case. Gift him with a customized mobile case with a proposal message on it. It is a very fancy method.  

Grooming with a note. Men should keep themselves groomed every time because it makes them presentable and approachable. You can get a grooming gift for him but with an add-on. Place a proposal note inside the grooming kit. He will love it. 

Matching sunglasses. You might have seen couples wearing matching sunglasses which arises a wish inside to do that thing with your special one. On this proposal get him and yourself a pair of matching sunglasses and go out together wearing them. 

Hairstyling kit. Men love their hair as women do. They keep on styling it until they find a style in which they look good. A hairstyling kit for him that will help him to style his hair in whatever way he wants and will keep his hair protected. 

Curtains. It is like an accessory but for a room. Curtains can bring a bright look to a room that was previously dull. A set of beautiful curtains for him with your proposal will be a beautiful way to propose to him on this special day. 

Pink shirt. Men who wear shirts look very handsome and dashing, especially if they wear pink ones which are such a beautiful color. Gift him a pink shirt with a proposal note on its package that will woo his heart away. 

Rice lights. Everyone loves to decorate the room in which they live and everything. The most attractive among them are the rice lights. You can propose to him a customized proposal made with rice lights which would be such an attractive and beautiful method. 

Small wine cellar. Drinking and collecting wines that are rare and costly can be someone’s hobby. If he has the same hobby, then you can gift a small wine cellar that he can carry with him to different places as a proposal day gift and he will not be able to resist but fall for your proposal.  

Wallet. Like carrying a purse is important for women, the wallet has the same importance for men, and it is not only carried to keep cash and cards but it also acts as an accessory for an outfit. Get him a wallet as a gift on this special day with a proposal note inside it. He will be ready to be with you when he finds it. 

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