81+ Quotes to Express Your Emotions About Your Love Partner

Sometimes it’s rather hard to discover the most suitable words to tell someone that your heart only beats for him/her. It is nothing else is a lot better than how particular they’ve been in your own life.

However, it’s hard to discover the real joy and love on earth.  Love can’t be expressed in words. But these popular quotes by famous personalities will definitely help you to express your emotions about him or her.

Here are Quotes to Express Your Emotions About Him/Her

_To the world you will be one person, you’re the entire world to me. –Bill Wilson

_Love is a powerful technique to reveal your emotions where everything happens automatically. You don’t need any particular training. –Anonymous

_You have to love yourself first and then, and everything will be done automatically. You genuinely have to love yourself to get anything that is done in this world. –Lucille Ball

_Love grows, when you give. Love develops by giving. Yes, it is absolutely true. Learn to spread the love if you want to retain it for longer. –Elbert Hubbard

_Deep love is incomplete without deep disappointment. –Martin Luther King, Jr.

_Love has no words or conversation; love has understanding power. –Francis Havergal

_Love gives wide support and takes nothing in return. –William Shakespeare

_The surprising thing about love is that you should plant it and nurture it and it will bloom into flowers that would ensure the slopes. –Hermann J. Steinherr

_You life will be more beautiful and joyful if everyone finds a partner as you are. –Anonymous

 _It is love that has an ability to makes us free from life’s bitterness. –Sophocles

_My love for you is beyond the head, outside my heart, and in my spirit. –Boris Kodjoe

_You are the ultimate reason who makes me understand the true meaning of love. –Hermann Hesse

_I choose to stay awake all night because I have a partner like you who has filled the colors of love in my black and white life. – Anonymous

_I never dreamt about the perfect girl because I know everyone do mistakes so never ever feel miserable but stay with me forever ever. –Anonymous

_I believe,  I have guts to handle all your nonsense, kiddish and stupid sense of humor…Don’t you want me to  bear all of these? –Anonymous

_When we first met each other, I knew, I love you, I’m really sorry for not expressing or taking a lot of time to express my feelings. –Silver Linings Playbook

_I have fallen in love with you since the entire world conspired to help me find you. –Paulo Coelho

_Some crushes never moved off. They are made into something irreversible, obsessive, and all-consuming. – Maya Banks

_It is a beautiful feeling to like someone. It felt as you find a new life. –Scarlett Johansson

_That I would like to contact my mouth, his mouth with my mouth. Possibly his throat, also, but first I want him to understand that I exist. –Laini Taylor

_If you were able to observe that I am the one who knows you personally, so why you wouldn’t understand you should meet me in person. – Taylor Swift (You Belong Together With Me)

_You need to allow me to love you, allow me to be the person to provide you whatever that you need and require to have. -Mario

_All I desire is to hold you tight and treat you personally Suitable, be with you day and, night as well. –Britney spears

_I consider you as my biggest blessing because, since the day when you have entered into my life, I could notice how I’m finding myself under the shower of happiness. –Anonymous

_When we start loving one another, we actually following the commandment of God. –Lawrence Durrell

_Throughout my whole life, my heart is shouting for a thing which I cannot even put in words. –Andre Breton, (Mad Love)

_I have strong feelings for you. Your appearance puts a profound impact on me. It is just like a special bonus. –Nicolas Sparks

_It is your eyes which make me shy. – Anais Nin

_My heart belongs to you. It will always be on your side. –Jane Austen

_ I’ve no unique present. I already surrender whatever I have with deep love. –Debasish Mridha

_ Love has no boundaries. Love moves freely to your loved ones. –Thich Nhat Hanh

_Now, I have learned the reason behind why there is a need to arise to explain love with eternity. –Shannon A. Thompson

_Love is like a breath when we take every second with craziness. –Seema Gupta

_I feel more strong, courageous, and secure from the day you have decided to be my last. –Anonymous

_It was how you laughed, and I understood I required it throughout my life. –R. M. Drake

_ I’ll never be ideal for you, but I shall always imperfectly attempt to be. –Atticus

_Most of the people want to enjoy a limo ride together. On the other hand, you prefer a person who travels on the bus with you at the time when a fault occurs in the limo. –Oprah Winfrey

_Love is nothing but a special kind of feeling when you want his happiness, even when you are not a part of it. – Julia Roberts

_Life seems like a tree without blossoms or fruit without love if I imagine without your presence. – Khalil Gibran

_Everyone turns poet when love enters their life. – Plato

_I don’t love you. Love comes automatically when I see you. –Anonymous

_You are the beautiful creation of the planet. –Anonymous

_There is only one start and one end, and, that’s- I LOVE YOU. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

_I always wanted to be your friend for a long time, but, turning your lover is my only dream. –Valerie Lombardo

_Our relationship is like the relationship between flower and sunlight where both need to meet once a day to stay alive. –Anonymous

_When somebody is feeling something for you then he/she speaks differently with you. You will feel more secure in your presence. – Jess C. Scott

_You can’t look over love but you can sense it. – Nicholas Sparks

_We become well day by day when are in love. We continuously try to become better than we are. And we try to become better, we attract better surroundings. – Paulo Coelho.

_We appreciate things for what they are. So, I do the same for you. –Anonymous

_A boy once loved a girl whose laugh is everything to him, that, he is ready to devote his whole life sees his smiling face. – Nicole Krauss

_My actual need for love is now. –Anonymous

_Have you ever notice the words ‘I love You’ starts with ‘I’, but it ends with ‘You’. – Charles de Leusse

_I have a special kind of feelings for you, not because of what you are but what I actually feel about myself when you are with me. –Roy Croft

_Somebody told me always choose the thing which you love the most so I have decided to start with you. –Anonymous

_Love is when the happiness of your partner is more than essential to your own. – Robert A. Heinlein

_A person is genuine in his love when he can amaze you with your kiss on your forehead, smile by looking at your eyes, or stare at you for no reason. –Marilyn Monroe

_One of the important things of life is learning how to spread love and carry the lovable heart all the time. – Morrie Schwartz

 _Presently, I love you. It will be the same tomorrow. And, It will be last till the end of life. If I will be born again, I will love you just like the way today.- Cassandra Clare

 _I don’t even know, whether the time is right or not, but I’m in love with you completely. I never think what you are thinking about my feelings, or I’m late to express my emotions, but I know, whatever I’m telling you, that’s right. – Natalie Portman

 _I feel died inside while waiting for you, every single day, do not fear, I loved you for many years, and I’ll love you for more and more, every day. – Christina Perri

 _I always wanted to share with you, no matter where I’m, whatever situation is going through, my mind still thinks about you, and that beautiful moment we have spent with each other, that is the happiest time on the planet. I want to live it again if It is possible, that’s even without even regrets. – Cynthia Hand

_I never wish anyone in this entire world except ‘you’. – The Tempest – Act 3

_When I look at you, my soul speaks instantly, can you hear it? My heart is ready to serve you. – The Tempest

_My bounty has no boundaries, just like a sea, my love is deep, the more I try to give, the more I get and both are limitless. – Romeo and Juliet

 Quotes To Express Your Emotions About Your Love Partner

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