100+ Quotes for Meeting Someone New

Meeting someone new for the first time is always very much exciting and turns the mood on.

The first meeting always creates a profound impact on our hearts that we can never forget and that meeting’s first impression is always the last impression for us. This is kind of very special and tempting for each one of us.

Here are some fantastic Quotes for Meeting Someone New for the very first time.

-I am as excited as a six-year-old getting ready for her birthday because today is the day when I am going to meet you after and long and deadly wait -Anonymous

-The way your heart will start beating fast at the speed of the lightning and you will blush and smile without any reason, everybody will get to know that you are meeting someone new -Anonymous

-There are a lot of hurdles and miracles in this world and one of them is that when you get to meet somebody new who is having a similar mentality as yours -Anonymous

-Many times we cross our roads with somebody for the first time and they give us the vibes that we have known them for many years and we love to spend time with them -Anonymous

-One of the most beautiful and most enchanting things in this earth is to meet someone new who has the capability to remove all the past tears and sorrows from your life -Anonymous

-You will definitely stop dreaming and start living your life with full zeal and zest as soon as you will be meeting someone who will be taking care of you like a baby -Anonymous

-I wish I get to meet someone someday who would give the heartiest effort to make me happy and lift up my mood all the time and I will not regret it any day -Anonymous

-Whenever you are going to meet somebody whom you have never met before you literally feel like butterflies flying inside your stomach -Anonymous

-There is nothing much exciting and amazing in this world than meeting a person whom you are meeting for the first time and deep down inside you that the person is a box of happiness for you -Anonymous

-Love is a kind of secret jewel which is sometimes being revealed by the gracious presence of someone new and beautiful person in your life -Anonymous

-You will only know the value of the person you have met recently when during the days when you are not meeting, you will miss that person badly -Anonymous

-Meeting someone for the very first time with whom you know you are going to spend the rest of your life is very much ecstatic because at that moment you totally start blushing -Anonymous

-A person whom you have met just if brings you enough joy and happiness and helps you to completely forget all your painful past then adopt that person with full love and support -Anonymous

-There are a lot of people who still stick to the old acquaintances and never want to explore but to me meeting a new person is always a matter of thrill and excitement -Anonymous

-There are many a time some beautiful moments are gifted to us by the almighty by sending a new person in our lives with a lot of hopes and aspirations -Anonymous

-Whenever you a getting a positive vibe from the person you have just met, never ever let that person go away because that person is a ray of sunshine in your life -Anonymous

-Meeting someone new becomes really interesting if that person is impressive and is intelligent who can enlighten your whole life and make your life a blissful one -Anonymous

-There is always a reason when someone special and new makes an entry into your life and the reason is probably to make your life a better one and give you all kind of happiness -Anonymous

-I still remember the day when I first met you and today I understand the value of meeting someone special for the first time in your life -Anonymous

-Meeting someone on a first date is very much special, you feel like an innocent kid sitting in front of a teacher to give the toughest test of your life where passing is necessary -Anonymous

-Whenever you get to meet somebody new with a good heart, it genuinely gives you the feeling of taking the aroma of a freshly bloomed rose in a garden of rotten flowers -Anonymous

quotes for meeting someone new

-I am really obliged to God for giving me the chance to meet you for the first time in my life today else I would not have known such a golden-heart person like you -Anonymous

-I have never expected that meeting you for the very first time would be so much fruitful and enjoying, it in fact have changed my life completely -Anonymous

-There are a lot of reasons that can put a smile over my face but meeting you today for the incipient time will now onwards be the best and greatest reason to make me smile -Anonymous

-The excitement of meeting somebody freshly is completely different from all other kinds of events, you get to deck up yourself in the best possible way -Anonymous

-The first meeting is always special because it retains the newness of a relationship, it hides in it fresh hopes and aspirations and are the harbinger of happiness and eccentricity -Anonymous

-In order to develop our personality and to cultivate some experience in the field of relationship, we must try meeting new people every day -Anonymous

-The fresh meeting between us brewed something exotic between us and that was the day I felt like I can trust someone fully and you have made my life a happier one -Anonymous

-I still call myself lucky for the decision I have taken to meet someone new that day and that person is you and because of you I am living a better life today -Anonymous

-I can now sleep peacefully because I have spent my whole day in a date with someone whom I have met for the first time today but the person was amazing and it made my day -Anonymous

-Today, after meeting you for the very first time I have realized that you are the most amazing and the coolest person I have ever met in my life -Anonymous

-You are like the gust of fresh air blowing all over my face and I am really blessed that finally after so long I have got to meet you and that is also for the first time -Anonymous

-It is such a blissful thing that my very first date with you was this much special and it will remain in my mind for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-It is really cheerful and ecstatic that in our very first meeting, you have treated me so well and have made me more than happy by giving me a bunch of fresh flowers -Anonymous

-Today, the sky looks a bit different and is star-studded and the reason for this is that today we both are going to meet for the first time and the destiny is going to change for both of us -Anonymous

-Meeting someone new is like watering dried flowers to make them look fresh all over again, it actually rejuvenates our dead soul and makes them alive all over again -Anonymous

-Meeting someone new is like getting the window seat after a very long wait because it gives the ultimate relief and eliminates the boredom of the journey of life -Anonymous

-Meeting someone new is one of the best feeling ever because it gives rise to some new dreams with new hopes that can be fulfilled by the joint effort of both the partners -Anonymous

-There are a lot of people in this world but the feeling of meeting the most special person in life for the first time is quite different and can be concluded as one of the bests -Anonymous

-Quite a times I have met someone new but you were the best among them because you helped me regain my lost confidence and enlightened my inner diva -Anonymous

-I was quite unaware of my inner beauty and used to ignore myself and feel low until I met you for the first time today and now you make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world -Anonymous

-Whenever you feel bored, go and meet someone new and it will definitely give you the feeling as if you have suddenly increased the speed of a slow car -Anonymous

-After meeting you recently, I am feeling like I am riding a horse beside  the shore of a beautiful ocean and the slow winds are touching my face gently -Anonymous

-I am literally feeling like I am residing in a zone where there is zero gravity and it is giving me cramps of joy after I have met you today in the cafe -Anonymous

-Though we have met for the first time today, you gave me the feeling that there is nobody better in this world who can understand me so much like you -Anonymous

-I would like to turn our first meeting as the first date of our relationship because it was something special and unique for me and I am going to remember it for the rest of my life -Anonymous

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