100+ Best Quotes to Make Her Feel Special Every Time

Girls need to feel special, all day, every day, but is it really possible to come up with good ideas to make them feel good? What if some beautiful quotes from amazing people can save your day? Here are some sweet quotes that you can use to make her feel special.

Top Best Quotes to Make Her Feel Special Every Time

I feel like I want to spend the rest of the day with her every single day- Ed Sheeran.

-I will always have something to talk about to her every single day- Ed Sheeran.

-I seriously had no clue that you were going to be this important to me before I met you- Anonymous.

-I deliberately try not to miss her, but at the end of the day I end up doing it only- Anonymous.

-I will always carry this specific piece of my heart that carries your name, your smell, and you. I will never ever let go of it; I promise- Anonymous.

-The greatest and best happiness in life is that we loved for ourselves or in a better way in spite of being ourselves- Victor Hugo.

-Love is the honey for the flower called life- Victor Hugo.

-A woman knows the face of her man she truly loves as a sailor knows an open sea- Honore de Balzac.

-I want to live one day less than you because I cannot see a day in which I am alone- A. A. Milne.

-A woman has the power to change a man for good only by the strength of her love- Anonymous.

-When I first met her, I was half in love- J. D. Salinger.

-That is actually the thing about girls. Each time they do something good or attractive, you know you are falling half in love with them- J. D. Salinger.

-After I fell in love with you, I did not know where the hell I was- J. D. Slinger.

-I love you with a love that is much more than love- Anonymous.

-I have this terrible fear of losing you. I do not know why but I do have this- Anonymous.

-For me, there are only two things that are great in my life. To be loved by you and have the privilege to love you- Anonymous.

-Loving you was the beginning of my lifelong romance- Anonymous.

-I love you and I know that it is the very beginning and end of everything- F. Scott Fitzgerald.

-All my life my heart has craved for only one name. It is your name- Anonymous.

-The way you look at me is the best thing to look at for me- Anonymous.

-I see her everywhere around me; in the stars, in the moon, in the rivers- Virginia Wolf from Night and Day.

-I saw an angel and it was none other than you- James Blunt from You are Beautiful.

-The way you smile at me, look at me, kiss me is just magical. I know I have more than I deserve- Anonymous.

-Your gaze takes me to another world- the world of wonder where everything is perfect as if it is made by God with the utmost care and love- Anonymous.

-You catch my eyes my heart every time you come in front of me- Anonymous.

-You are the most beautiful woman inside out- Anonymous.

-I love you against all the rules, against time, against all hopes and promises. I just love you- Charles Dickens from Great Expectations.

-It is like I have no other choice but to love you. It is as oblivious as the sun rising from East- Anonymous.

-You the reality of everything, you are my reality- Anonymous.

-There is no bigger truth in my life than you and your presence. It is my absolute pleasure and happiness of having you by my side- Anonymous.

-In both my smooth and rough times, I have found you by my side. You are like my pillar in life and I cannot thank you enough for that- Anonymous.

-I can forget anything but not the day we saw each other for the first time. I could travel back in time and live it once again- Anonymous.

-Her smile is the prettiest. I do not where else would I find so much happiness- Anonymous.

-You are like that one warm ray of sunlight during the coldest morning in winter- Anonymous.

-When I going through the toughest times, no one but you was there by my side. How can I forget that? How can I forget my other half? – Anonymous.

-Whenever I look at you, I feel surprised how from so many people in the world I was able to find you -Anonymous

-Every day and night, feels so long and gloomy without you and I miss you very badly -Anonymous

-I really regret not being able to time travel and meet earlier than now, we could have spent more good days -Anonymous

-Talking about your positivity and good nature to my friends is an easy chore, but I cannot express it in front of you -Anonymous

-I am very lucky that accidentally I met you, who made me dream of a better future forgetting all my past -Anonymous

-Whenever I get to answer people’s curiosity about my addiction, I reply to them your name -Anonymous

-I fell for you because of you, only you made me realize that I am also important for somebody -Anonymous

-Whenever I kiss on your forehead, I try to convey to you that you are the most special one for me and I love you the most -Anonymous

-You may feel nobody can irritate you like me, but honey fix in your mind that nobody can love you like a mad than me -Anonymous

-I only fell for you by getting highly attracted to your innocent and pious soul -Anonymous

-Sweetheart, whenever you whisper “I love you” in my ears, it gives me an electric shock and creates ripples in my whole body -Anonymous

-Our midnight chats and your lame jokes are the main reason for which I have fallen for you secretly -Anonymous

quotes to make her feel special

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-Your infectious eyes, wavy hair, and petal-like lips make me feel more attracted towards you -Anonymous

-Every time I fear separation from you darling. Honey, I want us to be happy together for the rest of the life -Anonymous

-Now I only aim to retain our relationship because you are the one who had helped me to find out the better version of myself -Anonymous

-Our very first meeting was very special because it made me feel that I know you for ages and you are going to be the most important one in my life -Anonymous

-Let our love story be the lullaby of the special night which has witnessed a beautiful flower bloom in a silent night -Anonymous

-I am a keeper only for you because you have given every effort to make my life simplified and happier -Anonymous

-I sometimes allow her to achieve the victory just to gain her presence in my life forever -Anonymous

-I want to be so close to you that I would not even allow the wind to come between us -Anonymous

-After meeting you, I find you beautiful only and no one else and that made me realize that I am completely and absolutely in love with you -Anonymous

-I love you because you are an angel who has shown me that love is much beyond perfection and small fights cannot break it -Anonymous

-I love how idiotic I have become to accompany the madness you retain in yourself -Anonymous

-Do you want to know what is the most amazing thing about my dream- it consists of only you and me and our beautiful solitude -Anonymous

-You are not just a person to me, you mean the whole world to me who has beautified my world with lots of precious dreams and memories -Anonymous

-Thank you, my love, for being the most glorious and brightest star in my life which was full of gloomy clouds earlier -Anonymous

-I am lost in ecstasy whenever I hear your voice and your endless conversations, I find myself in some other world -Anonymous

-Last night, I dreamt you where you have plunged your very precious kiss right on my forehead with your soft lips and it made my next day -Anonymous

-If the world ends someday and the almighty asks me for the last wish then I would beg him to make me your lover the next life, in the next world -Anonymous

-Dear, please place your delicate hands over my chest, you will feel my heart beating very fast only for you -Anonymous

-Darling, know that every time I enquire about your safety, your well-being, and your health, what I actually mean is that I love you a lot -Anonymous

-I really thank the Lord for showing me the right way and allowing me to give my heart to you -Anonymous

-Every moment my mind is busy with the thought that how lucky I am to find a graceful, charming and beautiful person like you -Anonymous

-Your slightest pang gives me a major heartache because I cannot tolerate any pain of yours -Anonymous

-Honey, I promise you that I will never let you go through the dreadful feeling that you have gone through before -Anonymous

Quotes To Make Her Feel Special Every Time

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