35+ Rainy date Ideas to Have A Chill Day With Your Partner

Do you know how important it is for couples to go on frequent dates? Well, it is very important. Spending time with each other is so important so you don’t let the distance between you separate you. It is important to keep the spark ✨ alive between the two of you. 

So, I am glad you are here looking for date ideas so you can surprise your partner! And I will not disappoint you, mate! I will give the best ideas so you can make your partner smile from ear to ear!

Go ahead and read the below ⬇️ date ideas that I have just made for you!

rainy date ideas just for you!

Rainy 🌧️ season might be annoying sometimes as you don’t get to go out often, but it isn’t that bad either! Some even consider the rainy season to be romantic. I mean, have you seen the Notebook movie? If you do, you will agree too!

And I am assuming you are here for rainy date ideas so you could plan an amazing date even if it is pouring ⛈️ outside. Well, mate, you are in the right place! Below are a few rainy date ideas I have prepared just for you!

Bake Cookies Together

Bake Cookies Together

You definitely cannot step out if it is raining, so if you still want to continue your date, you can always bake cookies! You don’t have to be sad anymore because you now have cookies 🍪 getting baked in the oven.

With some chocolate chips on, your cookies are going to taste the best.

Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner never fails to make your heart skip a beat, like ever! While both of you dine 🍽️ together, I don’t think you would care how heavily it is raining when you are engrossed in talking to each other and enjoying your food!

“A romantic dinner is not just about the food; it’s about savoring each other’s company, one bite at a time.”

Game Day

Everyone would be disappointed if your date plans were canceled because of the rain, but you don’t have to cancel on having fun. You can have a game night right in your house! You can pick anything from board games 🎲 to video games, play whatever you feel like, and have fun!

Learn Something New Together

You need to make sure that you are growing together and not being stagnant in your life. So, if your outdoor plans have been canceled, you can learn a new skill together! This can be fun as well! You start by learning a new language 🗣️ or learning to play an instrument.

Learn a New Dance

Do you both love dancing 💃? Then you can learn a new dance! Show off your moves at the next wedding the both of you will attend. Slow dance or tango, if it is both of you that are going to learn, then you will have fun nonetheless.

Build a Fort

By building a fort, I don’t actually mean build an actual fort; what I mean is you can go back to becoming kids 🧒 and build a fort that is built from blankets and furniture! You also can stay there and talk about interesting things or even gossip if you would like. 

Binge Watch

Another way to stay at home and have a cozy feeling is to binge-watch a series. Pick your favorite series and watch while you have your popcorn 🍿. Also, take your blankets and snuggle for the extra warmth and enjoy your series or movie marathon.

Home Spa

You can have your own spa 💆 at home. Put on your masks and chill together. You can even give yourself massages and relax for a day. Switch on your phones and just be present at every moment you spend with each other.

Visit Your Memory Lane

Taking a trip to your memory lane is something that will make you realize how good your days were.

There will always be a smile ☺️ on your face when you get to talk about the way you met or how much fun both of you had. It is required for you to sometimes just remember the good old times.

Dance in The Rain

Dance In The Rain

Have you watched the notebook? Then you know what I mean! Just leave everything and dance in the rain! Life is too short to think about if your clothes 👕 will get wet or you might catch a cold. You need to have enough memories so you can travel down your memory lane when both of you are old and grey.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain, especially when you’re by my side.”

Go to The Spa

Don’t worry if it is pouring outside! You can always go to the spa 💆 and relax. Just find a cab or drive to the spa because you deserve a day off from all the work and reality.

So head over to the nearest spa and relax so you can get back refreshed and relaxed.

Visit a Tarot Card Reader

In reality, not everyone believes what a tarot card reader 🔮 tells you, but it is fun once in a while. So go to the tarot card reader and just listen to what they have to say! It definitely won’t matter what they do, but you can enjoy it nonetheless.

Go Bowling

Go Bowling

When it is raining outside, you can go bowling 🎳! Bowling is a fun way to spend your date since you get to compete and laugh at each other every time the ball gets in the gutter. But what matters in the end is that you return home satisfied and happy.

Visit a Museum

If you love peace and quiet, then you have to go to the museum! You can take a stroll at all the pieces of art 🖼️. Who knows, even you might get inspired and create something amazing. But going to a museum, you will definitely start seeing the world differently.

Go to The Cinemas

You don’t have to care how hard it is raining outside if you are inside a theatre watching a movie! Enjoy the night watching the latest movie, and I need not tell you to buy some popcorn 🍿, I guess. Both of you will have fun when you watch the movie that you like!


If you haven’t been to a brewery or a vineyard and haven’t been wine-tasting, I have to ask you! What have you been doing till now? I tell you to head over there and taste some wine 🍷! You will also get to know about how wine is manufactured from scratch!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing doesn’t always have to be outdoors; they can be indoors as well. And I am sure that you know where to go now that I have helped you with your date idea.

Go rock climbing 🧗 and see who gets to the top first and make a small bet as to who should do the laundry or wash the vessels.

“Our love is like a climbing route – challenging, adventurous, and incredibly rewarding when we reach the summit together.”

Listen to Music

You can always listen to music when you are feeling bored, or the atmosphere is way too silent! Pick your favorite genre and enjoy the music 🎶. You can even shake a leg if you want to have fun. Music always helps in relaxing and having fun.

Do a Couple of Photoshoots in The Rain

Have you done a photo shoot in the rain? I mean, the notebook literally has its iconic picture! So get dressed and take a picture 📸 of you carrying your partner or any poses that you want to try! A photoshoot in the rain might sound a little crazy, but it is definitely not, trust me!

A Scenic Drive

A Scenic Drive

Sometimes, driving in the rain 🌧️ will let you see your surroundings differently! But be careful when you pull out your car to drive in the rain, as it is not always safe to drive when it is pouring. But a scenic drive while it is raining is so beautiful you want the drive to be forever.

Head to A Cafe

To have coffee while the rain pours sounds so good, right? So head to a nearby cafe and enjoy the coffee while you watch the rain. The atmosphere will be romantic, coffee ☕ hot, and two people in love! It’s the perfect combination if you ask me!

Make Your Own Coffee

If you don’t want to head out to a cafe, you can always choose to make coffee at home! Buy an espresso machine and make your own flavored coffee ☕ . There are caramel, mocha, and vanilla; choose anything and enjoy a cup of coffee with each other.

Read Books

Do you love reading books? Then I suggest that you pick your favorite books 📚 and read them together! You don’t have to worry about anything else since both of you are going to be together. Keep your snacks and drinks ready to make it more enjoyable.

Go Ice Skating

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating ⛸️ with your partner is definitely one of the most fun and romantic date ideas, hands down! You will just enjoy the time you skate with each other and wish the time went slower once you take off your skating shoes! So go ice skating and add a memory to your list!

Head to The Library

Head To The Library

If you don’t prefer reading at home, you can always head to a library 📖 together. It is always silent, and you even get to read a variety of books since it is a library. You can even read about interesting topics together, like black holes, aliens, or even European history if you would like.

Do a Cook-Off Challenge

When you stay at home while the rain 🌧️ cancels your outdoor plans, you can always choose to make your own food but with a small twist. You can do a cook-off where you get to cook your own food and give results in the end.

Paint the Walls of Your House

Paint The Walls Of Your House

Don’t you feel it is that time of year when you change the color of your walls? Well, now is the perfect time! Pick a color and start painting 🖌️ the walls of your room or the entire house. When you do it together, it is going to be more fun!

Get Crafty

How creative are you? Well, it is time ⏳ to put your creativity to the test! Get crafty together and build something! Both of you can choose what to do and, in the end, merge your ideas to create something amazing! This will be a fun process, and you get to enjoy it too!

Make Hot Chocolate

When it is rainy and chilly outside, do you know what is compulsory? Hot chocolate! Make hot chocolate together and sit in front of the fire 🔥 to warm yourselves and protect from the cold. Taste some hot chocolate while you talk or listen to music.

“There’s nothing sweeter than stirring up some hot chocolate and stirring up love at the same time.”

Dog Cafe

Dog cafe is the perfect place if you want to increase your serotonin levels! Head to the nearest dog 🐶 cafe and cuddle with some fur babies as you enjoy it with your partner! This idea will be amazing unless you have any kind of allergies.


Sing, sing, and sing! If it is karaoke 🎤, you get to sing in your own way. Don’t worry about how bad you sound or how embarrassing you feel since it is just you and your partner! Pick your favorite songs and sing your heart out!

Take a Walk

Take A Walk

Take a walk in the rain together, it is so romantic! It is up to you if you want to bring an umbrella 🌂 or not, but a walk in the rain is something you need to experience! Make sure you don’t catch a cold or fall sick, as it sucks to be sick. But come on, life is too short, isn’t it?

An Indoor Pool

Have you gone swimming 🏊 while it is rainy? Sounds and feels cold, doesn’t it? But it feels amazing, too, once your body gets used to the cold. Swim together or just relax. But swimming also helps you stay fit and healthy! 

Mini Golf

Have you been to mini golfing ⛳? It is a must-try sport! You can enjoy it with your partner. It is virtual, so you don’t have to be worried about getting wet in the rain or getting sick. But mini golfing is always so fun when you know how it is played.


When it is cold and chilly 🥶 outside, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say stay warm? Exactly! A jacuzzi! Get in the jacuzzi together and enjoy the warmth together. You will love it once you step into the jacuzzi as the heat travels into your body!

Be in Bed All Day

Be In Bed All Day

Another way you can spend indoors is by staying in bed 🛏️ all day. Cuddle with your partner and keep yourself warm when it is pouring outside! Just get out of bed if you want to use the washroom or cook yourselves something to fill your stomach!

Read Stories or Poems to Each Other

Do you know how romantic it is when you listen 🧏 to the poetry or stories your partner is reciting to you? Then, you need to do it! Read out stories and poetry together and enter into a new world together. Forget about the reality for a while and get lost in each other!

Workout Together

Workout Together

If you are feeling cold, then you need to sweat it out! Work out together or sign up for the couple’s gym 🏋️ plan and burn all of your excess calories.

This way not only will you have fun but also be fit. You can motivate each other whenever there is a need, and voila, such a good time!

Paint Together

Buy a few canvases and paints so you can get a little creative here! Paint 🎨 what comes to your mind or each other, and have fun! You can also do the trends that have been all over. So get artistic with the paints and show off your creative skills!

Watch a Documentary

Do you love watching documentaries? Then it is amazing! Both of you can start watching a documentary together. Let it be any kind of documentary; always remember to have snacks and drinks 🍻 ready. Usually, murder documentaries are thrilling and exciting!

Make a Bucket List

If you still don’t have a bucket list, it is time that you prepare one! Write ✍️ down all your fantasies and adventures you want to embark on and start off checking one by one as you complete them. Plan out each thing in your mind and enjoy scratching them off once you complete it!

Jigsaw Puzzle

With your snacks and drinks ready, pick out a jigsaw puzzle 🧩 that is appealing to you and start putting all the pieces together. This is an amazing way to pass the time and also have fun together. You can do this while talking to each other or even listening to music.


If only you knew how much meditation helps, you would never go one day without meditating. So start meditating 🧘 today with your partner and just see for yourself how positive your life starts to become. Meditate for at least ten minutes a day, and you will start to notice a lot of things changing in a good way.

Watch a Movie that Matches the Weather

One way to get into the moment is to pick a movie that matches the weather! If it is raining 🌧️, you can watch the notebook! Or any other favorite movie of yours! Just remember to keep your snacks and drinks ready! You will enjoy it in a different way when you watch them accordingly!

Make Smoothies Together

Make Smoothies Together

Do you make smoothies 🥛 together also count as a date? Then get started already! Make your own recipe or follow a tutorial on how to make one. In the end, do taste testing and decide who’s better, and enjoy it together!

Let’s take a quick break and take a short quiz while I offer you certain scenarios you can consider. Shall we continue, then?

  • What is the first thing that you do when you arrive on the date?
  1. Compliment your date.
  2. Give them a friendly hug.
  3. Wait for your date to act first.
  • How do you respond to your date when they share something personal or vulnerable?
  1. Be supportive.
  2. Change the subject.
  3. Share something that is personal to you.
  • What do you do when you aren’t able to listen to what your date is talking about because your mind keeps drifting off?
  1. Actively listen to them.
  2. Interrupt them and change the subject.
  3. Excuse yourself for a moment.
  • What do you do when the bill arrives?
  1. Offer to split the bill.
  2. Pay the entire bill.
  3. Let your date pay the bill.
  • How do you react when your date is in a hurry to leave?
  1. Respect their schedule.
  2. Persuade them to stay a bit longer.
  3. Walk off offended.

So, I hope the above quiz has helped you in figuring out how you should act on a date, even if these are just a few scenarios! Hope you had fun while taking the quiz!

Try out New Cafes Together

If you are bored of the same cafe you have been going to for the past few weeks, it is time to find a new cafe! Try out new cafes with each other and check for yourself where the coffee ☕ tastes the best and make it your new regular cafe!

Cook Together

Cook Together

When you are staying at home, you can make the most of the day by doing a lot of things. Like cooking! You can cook 🧑‍🍳 together and enjoy it! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook, and you can always follow a recipe online! Pick your favorite dish and enjoy it!

Sip Some Wine

When you don’t feel like doing anything when it is raining, you can always open a bottle of wine to celebrate your togetherness! Sip some wine 🍷 and play some music; you will never know how time passes! Being together is worth celebrating, mate!

Drive-In Cinema

A drive-in cinema will always be a nice idea if it is cloudy and not actually raining. Since you cannot watch a movie while it is raining, right? So you can always catch a drive-in movie on time and enjoy! Buy some popcorn 🍿 on the way, mate!

Sushi Train

Have you been to a sushi 🍣 train restaurant? Then, you should now! It is so exciting to pick sushi as it comes to you. Nothing is more worth the money you spend, mate! So you may as well take your date to a sushi train date!

Go to A Photo Booth

How cute it is to click pictures 📸 and have a copy as well? Yes, I know! So go to the nearest photo booth and click a few pictures to have a copy. Remember to make all crazy poses because when you look at these a few years later, you will always smile!

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye, and the camera captures what’s invisible to the heart.”

Cooking Lesson

Take cooking lessons together to learn to cook for each other when you want to surprise your partner. You need to learn to cook 🧑‍🍳, mate! So why not take classes together and have fun with it? So, go ahead and take a cooking class together!



Pizza always makes it to the top of the most affordable and delicious date, isn’t it? So go to the nearest pizza shop and enjoy! You can even choose to make pizza 🍕 if you have the mood and the ingredients! But whatever, anything with your partner is amazing.


So, there you go! I have given you all of the rainy 🌧️ date ideas you can possibly go on, and I hope it made it easy for you. Always remember, you don’t need an occasion to go on dates; dates are really important if you want to spend more time with each other.

Please leave a few comments if you have surprised or taken your partner on one of these dates, and let me know if you want to hear more of these from me!

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