11 Reasons to Avoid Reconnecting With Your Ex

We always fall in love with a special person. But there are times when things are out of command. Due to certain differences, your relationship falls apart. You will make various attempts to build your relationship again, but still, the same person who was once special to you will leave you stranded. After a certain duration, you will be tempted to get things back again.

But this is an article that will guide you towards certain advice for why you should not get back to the person who broke you once.

Reasons to Avoid Reconnecting with Your Ex

1) You are still the exact person

You Are Still The Exact Person

Humans are always recognized through certain traits that make them differ from each other. I am quite sure that you are also equipped with certain qualities. These qualities are of both good and bad nature. There might also be certain traits that your partner might like or hate. 

Let us consider that some of your qualities have led to your breakup. But still, you are unable to remove or improve those qualities that were the main catalyst behind the breakup. So reconnecting again with your ex with the same qualities will lead to the same fate.

2) Always remember the failed promises

Always Remember The Failed Promises

Breakups are brutal and hard to bear for a particular duration of time. It is almost unbearable to let the person go with whom you have occasional moments. There are ingredients to make an alliance function. These basic ingredients are trust, belief, and teamwork.

Breakup is bound to happen if these qualities are found lacking in the relationship. Apart from these, there may be other personal reasons too that might have opted your ex out of the relationship.

Reconnecting with your ex will only make you haunt for all those failed promises and reasons that prompted her out.

3) You will regret again for a faded memory

You Will Regret Again For A Faded Memory

You were in a relationship that consisted of fun and laughter but suddenly left with loneliness.

This loneliness certainly creates a void in your life and tempts you to go back and make amends with your ex. But the main dilemma is that you have a faded memory. You remember all the happy memories besides all the toxic elements you had to bear in the relationship. 

When you try to work your relationship again with your ex you are sure to fight all those toxic elements again.

4) Again putting yourself in the same position

Again Putting Yourself In The Same Position

There is a certain relationship that purely tests human capabilities. With the increase in time, it becomes harder and harder to just stay in it. Your search for endless excuses will help you to come out from that toxic relationship that is eating you every day.

Once you come out of that relationship you enjoy every bit of the freedom that you have craved since.

Again reconnecting with your ex you will invite all those troubles again and this time it might also become difficult for you to get out of the slump.

5) You might disrupt your singlehood

You Might Disrupt Your Singlehood

Being single is a choice and you are completely entitled to it. You don’t require any authorization to do or enjoy certain things. No one can question or doubt your activities and you are free to explore new entities.

No need for any manner of sacrifice for anyone and there is no peer pressure to settle down. This is a perfect duration to celebrate and search for a new dimension in life. 

When you will try hard to connect back with your ex, you are bound to go enslaved again to other wishes and restrictions.

6) You have the right to date a better one

You Have The Right To Date A Better One

The world is full of people of different personalities. You should not be disheartened if you failed in your attempts to build your relationship with a certain type of special. There might be dissimilarities that led to the breakup.

But it should not stop you from searching for a person who is completely your type and will understand all your needs. Experiences of broken relationships will help you to find the right person this time.

Reconnecting with your ex will make your progress only backward and you will lose the opportunity to find someone better.

7) You have lost the intimacy

You Have Lost The Intimacy

Feelings are strange things that are completely time-bounded. You will have feelings for a person for a particular duration of time. Once that feeling is lost.

That is now difficult to retrieve. Similarly, the love that once blossomed between a couple is completely gone when both drift apart from each other for a specific time.

Connecting again with your ex will not help to regain all those emotions back. Now you have grown and moved to start a new chapter in your life. Now you are a completely new person.

8) It will waste your time

It Will Waste Your Time

There are various better things to do rather than catching up with your ex. In that particular moment, you can try to search for different types of people who are equally interested to form a new relationship.

Apart from building a new relationship, you can go searching for a hobby or interest or focus on your career.

You can also work on the various demerits you had during your relationship which led to your breakup in the first place and groom yourself for a better personality. Holding back to your ex will never help you in your growth.

9) Never stay as friends

Never Stay As Friends

It is a very bad idea to still be friends with your ex. The whole concept is a fluke and revolves around the common phenomenon of mutual understanding. But it is highly dangerous as things can escalate pretty quickly and you may find yourself again in that compromising position.

This is always a threat as feelings are very hard to neglect and are brought back even though you put effort to forget and neglect them.

Connection with such a person with whom you have so many histories and memories will be hard to be friends.

10) Your Ex is still the same person

Your Ex Is Still The Same Person

It is very difficult to change the same qualities that you are born or developed with. Similar is the case with your ex.

You should not get fooled that your ex has become a different person and now willing to devote all the efforts towards you.

You should be careful about the crocodile tears that might try to melt your heart and at that moment you make amends and get together. You should always remember the previous experience.

You should be highly aware of your ex fraudulent efforts and try not to be scammed again.

11) If your ex was dishonest

If Your Ex Was Dishonest

Dishonest is a trait that is very common in the current scenario. There are such where partners tend to be dishonest at the cost of their relationship.

Dishonesty in terms of financial issues, dating other people, or other issues without knowledge is extremely unacceptable. This always creates a great burden in a relationship.

Always remember all those incidents when you are again thinking of reconnecting with your ex, on how many occasions your ex has shown dishonesty to you so that you can take a better call.

12) If your ex was abusive

If Your Ex Was Abusive

Any form of physical exploitation is unacceptable in a relationship. This applies to both genders. This always impacts a relationship and leaves sour memories. This also hampers mental growth and degrades the confidence of, who are physically abused.

You must remember all those horrific moments before you think of reconnecting with your ex.

13) If your ex was possessive

If Your Ex Was Possessive

Loving your partner is a blessing that each couple dream of. But treating your partner as a personal commodity is distasteful.

Your partner is a human being who might like to enjoy his personal space without being interrupted or questioned. 

 You should never reconnect with such types of exes again.

A broken relationship teaches you a lot of things and makes you perfect at judging people. You now understand the mentality of people and prepare you to face the hardships alone. You do not need an ex or any other person to move ahead in your life and reach your goals.

Reasons To Avoid Reconnecting With Your Ex

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