13 Reasons He Doesn’t Call You Back

Relationships are not easy as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. But still, there will be some situations where you won’t be able to do anything. No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid it.

Even after spending so much time together, you still face difficulties in your relationship. One of the worst fears of any woman is when her partner doesn’t call back. It creates panic, and you start wondering why he is not responding to your call.

Here Are the Reasons Why He Doesn’t Call You Back

All men are different and thus there are so many different reasons why he is not calling you back. It can be frustrating, but you cannot do anything about it at all. The only thing you can do is find out the reason and figure out why he is acting in such a way.

Here are some of the following reasons why he is not calling you back:

There is someone else in his life

This is not something that you want to hear, but it can be the reason why he is not calling you back. He may be seeing someone else other than you which is why he is not responding to your calls. Most of the guys talk to multiple women at the same time. After spending some time with you, he may have found someone else.

This can be because you two are not seriously committed to each other and are free to date others as well. It can be frustrating but there is nothing that you can do about it. In such cases, when you call him, he may already be spending time with someone else.

This is completely normal if there is nothing serious in your relationship with him. In such situations, it is better to talk to him and make sure that you two are on the same page.

He is busy

One of the simple reasons why he is not calling you back can be because he is busy and doesn’t have the time to talk to you. Most of the men in the world are always busy with something and rarely spend time on phones. So when you call him, he may doesn’t even know that you called.

In such cases, you have nothing to fear as such things happen in a relationship. Once he gets free, he will surely call you back to check on you.

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He sees you as a temporary partner

Men who are just looking for a casual relationship will never take you seriously and once they get what they want, they always leave. Such men see you only as a temporary with whom they can have fun and spend time together for some time.

However, he may not be interested in a serious relationship. Once he gets what he wants, he will start ignoring you which includes not calling you back. It’s a sign that he is backing away and doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore.

He is not interested in you

A lot of men are always confused about their relationships. Once they get in a relationship with someone, they start losing interest and back away from the relationship. He may have realized that he is not interested in you and doesn’t want you in his life anymore.

In such situations,  all you can do is break up with him and part ways. If he is not interested in you, then there is nothing you can do to change his mind. Thus, it’s better to let it go and move on with life.

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He is scared to talk to you

In a relationship, a man always feels scared as he doesn’t want to offend you or anger you in any way. So, if you have done something or said something to him that might have scared him off a bit, then chances are that he is afraid of talking to you.

Thus, the best solution that he finds is to not pick up your call. Most of the men are very emotional which is why you should be careful with what you say to them. The best way to handle such situations is to be more open and let him know how you feel.

He is afraid of losing you

Once a man gets into a relationship, he can get very committed to the relationship. He will do anything t preserve the relationship for as long as possible. So when you make him feel as if you are losing interest in him, then he can become afraid of losing you.

Due to this, he will try to ignore your calls and avoid talking to you. He may be scared that you will leave him which he doesn’t want. So you need to let him know that you are interested in him and won’t ever leave him.

He feels there is no chemistry between you two

In a relationship, both the person should be compatible with each other to have a healthy relationship. But if there is no chemistry between you two, then there is no guarantee that the relationship will last.

Your partner knows this and feels that there is indeed no chemistry between you two. So he will try to avoid you as much as he can. But if you love him, then you need to prove him wrong make him realize that you are perfect for each other and there is nothing to be afraid of.

He thinks you are using him

Men don’t like women who use them to for their gains even if it breaks their heart. Men do not want to go through this and are always scared that they might be used by their partners. In your case also, he may think that you are just using him for your needs.

In such situations, you need to make him know that you truly love him and want to be with him forever. If you are true to him, then he will understand you.

You disrespected him

You two may have an argument where you may have shouted at him and may even have disrespected him. Men are just as emotional as women and can easily get hurt when someone says bad things to them.

If you have done something to hurt his feelings, then you should apologize to him and let him know that you are sorry. In a relationship, your pride should not become a barrier and you should begin to respect your partner. He will surely understand your feelings and will come around.

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He is not sure what he wants

There is a huge difference between attraction and love. If a guy is attracted to you doesn’t necessarily mean that he is in love with you. Most of the relationships begin with attraction and then later they fall in love with each other.

However, in your case, this may not be true and your partner may not be ready yet to fall in love with you. He is not sure about what he wants in his life. In such situations, you should give him some space and time to think things through.

You did something to piss him off

Men don’t like it when someone disrespects them or make fun of them, especially on the first date. If you make fun of them, then it can piss them off. Even if you think you have done nothing wrong, he may still be mad at you due to which he won’t call you back.

If you have no idea as to what may have offended him, then you should talk to him directly and sort things out. It is the best way to end a fight and return to your normal relationship.

He is afraid of commitment

Some relationships tend to move faster than others. If your relationship is being rushed, then it can scare your partner who is not yet ready for commitment. It can take him by surprise as he doesn’t know how to react.

So the only thing that comes to his mind is to not call you back to avoid talking to you. However, it is only temporary and sooner or later he will have to confront you. So you should help him with the process and let him know that you will always be there for him.

He doesn’t like talking on the phone

Even after so much advancement in technology, there are still some men who don’t like the idea of talking to others on phone. They prefer talking to others face to face. So if you are dating such a man, then chances are that he won’t call you.

Instead, he will talk to you directly if he wants to talk to you. This is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about. This way you can spend more time with him and have fun together. You can travel together and visit various places which is much better than talking over the phone.


If he doesn’t call you back, it is best that you stop making efforts. If he was meant for you, he would have been there, without your forcing anything. 

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