20+ why does my partner ignore me

In a relationship, there may be times when your partner may start ignoring you for some reason. It is the worst feeling and makes you feel unwanted and unworthy of love.

Finding out why your partner is ignoring you can help you understand why he/she is acting like that. There can be any number of reasons which can cause your partner to ignore you.

reasons why does my partner ignore me

You fail to understand your partner

Your partner may be going through some emotional or physical stress that they may be unable to express. Due to this, your partner will be facing this situation alone. Since you don’t understand what your partner is going through, you stay normal as if nothing happened.

This can trigger your partner, who may start ignoring you as you fail to understand them. If this is the reason, you should talk to your partner and ask what they are going through.  Talking always helps as your partner will be able to express their feeling freely. You can also look at the behavior of your partner, which can help you understand why you are being ignored.

You are getting needy.

In a relationship, you may become too needy, irritating your partner. If this continues for a long time, your partner may start ignoring you, and you may not even notice it. You must understand that your partner, too, has ambition, dreams, and feelings.

If you start getting way too needy and expect a lot of things from your partner, they will start ignoring you. In most cases, this is done to ensure you get their hint. It won’t affect the relationship but can increase the distance between you.

Your partner may be busy with work.

Just because you are being ignored doesn’t mean you have done something wrong to upset your partner. In some cases, your partner may be busy with work and simply trying to finish it.

With you being around, it may be difficult for your partner to complete their work as it may distract them. Thus, they end up ignoring you as much as they can. If this is the case, you must give your partner the space to finish the work.

Interested in someone else

When your partner is attracted to another person, you become less important to them and end up getting ignored. Your partner may be spending most of their time with the new someone. This indicates that your partner is not serious and is just having fun with you.

If that’s the case, you should move out of the relationship as soon as possible. If your partner is not interested in you, then there is no point in dragging the relationship any further. It’s far better than being ignored by your partner.

Want to take things slowly

Some people don’t like the sudden rush in a relationship and want to slow things down. If you are the one who loves doing things fast and your partner is the exact opposite, then you may have some problems. Such people like to take things slowly, and if forced to rush, they will start ignoring you.

The best solution for such a situation is to have a small talk with your partner and understand what they want. Having a mutual understanding in a relationship is extremely important as it helps you lead a happy and healthy relationship for a longer period.

Your partner is losing interest in you.

As a relationship ages, your partner may start losing interest in you. There are various reasons for this, and it is very difficult to know the exact reason. Your partner may see someone else or simply want to spend some time alone.

Of course, you can’t just go and ask your partner the reason for the sudden loss of interest. The best solution for this would be to give your partner the space they need and see if they will miss you or not after spending some time without you.

Your partner needs some time alone.

For some people, being in a relationship can be quite exhausting. They spend so much time with their partner that they forget to care for themselves. Your partner, too, may need some time for themselves and try to figure out things in their life.

If that’s the case, you should let your partner spend some time alone and sort things out. If you deny them their space, it can worsen your relationship badly. Once they are done, they will surely return to you, and you can continue leading your happy life with your partner.

I May not be able to confront you.

Sometimes your partner may be simply scared of you and fear your reaction when they confront you. Your partner may have done something or want to do something but is too afraid to ask you directly. So they end up ignoring you to avoid confronting you directly.

Sometimes, your partner will confront you with their thoughts and won’t have to do anything. But in some cases, you may have to ask your partner about their situation and know what exactly they want to talk to you about. Make sure you don’t sound scared or mad when confronting your partner.

You have too high of expectations.

Many people don’t like it when people expect too much from them. You might be doing the same with your partner and have too high expectations from your partner. This can make them uncomfortable, and they start ignoring you. This is usually the case if your partner cannot express their feelings to you.

If you keep having high expectations from your partner, you will start getting ignored as your partner may not want to hurt you with words.  Thus, you must slow down and ask your partner how they feel.

You ignore your partner’s needs.

There are so many reasons why your partner is ignoring you. But what if you are the reason for being ignored by your partner? Sometimes, your partner may be unable to express their feelings to you. Your partner may not like something, but you still do it.

This can drive your partner crazy, and eventually, you end you being ignored. You should understand your partner’s needs and respect them if you expect the same. Doing so can increase the bond of the relationship between you two.

What to do when your partner ignores you?

Being ignored can be a very uncomfortable feeling in a relationship. It will feel awkward, and you may feel unwanted sometimes. There can be any number of reasons for you being ignored by your partner. You can directly confront your partner about it or take hints as to why your partner is acting in such a way.

If you are getting ignored by your partner, then here is what you can do:

Don’t overreact

When you find that your partner is ignoring you, the first thing you may do is overreact. However, overreacting can cause more harm than good in such a situation. Doing so will irritate your partner and can lead to worse situations than being ignored.

Instead of overreacting, the first thing you need to do is find out the reason for which your partner is acting in such a way. Then you can discuss it with your partner and come to a mutual understanding. It’s a much better solution than overreacting.

Give them their space.

Sometimes, the reason for your partner ignoring you is simply because they want some personal space. Every person in this wants some personal space in life, even in a relationship. They may need to sort out some things in life or simply want to be left alone for a time.

Whatever the reason, you must respect your partner’s personal space and should not invade under any circumstances. If you do so, it can worsen things, and your happy relationship may even end. Thus, be calm and respect your partner’s decision to spend some time alone.

Discuss it with your partner

Sometimes, it may be extremely difficult to understand why your partner is ignoring you. You have done nothing wrong and still are being ignored. You may even fail to catch hints from your partner for being put in such a situation.

Whatever the reason, you must confront your partner and ask the reason for getting ignored. This way, you can sort things out between your partner and you before it worsens. This solution has worked for many people as they confronted their partners and sorted things together. 

Don’t push it

If you find that your partner is trying to ignore you, you can directly confront him to know why. However, sometimes your partner may be going through something and don’t want to share it with you for now.

If that’s the case, you should not push it, as it can worsen the situation. If you keep asking your partner for a reason for ignoring you, it can also push your partner away. Thus, be patient and be as gentle as possible with your partner. Your partner will open up about the reason in time.

Don’t let it bother you.

Being ignored by your partner can be frustrating and irritating at times. But it’s normal in a relationship, and you should not let it bother you. Every person wants some personal space in their life. If you keep pushing, then it can damage your healthy relationship.

You should not let it get into your head as it can result in a fight between you and your partner. Just make your partner feel that you are always there and your partner can look up to you when needed. This is normal in a relationship and happens with everyone.

Is it normal for my partner to ignore me?

In a relationship, you may find that your partner may ignore you for some reason. Knowing your partner is hiding something from you can be frustrating. But that is not true in most cases, and your partner will start talking to you in time.

When you find that your partner is ignoring you, the first thing you should do is find the reason.

See why your partner is acting in such a way and what you can do to make them talk back to you. In most cases, confronting your partner directly can help.

Doing so lets you know why your partner is acting in such a way. But sometimes, they may not open up and continue to ignore you. One of the reasons for this is that they may be starting to lose interest in you or maybe seeing someone other than you.

If this is the case, then you should move out of the relationship and leave your partner. But if your partner is just trying to have some personal space, you should respect their decision. After some time, they will return to normal and start talking to you.


In most cases, your partner ignoring you can be because of work pressure, something you said, or maybe something else. Whatever the reason, it is normal and happens with everyone in a relationship.

Don’t push your partner or shout at them for ignoring you; it can affect the relationship badly. Your partner is also a human who has life; it is normal for them to be angry at you if you do something they don’t like. Confronting them is always the best way to handle the situation.

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