10 Things To Know About Reuniting After Long Distance Relationship

There is always magic in being able to connect in person, which is unfortunately not possible in a long-distance relationship. When a long-distance couple moves to the same city, place, or even the same apartment, it might feel surreal for some time.

Getting to see and spend time with your partner can be exhilarating. Once you have successfully finished the “long-distance” phase in your relationship, the next big thing is the “move-in” part. 

Here is what you need to know about reuniting after a long-distance relationship. 

The transition from a long-distance couple to a live-in couple can challenge you as an individual and a couple. To make things easier, here are a few tips on how to reunite after a long-distance relationship. 

Talk about expectations. 

Expectations can be tricky. If you do not open up about your expectation to your partner and vice versa, it surely results in chaos. Both you and your partner might indeed have expectations from each other in a relationship, both individually and also as a couple. 

Especially while you are planning to move in after the long-distance phase in your relationship, the next huge step requires a bit of talking beforehand. In this situation, it is best to talk honestly so that you and your partner can do things accordingly.

Adjust; you are not alone anymore.

After spending a lot of time alone and apart from your partner, when it’s finally time to move in, it might take some time for you to adjust to each other.

For example, your partner might leave some containers open in the kitchen or misplace the books you have neatly arranged on the shelf. 

You might feel angry but wait, and things will be fine once you tell him that you do not appreciate this behavior, and it will be fine. Learn to let go of small quirks of yours.

 How to adjust with your partner

Make your own time.

Even though you and your partner might be getting a lot of time together, make sure you both plan things. Take out the calendar and plan in advance what all the fun activities you two would be doing together apart from daily chores, work, and all that stuff. 

You can plan a romantic date night and a fun ‘Netflix and chill’ weekend plan in your PJs. Do not forget to add some crazy and adventurous touch to your outings, and it will only help you maintain a passionate and lively relationship.

‘Me time is a must.

No matter how much you love to do things with your partner, make sure you get some ‘me time too. If you love to read books, do find time to do this and do not postpone it thinking your partner might feel left out.

Your partner might have some hobbies, but they can do it. When there is enough space in a relationship, everything falls in the right place.

It is mysterious how our body and mind are connected; for optimum functioning, our body and mind should be in sync. ‘Me time, in the long run, lets you think about yourself and also relax at the same time.

 Why 'me time' is important

Do not mess with stress.

Move-in can sound romantic and cheesy, but it has its pitfalls. Probably you will be stressed in the beginning. The shifting part might have been hectic, and then you would feel a lot of pressure to maintain the relationship. 

But remember that you and your partner have survived the ‘long-distance’ phase. So, nothing can be impossible. Talk out things. If you are feeling stressed, tell your partner how you are feeling. They will surely understand and come up with a solution.

Understand differences.

Both you and your partner might have different backgrounds, cultures, traditions, preferences, and opinions. Disagreements will arise. It is normal not to agree on things you don’t like or can’t comply with your partner. 

Make sure you and your partner respect each other’s differences rather than judge. It is human to have differences, which shouldn’t be a problem in your relationship.

Chit-Chat, keep your relationship alive.

It is not a secret that “communication” is the most vital part of any relationship. The earlier long-distance phase in your relationship must have been equally difficult for you and your partner.

There must have been days when you both just wanted to be in each other’s arms, but the distance kept you apart. Life has taken a spin from talking via phone calls to sitting on the same couch. 

Now that you both are close does not mean that you have to talk less. Keep the same energy level when it comes to opening up to your partner. Sharing everything with your partner can only do good for your relationship.  

Why communication is important in a long-distance relationship

Keep in touch with your friends, do not forget them.

It is funny how you or your partner might forget about your friends while moving in together. This can emotionally hurt them, which is not something you can be proud of. Find time to hang out with your friends too. 

With your partner moving in, that should not stop you from socializing with your community. Being with your people can bring a lot of positivity to your life. 

Physical intimacy can take time.

While in a long-distance relationship, the distance between you and your partner always made sure to have strong emotional bonding, and mostly, that’s how things might have worked in the past. 

When you are together, the pressure to maintain physical intimacy must be very much. It indeed takes time. Talk to your partner about your concerns regarding this matter.

Why physical intimacy is important in a relationship

Fantasy can be soothing, but the reality is often harsh.

Reuniting with your love after living miles apart can be a new and enthralling experience. The first week after moving in might be so full of energy and fun, and it will slowly decrease later. But do not get disheartened.

You and your partner together should make your company happen and dynamic. Moving in awaits many challenges, but always remember that you and your partner are together in this. 

A slight carelessness can ruin things. Do not rush things. It can spoil all the fun. To keep a relationship alive, there must be mutual trust, empathy, and loads of love. Ignite the spark in your relationship, and never let it fade away. 

 How to reunite after a long-distance relationship

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