121+ Best Romantic Kiss Quotes to Know

It is said that the first kiss of a person is always special. Indeed it is but every kiss is equally special and indicates love and romance between two souls.

A kiss is always romantic and that is why you will find so many writers or poets who have left us with so many beautiful and romantic kiss quotes. You will find them below.

Here are Best Romantic Kiss Quotes to Know

-You will know my importance once you kiss me. –Sylvia Plath

-He wants to die because he knows that my kiss will save him because it is his oxygen. –Tahereh Mafi 

-The sun lights up the world while the moon lights kiss the sea. But are these even worth it if you don’t kiss me? –Percy Bysshe Shelley

-I can become immortal if you kiss me. –Christopher Marlowe

-A kiss is just like a secret which prefers the lips and not the ears. –Edmond Rostand

-A kiss is so special that it inspires the stars to twinkle in the sky and brighten up the whole world. – Tahereh Mafi 

-The trouble was that I was unable to kiss you goodbye because I wanted to kiss you and say good night and there is a huge difference. –Ernest Hemingway

-One of the best tricks to stop someone from speaking when their words are becoming superfluous is to give them a kiss. –Ingrid Bergman

-A young woman asked that where do you think perfume should be used? Perfume should be used wherever you want to be kissed. –Coco Chanel

-When you close your eyes and I will kiss you and then, tomorrow I will start missing you. –Paul McCartney

-I do not think that there is anything more beautiful than the way the ocean always kisses the shores, and it does so without worrying about the fact that it is always sent away. –Sarah Kay

-A smile and a kiss with a sip of wine is the best way to celebrate the summertime. –Kenny Chesney

-Kissing someone on the beach on a full moon night gives you a heavenly feeling. –H. Jackson Brown Jr.

-Our first kiss was an accident but to be true it was a beautiful rainbow. –Alice Sebold

-Shall I kiss you on this depressed paper? I might just open the window and give the night air a kiss. –Franz Kafka

-A kiss is capable of ruining the life of a human. –Oscar Wilde

-Then she started kissing him as if she had never kissed him in the past and it was a heavenly feeling, which was better than fire whisky and not to forget that the only real thing in the world was her. –J.K. Rowling

-The best part of the fun, when you are teasing someone, comes right before you kiss. –Lois Lowry

-By giving you a soft kiss, I promise that it will keep you happy forever. –John Keats

-You should always be kissed and it should be done by someone who knows how to kiss you the right way. ― Margaret Mitchell

-He kissed her then. When his lips touched her lips, she bloomed for him just like a beautiful flower, and then the life was complete.  ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

-First kisses are as scary as the last ones are. ― Daina Chaviano

-I want to kiss you now, and I don’t think I will ever stop. ― Jamie McGuire

-When you kissed me, I was born. When you left me, I died. While you loved me, I lived a few weeks. ― Dorothy B. Hughes

-Kisses are immortal and it moves from one lip to another and it has been the same for many ages and centuries. Men and women save their kisses to give them to the other and in the end, they die. ― Guy de Maupassant

-It was not that long, and it was not the kind of kiss definitely that you get to see in the movies now, but it was just beautiful in its own way. I can still remember the moment when we kissed and I immediately knew that this memory is going to last forever. ― Nicholas Sparks

-I think that a first kiss always gives you the feeling of heaven.― Sarah Addison Allen

-You just have to make sure that when you kiss someone, that person should also be the one who loves you. ― Stephen Chbosky

-The first girl I kissed was not Hannah but I would still like to appreciate my first kiss. But my first kiss that mattered in my life was the one when I kissed someone who actually mattered in my life. ― Jay Asher

-He kissed her but Betsy did not let any boy kiss her and she did not believe in those kisses. In fact, she thought that it was really silly to let any boy kiss you which had no meaning. But when Joe Willard kissed her she thought that it was damn beautiful. ― Maud Hart Lovelace

-Human beings remember the times when they were abused but forget the endearments. What about the kisses? It can leave you wounded that will leave behind only scars. ― Bertolt Brecht

-I was going to regret the time when I kiss him. But again at that very moment, I did not even care. ― Guy de Maupassant

-Either you get to kiss or you get to kill me and that is exactly how it seems. ― Tom Waits 

-If there is anything that can make me feel like I am in heaven then that will be your kiss. –Anonymous

The thing that gives me happiness is a kiss from the girl who has made my life so special. -Anonymous

-A kiss is the purest form of showing affection to someone you love. –Anonymous

-Our lips will meet each other every day just like the sun meets the sky each day. –Anonymous

-I get to experience heaven on earth whenever you kiss me. –Anonymous

-I love chocolates because they are sweet but your kisses are sweeter than chocolates. –Anonymous

-When you kiss me every night I get to see beautiful dreams. –Anonymous

-A lip that has got curved with pain can always be made to smile again with a kiss. –Anonymous

-The definition of a real lover is the person who makes you go crazy with a kiss on the forehead and makes your eyes smile. –Anonymous

– I want to mark this beautiful day by sending you a kiss from the core of my heart. –Anonymous

romantic kiss quotes

Kiss Day Is One of The Most Special Days of Valentine’s Week. the Couples Wish to Celebrate This Day by Kissing Each Other to Show Their Love and Affection for Each Other. Here Are a Some Kiss Day Quotes for You

Amazing Kiss Quotes

-Kiss is the consent between two souls who grow close to each other that they are unable to find any fault with each other. –Anonymous

-A kiss is a beautiful trick that has been designed powerfully by nature to stop someone from speaking when their words become pointless. –Anonymous

-When you kissed me, you did not kiss my lips but you kissed my soul. –Anonymous

-Kissing the person you love, will give you the best feeling ever. –Anonymous

Kiss is the way by which love is professed through locking of the lips. –Anonymous

-To find your prince charming, you have to kiss some toads first. –Anonymous

-If you want to enjoy happiness then you need to learn how to share it, just like a kiss. –Anonymous 

-Let us set out for an adventure with a kiss. –Anonymous

-The sound of a kiss is not loud but the echo lasts for a longer time. –Anonymous

-If you want to kiss me then just do it instead of asking me. –Anonymous

-Kiss is similar to real estate because all that matters is the location. –Anonymous

-You must feel free to kiss me if you want to shut me up. –Anonymous

-Kissing someone for the first time which you wanted to do for a really long time is the best feeling ever. –Anonymous

-I got addicted to you when I kissed you for the very first time and it gave me the best feeling in this world. –Ellen Hopkins

-You will never understand how much I love to kiss your lips. –Anonymous

-I will not be responsible for what happens next when you start kissing me. –Anonymous

-She knew a lot about him but when she kissed him she forgot everything even her own name. –Michelle Hodkin

-It is said that kissing helps to burn calories. So, would you like to work out with me? –Anonymous

-Keep on kissing me till I forget about all the miserable times of my life. –Beau Taplin

-That thing which lights up my world is the kiss that I get from you every morning. –Anonymous

-I am ready to make up for all those years when I missed kissing you. –Leo Christopher

-Although she is a saint she has got the sinner’s lip. In fact, she is the angel who kisses like the devil. –Anonymous

-When you kiss the right person, it heals you from inside. –Lisa McMann

-It is so difficult for me to sit close to you without kissing you. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

-Kiss her in such a way that she is able to feel it until she gets to see you again. –Anonymous

-The correct way of kissing your girl is to hold her up against the wall and kiss her like you really mean it. –Anonymous

-I tend to wake you up in the middle of the night just to kiss you. –Anonymous

-There is no such thing that I want right now except your lips which should be on mine. –Anonymous

-It would be great if you let me borrow a kiss from you and I will surely give it back, I promise! –Anonymous

-When I kiss you it gives me the feeling of heaven. -Anonymous

-Only one kiss is capable of expressing my feelings to you which my words could not have expressed. –Pablo Neruda

-She felt vulnerable when it was about him. But he kissed her soul and her universe came down crashing. –N.R. Hart

-Just when I kissed the man of my life, I felt the ground crack open at my feet. -Anonymous

-Kiss is a sign of love which can also be an autograph. -Anonymous

-A kiss can complete the love and romance between two people and it is like a secret that is known by the lovers and their lips instead of their ears. –Anonymous

-When you kiss the person you love you both get closer to each other and at that you both hardly get to see each other’s fault. –Anonymous

-Knowing the time when we kissed each other is just like the time when the sun rises in the morning and when the birds sing during the spring. -Anonymous

-When two lovers kiss each other, not only do their lips touch each other but their souls touch as well. -Anonymous

-If you want to achieve what you have desired all this time then, go for a kiss instead of a whine. A kiss is always sweeter than hearing your girl whine. -Anonymous

-If you want to steal a kiss from someone then you will need a partner in crime. -Anonymous

-If I start kissing you deeply then I would even forget myself completely. –Anonymous

-You should give a benefit of doubt to the girl whom you want to kiss but want to think twice before you actually do it. -Anonymous

-You kiss my lips but in the meantime, you touch my soul. -Anonymous

-Not much of your soul is left when your love stops kissing you. -Anonymous

-He kissed me but he drank the whole of my soul. -Anonymous

-Throwing away the kisses is a very slothful thing to do. -Anonymous

-If you want to complete the sequence of kissing, you must complete it with a hug. It is almost like the combination of bread and butter. -Anonymous

-A kiss will remind you that two heads can work better than just one head. -Anonymous

-If you let me print a kiss on your beautiful lips, I am sure we will be able to print the entire edition. -Anonymous

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