299+ Famous Love Quotes For Her And Him To Say I Love You

In matters of the heart, words have the power to convey the deepest emotions and strengthen the bonds of love. Whether you’re looking to express your affection to that special someone or searching for inspiration to ignite the flames of passion, our curated collection of ❤️‍? Romantic love quotes for her and him is here to help.

In this article, we’ve gathered heartfelt, soul-stirring words ? that capture the essence of love, allowing you to articulate your feelings with eloquence and sincerity.

Join us on this journey through the realm of love, as we explore the profound sentiments that bind hearts together.

Deep Love Quotes

Deep Love Quotes

-After all your fights and problems between you both, if you still want to see that person beside you when you open your eyes, then it means you have found your real love. –Anonymous

-Your love is a kind of trap in which I would remain stranded happily in my whole life. –Anonymous

-Self-love is a must. It should be your top priority, and all the other things come after it. You can achieve anything in life with self-love. –Lucille Ball

-To love you is the commencement and end of this world to me. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

-My whole universe revolves around you. You are the origin of my happiness. And, my heart beats for you only. –Anonymous

-To give love and get it back in return is the vital thing that we should learn in this life. –Morrie Schwartz

-For me, you are nothing, but everything, that I have ever wished for. –Anonymous

-Every night when I go to sleep, I have a constant smile on my face because I know you would have come into my dream for sure. Every morning, when I open my eyes again, a smile comes on my face because I realize you are my reality, not just a dream. –Anonymous

-My love story in one sentence is; I can’t envision my life without your existence in it. –Anonymous

-You are the best, but I love you madly, deeply, and wholeheartedly because of what you have made me with your love. –Roy Croft

-A friendship that has a musical touch in it is called love. –Joseph Campbell

-Every day when I open my eyes, then the first person that comes to my mind is YOU, and last, but not least, the person that comes to my mind before sleeping is YOU. –Anonymous

-The signs of your love are everywhere I look. My whole universe revolves around you only. -Anonymous

-The one whom we love has built our life. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

-All my expectations, reasons, and wishes are got fulfilled with your love. -Nicolas Sparks

-Your innocent laughs and giggles have engaged me in your love for the whole life. -Anonymous

-I have never thought in my dreams that I would fall in love with the prettiest girl in this universe and that she would love me the same in return. -Anonymous.

-You are the first on my gratitude list for the morning and the evening. I still can’t believe my fate; how did I get you? -Anonymous.

-When I lay my head on your chest, I hear nothing but your love for me in your heartbeat. -Anonymous.

-A home that I have found in you. No matter where I wander, I will always return to you. -Anonymous

-When you are in sight, my eyes switch the portrait mode on, and everything around you just blurs. -Anonymous

-Not just my heart; you are my soul. You came, and everything changed, not only a part of me but the whole of me. -Anonymous

-My possessiveness is less for you being mine, but more for me being yours. -Anonymous

-I am very clumsy. I always have a fear of losing my own heart somewhere. Therefore, I gave heart to you. Please keep it safe and protected. -Anonymous.

-Me, my heart, and my soul will remain yours forever. -Jane Austen

-Seeing you happy makes my heart flutter with happiness. The moments when I always try my best to make you laugh make me happy more than you. -Anonymous.

-Since the moment I caught you laughing, my heart gave me a sign that you are the one who I wanted in my life. -R. M. Drake

-Giving you my heart and love to you is the best thing that I have ever done in my life. -Anonymous

-I am not perfect for you and might never be able to. But, I promise to try my best inadequately to be able to. -Atticus

-The level of my love for you can reach till the moon and its back. -Sam McBratney

-This whole universe had formed a conspiracy to make you mine. Therefore, I love you. -Paulo Coelho 

-It’s been so long, but still, every day, I fall in love with you again. -Anonymous

-When you are in love, the actuality seems much superior to dreams. Therefore, lovers want to stay awake most of the time. -Dr. Seuss

-I could have my own garden full of flowers to stroll if I get a flower to missing you every moment. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

-My want was to be your friend, and my dream was to be your love. -Valerie Lombardo

deep love quotes

-There is a different charm in missing you. But, it brings emptiness to my life. -Anonymous

-I don’t care if I am not the one you kissed the first time, with whom you went on a date the first time, and with whom you fell in love the first time. But, I desire to be the last, with whom you fall in love, with whom you go on a date, and whom you kiss every day. -Anonymous

-You are an angel in this universe to me. I can’t envision anyone besides me except you. I am so grateful for you that you are walking with me on this journey of life. -Anonymous

-What is a tree when there are no flowers or fruits on it? Similarly, how will life be if there is no love in it? -Khalil Gibran

-The first thought that comes to my mind after opening my eyes is YOU. The last thought that comes to my mind before closing my eyes is YOU. And, in the rest of the hours of the day, the thoughts that come into my mind are of us. -Anonymous

-The way you are in the best possible version of yourself, and you are perfect in it. You don’t need to change just for my sake. -Anonymous

-Love is the one and the only thing that we didn’t get adequately, and we even didn’t give it adequately. -Henry Miller

-Here you are, and I had been searching for you everywhere; it was the voice of my soul when I saw you for the first time. -Anonymous

-My special place is where we are with each other. -Anonymous

-There are plenty of people who will get ready to go in the limousine with you. But, you should go with the one who will get ready to go on the bus with you, if the limousine stops running. -Oprah Winfrey

-I might have a confusing personality. I always stay in a dilemma when choosing anything. But, it is clear to me that you are the one who is my most beloved everything. -Anonymous

-I have only profound love to give it to you. I can’t provide you with anything more special than this. -Debasish Mridha

-From all the stress, pain, and sorrow, only one word can help us to escape; it is love. -Sophocles

-The plant of love is just planted once; after this, it only requires proper love and care to nurture. When it starts growing, it converts a whole place into a flower valley with its beautiful blossoms. -Hermann J. Steinherr

-The sufficiency of your sexual attractiveness determines how beautiful your life is. -Lebo Grand

deep love quotes

Making Love Quotes to Know

Making Love Quotes To Know

-Making love is a form of art and like other art forms the people who are the best at this, cannot say how this is done. – James M. Barrie.

-Music can be compared with making love because it might be all or it might be nothing. –Isaac Stern.

-Making love means engaging in communion with a woman, and I consider the bed to be a sacred table and that is where I derive passion and purification from.  –Omar Sharif.

-The best lovers out there are the most selfish men because they are smart enough to invest their efforts in giving pleasure to a woman so that they get to collect a bigger and better dividend to please themselves. – J.G.Ballard.

-If you are in love, you are making love all the time, even if you are not. The meeting of two bodies is like the overflowing of a cup. The two can remain together for days and hours. It is like beginning a dance on one day and finishing it on the next day. –Paulo Coelho.

-Making love can be compared with music because at times you want it tender and soft and at other times you desire it to be more aggressive and hard. –Jeff Buckley.

-Everything in this universe revolves around sex except sex itself because sex represents power. –Oscar Wilde.

-Whatever the question may be, lovemaking is always going to be the answer. –Woody Allen.

-If you must know the difference between love and lovemaking then it is that love gives rise to sexual tension and making love is the outlet of that tension. –Woody Allen.

-In an ideal world, you could make love to a person without having to actually love that person or give them any place in your heart, and each kiss and each touch is a piece of your heart that you are not going to see again. –Neil Gaiman.

-In a world where peace is so scarce, making love should be more instead of random sex, and then the world would too get to see a difference. –Anonymous.

-It is amazing how an activity can have two entirely different meanings on the basis of its two names, the two names being lovemaking and sex. –Anonymous.

-Lovemaking is an amazing activity that has the power to make you complete and so content. –Anonymous.

-It is strange that whilst so many people can boast of experiencing great sex, only a few can have the privilege of making love. –Anonymous.

-It is so strange that nobody can replace lovemaking with sex even though they both require the same act. –Anonymous.

-People who think sex is better than making love have definitely not experienced the latter. -Anonymous.

-Sex and making love may look like the same activity but they definitely feel a lot different. –Anonymous.

-What can be a more sensual activity than making love? -Anonymous.

-You definitely need to be in love with the person you are having intercourse with to call it lovemaking, otherwise it is just having sex. –Anonymous.

-I would never cheat just to experience the few minutes of the thrill of sex when I know already how wonderful it feels to be able to make love to the person I am in love with. –Anonymous.

Love is just a state of your mind, wherein the other person’s pleasure is essential to your own. –Anonymous

If I had a flower for every time I thought of making love to you, you’d probably receive your private garden by now. –Anonymous

I’ll never give up on trying harder and showing you how well I can make love to you because now that I have found you, how can I ever let go of you? –Anonymous

Falling for you has been so incredible. I could never have imagined someone protecting me ferociously, loving me passionately, and seeing me so thoroughly. –Anonymous

I have tried so many different ways of expressing my love for you, but what I find myself doing more often is making love to you. –Anonymous

Once you realize that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the one you’ve always wanted to, you literally cannot wait for that day you both make countless love for each other. –Anonymous

Let’s make love, baby. Let’s make love so heavenly that we can hear our hearts beat in sync as our souls intertwine. –Anonymous

Once you find that you and one person your soul desires can’t help but want to make never-ending love to, there’s no going back. –Anonymous

I don’t mind others forgetting about me as long as you remember me, and want me with you, on your bed, every night. –Anonymous

Sex and making love to each other doesn’t mean marriage, but both of these are part of your married life. -Justice Kojo Betul

-Good sex depends on the quality of your entire love life, rather than just the intricate alignment of your bodies on the bed. -Kevin Leman

-The deepest moments of intimacy and making love occurs when neither of you is talking, and you let silence prevail. -Patricia Love

-Sexual energy is just another form of energy, but where we choose to expand that energy is what makes all the difference in this world. -Joy McMillan

-Being physically intimate, and making love now and then, is essential to lead a healthy, functional, and satisfying life with your partner. -Chris Kraft

-Passionate sex may be great, but a passionate marriage, followed by passionate sex now and then, is far, far better. –Anonymous

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Short Love Quotes to Express Your Love

Short Love Quotes To Express Your Love

-I will not ever cease giving efforts because I have perfectly came to know that you are the perfect one for me and I will never leave you -Crazy Stupid Love

-I will never get tired of creating blissful moments with you -Pierre Jeanty

-We actually prefer the people for their natural behavior and not for their superficial one -Robert Frost

-Her beam is much more twinkling and precious than the brightest pole star in the night sky – Beth Revis

-Our second meeting has revealed that your personality has something different that was much needed for my life but as gradually we have come to know each other, I found that I needed you only – Jamie Mcguire

-Adoration is the nectar for the beautiful blooming of life -Victor Hugo

-You are the greatest and the only requirement of my life -Ed Sheeran

-I do not have any clue that when and how our love story has started but all I know is that this relationship of us is not going to stop ever and I am going to love you for the rest of my life -Pablo Neruda

-The art of providing adoration is a beneficiary way of teaching yourself -Eleanor Roosevelt

-You are like my ultimate fondness for the secretive things which stays between the silhouette and the spirit -Pablo Neruda

-She is the only one who has made me learn that nothing is impossible and life is beautiful in any way and that’s why I love her so much -500 Days of Summer

-Demise can stop everything except love and it may act like a brief break in a magnificent love story -The Princess Bride

-I want each of my day to retain all of you for the rest of my life -Nicholas Sparks

-When you give love and get love in return you feel like receiving the sun rays in all the cells of your body -David Viscott

-You made me feel the comfort I have while staying at home when I have got to touch you for the very first time -Sleepless in Seattle

-You will never have to worry about discovering true love because whoever is made for you will find her route to you when the right time will come -Loretta young

-I will treat as an advantage if my heart gets broken by the nurturing hands of you -John Green

-I feel magical when I get to talk to you before I fall asleep in the night -When Harry met Sally

-We have chosen to hold onto each other and stay with each other forever when we have found that every other couple are separating and becoming the enemies of each other – Ilsa in Casablanca

-He has tried a lot to avoid her by not looking at her for at once also but she was like the glaring sun which cannot be ignored at all -Leo Tolstoy

-You are the only reason for whom I live and the sole reason for which my life feels so alive now -Ian McEwan

-The components of both of our spirits are complimentary and it binds us together -Emily Bronte

-Less the amount of love, more the gossips about it, greater the depth of adoration, there needn’t any talk about it -Jane Austen

-Giving love to somebody gives you the ultimate bravery but getting the same love as return from the same person gives us the real firmness -Lao Tzu

-You never fall for somebody if you are only attracted to their looks or attire but only when you can hear their inner melancholy and it touches your heart -Oscar Wilde

-Life is a lot lovelier and much more lively when we get to fall for the right person -John Updike

-If you want to get seen by your soul mate then touch her inner spirit by the warm  and nurturing hands of yours and respect her  very much -Elizabeth Gilbert

Amazing Love Quotes

Amazing Love Quotes

-No cure is available in this world for love, but only love can heal everything- Thoreau

-It is always better to get affection and lose yourself than to never get any kind of love- Alfred Lord Tennyson

-Your actions always define love, not what you are saying – Anonymous

-Love is imperishability as it never lets you die – Emily Dickenson

-Do not ever run for love as the conditional affection is not at all worthy – Anonymous

-Our readiness to consider depicts the worth of the thing we are craving for – Charles Stanley

-The love story of everyone has a different taste, but your love story has the best flavor – Anonymous

-Fall for somebody who gives you the vibe that it is okay to be different – Sue Zhao

-Every love story must have a tinge of craziness in it else it is not considered as love – Pedro Calederon de la Barca

-Everything that happens in love is always fair and justified – Vincent Van Gogh

-What may come I will be able to find you in any situation, in any life – Kanye West

-In love, it is not the time which is counted; it is the memories which are cherished – Anonymous

-The reason to fall for you is that you are like yourself – Anonymous

-You are all about that I needed in my life – Ed Sheeran

-No words are needed if there are two souls madly in love with each other – Marceline Desbordes Valmore

-In a very short life span, cherish nothing except true love – Rumi

-Fall in love with somebody’s heart before having their physical touch and vicinity – Anonymous

-The only secret to living an ecstatic and enthusiastic life is to have immense love in your life- anonymous

-My life stopped, and my heart skipped a bit the moment I met you – Anonymous

-No one can replace the place you retain in my heart – F. Scott Fitzerald

-The way your sleeping slowly and suddenly fell completely asleep made me fall for you – John Green

-The pathway of the love stories which reach the destination is never very much plane – William Shakespeare

-The gravity is being cut across when the love becomes fearless – Perry’s poetry

-The unstoppable wish to be wished by somebody is all about love – Robert Frost

-A soul of amorous elements shared by two unlike people is nothing but love – Anonymous

-An interesting toss won by both the contenders is known as love – Anonymous

-It was love that made my pathway to you very clear – Perry Poetry

-You are the blanket which gives me immense warmth in the winter days – Saru Singhal

-Love is even unstoppable by the death – Anonymous

-Madness surrounded me by the lengthy breaks of the terrified normality – Edgar Allan Poe

-The intensity of true love is infinity which even cannot the poets can measure – Anonymous

amazing love quotes

Romantic Love Quotes

Romantic Love Quotes

-You can fall in love a million different times with the right person, and that’s the beauty of true love. -Amy Spalding

-It might take you seconds to fall for someone, but sometimes it takes even years to be able to convey your love to that very person. -Giovannie de Sadeleer

-When you fall in love, it can either slow down time or run so fast that you never get enough of the one you love. –Anonymous

Good things take time, but you must never wait to convey the butterflies in your stomach to the one you have fallen in love with. –Anonymous

We all fall for different people, not for types. We all love someone for who they are, not how they are. –Anonymous

It’s foolish to fall for a person. Fall for the person you are when you are with them. -Connor Chalfant

-Be someone who falls in love, not someone who is a fool in love. -Alvi Syahrin

-Let’s fall for each other repeatedly and screw up our lives even more? -Tamara Stamenkovic

-It’s not just an infatuation; true love feels like a healing sensation from all your past traumas and dejections. –Anonymous

Cheesy Love Quotes

Cheesy Love Quotes

-Mountains can be tired of standing still, but my love is there for you my baby. -Anonymous

-Sometimes it seems like you fall no worries because I am always on your side to catch you with my open arms. I promise my sweet princess! -Anonymous

-You’re the only one with whom I want to dedicate my soul, heart, and body. I love you baby so much. -Anonymous

-I have no words to describe your beauty. You always look ravishing, and that’s exactly what I love most about you my baby. -Anonymous

-When I am with you, I don’t want anyone else, but you and I, and that’s perfect. You are my only one honey. -Anonymous

-We have made beautiful memories. I wish I could live those beautiful moments again, but we can create new ones so let’s make it happen. -Anonymous

-This world has no deep ocean which I couldn’t cross if you were on the next side waiting for me. -Anonymous

-Life seems difficult to me if you’re not there to hold me so always beside me my honey because I love you so much. -Anonymous

-You are the one and only soul. You are mine. It is not possible to stay without you anymore. Come and love me as much as you can. -Anonymous

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Cheesy Romantic Quotes

Cheesy Romantic Quotes

-Your smile is just like every day’s sunrise. It keeps all the clouds on fire. I am with you, and you are with me; that is all I admire. –Francine Chiar

-Oh! True love is all about caring for another person’s happiness than our own. Finally, I understood my sweety, and I am ready to love in the same way. -Anonymous

-I love you even when you are sick or when you look ugly. –Colin Firth

-Life can be a little strange, and we can be too, but when our strangeness matches with someone who is perfect in compatibility, then we become the perfect pair, and then true love begins. –Robert Fulghum

-I don’t know baby, but my mind always thinks about you. My eyes want to see you, my hands want to touch you, my ears want to hear you, I am in madly love you. -Anonymous

-Baby love is all about accepting our partner’s flaws, so I request you to ignore my mistakes but keep the focus on my love. -Anonymous

-I never want a long life, but I want a life that always gives me a chance to be with you whenever I want. -Anonymous

-I want you to be my happiness, my pain, my scar, my life, my spouse, my life, and my love. Be my everything not now only but till my last breath. –John Lee Delan

-I can sleep forever if you appear in my dreams forever. –Joekidia Raynet

Funny Love Quotes to Win His/Her Heart

Funny Love Quotes To Win His/her Heart

-If you ever feel safe, comfortable, and happy about sharing your popcorn with somebody then congratulations you are in love with that person -Charles Schultz

-If you need the perfect cake in your life, then love will be the one for you where romance will shape up the cake properly -Anonymous

-Love is that kind of ailment which needs to be treated and cured badly, but we actually want to remain sick under the grasp of love forever as we enjoy its suffering too much -Fran Lebowitz 

-Marriage only becomes successful when we put into it some stuff that will only fit it right which is very similar to the stockings -Phyllis Schlafly

-Making love in public is daring, but you will have to be brave enough for face the passerby who is going to witness and taunt your dare -Anonymous

-Love is so vulnerable and risky that it is similar to confessing to somebody about how fake her hair looks or telling them about their pants chain being open -Anonymous

-Marriage is like being willingly stupid and wasting your time with your desire and pleasure by getting some weird lectures from your better half -Megan Mullally

-I can say a thousand times that I give you more priority than coffee, but if you insist I prove that right, my actions might not be similar to my words -Anonymous

-A man always finds for completion with the woman they loves by marrying her but once they are hitched, they suddenly discover that they are actually finished -Zsa Zsa Gabor

-I badly crave a person who would melt the same way my ice cream melts when I stare into it -Anonymous

Funny love quotes

-Love is like that enormous violent flame which pleasantly burns your heart which is quite soothing but achingly puts all your money and bank balance down into ashes -Joan Crawford

-In marriage, it is the primary role of the husband to resist his wife to waste all their savings by doing pointless online shopping -Anonymous

-The way of falling in love with a man and a woman is quite different; a man melts by the looks of the woman whereas the woman only steps into a relationship if she gets the assurance by using her ears -Woodrow Wyatt

-It will be the wisest decision to get hitched with a man who is of your age so that he does not retain good eyesight to witness your fading beauty -Phyllis Diller

-Marry a judge, so that after each quarrel you will be assured that he will be calling a jury to sort things out and to decide who among you is guilty -Groucho Marx

-Her look was so appealing and melting that it could have easily poured instead of hot chocolate over a crunchy waffle –Ring Lardner

-Pierced-ear men are one of the most trustworthy and com

funny love quotes

True Love Quotes for You

True Love Quotes For You

-You look so cute the way you sleep slowly-slowly and then suddenly, like a baby. This is what she feels about him. –John Green

-I am in love with you now; I was also in love with you the day before. My love for you is eternal. It will remain forever. –Elaine Davis

-I was falling for you, thinking that you are flawless. But, after some time, I realized you are full of flaws, and then I again fell for you, even more, this time. –Angelita Lim

-I am alive because you are with me. I love sleeping because you come into my dreams. Also, I love being awake because you remain in my thoughts at that time. –Anonymous

-I was just a man, and then you came, and I became a better man. –Melvin Udall

-Loving a woman is more necessary than understanding her. –Oscar Wilde

-A lady with good listening skills can easily make any man crazy. –Brendan Francis

-When your heart starts ruling on your mind, and you become emotionally weak, then it means you are completely trapped in the trap of love. –Theodore Roethke

-A complete combination of concern, care, and worry, can be found in love only. –Ovid

-It takes much more time to forget something or someone than to love someone. –Pablo Neruda

-The feeling of love might not be seen with the eyes but can be felt with the heart. It is similar to a breeze. –Nicholas Sparks

-There is a quick test to check if you are in love or not. If you like to stay awake always because real life seems much more beautiful and better than a dream, then it means you are entirely in love. –Dr. Seuss

-The way I love you is the best way to love you because this is the only best way I know. There are no challenges or selfishness in loving you. I don’t know at what time I fell for you, how I fell for you, and at what place I fell for you the first time. But, I love you madly. I am so attached to you that my sleep is fulfilled when you close your eyes, and when you lay your hand on me, I feel like it is my own hand. –Pablo Neruda

-I always want to give you the best kind of love. That love will arouse our souls and will constantly make us desire more. That love will create serenity in our minds but will kindle a fire in our hearts. –Noah from The Notebook

– When the magic of love creeps up, the man automatically comes out of his own comfort zone. –Ben Hecht

-The dust seems like a golden mist with the magic of romance when you are in love. –Elinor Glyn

-I have a desire that you will get the love as much that it will touch the highest level of insanity. –André Breton

-I am not sure about the other lifetimes of mine, but I would love to make you mine in this course of life and to spend this whole remaining life with you. –J.R.R. Tolkien

-I desired to make you a friend of mine, and my fantasy was to make you a sweetheart of mine. –Valerie Lombardo

-It doesn’t matter who is preventing it, loving everyone who is around you is a must. It is the motive of humanity and human life. –Kurt Vonnegut

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If You Have One, Then Never Let Him/her Go. So, Check Out Amazing Never Give Up On Love Quotes

-Love has that enormous power that can make you feel liberated from all the sufferings and agony of life. –Sophocles

-I will always remember you if you motivate me. I will always curse you if you intentionally pay no attention to me. I will always dislike you if you talk bad about me. I will always distrust you if you do buttering with me. The most important thing is that I will firmly fall in love with you if you give me a sign of love. –William Arthur Ward

-The best and absolute phase of love comes when your partner’s pleasure becomes more important to you than your own. –Robert A. Heinlein

-A real love cannot be pretended or intentionally done. Real love is made unintentionally. It happens in a flashing moment or in a time a heart takes for a beat. –Sarah Dessen

-Love is eternal and endless. And, who doesn’t love like this is not a lover? –Euripides

-Love is another name for getting burnt in the fire. –Jane Austen

-Love is no less than conflict and warfare. It is an ever-growing process. Its beginning and ending would always be out of the level of our thinking power. –James Baldwin

-The same level of pleasure you can feel in letting go, which you feel in love. And, this realization will come in the end. –Jack Kornfield

-Love is a feeling that gives you happiness for some time, but the pain it gives will last forever. –Bette Davis

-Love is close to wild energy. You can’t control it, and if you try to do so, it will demolish you. You can’t put it under lock and key, and if you try to do so, it will make you a slave. You can’t comprehend what it is, and if you try to do so, it will make you feel more puzzled and disoriented. –Paulo Coelho

-The love that we feel we deserve; we only choose to accept that kind of love. –Stephen Chbosky

-The best and real wisdom in this universe is, having a heart that knows how to love. –Charles Dickens

-It is said that something is better than nothing. Similarly, it is much better to be in love and get destroyed than to never experience the feeling of love. –St. Augustine

-Love abundantly and limitlessly without anticipating anything back is the most courageous form of love. –Madonna

-Gripping each other’s hand in this lifetime is an excellent thing to grip onto. –Audrey Hepburn

-The love can bring out the best version of you, and your soul comes out slowly which was afraid to come outside. –Zora Neale Hurston

-It doesn’t matter who you are, what place you are, and from where you are; there is an equal possibility for everyone to get love and to love. –Oprah Winfrey

-Some things exist that cannot be neglected and justified in this lifetime. And, I believe love is that one thing. –Cate Blanchett

-Being a part of his pleasure doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the joy in the life of that particular person. This is a feeling of true love. –Cate Blanchett

-We are all such tiny beings in this vast universe. For us, the only way to touch the massiveness on this earth is love. –Carl Sagan

-There is no barrier of age to be in love. But, love can indeed become a barrier to your getting aged. –Jeanne Moreau

-Every person wants a soulmate. They believe the soulmate is the one who is similar to you and ideally fits in your life. But, in a true sense, the real meaning of soulmate is the one who acts as a mirror to you. The one who brings out the best in you, which even you didn’t know existed in you. The one who shows you the real world and changes your perspective towards life positively. –Elizabeth Gilbert

-Many people have experienced the feeling of love, but there are only very few people who actually enjoy this feeling. –George Jean Nathan

-Love is not a mere word. It is an action to perform. It is beyond the emotions. Love is, taking care of each other, sharing every moment of life while helping each other, and making sacrifices if needed for each other. –William Arthur Ward

-Love is not just a feeling. It is a possible course of action in which you have to make different choices at different life phases. –Barbara De Angelis

-The person who is in love can think differently. It is not necessary to think alike if you are in love. –Francis David

-There is no better teacher than a love that brings out the best version of us and teaches us essential and unforgettable life lessons. –Moliere

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Silly Love Quotes for Your One and Only 

Silly Love Quotes For Your One And Only

-Love just likes to share your popcorn. –Charles Schultz 

-Are you aware of that feeling that comes when you start liking someone? That feeling actually indicates that all your common senses are leaving your body.

-I just want to have someone who will just look at me just like I look at the chocolate cakes. Anonymous

-I swear that I am really not good when I am left alone with you. Anonymous

-You wanted to know who the love of my life is. I would just tell you to read the first word again. Anonymous

-I love you with all of my stomach. It could have been my heart but my stomach is bigger than my heart. Anonymous

-Love can make the world go round and round. But it actually makes the entire ride meaningful. Anonymous

-It is said that love is blind but my love for you could see you and also choose you as the love of my life. –Anonymous 

silly love quotes

-I love you so much that I am ready to fight a bear but the bear should not be a scary one. Anonymous

-Can you send me a kiss darling? I promise that I will send it back to you. –Anonymous

-Make sure to follow your heart every time but do not forget to bring your brain along with you. Anonymous

-I just the teddy bear with whom I used to sleep. Would you mind if I sleep with you? –Anonymous

-I don’t care about the butterflies because I feel the whole zoo in my stomach whenever I see you. –Anonymous

-It was good that I brought my library card because I’m going to check you out totally. Anonymous

-In a room that is full of only art, I would not stop staring at you. Anonymous

-Do you believe that love happens at first sight, or should I come to your sight again? Anonymous 

-Love is all about being stupid together. Paul Valery

-Love is just temporary insanity that can be cured by marriage. Ambrose Bierce

-You love flowers, and so you cut them. You love animals, but still, you eat them. I know that you love me, and that scares me. Anonymous

-I love you more than I love coffee, but I don’t want to prove it to you. Anonymous

-I think that you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency. That is me. Anonymous

-You are just the cutest thing I have ever loved, after my pet. Anonymous

-Each and every day I just fall in love with you even more. Except yesterday because you were quite annoying. Anonymous

-Love can make people do some silly things. I can prove it because that made me send you this silly message! Anonymous

-I will love you no matter what, but you don’t have to do so much of it. Anonymous

-You are the cheese to my pizza. Anonymous

-Besides chocolate, you are the most favorite thing for me. Anonymous

-Do you know magic? Because when I look at you, the rest of the world just disappears! Anonymous

-I just want to be the reason for you to look down at your phone and then smile when you see this silly message and then just walk into a pole. Please don’t scold me. Anonymous

-Together with you is the best place to be on this earth. Anonymous

-Let us be wonderful and weird at the same time together. Anonymous

-It is just amazing how one day you walked into my life, and then the next day I wonder how I lived without you all these years. Anonymous

-You are just like a dictionary because you have added meaning to my life. Anonymous

-Most of the women just desire someone who can make them laugh and feel safe. So, they basically expect a clown ninja. Anonymous

-A man knows he is in love when he loses all interest in his car for a few days. Tim Allen

silly love quotes

I Will Always Love You Quotes for Her

I Will Always Love You Quotes For Her

-I wish to walk with you by holding your hand in mine, forever with love. -Fawn Weaver

-If you get someone whom you love unconditionally, then wait for this love affair. –Princess Diana

-Love is a kind feeling. Love teaches us to be patient. Our love shows to remain real. Nothing catastrophe will rip or violate the love. –Jessica Wheaton

-It is love when you wish to provide them with the very finest of stuff you’ve, and you also choose to devote yourself. That’s my love for you. –Octavian Paler 

-Oh, my morning star, my love of life, my love will be the same forever. – Anonymous

-I can sense the sunshine of love upon my face whenever I look at you. – Anonymous

-I shall love you really forever and every day! –William Rose Benet 

-Loving somebody is like finding magic invisible to others. –Francois Mauriac 

-I adore you with no recognition of just how, or if, or by wherever. I really like you directly forwardly, devoid of complexities and pride. Therefore, I will always love you because I don’t have another way. –Joel Benton

-I’m feeling very delighted to find you as my love. – Anonymous

-Let’s move on to another step where only a single thing exists, and that’s my love. – Anonymous

-No matter It’s what makes you or how you will become, that is exactly what I really like. I will love you always. –Amy Vincent 

-Let me shout, fall, harm, and neglect; what all matter? I truly love you. – Anonymous

-Although, we have two different hearts those two are bound by one thing; ’s simply called love. – Anonymous

-I have only one choice; that’s to surrender my life to you. – Anonymous

-As long as I live, I command my heart to beat only for you my love. –Anonymous

I Will Always Love You Quotes

I Will Always Love You Quotes

If I ever need to let go of the most precious of my possessions to have you, my love, always and forever, I’m ready to give up on anything. –Anonymous

My life would feel so bland and meaningless without you in it. I’m ready to cross mountains and swim oceans if needed to have you forever. –Anonymous

You are a blessing in my life. A boon, an angel, sent from the above. You make my life worth living and enjoying, and I can never allow myself to let go of you. –Anonymous

Every day of life begins with thinking about you. I swear to God that I’ll never part ways with you in my life. –Anonymous

I feel like a dead man wandering alone on this planet. My existence feels incomplete without you. You’re the part of my life that I’m nothing without. –Anonymous

-I love you without any form of pride or complexity. I love you even when I don’t know why or how. I love you straightforwardly as I know no other way. -Pablo Neruda

-I did love you the day before, and I do love you right now. No one knows what tomorrow is going to bring, but all I can do is assure you that I’ll never stop loving you. –Anonymous

You were, you are, and will always be my favorite hi, and my toughest goodbye. -Cecelia Ahern

-I love you now, and I’ll love you every second from now on, till the second I die, and if there is something called an afterlife, I’ll love you again. -Cassandra Clare 

-It’s a promise that I make, to love you forever till my grave, and if I get another life on this planet, I’m going to love you harder than I would in this life. –Anonymous

I don’t care whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or night. At every point of the day, I will love you with all my might. –Anonymous

For every day, I’m going to love you more than what I did the day before and a little less than what I’m going to do the following day. -Rosemonde Gerard

-I swear I won’t be able to love you more than what I do at this very moment, but I know for sure that tomorrow I’m going to love you harder than today. –Anonymous

I love you because you are my today, my yesterday, and all of my tomorrow. I can’t see a better life without you by my side. I’ll love you always and forever. –Anonymous

You are going to have me. Until the last star in the universe dies, you have me in your life. -Amie Kaufman

-And just in case you ever forget, there’s never a moment that I’m not thinking about you. You are all my desires and aspirations, personified. -Virginia Woolf

-When love is true, you find your soulmate every lifetime. Just that the time, place, and your faces change. -Kanye West

-Doesn’t matter how far away, doesn’t matter how long I stay, know that I’m going to love you, and love you all the way. –Anonymous

True love elucidates how far away two souls are from each other; their feelings can never subside or diminish as long as they feel genuinely for each other. –Anonymous

Even if someday the sky shreds, the stars fall apart, I will never stop loving you, for you are all I have ever desired. –Anonymous

I’m right here today, by your side, and I will always be here till the day I close my eyes. You are someone I can never get enough of, and I would love to be yours forever. –Anonymous

I will always love you like it’s the beginning of our relationship, and never get tired of your, or your tantrums. I will love you for everything that you are. –Anonymous

My heart has been yours since I met you, and it beats every day because you reside inside it. I’ll never break my heart to get you out of it. –Anonymous

All I want is for you to promise me that you will stay by my side forever. Sometimes I feel that you can’t be real for everything you do and how you love me. -Kiera Cass

-I won’t be promising you things that I can’t give. However, I’m all yours to take. You can have me forever, but promise me never to break the heart I give you to take care of. –Anonymous

I want to adore you every single second of my life. Nothing in this world can prevent me from admiring you and expressing my love for you. –Anonymous

In all honesty, I will always love you for how you are, without failing my words. I will love you no matter how hard things get for us. –Anonymous

To my eyes, you’re the most beautiful woman ever, but you have a gorgeous soul to my heart. I can’t help but fall in love with you, again and again, for an entire lifetime. –Anonymous

A part of me will always love you no matter what you become or how drastically you change over time. –Anonymous

I want to dwell every time I look at you. You are the guiding angle of my life, the stars lighting up my world when it’s dark around me. –Anonymous

If I am ever aware of what love is, and how it feels to love someone and be loved back, it’s because of you. -Hermann Hesse

-My source of utmost joy, my whole heart, and the center of my world. It’s you, you, and forever you. I will always love you no matter what comes between you and me. –Anonymous

-You make me want to become a better version of myself, a better man, and I’ll strive very hard to become the guy of your dreams so that you love me forever. –Anonymous

Every time I think about you, I stay awake. Every time I dream about you, I stay asleep. Every time I am with you, I feel alive. –Anonymous

The pleasure love gives you only lasts for a moment, but the pain love gives you persists for a lifetime. So, I’d never want to lose my hold of you and always have you stay with me. –Anonymous

How can love be love until it’s vulnerable and full of fears and insecurities? I want to love you always and forget about all my insecurities and fears regarding love. –Anonymous

Your touch sends ripples all over my body, just as a small pebble does when dropped on the calming waters of a lake. –Anonymous

I’m confused as to what Facebook relationship status I should upload. There’s nothing like “madly in love and want you forever” –Anonymous

I Love You More than Quotes

I Love You More Than Quotes

-I will never be able to match up to the cheesy words for defining you because you are much more classy and beloved to me than those quotes written down by people. -Anonymous

-Quotes can be really cool and pampering at times but often they fail to provide the accurate intensity and the realistic side of my love for you -Anonymous

-I love you so much dear that even hundreds and thousands of quotes will fail to match up to the intensity and craziness of my affection for you -Anonymous

-If I have to compare my love for you sweetheart, I would never use any quote because my love is much better and greater than any of the quotes in this world -Anonymous

i love you more than quotes

Love You More than Quotes

Love You More Than Quotes

-On any fine day, I can confidently claim that no quotes have the potential to stand in front of the affection that I have in my tiny heart for you -Anonymous

-I am sure that you must go crazy whenever you get to hear some nice and romantic quotes, but I am more than sure that will go totally mad when you will get to know the intensity of my love for you -Anonymous

-It is very significant for you to know today that I have always loved you more and much more than any of the love quotes could have ever expressed in their cheesy and filmy lines -Anonymous

-If the intensity of the feelings that you have felt from the love quotes have reminded you of the vast sky, then you must know my dear that my love for you is much beyond the sky -Anonymous

-I am ready to agree that my love is nothing compared to the sweetness of the sugar-coated words of the love quotes, but I must say that the purity in my love holds a greater position than them -Anonymous

-I might not have the ability to make the proposals sweetly complicated, but I believe that my simplicity in loving you is much more sober and smoother than those love quotes -Anonymous

-I might not make such pseudo sky-high promises like those quotes, but the truth of my feelings will ever remain better and greater than those sugary love quotes -Anonymous

I Love You More Than Quotes.

I Love You More Than Quotes

I love you more than anyone else in this world, and I love you more than I hate everything and everyone else. -Rainbow Rowell

-I do love you more than what I loved you yesterday, but darling, I still love you less than what I’ll love you tomorrow. –Anonymous 

-I love you more than everyone loves the cold side of the pillow in summer. –Anonymous

I swear to God I can’t love you more than I do right now, yet I know that I will love you more than I do tomorrow. -Rosemonde Gerard

-I love you more than I can ever express, or even barely hope to express. -Jude Morgan

-I always love you more than the greeneries in the meadows, the rainbow in the sky, and the butterflies in the gardens. –Anonymous

I love you and will always do, more than anything you could ever imagine or say. Every breath I take is because you make my existence worth continuing. –Anonymous

I never loved you for your looks, expensive clothes, or a fancy car. I loved you for who you are and the song you sang, which only I could hear. -Oscar Wilde

-Take my hand, and take my whole life with you because I can’t help but fall in love with you. I love you more than a lost child loves to get back to his home. –Anonymous

I love you with all I own. I’m what I’m today solely because of you, and I love you more daily. –Anonymous

I have always loved you in a very straightforward manner, without any pride or complexities. I will always love you this way because I know no other. -Pablo Neruda

-I love you with all my heart, so much so that none is left for protesting. -William Shakespeare 

-I love you more than a guy loves fixing up a bachelor friend with one of his single female friends. –Anonymous

Sweetheart, I’ll always love you more than a sea of flowers and a sky full of stars at midnight. I’ll love you more than a world of hugs and a universe of smiles. –Anonymous

I love you more than Vin Diesel loves playing the role of Dominic Toretto in the fast and furious series. –Anonymous

I love you the way a drowning man loves the stroke of fresh air underneath his nostrils, maybe a bit more. I’m down if I had to get destroyed to have you a little! –Anonymous

-When you are in love with someone, you talk differently about them to others. You certainly want others to appreciate them and fall for their personality. –Anonymous

-You and you alone are enough to make me realize that I’m alive and breathing right. You and you alone are enough to make me fall in love with the miseries of this world. –Anonymous

Every time I think of you, I remember all the good influences you’ve had in my life, and you continue to influence me in various ways. I’m thankful to you and your love. -B. Rivers

-To be your friend was everything that I always wanted. To be your lover was something that I couldn’t even imagine. -Valerie Lombardo

-True love always finds a way to shine through. It has decency, and at the same time, it’s insane. It has a calmness, and at the same time, absolutely mad. –Anonymous

I love you more than I promise to do. It’s because you’ve always accepted me the way I’m, with my faults and flaws. -Ingrid Michaelson

-Today, I’m going to love you more than I’ve ever loved you. Tomorrow I’m going to cross my limits again. -Cecelia Ahern

I Love You Forever Quotes

I Love You Forever Quotes

-I aspire to say “I love you” to you in a million different ways, but none of them can justify my love for you. –Anonymous

Every heart has a song of its own that it sings incompletely. It needs another heart to whisper back the rest of the song to complete it. The ones who wish to sing will always find a song. -Plato

-Cinderella couldn’t love the Prince Charming as much as I do you. You are rare and unique, and I love you more than my skin. –Anonymous

I have never loved you any more than what I’m doing right now, and I will never love you any less than what I’m doing right now. -Kami Garcia

-I wanted you to know that whatever happens to me, and wherever I’m then, I’ll always love you more than anyone else ever could. I’ll think of the time spent together as our happiest. -Cynthia Hand

-I haven’t figured out how to sit across from you and still not be madly in love with everything you do. -William C. Hannan

-I love you more than everything in this world combined. -Stephenie Meyer

-I love you for the sake of love itself. You have always been the one I chased after since my first love rose like a bird at my feet. -James Barrie

-I’ll always be grateful to you for showing me your genuine self and loving me the way I always wanted to be loved. Thanks for showing me what true love looks and feels like. -Steve Maraboli 

-I think I love you more than I should love you. It feels like I’ve never seen the sky before until the day I met you and realized what true beauty appears to be. -Becca Fitzpatrick

-I love you more than words could describe ever. I think you’ve made me a complete person from the inside out. -David Gest

-I will always love you more than Peter Pan loves Neverland. –Anonymous

I wish I’m allowed to spend at least one lifetime with you, rather than being a loner and facing all the ages of this world alone. –Anonymous

Instead of facing all the ages of this world alone, I would rather spend only one lifetime, and that too, with you by my side. -J.R.R. Tolkien

-I love you more than how certain dark things are supposed to be loved, that is, in secret, between the soul and its shadow. -Pablo Neruda 

-There are a million tiny little things out there that appear as if they are meant to be together forever when all added up together. Two of those tiny little things are the souls of you and me. –Anonymous

Love for you is stronger than the attachment of the Sun with Mercury, the strongest one. –Anonymous

Ever since I fell in love with you, it has been increasing like the level of water in a tsunami. –Anonymous

My feelings for you keep increasing even if I try hard not to, and it is like a natural habit that levels up on its own. –Anonymous

I love you Quotes to Share

I Love You Quotes To Share

Without understanding, I love you how, or if, or by wherever. I like you, without problems or pride: I really appreciate you like this as I don’t know some way of loving but that there is absolutely no you or me, so intimate your hand on my chest is my hand. -Pablo Neruda 

Love doesn’t know its deepness until it’s getting separated. -Gebran Khalil Gebran 

I didn’t know how we should live until I loved. -Emily Dickson 

When we see someone’s dark point, then we understand what they really are. When we forgive someone, only then understand what true love actually is. -Marianne Williamson

 Now you Know you are in love if you never desire to get to sleep because reality is finally superior to your desires. -Dr. Seuss 

If one is loved, he/she is loved because love needs no reason. -Paulo Coelho 

True love never needs a particular time or place. It all occurs Unwittingly, through heartbeat, that too at a single flash with a  meaty minute. -Sarah Dessen

I understood the Beatles made it erroneous. We don’t need love, but love is everywhere. – Morgan Matson 

Perhaps you don’t require the whole planet to like you. Do you understand? Possibly you simply want one, that special someone. – Kermit, the Frog 

Do love so deeply although whoever loved us is gone, gives us some

protection indefinitely. It’s inside your skin. -J.K. Rowling

I adore you personally, also that I shall love you till I perish, and even when there is a Life then, I will really like you afterward. -Cassandra Clare

My love has power, and that power is beyond words. I opted to shut my mouth up. -Nizar Qabbani

I love to see you at the time when you fall asleep, gradually, then suddenly, when you fall into a deep sleeping state. – John Green

I admired you yesterday, love you now, and I’ll love you forever ever. – Elaine Davis

You never love someone because he/she looks nice, or they have the right to wear, or they have a stylish car, but they can sing a song which only you can hear. -Oscar Wilde

There is no great replacement for love that states nothing matters what is happening in your life at this moment, but my heart welcomes you here. – Tom Hanks

If you have a hundred years to stay alive, then I chose to live ninety-nine because I can’t live a single day without you. -A. A. Milne

Loving you is insanity; without reason, that feels really perfect. -Leo Christopher

It is love that helps you explore the hidden places in your loved ones, even those that they did not understand what they really are, and yes, that too, never thought, they call themselves as beautiful. -Hilary T. Smith

I understood that moment when we first saw each other, there has been something around you needed.  It was not something around you personally whatsoever.  This had been only you. -Jamie McGuire

I’m in love, That’s with you only, love is simply a shout into the emptiness, also that oblivion is inescapable, and now all of us are doomed. There will soon come a day, once each of our labor comes back into dirt, also that I understand that the sunlight will absorb the sole ground we will possess, and now I’m deeply in deep love alongside you. -John Green

Expressing Your Feelings To Someone You Love Quotes

Expressing Your Feelings To Someone You Love Quotes

-To the world you will be one person, you’re the entire world to me. –Bill Wilson

-Love is a powerful technique to reveal your Feelings where everything happens automatically. -You don’t need any particular training. –Anonymous

-You have to love yourself first and then, everything will be done automatically. You genuinely have to love yourself to get anything that is done in this world. –Lucille Ball

-Love grows when you give. Love develops by giving. Yes, it is absolutely true. Learn to spread the love if you want to retain it for longer. –Elbert Hubbard

-Deep love is incomplete without deep disappointment. –Martin Luther King, Jr.

-Love has no words or conversation; love has understanding power. –Francis Havergal

-Love gives wide support and takes nothing in return. –William Shakespeare

-The surprising thing about love is that you should plant it and nurture it and it will bloom into flowers that would ensure the slopes. –Hermann J. Steinherr

I Really Like You Quotes For Him

I Really Like You Quotes For Him

-Even the simple things that you do for me make me like you even more and more. -Anonymous

-The way you make me laugh and the way you make me forget all the sorrows of my life make me like you even more. -Anonymous

-I cannot stay mad at you for a long time only because I like you so much. -Anonymous

-In my spare time the only thing that I think about is all those times that we have spent together and that makes me like you more than you can ever imagine. -Anonymous

-I like you for all that you are today, all that you were yesterday, and all that you are going to be tomorrow. –Anonymous

I can’t express how much I like you and how special you are to me, but my world is full of happiness and smiles when I’m with you. –Anonymous

You can never be lonely as long as you like the person you are alone with. -Wayne W. Dyer

-I like you because I like how happy I am with you. All my worries and fears seem to diminish with your presence by my side. –Anonymous

When someone likes you, they should like the real version of you and not what they think you are. -Stephen Chbosky

-How can you even hate someone unless you are likely to know how it feels to love them? -Jodi Picoult

i love you quotes

When we are in love, then we should never be resistless at the time of pain. –Sigmund Freud

You should keep separate from those who want to belittle your aspirations. They are the small-minded people who do that, but you can become great too. – Mark Twain.

I am declaring this to you now, without beginning or end. I love you. I love you the way a girl loves a boy without having any fear or expectations. – Jamie Weise

Everything I know or understand because I love. -Leo Tolstoy

I would send lots of showers of kisses if they were raindrops. I would send oceans if seas were hugs, and lastly, if love is not a thing but a person, then I would definitely send me. – Emily Bronte

Love merely is trusting, and trust is based on love. That’s rarely a beautiful feeling when people confide in their partners, without fear, what people actually think. – E.A. Bucchianeri

I am in love with you. I am on rest with you. I have reached home. -Dorothy Sayers

Love is when we consider the happiness of our partner as our own. -Obert A. Heinlein

There is no moment of doubt to love you. I trust you completely. You are my lovable person, an actual reason for life. -Ian McEwan

We come into this world alone, we stay alone, and then we die. It is our love and friendship; we can create the illusion that we are not really alone for the next moment. -Orson Welles

Love for now and always, but the missing part is coup de grace that is actually a passion. -Clarice Lispector

Love is nothing but a single soul that inhabits two different bodies. –Aristotle

If love is there, no room seems little. –Talmud

world needs less paperwork and more love. -Pearl Bailey

Love never makes the planet round, but it makes the ride worthy. -Elizabeth Browning

It is love to see her; she matters, but the most important thing is to love her forever. -Robert Burns

It is love which is not less than a master key that is competent to open all the doors of happiness. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Loving is the only way which teaches us how to love. – Iris Murdoch

Love is all about sharing popcorn. -Charles Schultz

Love is a wind, people can’t see with eyes, but they actually feel it. -Nicholas Sparks

We can give love away if we keep love by ourselves. -Elbert Hubbard

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