80+ Rose Day Quotes to Make Your Partner Smile

Rose day is a very special day for couples. Being a part of valentine’s week, rose day is one of the most awaited days.

You must celebrate this day with love and affection for your partner. Here is a list of Rose day quotes that can help you to express your love magnificently. 

Rose Day Quotes to Make Your Partner Smile

-In a garden full of roses, you are the most precious rose of my life. Wishing you a very happy rose day, my love. -Anonymous

-I thought of proposing to you with a precious ring along with a bottle of champagne but then I came to know that a beautiful rose could be the best thing to give to a beautiful person like you my love. Happy rose day! –Anonymous

-You are just as beautiful as a red rose and a rose can express my love for you better. I love you so much. -Anonymous

-Even if I gift you a garden full of roses, it won’t be enough because your beauty is something beyond beautiful. -Anonymous

-A rose is one such thing that can express the feelings that I have for you today. Happy rose day to you my beautiful wife! -Anonymous

-On this rose day, I shall make this day the most memorable one for you, my love. -Anonymous

-I think that a rose is the only thing which can express the feelings that I have for you in such a wonderful way. Happy rose day beautiful! -Anonymous

-As long as you live with me I just want you to hold tightly onto this rose only because today is one of the most special days of my life. -Anonymous

-I am giving this rose to you today and it will mark the beginning of our romantic days together always. Happy rose day my love! -Anonymous

-The first person who compared the cheeks of a woman to a beautiful rose was most probably a poet but the one who repeated it was insane. – Salvador Dali

-I am sending you this bouquet of roses on this special day just to show you how much love I am in with you and this love is absolutely pure, deep, and beautiful. -Anonymous

-A bouquet of rose implies deep respect and love for the most beautiful woman in my life and that is you. -Anonymous

-This is the first rose day that we are going to celebrate together in a really special way. -Anonymous

-You are very precious to me and this rose is for you, my love! -Anonymous

-Not every flower can resemble your beauty unless it is a rose. -Anonymous

-Only one rose is enough to let you know how lucky I am to have a person like you in my life. -Anonymous

-This rose is for you and I am just grateful to you for coming into my life and completing it. -Anonymous

-You are much sweeter than candy and much beautiful than a rose. I can proudly say that you are mine. -Anonymous

-Roses can be red and of course, violets are blue but they can never be as good as you. -Anonymous

-I miss you when you are not there with me and I wish I could give you a rose every time I miss you and then you land up in the rose garden. -Anonymous

-If someone gives me a rose each time I miss you, then I could create a rose garden out of all those roses. Happy Rose Day my man! -Anonymous

-This rose can speak silently but the only thing is that its language is known to your heart only. -Anonymous

-Just like the rose and the thorn is linked together, similarly happiness and sorrow live together. -Anonymous

-I am sending you a bunch of roses where you will find a yellow rose to mark our happiness, the white rose will mark our purity and the black one is for our deep secrets. Not to forget the red one which will mark our love for each other. Happy Rose Day! -Anonymous

-The red roses are known for whispering passion and the white ones are for love. -Anonymous

-This rose here is for the most beautiful person in my life who is my wife. -Anonymous

-The fragrance of a rose will always stay in the hands of the giver. -Anonymous

-The best thing that I had watched in my life is seeing a yellow rose turning into a red one. Happy Rose Day to you! -Anonymous

rose day quotes

Rose Day Quotes for Love

-When our friendship turned into love, it was the most beautiful feeling ever. Now the yellow rose will also turn into a red one. Happy Rose Day to you my girl! -Anonymous

-I just pray to God that all the thorns vanish from the path of your life and all that you get to see is a path full of rose petals. -Anonymous

-I am blind without you just like a rose is nothing without its color. -Anonymous

-Not all birds can dance except a peacock. Not everyone can love me except you. Not every flower can show love except a rose. Happy Rose Day! -Anonymous

-My heart is a garden full of flowers where the rose is you. I love you and wishing you a very happy rose day! -Anonymous

-Roses can justify love. Here I am right in front of you with a bunch of roses to express my love. -Anonymous

-Everything is so special about you. Every time I see you, I feel like I am watching a walking rose. -Anonymous

-Whenever I think of you, I start smiling like a fool. You never leave my thoughts. -Anonymous

-I miss you every time you go away and it pains me. But today, I am not letting you go anywhere because this day is just meant for us to spend together. -Anonymous

-I have chosen a very special rose with love and affection and this is for a very special person in my life. -Anonymous

-This red rose here can define the beautiful love that we both share with each other. Happy rose day! -Anonymous

-I was looking at a red rose but I did not find it more beautiful than you are. -Anonymous

-I picked up a red rose and then I looked at you. I found you more beautiful than the red rose. Happy rose day! -Anonymous

-This rose is a promise of a new life that we are going to start with each other. -Anonymous

-Love can flow like water and grow like a flower. I can drink a dozen roses just to let you know how much love I have for you in my heart. -Anonymous

-You came into my life and there was a beautiful fragrance everywhere. You are as much beautiful as a rose. -Anonymous

-With love, I could see that your heart is covered in thorns just like the roses that you gave me. -Laura Jane

-Although roses lose their petals too yet they can bloom all over again. -Anonymous

-For my beautiful girl, here is the most beautiful rose for you. But I bet, you are prettier than the rose. -Anonymous

-I do not wish to compare your beauty with that of a rose because your beauty is beyond comparison. -Anonymous. 

rose day quotes

-Your eyes can speak louder than these bunch of roses. -E. E Cummings

-Love is a special but a rare kind of rose. The fragrance is intoxicating but when you pick them with your fingers, it remains oblivious to the thorns. -Michael Faudet

-A gardener is too fond of roses because he becomes the slave to innumerable thorns each day. -Anonymous

-If you cannot bear the thorns you must not tend to the roses. -Anonymous

-You are as soft and beautiful as this rose. Happy Rose Day darling. -Anonymous

-I just hope that I am able to make this day special just for you. -Anonymous

-Let us pause this moment and let me hold you in my arms while you hold the rose. -Anonymous

-Roses are of different colors and each color has a different meaning to it but I would give you the red rose to reflect our love. -Anonymous

-The moment you walked into my life you turned it into a garden full of rose. -Anonymous

-This is our first rose day and we must celebrate our love today. Happy rose day my princess! -Anonymous

-You have made my world brighter with your presence. Even a red rose would fade away after seeing you. -Anonymous

-I know you are fond of roses and hence, I have decided that each time I visit you, I am going to bring a rose for you. But today, you deserve a bunch of rose from me. -Anonymous

-We cannot live without each other just like you cannot find a rose plant without thorns. -Anonymous

-Love is just like a rose. The path of love is difficult because it has many obstacles in its path. Yet, the feeling of love is a beautiful thing. -Anonymous

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