65+ Sad Relationship Quotes to Share

Love is capable of adding color to our life. Love makes our life beautiful as well as worth living. But losing the same passion can leave you sad and depressed and you also feel like you have lost everything in your life.

Here is a compilation of sad relationship quotes that will make you realize that you are not alone in this and perhaps make you a stronger person.

Sad Relationship Quotes to Share

-That one thing which I hate right now is the flashbacks of all those times when we were together which I don’t want to remember again because it leaves me in pain. -Anonymous

-Love will never know its depth. Not until two people who once loved each other so much separate. –Kahlil Gibran

-When someone just walks right into your life one fine day then it won’t be late until you finally realize that their presence only mattered when they were actually present in your life and not when they left you. -Anonymous

-Love is just like magic because magic is mostly a delusion that seems to be true but it is not in reality. -Javan

-Most of the time you will feel that it is much better to be loved and then get separated than never to be able to love or get loved. –Samuel Butler

-I know that there is no possible way by which we can be together anymore but I will be glad to cherish all those times when we were together and I just hope that we get to know each other more and get back together soon. –Susan Polis Schutz

-When the person you loved was with you, you did not need anything else, and now when you don’t have that person you must have realized that it did not matter much. –Sir James M. Barrie

-The most horrible part of dreaming about the person you love is to find out that actually, they don’t exist in your life anymore. -Anonymous

-When you look back in the past, you will only regret all those times when you wanted to love but never had the courage to do so. –David Grayson

-Most of us think that when you hold on to the person you have once loved so much but are not with you anymore, it will make you strong but it is not true because when you let go of those feelings then that will make you stronger. –Hermann Hesse

-Only those people who are faithful to you will know the petty side of love but people who are faithless will know better about its tragedies. –Oscar Wilde 

-Moving on seems like it is quite simple but it is actually those things that you have left behind and it becomes so much difficult to bear. –Anonymous

-If your love does not last long then it can be sad but it is sadder when you are not able to love at all. –Miguel de Unamuno

-I have a strong feeling that you will not be there in my life for a long time but a part of you shall always remain in my heart which I can cherish forever. –Gretchen Kemp

-When you get hurt or betrayed while you are in love with someone then it mostly feels like you have had an injury which will eventually and slowly heal but on the contrary, it will also leave a big scar behind which will remind you of your past. -Anonymous

-I am sure that a day will come in my life when I will be able to let go of the part of my life which carries you and eventually I will let you go as well no matter how much it hurts me. -Anonymous

-Getting hurt by the depression of a sad relationship is better than getting hurt by being lonely in your life. -Anonymous

-The greatest feeling and the most awful pain comes when you share a relationship with someone. –Stephen R. Covey

-Love resembles a glass sometimes which is much better when it breaks. At least it does not hurt every time you are trying to put the broken pieces of glasses together. -Anonymous

-Some of the people in your life will leave eventually but that is never the end because you must know that it is just the end of their role in your story called life. –Faraaz Kazi

-It is so wonderful and weird at the same time that how someone just enters your life and then breaks your heart as well but you happen to still love each and every part of them –Ella Harper

-It is very hurtful to know that you are not as important as you thought to be to someone you consider your everything. –Anonymous

-all these tragedies, yet the most painful part is realizing you don’t love me as much as I do. –Anonymous

-It hurts to let go of someone you thought of spending your entire life with. –Anonymous

-It is never easy to see your entire world crumble solely because of the one you consider to be your world. –Anonymous

-It isn’t very reassuring to know that one whose attention is all you crave doesn’t consider you as anything but just another individual. –Anonymous

-That feeling when you are sad, but emptiness is all you feel. –Anonymous

-It’s better to walk alone than hold the hand of someone who treats you like bullshit. –Anonymous

-Certain roads are meant to be walked alone. They’ll only make you powerful and independent.-Anonymous

-No one craves a perfect relationship. We all want someone to never give up on us. –Anonymous

-When a person starts with you, it doesn’t mean they will walk the entire road with you. Learn to walk alone.-Anonymous

-A broken relationship can often feel like broken glass. When you try to fix it, it only hurts you. –Anonymous

-I’m tired of being used in relationships over and over again. Can this ever stop? –Anonymous

-Relationships are scary. People leave you when you need them but get closer when you aren’t ready to accept them. –Anonymous

-There’s nothing called love or affection that I feel right now. I’m empty and utterly depressed. –Anonymous

-Never mistake my silence for anything other than my pain which I can’t put into words. –Anonymous

-My silence has always been my biggest companion. The rest have always been temporary. –Anonymous

-The most powerful souls out there have the loudest tears, but you’ll never hear or see them. –Anonymous

-I can’t be at peace with myself, let alone someone else. –Anonymous

-Nothing. Just forced to feel what I’m made to be felt. –Anonymous

-You act like it’s not a big deal anymore, but it still shreds your heart. –Anonymous

-Behind that smile of hers, there’s a broken heart. Behind the courage she portrays, she is falling apart. –Anonymous

-You meant everything to me, but I can’t lie to the world that I still feel the same.-Anonymous

-You are going to be hurt by everyone in your relationships. It’s important to find the one worthy of all your sufferings.-Anonymous

-Why do you still cling to yesterday’s pain when there’s nothing you can do about it? Why do you still restrict yourself from love and hope? -Leo Buscaglia

-And we still can’t figure out what hurts the most. Losing that person or pretending not to. -Khadija Rupa

-Don’t we all hate when our anger turns into tears, and our loved one turns a stranger?


-But you’ll never realize how much I cried every day to get you back. I’m still not over you, but I’m growing stronger daily. –Anonymous

-I wish I had Amnesia and forgotten every single thing about you. All the memories we made and all the time we spent. –Anonymous

-The good thing about time is that it changes, but it’s still running the same way for me, even after all these years. –Anonymous

-Dear life, stop making me cry over and over again, every single night. I don’t have anyone to wipe the tears off my cheeks and tell me it will be alright. 


-I wish you could experience every single day the way I’m doing right now. Only then would you have realized how much it hurts to see you as a stranger with many memories. –Anonymous

-It never rains sunflowers. If we want sunflowers, we must plant them. -George Eliot

-The reason we feel empty is that we leave pieces of our soul inside everyone we used to love at a time. -R. M. Drake

-It’s the human tendency to destroy things we fear, and when we are so vulnerable that we fear love, we destroy it like everything else. -Daniel Saint

-We were so in love with each other, but the only difference we had was that you merely wanted me, but I cherished your existence as a whole. –Anonymous

-Because when everyone’s asleep, I still think of you tirelessly. Maybe you got rid of me, but to me, I lost my love. -Dime

-There might be a day when I forget everything and be on my deathbed, but I shall still remember you and everything we once shared. –Anonymous

-What’s the point in searching for my lost self when it still lies with you? 


-You realize how lonely you are when it’s midnight and you have so much to talk about but no one to talk to. –Anonymous

-Healing is always challenging, but loving again is way more challenging. -Sudeepta

-We all have our demons inside us, but secretly, all our demons crave some love and comfort. -Kushal

-When the right person holds you, everything seems to get cured, but when you lose that person, nothing seems to be curable anymore. –Anonymous

-You were the best thing that had ever happened to me, but also the worst. 


-It is 3 am now, and the words preached by my demons are suffocating me. Why did you have to leave me? –Anonymous

-I’m broken by the silence that persists around me and defeated by the noise that’s inside of me. -C.E.

-We need darkness to see the stars above us, but you left me blindfolded so that I could never see the love in anyone else, ever again. –Anonymous

sad relationship quotes

Depressing Relationship Quotes

-Only one pain that hurts me that you will never be able to feel is caused by your absence in my life. –Ashleigh Brilliant

-It is sad to think about all those times when you fell in love and then suddenly I don’t know why but you realized that you are actually not in love with me anymore. –David Grayson

-Yes, it is true that I cannot be with you anymore but I could feel the happiness when I get to dream about all those times when we could be together all over again. –Susan Polis Schutz

-When you love someone it feels like you are holding a candle because it will light up everything around you at first and then it will start melting and eventually you will get hurt. One day you will see that the candle goes off and it has left with the burns. –Syed Arshad

-I just want to know if it is possible for me to take back the love that once I gave you, but then I ask myself if I would be able to do it or not? –Faraaz Kazi

-Love cannot die an unnatural death. It will die when there is nothing to replace it with. It will only die from betrayal. –Anais Nin

-We tend to build walls around us so as to keep ourselves out of sadness but it also keeps out the happiness too. –Jim Rohn

-There must be the right time for parting with your loved one even if you have nowhere to go to. –Tennessee Williams

-Tears come from the heart always and the brain is innocent. –Leonardo da Vinci

-It hurts to do so much for someone who has got no place for you or your love in their heart. –Graham Foust

-Breathing is quite difficult because crying makes you run out of breath even more. –David Levithan

-He taught me how to love but then unfortunately he just forgot to teach me how to stop loving. -Anonymous

-When you are unable to protect yourself from happiness you will never be able to protect yourself from sadness. –Jonathan Safran Foer

-Sadness is just a wall between two lovely and beautiful people who are in love with each other. –Khalil Gibran

-You must not cry because your relationship is over but you must be happy because it has finally happened. -Anonymous

-Unreciprocated love is can take out the taste of peanut butter. –Charlie Brown

-I am broken too badly right now. You have absolutely no idea how hurt I am right now it is affecting my health and it has happened because you are not with me anymore. -Anonymous

-There is a huge difference between loving someone truly and leaving the same person eventually. -Anonymous

-The smiles you brought me have all suddenly turned into tears. The hopes you brought me have all suddenly turned into fears.-Anonymous

-The moment you are done crying, you sit there, emotionless, like an immovable rock.-Anonymous

-Love taught me never to give up on the one I love. Maybe your book of love was different from mine. –Anonymous

-When the only person who used to recognize your true smile leaves, faking it becomes much easier. -Kirti Kaundal

-Faking this smile has always been easier than letting people know what goes on in my life. –Anonymous

-You left a permanent void in me that can never be filled again. I hope you’ll come and take me in your arms one fine day like you used to.-Anonymous

-We are miles apart now, but I’m still walking these lonely roads in my dreams, holding your hand. –Anonymous

-This one smile has hidden a million different tears behind it. This one smile is my strongest asset. –Anonymous

-Your absence in my life has given me a thousand tears and caused me the biggest pain ever. You’ll never know this. -Ashleigh Brilliant

-Since we are not together anymore, I must be content with dreaming that we will be together again. -Susan Polis Schutz

-You elevate yourself and get used to the pain that hurts you greatly. It doesn’t go away ever. -Ritu Ghatourey

-To have loved and lost your love is better than never experiencing love. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

-When you still leave the light on but seemingly for nobody, it hurts a lot. -Graham Foust

-It’s better to feel the pain rather than numbing it for a while. It saves you from feeling worse. -J.K. Rowling

-The feeling of pain signals that your sins are getting lowered. Remember this always. –Anonymous

-The pain will diminish, the tears will dry away, but the one you love will never return to you again. –Anonymous

-The greatest joy and the deepest pain we all experience comes from being in relationships with the people we fall for at some point in our lives. -Stephen R. Convey

-The first pain in our relationship often makes us sever the bond rather than maintain our commitment. -Bell Hooks

-One day, your heart will stop mentioning his name. That day will be the end of everything. -R.H. Sin

-And then there was me, tirelessly waiting for you. -J.H. Hard

-I wanted to put so many things onto the paper, but the words were like a dagger to my heart. –Anonymous

-I have lost everyone I ever loved. I don’t need another person to add to my heartache ever again. –Anonymous

” We were meant to meet, but God had some other plans. -Jb

-I could never realize how hurt I was until someone showered kindness over me. -C.C. Aurel

-I know that you are gone. I know it, and it kills me every single minute. -Ranata Suzuki

-When we used to speak, I didn’t try to hear words; I just tried to hear you. -Bridgett Devoue

-You were my entire book, while I was just a mere chapter in yours. –Anonymous

-Being her man, you should inspire her happiness rather than sucking it out of her soul. -R.H. Sin

-When you love someone, the pain will accompany you because when your heart breaks you are hurt more than they have ever loved you. –Anonymous

-A relationship is sad when you do not get that much love which you deserve. –Anonymous

-A relationship that hurts you can never be good for you. –Anonymous

-You must look forward to making your life better by not looking back at your past. -Anonymous

-People forget to tell each other that they have changed, and it hurts; it kills from within. -Lillian Hellman

-She was the poem I could never have the courage to write. She flowed in my veins, but I could never let that out onto paper. –Anonymous

-I feel at peace when I look up at the moon. Maybe the moon, too, misses the Sun. -Hemsis

-I have died so many times during this lifetime. All because I loved you so bad. -Anonymous

-Sometimes, the things that used to make us the happiest make us never trust in love again. That’s life; that’s the harsh reality of this universe. –Anonymous

-If a feeling comes back to you, it has never left. -Frank Ocean

-There’s so much left for me to say, but I prefer not uttering a word. It kills me from within. -Shreya Maurya

sad relationship quotes

-His soul and mine were the same. I can still feel him within me, but he has forgotten about my existence. –Anonymous

-If I hadn’t been used for love before, I wouldn’t have known what going through all these feels like. -F. Scott Fitzgerald 

-It’s not only a blessing but also a curse to feel and understand everything so profoundly. –Anonymous

-I’m still here, waiting for you with optimism in my heart and tears in my eyes. I hope you come back one day and make things right.-Anonymous

-Whatever you love has consistently broken you apart, which is why you should always break yourself every day. -Miriellamarie

-And when you don’t have to be perfect anymore, you can be good and call it a day. -John Steinbeck

-What you read in books is not what love looks and feels like in reality. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

-Have you ever enjoyed the last snowfall before spring arrives? That’s what we broken people call heartbreak. –Anonymous

-May you inculcate courage to visit the places that once broke you apart. –Anonymous

-The most beautiful thing about it was I wasn’t even looking for someone when I found you. The most unfortunate thing about it was when I tried to look for you, and you were nowhere to be found. –Anonymous

-And when I fall in love again, will it be forever? -Jane Austen

-Maybe we’ll meet again, maybe in some other life, but for now, we are just strangers with a lot of memories –Anonymous

-Yes, I’m scared to love you again, but I’m more scared of losing you and walking away. 


-I’m a hell of scared of wanting you again, but look at me helplessly, wanting to touch, feel, and love you once again. –Anonymous

-A life without passion and love isn’t what you should be living. Yes, you are scared of loving again, and you’re hurt, but you should never stop believing in love. -Kiersten White

-How does one cope with disappointments in their love life? Do they detach themselves entirely as you did? Or do they wait for the one they love, like I’m doing? –Anonymous

-A perfect relationship doesn’t require the two individuals to be perfect. It needs two ordinary people who never want to give up on each other. –Anonymous

-You are more than enough. All you need is someone who can see your true self and love you for who you are. -Mark Anthony

-That unexplainable feeling when you don’t necessarily feel sad or upset, but you are entirely drained and feel nothing but emptiness. –Anonymous

-Emptiness has surrounded me like the vast ocean surrounds the lonely Island. I have accepted it to be my life now. –Anonymous

-There was a time when I was your priority. Now I’m just another option for you. 


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