69+ Scared to Love Quotes That You Can Share

Are you scared to love because you think you will end up getting hurt? Well, you are not alone in this. You are scared because you have had your heart broken before.

Love will always come with suffering, but that should never discourage you from falling in love again. Here is a compilation of some ‘scared to love’ quotes that shall help you out if you are scared to fall in love all over again.

Scared to Love Quotes that You Can Share

-It scares me even to think about you because I know that it hurt me all over again. -Anonymous

-The monsters that are present in my head are way too scared to fall in love all over again. -Anonymous

-I am scared to fall in love again because I know someone will break my heart this time as well. -Anonymous

-A broken arm hurts you less than a broken heart and hence, you must think before falling in love again. -Anonymous

-You must not be scared to fall in love again because everyone is not like your ex. -Anonymous

-Sometimes I feel that it is much better to be alone because no one will be able to hurt you. -Anonymous

-You are not scared to love; you are just scared of not getting loved back. -Anonymous

-I am not scared of loving again. I am just scared of loving the wrong person again. -Anonymous

-You are scared to love because it left you with a scar but there is someone who can make the scar fade away. All that you have to do is to look out for the right person. –Anonymous

-Let me tell you honestly that I am scared to love you because I know that eventually, you will get bored of me too. –Anonymous

-I feel that sometimes we are better off as alone than to be with someone who will eventually leave us with a broken heart. –Anonymous

-You are not scared to love but rather you are scared of the fact that no one will love you back. –Anonymous

-I am scared that I will lose you eventually but then I realize that you are not even mine. –Anonymous

-I am just scared that you will walk away from me and then I will be left alone in the dark with a broken heart. –Anonymous

-The women who create the highest boundaries around them have the deepest love stored inside them. –R.H Sin

-She had no idea about who is going to stay with her till the end or who would leave. This made her push everyone away who tried to come near her. -Anonymous.

-I am not at all scared of loving you but I am scared of loving the wrong person that lives inside you. -Anonymous

-Sometimes the things that you are afraid to do are also the same things that will bring happiness to your life. -Anonymous

-Do you think love is all about being scared and not being brave and that too, because of that one person? -Anonymous

-Yes I am afraid and to be honest, I cannot go through a heartbreak right now. -Anonymous

-She is too scared to love anyone because everyone who promised to stay with her forever left her eventually. –Anonymous

-Many people who are scared of getting hurt in a relationship often keep themselves away from love. -Anonymous

-It is not possible for you to love someone without facing any risk but it is definitely going to worth it. -Anonymous

-Loving you is a good feeling but since you left, it has left me scared. -Anonymous

-I tend over analyze certain situations only because I am afraid of what is going to happen when I am not prepared. -Anonymous

-I am scared to love anyone because each time I fall for them it ends quickly and it just hurts me badly. -Anonymous

-Loving someone whom you know will anyways leave you one day is quite scary. -Anonymous

-When you are scared of loving someone, it will definitely make you fall for someone who not let you regret the decision. -Anonymous

-I often wonder about the ways by which I can get over the feeling of loving someone and that is mainly because it scares me. -Anonymous

-I know that as the days pass by, you will not be nice to me anymore. -Anonymous

-I know that later you won’t be interested in me anymore and the more I start falling for you, the more you will hurt me. -Anonymous

scared to love quotes

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Scared Quotes About Love

-Still, I am getting used to being in love but at the same time, I am scared. -Anonymous

-There are certain moments when it seems like being scared of love is a problem but it is just a matter of time. -Anonymous

-You must not be scared of falling in love again because not everyone you are going to love will be your ex. -Anonymous

-When you fall for the right person then you will be less scared of falling in love because you know that you are in the right hands. -Anonymous

-There are times when I think that I am scared of love and I shouldn’t fall in love. But I failed to realize that I may come across someone who will clear my doubts and love me truly so that I won’t be scared anymore. -Anonymous

-She has built walls around her because everyone who promised to spend the rest of their life with her eventually left. -Anonymous

-If you start building walls around you then it would that you are building walls around your heart so that no one can love you because inside you are scared to fall in love. -Anonymous.

-You must be strong enough even if you are afraid of getting hurt by the person you love. -Anonymous

-I am afraid of being in love because it just leaves me behind with a broken heart. -Anonymous

-If you are scared to love then you are scared to live. And if you fear the life that means you are already dead. -Anonymous. 

-I am scared to love because I know I will not be able to hold that person forever in my heart. -Anonymous

Scared To Love Quotes

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