75+ Adorable Short Love Quotes to Express Your Love

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings one has ever witnessed. People kind of float in the air feels every moment of their lives a lot more lively and starts to hear different kind of romantic music in their backgrounds.

Love gives them a different kind and level of bliss. People do not fall in love, they actually rise in love and their soul becomes much more purified. Here are some soul-warming short love quotes.

Short Love Quotes to Express Your Love

-I will not ever cease giving efforts because I have perfectly came to know that you are the perfect one for me and I will never leave you -Crazy Stupid Love

-I will never get tired of creating blissful moments with you -Pierre Jeanty

-We actually prefer the people for their natural behavior and not for their superficial one -Robert Frost

-Her beam is much more twinkling and precious than the brightest pole star in the night sky – Beth Revis

-Our second meeting has revealed that your personality has something different that was much needed for my life but as gradually we have come to know each other, I found that I needed you only – Jamie Mcguire

-Adoration is the nectar for the beautiful blooming of life -Victor Hugo

-You are the greatest and the only requirement of my life -Ed Sheeran

-I do not have any clue that when and how our love story has started but all I know is that this relationship of us is not going to stop ever and I am going to love you for the rest of my life -Pablo Neruda

-The art of providing adoration is a beneficiary way of teaching yourself -Eleanor Roosevelt

-You are like my ultimate fondness for the secretive things which stays between the silhouette and the spirit -Pablo Neruda

-She is the only one who has made me learn that nothing is impossible and life is beautiful in any way and that’s why I love her so much -500 Days of Summer

-Demise can stop everything except love and it may act like a brief break in a magnificent love story -The Princess Bride

-I want each of my day to retain all of you for the rest of my life -Nicholas Sparks

-When you give love and get love in return you feel like receiving the sun rays in all the cells of your body -David Viscott

-You made me feel the comfort I have while staying at home when I have got to touch you for the very first time -Sleepless in Seattle

-You will never have to worry about discovering true love because whoever is made for you will find her route to you when the right time will come -Loretta young

-I will treat as an advantage if my heart gets broken by the nurturing hands of you -John Green

-I feel magical when I get to talk to you before I fall asleep in the night -When Harry met Sally

-We have chosen to hold onto each other and stay with each other forever when we have found that every other couple are separating and becoming the enemies of each other – Ilsa in Casablanca

-He has tried a lot to avoid her by not looking at her for at once also but she was like the glaring sun which cannot be ignored at all -Leo Tolstoy

-You are the only reason for whom I live and the sole reason for which my life feels so alive now -Ian McEwan

-The components of both of our spirits are complimentary and it binds us together -Emily Bronte

-Less the amount of love, more the gossips about it, greater the depth of adoration, there needn’t any talk about it -Jane Austen

-Giving love to somebody gives you the ultimate bravery but getting the same love as return from the same person gives us the real firmness -Lao Tzu

-You never fall for somebody if you are only attracted to their looks or attire but only when you can hear their inner melancholy and it touches your heart -Oscar Wilde

-Life is a lot lovelier and much more lively when we get to fall for the right person -John Updike

-If you want to get seen by your soul mate then touch her inner spirit by the warm  and nurturing hands of yours and respect her  very much -Elizabeth Gilbert

-You can only understand love when you get to know that a broken piece of your pious spirits resides inside his heart and he is ready to give it off to you -Torquato Tasso

-True love is simply like magic which is completely capable of spinning your world 360 degrees but only once in a lifetime -Bob Marley

-Do not expect to be her very first always, just make sure that if you are her present then she must give you the love she could give to nobody -Bob Marley

-Adoration will force your sleepy soul which has hid out all this long inside a hiding place and make the spirit get exposed to the shiny rays of the sun -Zora Neale Hurston

-Adoration can give you the infinite capability to forgive and it makes you habituated to give your loved ones a warmth in your look -Peter Ustinov

-If you consider me as your most precious one, then it really doesn’t matter whether the whole world remembers me or not -Haruki Murakami

-I was blessed by the almighty that’s why the whole world has given all their efforts to make me meet you and helped to make you mine forever -Paulo Coelho

-Adoration is like a present which we are unable to give to anybody forcefully, it is a delicate thing which needs acceptance for its validation -Rabindranath Tagore 

-If I become a poet, I will definitely pen down how glorious and peaceful you have made my life after coming into my life and I hope that will not bother you -Elton John

-My  life was like a total false mess until you have come into my life and rearranged it like a really beautiful song with full-on perfection and sophistication -Gilmore Girls

-If you get sick by a serious ailment like love, your only cure is to get adoration by your better half -Henry David Thoreau

-I feel really sorry for myself that I took so long to convey to you that I love you and it took me a lot more to make you understand that you love me too -The Silver Linings Playbook

 Short Love Quotes

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