65+ Ways to Show Your Sister that She Is Special

It is often said that if we feel that someone is special to us, we should try and appreciate them often or whenever possible. Your sister is a strong human being who has always been there for you and using these tips, you can show your sister that she is special. 

Here are ways to show your sister that she is special

Trust her with some of your dark secrets. This way, your sister will get to know you better, along with your faults and virtues. And it also is a great way to show your sister that she is special and that you really do trust her the most. So go ahead and share some of your dark secrets with your sister.

Make her a part of your exclusive plans. Whenever you do that, your sister will not only feel that she is special but will also do her best to make you proud of her. It is a great way to boost her mental faculties and emotions so that her approach in all that she does becomes stronger, resilient, and with a definite purpose.

Prioritize her. By prioritizing your sister, you will actually be able to show her and prove to her that she really is special to you. It also gives her a feeling that she really means a lot to you. Not only will you be making her feel special in this way, but you will also make her a lot happier. It will give her focus as well. 

Make her feel important. This is when you should instill in her a sense of maturity and more responsibility. With all this, she will not only become a more mature and responsible person but will also become a much loved and popular human being.

how to make your sister feel special

Use ‘please.’ Saying please conveys a lot to her and also shows your own humility. She will also feel very special. She will try and do whatever you ask her to do almost immediately. This can be a great way to keep your sister perked up at all times and ready and willing to take the initiative to do a lot more than she usually does.

Promise to always be there for her. This assurance will not only help her be free from tension and worry but will also show her how special and important she is to you. It also expresses to her that you will always be there to take care of her. So go ahead and make this solemn promise to be there for her at all times.

Personalize a gift for her. A gift in itself will be held in great value, especially when it comes from you, her sibling. When you personalize the gift for her, you will actually take it a step further to express to her that she is special and how much she actually means to you. 

Cook for her. This will not only help you hone your skills in cooking but will also keep your sister feeling special and wanted by you. You will be pleasantly surprised to find her coming up to help you gradually. And it can be a great activity for you to not only cook for her but also teach her cooking as well. 

Dance if she asks. Even if you are not formally trained in dancing, just dancing for your sister can be a fun activity for both of you. And who knows, perhaps both of you will get inspired and start taking dance classes together. And if you are a prolific dancer yourself, who better to inspire and teach your sister all that you know than you yourself? After all, you do regard your sister to be special, don’t you?

Sing if you have not yet. If you have not yet sung any song for your sister, just go ahead and sing a song for her now. It will be a great way to surprise her, especially since she never thought you could sing. And to top it all, if you can sing the song that she loves most, she will feel doubly special and will also love you a lot more for it. So go ahead and sing a song for your sister right away.

Make a song only for her. When she finds out that you wrote a song exclusively for her, she will feel special, more wanted, and become recharged with all excitement and love for you. She is special to you, so writing a song for her shouldn’t be much of a headache. And anyway, you know her far better than anyone else does. So write that song today.

Write a poem about her. Since you will know her as nobody else does, and you know what she likes, and she doesn’t, what her aspirations are, what her dreams are, the kind of person she is, and a lot more, it will be far easier for you to write a poem about your sister. Then go ahead and give her the poem as a gift, perhaps even recite it on some special occasion.

Develop a language that only you two will understand. Not only will you two be able to communicate between yourselves even when in front of others, without them even understanding a single word of this language, but you will also be able to make your sister feel she is special to you. 

Organize a grand party for her. Why don’t you go ahead and organize a grand party for your sister? This makes your sister feel exceptionally special. And she will be all smiles and will be happier when she finds out how much she really means to you and what lengths you had to go to plan and organize this huge and grand party for her. 

Have a big celebration for her success. You will make her feel special on the one hand, and will also give her an opportunity to enjoy herself on the other hand. For every success that she achieves, make it a point to celebrate it with her. And make sure that the celebration is big enough and well organized. 

Skip plans to help her. There’s nothing more important to her than getting your help. And whenever she gets help from you, it will make her feel a lot more special and more wanted. And in the long run, it will also ensure that she pursues her goals and dreams with a lot more vigor than ever before. Even you will enjoy helping her, especially since it will allow you to get to know a lot more about whatever she is doing.

Give her time.  The time that you give her will enable you to get to know all about her work and also whether she needs any help or support from you. On the other hand, when you give your sister time, it will mean the whole world to her as it will make her see how special she is to you. 

Dedicate your entire attention to her.  When she finds you giving her all your attention, she will feel like she is being treated specially. And your undivided attention will also make her more drawn toward you. This will help deepen the bond between the two of you and also make the two of you respect and love each other even more.

Always save something extra for her. Whatever you do, just make sure that you have a little extra something for your sister every time. This something extra is what will show your sister that she is special and that you love her more than anything else in the world. She will always feel on top of the world, remain happy at all times, and also put in a lot more effort in whatever she does.

Talk to her alone. This will make her feel special and valued. She will always tend to open up more to you. So, try talking to her alone as much as you can. This will also ensure that she outgrows herself and achieves a lot more in life than she otherwise could have achieved.

Praise her in front of others. She will feel special. She will feel that her efforts have been recognized. She will enjoy the exposure that you are giving her in this way. Most important of all, she will love you a lot more because of the praise you shower on her in front of others. It is a fantastic way to keep your relationship strong and happy while also expressing to your sister how much she actually means to you.

Promote her work. This will not only bring her a lot of exposure but will also help her increase her network. And to top it all, your sister will see how special you regard her to be. When you promote your sister’s work, she will be showered with a lot more praise, appreciation, and recognition for sure. So go ahead and promote your sister’s work as much as you can.

Appreciate her uniqueness. A great way to show your sister that she is special and that you regard her to be one of the most important people in your life is to simply appreciate your sister’s uniqueness. Tell her and show her how unique she is and how different she is from others. Make sure you show her all the positive qualities that she has, for which you feel that she is so unique. 

Show her the greatness of her dreams. If possible, give her examples of other people who have dreamed big dreams and have actually made them a reality. This will actually show your sister how special you regard her to be. And she will be totally inspired and focused on making her dreams a reality. In the long run, she will attribute all her success to the way you have contributed to her life.

Take care of her. She may not know it, but she needs it. We all need someone to take care of us at times. It is just that we hardly feel that way. Your sister is no different. And when you do take care of her, and she realizes how important that has been in her life, she will not only love you for it, but it will also make her feel special, and she will be there for you likewise.

ways to show your sister how much you love her

Never decline her call. Rather, make it a point that you always take your sister’s calls and also listen to her and all that she has to say. Make sure that when you make the call, you make her feel like she is special, especially by interacting more with her over the call. Giving her this importance will keep her happy and will make her feel more wanted.

Reply to her messages in a decent manner. Whenever your sister sends a message, make sure you reply to her message swiftly. The earlier she gets your message and reply, the more wanted and special she will feel. The less she feels ignored, the less depressed she will be. And it is absolutely imperative that you keep her happy and bouncing so that she focuses her energy on pursuing her aspirations fully.

Comment on her social media posts. This is a great way to let her know that you do follow her posts and her activities wherever and whenever possible. She will cherish this gesture of yours, and it will also make her feel special, important, and wanted. It is a great way to boost her happiness and also give her a feeling that you love her the most.

Share your favorite things with her. As it is, this gesture will always show her that she is special and that you regard her not only as your own but also as one of the most important people in your life. And she will be proud to be the one with whom you share your things. You will be amused by the ways in which she will want to share her things with you.

Give her something she desires but does not ask. She may need something or desire something but just can’t pull herself up to ask for it. When you give her this something that she desires, you actually express to her how much you know her, how much you value her, how special she is to you, and also how much you are trying to keep her satisfied and happy.

Do something only for you two. It could be a road trip, an outing to a theater, dinner at her favorite restaurant, a weekend of camping, or simply anything else at all. Only just make sure that whatever you plan or organize involves only the two of you and not anyone else at all. 

Use more pleasant words while talking to her. The more pleasant your words will ensure that she enjoys conversing with you even more. It also brings out a feeling of her being special to you. Pleasant words can always motivate your sister to become more transparent and open with you. 

Share your problems. Who will know you better, and how to handle you better than your sister? And she will feel ever so much more special to you when you share your problems with her. She will go the whole way to not only advise you but will also be there for you, and perhaps even solve your problem together with you. 

Be frank. We all know that being free and frank actually helps reduce the number of confusion that we otherwise usually have. So when you are talking to your sister, be frank and free with her. Make a clean breast of whatever you have in your heart. Then prod her a bit, and you will be very happy to see that she is equally free and frank and absolutely transparent with you as well. 

how to be nice to your sister

Solve her problem as if it is yours. Of course, make sure you have her with you when you are solving her problem for her. This will also train her in learning how to solve such problems. You will definitely make your sister feel special. Solving your sister’s problems as if they were your own can also make her outgrow herself, become more mature, and take care of others, especially you – when the time comes, of course.

Entrust her with responsibilities. Unless you give her responsibilities, she just won’t get the scope to prove herself in any way, be it to you, to the world, or to herself. Yes, she may not be able to shoulder the responsibility immediately. In such cases, help her out but make her feel she has done most of the job. 

Hug her. This is a great way to show her how much you love her and also how special she is to you. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much more often she comes back to reciprocate and give you tight hugs. This is one of the most endearing ways to express love and care for your near and dear ones anyway.

Show her your secret self. Your secret self doesn’t necessarily have to be your alter ego. Batman is fiction. Rather, show your sister the secret person that you are actually. This can be a fantastic way to open up between yourselves and become far more transparent and true between the two of you. 

Use gestures to communicate. A few animated gestures in the conversation don’t hurt at all. Rather, it makes both the communication and the conversation a far more enriching experience for both of you. It will make your sister feel a lot more special to you, and she will do things to prove that she remains special to you.

Be interested in her talks. Being interested in your sister’s talks can actually mean that you regard her to be absolutely special, and you also give her the importance that she actually deserves. This may also inspire her to do a lot more, work a lot more, and gain a lot more knowledge and experience. Then she will be able to come back and talk a lot more again.

Ask her for solutions. You may not necessarily need them, but asking your sister for them may give you better options on the one hand, while on the other hand, your sister will feel how special you treat her to be. She will be motivated to not only provide you with solutions but also help you implement them and resolve your situation as soon as possible so that you can get back on track immediately then.

Take her suggestions into consideration. They will not be of immediate use but may come in handy in the future. And when she knows that you have given her suggestions appropriate consideration, she will know that you do treat her as a special person in your life and that you give her the importance that she deserves. 

Thank her if her suggestions help. TMake it a point that whenever your sister’s suggestions have helped you out in one way or another, you thank her for those suggestions. Not only will you make her feel special and acknowledged, but it will also drive her to make more such suggestions for you and also be there, ready and waiting to help you out whenever the situation calls for it.

Trust and believe in her. This will make her feel special and wanted on the one hand. On the other hand, she will become more responsible, mature, and a lot more trustworthy than she already is. These are actually ways of instilling and embedding values within your sister. 

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