55+ Ways to Show Your Brother that He Is Special

We often do not take the opportunity to make our special ones feel special and important. At times we understand the value of certain people in our life who have stuck by us through thick and thin. If you are planning to show your brother that he is special, here are some special things that you can do for him. 

Tips to show your brother that he is special

Be frank. Whenever you are talking to your brother, try to be frank and free with him. This will ensure that he feels comfortable and friendly with you. Be an easy-going person. From your side, it is a great way to express how much you love him and care for him.

Decorate his room. Whenever you can, go ahead and decorate your brother’s room for him. These small little gestures show how much he means to you and how special he is. It is also a way to express how much you want him to be happy and have a good life.

Skip your plans for him. Sometimes it is recommended that you skip your plans for your brother. Just drop your work and give him some time. What better way to express how special he is to you? This also allows you and your brother to spend some quality time with each other, away from your otherwise busy schedule.

Just hug him tight. Show him that he is special and means a lot to you. A tight hug is also one of the sweetest gestures to bring siblings together and feel loved. So go ahead and just hug him tight.

Laugh at all of his jokes. Laughing at all of your brother’s jokes will make him feel special. Of course, some jokes are not that funny, but they still just make him feel nice. This will always keep him happy.

Customize a gift for him. Why not go ahead and customize a gift for your brother? This will make him feel special. It is a beautiful way to express your love for him. You don’t need any occasion to give your brother a gift. 

Let him join your group events. Take in your brother and let him join your group events. This will make him feel preferred. The fact that you want him to attend your group events will make him happy. 

Tell your brother that he is the best brother you could ever have. Saying so will actually make him feel special. People have a convincing idea that siblings generally do not believe in such comments. On the contrary, this could deepen your bond with your brother and also make him love you even more.

At times, choose your brother over your friends. This will show your brother that he is special and more valuable to you than your friends. You’ll be amazed to see how he reciprocates this kind and thoughtful gesture of yours.

Write in his mirror ‘Thank you for being born.’ It is quite waggish to write messages in your brother’s mirror. To make your brother feel special, you can write something like: ‘thank you for being born’ or ‘you are the best brother one can ever have.’ This will make his day and fill his heart with joy. It will also make him more responsible for loving you.

Convey your love through words. Use words to express your love for your brother. Tell him directly how special or important he is to you. Sweet words can express so much. You will be amused to see how he reciprocates with beautiful words and gestures. 

Always be there for your brother. After all, he is your brother. This will also make him feel special. Knowing that you are always there for him, he will feel happy and confident all the time.

Accompany him when everyone leaves. Even if everyone leaves your brother, make sure you accompany him. Be there by his side. Never let him feel lonely. Make him believe that you are always there for him, doesn’t matter if anyone else is there or not. 

Share your secrets. Once in a while, you should share your secrets with your brother, be it good or bad. Allow him to share his secrets as well. This will make him understand the special place he holds in your heart. It creates transparency and trust between your brother and you.

Tell your brother about your insights. This will make him feel special, perhaps even trusted as well. They will also motivate and inspire him. He will definitely try to learn from your insights.

Be open about your fears. There is no shame in talking about your fears with your brother. This will make him feel important and special. Ensure that he, too, tries to do away with those fears in his life. This will make both of you become stronger as human beings.

Trust him completely. Trust your brother completely and tell him that you do so. Make him feel that he is trustworthy and dependable. This will eventually make him mature and responsible. 

Make an exception for him. Always try to make an exception for your brother. Whatever be the situation, make an exception for him. This will not only make him feel special but also important. In this way, he will also realize that you are making an explicit deviation just for him.

Cook for your brother whenever you can. Cook fun items. Take time off to sit together and eat whatever you’ve cooked for him. He will feel even more special if you cook his favorite dishes. This can be a really fun way to deepen your bonds.

Give him complete attention. Whenever your brother is around you, make it a point that you give him complete attention. Your undivided attention means more than the world to him. This will make him feel special. It will ensure that he isn’t left alone.

Make him realize the uniqueness of his dreams. He needs to understand that each one of our dreams is unique and different from the others. Encourage him to follow his dreams and make them come true. This will instill in him the energy to chase his dreams.

Always manage some time exclusively for him. This will make him feel special and loved. This is a great way to deepen the bond that you share with him. It will also encourage your brother to become a better, stronger, and more understanding human being.

Appreciate him. When you appreciate your brother, it shows that he is special to you. It ensures that he tries to build within himself other qualities too. Appreciating him can make him grow into a stronger and better person.

Act on the solution/s he provides. Your brother will feel that he is important, and so are his solutions. You will be surprised to see that next time onwards, and he will not only provide solutions but also help you act upon them.

Make your own language. Why not make a language of your own? This could be a special language just for you and your brother to understand. It could also be a kind of coded language that two of you will speak in.

Share your most valuable thing/s with him. This will make him feel special and important. Your brother will reciprocate the same way and will cherish the valuable thing/s that you have shared with him. This will also deepen the bond between the two of you.

Always have something extra for him. Whatever you are giving him, add on a little extra to that so that he feels special. This will not only keep him happy but will also ensure that he is more confident about you. He will always try to live up to your expectations.

Bring him his desired things. Even before he asks for something, bring it for him. He will cherish these gestures forever and also be there for you whenever you need him.

Use words like ‘please.’ Whenever you need your brother’s help, say ‘please.’ This expresses not only your respect for him but also his assistance. This will make him feel special, and from the next time, he will ensure that he makes every possible effort to help you overcome a situation.

Reply to his texts at the earliest. Whenever you get a text from your brother, reply as soon as possible. This is a way of showing that he is the most important person in your life. He will treat you the same way. These little things will build a strong and never-ending relationship.

Spend your leisure time with him. You can plan and arrange activities that both of you will enjoy, perhaps watch a movie from the comfort of your recliners. It is a great way to bond with your brother while making him feel special. 

Give him a different pet name. Try to coin a unique pet name for your brother, one that is special, and only you will call him by that name. This is a fantastic way to let your brother know how special he is to you and how lovingly you have given him this name.

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