15+ Foolproof Signs A Taurus Man Likes You

My best friend, who is also a Taurian, is a die-hard romantic. However, there were times when the girls he liked, failed to understand his feelings for them.

Why? Because it is not at all easy to understand the signs they exhibit to show their special ones that they like them.

But let me tell you, one of the best feelings in the world is falling in love, and it is extra special if you fall in love with a Taurus man. They naturally value every little thing in life and are romantics. ♉

I can vouch for that!

“Taurus men keep chivalry alive and are complete romantics when it comes to anniversaries and birthdays.” 

— Unknown

Here are Signs A Taurus Man Likes You

If you aren’t sure what to look for, it may be tricky to identify signs that a Taurus man likes you. If you’re careless, you might just lose your chance to be adored by this very special guy.

So there’s no need to look further if you’ve fallen in love with a man born between April 20 and May 20! 

While I explain the signs to you, I will also be cracking jokes to make you laugh out loud and kill the monotony.

I have listed the signs that will show that a Taurus man likes you ?

1. At First, He Is Reserved.

At First, He Is Reserved

Naturally introverted, Taurus men are. It may be difficult to figure out whether the Taurus you’re keen on has paid any attention to you initially. When they fall in love, Taurus men sometimes display some shyness. Their first response tends to be to temporarily hide their emotions. ??

If a Taurus man acts cautiously around you, such as by avoiding eye contact or smiling hesitantly, you can be certain that he adores you.?

My Pro tip?: 

Pay close attention to how he carries himself. He won’t be able to hide his affection from you.

2. He Picks Up On Your Daily Routine Quickly.

He Picks Up On Your Daily Routine Quickly

When it comes to romance, Taurus men are recognized for their meticulous method. They usually become acquainted with your schedule so they can show up when and where they are required. ?️

Thus, if this Taurus guy shows up unannounced at your favorite social spaces, it’s a clue that he wants to make his presence felt and wants you to notice him.?

My thought?:

Having said that, I don’t want to imply that he will behave stalker-like. ?

He might simply be waiting for you after your office ends rather than stalking you.

Does the Taurus man you’re interested in exhibit any of the following signs?

I have coined together a few ways in which you can understand whether or not the Taurus man you are interested in, likes you ⤵️:

1. He often compliments you on your:

  • Appearance.
  • Intelligence.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Personality.

2. When you’re together, he:

  • Pays close attention to you and what you say.
  • Seems nervous or shy around you.
  • Find reasons to touch you (e.g., hugs, handshakes, playful teasing).
  • Tries to make you laugh.

3. In conversations, he:

  • Ask personal questions to get to know you better.
  • Remember and bring up things you’ve talked about in the past.
  • Share personal stories and experiences with you.
  • Seems genuinely interested in your opinions and ideas.

If you have put a tick ✅ on most of these pointers, you have a clear sign that your Taurus man likes you, my guarantee!

3. He Prefers To Come Up To You Gradually And Slowly.

He Prefers To Come Up To You Gradually And Slowly

The typical personality type of a Taurus will not appear out of nowhere and approach you with flowers. ?

One of the many touching qualities of a Taurus man, in my opinion, is his willingness to invest a lot of time in becoming familiar with you if he has a romantic interest in you. Because of it, he develops his compassionate side. ?

Interesting sign?:

He’ll most likely start in-depth discussions that center on who you are and what you stand for, and he’ll be keen on what you do.

If you start to feel like the center of his focus, that’s a sign that he likes you, in my humble view.?

Joke Time: Why did the Taurus man become a gardener? Because he wanted to nurture relationships just like he does with his plants—slowly, steadily, and with lots of patience!

4. He’ll Make Soft Gestures.

He’ll Make Soft Gestures

Although a Taurus man rarely plunges into a relationship, he will gradually make it evident he is genuinely interested in you. Be aware of his tender touch. ?

Interesting sign?:

He’ll use any lame excuse to place his hand on your shoulder or simply reach your forearm to comfort you. How romantic would it be if he reached out to swipe a stray curl from your forehead??

Key point?:

If you subtly express interest in them as well, these early connections could suggest a future relationship that is very compatible. If you avoid responding, he might assume you’re not interested in him and back off.

5. He Won’t Hold Back From Offering You Some Sound Advice.

He Won’t Hold Back From Offering You Some Sound Advice

These men are also known for being open-minded, truthful, and inclined to express their points of view, irrespective of the circumstances at hand. You can be sure that he will let you know when he opposes something and will do so in a way that is beneficial to you. He isn’t doing it to upset you; rather, he wants to strengthen your connection with him stronger.??

Pro tip?: 

When you argue with him, try to be mindful of your language. He has a likelihood to think that an argument can reveal a lot about a person.

“Taurus is in absolutely no rush, so embrace the opportunity to move slow and steady, letting the relationship unfold naturally.”

 Elaine Dawn

6. He Includes You In His Haven.

He Includes You In His Haven

A Taurus man is, by nature, an introvert. He constructs his haven of safety with extreme caution and refuses access to anyone. 

He is fiercely guarding this haven. ?

The Taurus man likes you and wants you to be a part of his world if he extends a welcome to his bubble or haven.

Brain Teaser ?: 

Did you know Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, one of the most loved celebrity couples have Taurus as their zodiac sign?

7. He Has Just An Inkling Of Jealousy.

When he hears you talking to other guys, he can get a little jealous. This does not necessarily imply that he is excessively possessive or in charge.?

He is going to dislike it if you go out with another guy, but he won’t be envious if you go out with a woman. ?

Don’t do anything that will later make you say, “It Taurus apart!”

Interesting sign?:

When he notices that you are focusing on another man, pay attention to the subtle change in his attitude. And if the shift in mood is somewhat unfavorable, then you can be sure that this man likes you.?

My Tip: If you want to know more about Taurus men or any other zodiac sign in general, you can read Linda Goodman’s Love Signs. In this book, Linda provides in-depth information about Taurus individuals and their compatibility with other signs. Linda Goodman explores the unique qualities, personality traits, and romantic inclinations of Taurus individuals.

8. He Can’t Help But Notice You.

He Can’t Help But Notice You

If he stares at you like the last slice of pizza, he has an appetite for you!

As I’ve mentioned before, a Taurus man is initially shy and will make an effort to avoid eye contact. After some time, though, when they begin to find you attractive, they will begin to behave differently. Therefore, if you notice him gazing at you from across the room, don’t be stunned. ??

My thought?:

I mean, by staring at you, he would look at you not in a creepy way but with gazes that are smitten with love. Because he wouldn’t do this with just any person, but just the person he admires, take this as a sign that he’s fascinated by you. ?

Let the humor flow: Why did the Taurus man bring a ladder to his date? Because he wanted to take the relationship to the next level!

9. You Can Read Him Like A Book Without Any Barriers.

You Can Read Him Like A Book Without Any Barriers

It is said by Linda, “Taurus love is simple, plain, and honest.”

Taurus men are extremely introverted, as I’ve previously stated. They hardly ever divulge their innermost thoughts to anyone. ?

But if he decides to confide in you, you are the one. If you are significant to him and special to him, he will only open up to you about his deepest thoughts.

He will want to include you in his discussions and invite you to join in on certain topics. ?

Key point?:

Therefore, a Taurus man confiding in you shows that he respects and feels comfortable around you.

10. He Innocently Compliments You.

He Innocently Compliments You

Despite not being known for their flamboyance, Taurus men are known to compliment a woman they are intrigued by. Given their honesty and reliability, their compliments are unlike any other.

Therefore, you can depend on the Taurus man to give you compliments on every little thing that you have that he finds beautiful. ?

Heartfelt note❤️: 

A Taurus man is never afraid to go above and beyond to make you feel special. For you, they are sincere in their compliments. In light of this, hold a Taurus man close to your heart if you notice him complimenting you. ❣️

11. He Tries To Catch Your Eye.

He Tries To Catch Your Eye

Taurus men never attempt to attract the attention of others. But when it comes to you, he wouldn’t hesitate to use harmless pranks to get your attention. ?

Chuckle break: How does a Taurus man react when someone tries to rush him into a commitment? He says, “Slow and steady wins the race, and I’m in it for the long haul!”

12. He’s Extremely Intrigued About Your Future Plans.

One of the most important factors the Taurus man considers is his future. He wants to feel secure both now and in the future. His top priority is safety, which I believe is what makes a Taurus man suitable for a committed relationship.??

In order to ascertain whether the two of you are an appropriate fit, it is, therefore, common for this man to display an honest interest in the plans you have for the future. ⌚

Pro tip?: 

Don’t be overly baffling or assertive in your texts because those things may cause him to back off. 

How do you know a Taurus man likes you? Well, here are a few questions for you to answer and check for yourself. Follow me-

1. Your Taurus man invites you to:

  • Join him for meals or cook for you
  • Attend events or activities together
  • Spend time at his place or yours
  • Meet his friends and family

2. When you’re not together, your Taurus man:

  • Sends you text messages or calls just to check in
  • Shares interesting articles, memes, or things he thinks you’d like
  • Makes plans for future outings or adventures with you
  • Compliments you through messages or on social media

3. Your Taurus man exhibits signs of jealousy when:

  • You mention spending time with other guys
  • Other men show interest in you
  • You talk about your dating life or past relationships
  • He sees you getting close to someone else

4. He goes out of his way to:

  • Help you with tasks or offer assistance when you need it
  • Surprise you with thoughtful gestures or gifts
  • Make you feel comfortable and safe in his presence
  • Support your goals and ambitions

5. When he’s around you, he often:

  • Smiles and maintains eye contact
  • Acts protective and looks out for your well-being
  • Becomes more talkative and open
  • Demonstrates physical affection (e.g., holding hands)

6. He talks about the future and includes you in his plans, such as:

  • Mentioning potential trips or vacations together
  • Discussing long-term goals, like living arrangements
  • Expressing interest in building a life together
  • Talking about the possibility of a committed relationship


Collin Bedell says, “To be a Taurus is to always be in love.”

If a Taurus man demonstrates even one of the aforementioned traits, he likes you very much. But remember that everyone is different, so it’s important to take into account each person’s unique temperament.

Although these cues can serve as a starting point, genuine communication is ultimately required to understand one another’s feelings and forge a strong, enduring relationship.?

Frequently Asked Questions

I like a Taurus man. He is protective of me. Does that mean he likes me??

When a Taurus likes a woman, he will suddenly grow protective of her. He wouldn’t want her to have any sort of fear at all. 

You can be sure that a Taurus man will fiercely stand by you when you date him. ?

Therefore, there is an excellent chance that he likes you if he protects you.

What qualities does a Taurus man value in a woman??

Taurus men are reputed to be very straightforward and honest. They seek their partner out based on similar characteristics. They would expect that you wouldn’t ever mislead them. They favor the brutal truth over lovely lies. 

Taurus men enjoy staying in their comfort zones as well. They are drawn to warm and comforting partners because they like spending time in a cozy environment.

When he is around someone he is interested in, how does a Taurus man act differently??

When he first meets someone he is interested in, he will initially come across as awkward and shy.

However, once he begins to feel at ease around them, they won’t be afraid to gaze at them. He might as well try to demonstrate his affection through soft touches.

Does the Taurus man prefer texting or face-to-face communication??

Being a kind and easygoing zodiac sign, he prefers to look into his partner’s eyes when he desires to be sweet with them, so he will typically let the most crucial conversations take place in person. ?

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