15+ signs a guy wants you to chase him

Most of the time we all think that it is the girl who likes attention and wants to play a little before coming into a relationship. But is this always the case? Perhaps not, because we may come across a seemingly uninterested guy who can be way more interested than the girl. 

Or it may so happen that you have gut feelings about a guy but you are not sure whether he wants it or not. Here we are going to throw light on the different signs that a guy wants you to chase him.

Here is why your guy wants you to chase him

1. He is just there

You may be making numerous plans and discussing the future with a guy but there is no moving to the next stage. You guys may hang out a lot or may spend hours with each other but there are no advancements.

The guy may not try to take you to the bedroom abruptly or may not kiss you, but holds your hand while walking. He is there beside you when you want him but then, he vanishes suddenly and gets occupied with his work.

He may treat you like any other friend and may not give you a call for a week! This is one of the biggest signs that a guy wants you to chase him.

2. “I love you” from him sounds different

It is no big deal that your friends express their love for you by saying ‘I love you.’ He is no exception and may say the same to you. But the way he says it sounds different than others. He has more feelings in it but still, he is indifferent.

But maybe he is worried that he may lose you if he expresses his true feelings for you. But how are you supposed to know if he does not express? So, trust your instincts and take the lead. If you feel that he loves you and you feel the same, tell him.

It is not true that the guy will have to be the first mover all the time. So, if you have a desire of coming into a relationship with him, tell him that you love him.

3. He may be jealous of other guys

This is one of the major indicators that he wants to be chased. He will ask you out but then, he will be indifferent when another guy does the same. But if you accept the offer from the other guy, he will not be very kind with your decision.

But again, you are not supposed to know how exactly he feels about you unless he says it to you. So, wait for him to say it to you. And in case you don’t like to be kept waiting, you may take the lead and express it.

Or even if you do not want to take the lead, the least you can do is to talk to him about his actions.

4. He is always there for you

He is always there with you and always for you. This is something that a normal friend will not do. Now that he is always with you and you also enjoy his company, what is the need to take the lead and propose to you?

It is a nightmare for the guys to lose their beloved by proposing to them. Additionally, he may be wondering what the right time to propose to you is. In such a situation, just wait and not rush into things.

If you are becoming impatient then forget everything and go ask him directly if he loves you or not.

5. He compliments you without letting anyone know

If the feelings are true then attention from others is not needed at all. He will quietly pay a compliment to you in a room full of people so that you know that he was watching you the entire time and others need not know about this.

You will see that this behavior does not come from him very often but whenever the time is right, he will certainly compliment you. And after he has done the job, he once again moves back to what he was doing.

This is a great indication that the guy is interested in you a lot. All he wants is you to come forward and make the move first.

6. He discusses other women in front of you

Well, one of the commonest things that a guy does to see whether you have feelings for him is by discussing other women in front of you. He will say that there are women who want to date him but he doesn’t want to.

He assures you that he is single but still wants to see how you are reacting to this. Or maybe he wants to see what you say about that woman. But whatever is the case, whenever he assures that he is single and other women want him, you get the indication.

He simply wants to be sure if you have the same feeling for him. Another possibility may be that he wants you to confess that you too have feelings for him.

7. He asks you to join him in all his weekend plans

You will find that he would want to spend more time with you. He will ask you to come over to his place and chill at the weekend. Or he may ask you to go for a long drive with him at the weekend. There can be so many things where he wants your presence.

Every entertaining thing that he comes across, he wants to enjoy that with you. Also, he may ask what your plans for the weekend are and he doesn’t have one, hinting to you that he wants to spend it with you.

These are clear indications that he is waiting for the right time to propose to you. Or it is also true that he wants you to chase him.

8. He flirts very sincerely

You will find that this guy is more inclined towards making an emotional connection with you rather than just a mere physical connection. He will never be overly intimate or physical unless everything is approved by you.

He will let himself out personally to you and will try his best to know more about you. But whatever he does, the signs will be restricted to you only. This can be very difficult because it is hard to judge whether he just wants to be friends with you or more than that.

If he is not flirting harder or with more passion or more intimacy, then do know that this guy wants you to chase him. You can make the first move if you are equally inclined towards him.

9. He becomes very happy when he hears from you

This sign is a little more obvious than the rest discussed till now. If the guy frequently does this then be sure that he wants you to chase him.

You will observe that upon calling him, he says “I am so glad that you called me” or “I am blessed to get a call from you” and similar things. He wants to say “I am happy that you started the contact”.

This is indeed a very big sign that this guy is very inclined towards you and wants you to chase him. So, if you do so, this guy will be the happiest.

10. He does not act on his feelings

Remember this, if a guy acts cocky and tricks you into playing mind games and acts childish rather than manning up and telling you straight that he likes you, chances are that he wants you to chase him. He may come over or may ask you to go on a date but seems very detached otherwise, then he wants to be chased.

This is also true that he might want you to make the first move. There can be different reasons for that. Maybe his shyness is not allowing him to do that. There is no hard and fast rule that the boy will have to make the move first, always.

So, if you have the same feelings for him, take a step forward and make the move.

11. He is there and then he is not

This is one of the greatest signs that a guy wants you to chase him. You will see that he is always there for you. He will be so nice that you will start centering your world on him. Anything happening to you, you will go and share that with him and he will be always there for you.

The next moment, you will see that he is not calling you for days and not receiving your calls as well. There are no messages from him or he is not replying to your messages. This can continue for some time.

These are very strong signs that the guy wants you to chase him. Make the first move if you feel that it is the right thing for you to do. 

12. He confessed but does not express

There may come a situation where the guy has told you about his feelings but then, he does nothing to express it to you. You will find that he has told you about his feelings weeks ago but he does nothing to take a step forward.

But have you thought about whether he wants you to make the first move or not? Maybe he is not doing anything to express his feelings because he is afraid you are not doing anything either after you have known about his feelings.

Technically, he has done his part. Now it is your turn to do it. So, make the first move because that is what he wants.

13. He will kiss you on the cheeks

Well, kisses on the cheeks by your friends are very common. There is nothing unusual in this. But if the guy kisses you on the cheek and you feel different, then certainly this boy wants you to chase him.

You will see him smiling at you and giving you immense attention but nothing goes forward than this. It is very natural for you to think whether he is just shy or if he treats you just like his other friends.

But most of the time, when there is a difference, things are different than just being friends. Get the hint that he is indirectly asking you to chase him.

14. He values your opinion a lot

This is not a very certain sign that he wants you to chase him but this is also not anything that you can ignore. If you find that the guy is asking for your opinion even in deciding very negligible things, there must be something going on in his mind.

Try to observe where exactly he needs your opinions. Is it some life-changing event? Is it just another daily issue? Try to gauge the importance of the issues. Mostly, he will ask you for your opinion on almost everything that he does.

If you can figure it out properly, then understand that these are very clear indications that he wants you to chase him.

15.  He wants to make a move but he does not

This is not at all confusing that the guy wants you to chase him when you feel that he is interested in you but he does not express his feelings. He may lean forward to kiss you but ultimately he does not.

You will see that things end up in just a tight hug but that does not imply anything serious in the long run. There can be thousands of reasons for which he does not express how he feels about you.

One possible reason is that he wants you to make the first move. Or he may be extremely shy. Above all, he might not be sure about your feelings towards him and hence, is afraid of losing you by letting you know about his true feelings.

So, if you are equally interested in that guy, do not hesitate to express your feelings for him instead of simply waiting for him to do so.


There are thousands of different signs that a guy wants you to chase him. But one thing that everyone should remember that each person is different and unique in their way. All the individuals may have different approaches to the same thing.

So, there is no hard and fast rule that the signs mentioned above are the only ones. Try to interpret the minor moves that the guy makes because at the end of the day, you know him better than most people.

All the best!

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