13 Signs He is Committed To You

In a relationship, it is very important to know whether the person you are dating is committed to you or not. He may be simply using you for his gain and will eventually leave you. He may also be in a relationship with you just for fun and is not severe.

No one wants to be in such a relationship where your partner doesn’t love you and is just using you. If there is no commitment in a relationship, then such a relationship will not work for long. You should know whether the man you see is worth spending your life with.

Here are signs he is committed to you:

You need to look for signs to determine whether he is committed to you. 

He makes you feel comfortable

Whenever you talk to him, you may feel that you can tell him anything without any fear as he won’t judge you. He will make you feel comfortable, so you don’t feel judged or bad.

You can express yourself freely to him without any fear as he cares for you and genuinely loves you. If you feel the same about your partner, then you can be confident that he is committed to you and you can trust him.

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He lets his guard down when is with you

When a person trusts someone, they tend to lower their guard around them as they feel safe and secure. If your partner also feels the same around you, he will let his guard down when he is with you.

He feels good around you and doesn’t shy away from expressing himself to you. It shows that your partner completely trusts you and is committed to you. He loves being around you and doesn’t mind being vulnerable around you. This shows that he is truly committed to you and you don’t have to worry about anything.

He introduces you to his family and friends

Not everyone introduces their partners to their family and friends. They don’t want their family or friends to find out that he is dating you. But if your partner doesn’t shy away from introducing you to his family and friends.

This shows that your partner is ready for commitment and has no problem with you meeting his close ones. If your partner does this, then you can confirm that your partner genuinely loves you and has no intention of leaving you. You can even start planning for your future together.

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He respects you

A relationship is all about respect. If you are not being respected in a relationship, then you should end such a relationship. A man who truly loves his partner will always treat her with respect and will make sure that she never gets hurt.

If your partner respects you and loves the way you are, then he is serious in your relationship. Such a man will always be ready for commitment and you can always count on him as he will never disappoint. Without respect, no relationship can last longer as it gets toxic and sometimes abusive.

He makes time for you

Everyone is busy nowadays with their life. Your partner too may be busy most of the time due to which you two are unable to spend time together. Despite the fact, you man will do everything in his power to make some time to spend with you.

Such a man will always prioritize you before anything else as he loves you and likes spending time with you. No matter how busy his schedule is, he will always find a way to meet you or call you. Such a loving and caring man is always ready for commitment as he understands the value of love.

He compliments you all the time

Whenever you two meet or talk to each other, he will always find an opportunity to compliment you. He wants to let you know that he loves you and cares for you. He will compliment you all the time and tell you how much he loves you.

He won’t feel shy to express his feelings to you as he loves you the way you are. This shows that he is genuinely in love with you and will never cheat on you. It’s a very strong sign that he is faithful and loyal to you. Such a man will never leave his partner, no matter what.

He prioritizes you

When a man truly loves a woman, he will never let his pride come in the way of his love. He will always put you first no matter what. A man who is invested in a woman will always treat her partner as a priority.  If your man prioritizes you above all, then you can say that he is committed to you.

He will never shy away from expressing his love for you, listening to your problems, or spending time with you. You are important to him and will love you forever. You can always rely on him to never hurt you.

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He plans for a future with you

Most of the relationships are short-lived because such couples lack commitment and are just looking for fun. But if your partner is discussing the future, then it means he is ready for commitment. Only serious men will talk about their future as they want to plan things that you two will do together.

He will tell you what he wants to do in the future, how he wants to spend his time with you and so on. If your partner is telling you about his plans with you, then you can confirm that he is serious and ready for commitment.

He doesn’t take you for granted

In a relationship, both of you may have different opinions while arguing. But that doesn’t mean you can force your opinion on your partner. Doing so will mean that you are taking your partner for granted and don’t respect their opinion.

If your partner doesn’t take you for granted, then he will always discuss with you first before making any decision. Even if you disagree with him on a certain topic, he won’t fight with you as he understands that you too have had a say. For him, you matter more than his pride. He respects your decision and will support you no matter what.

He supports your endeavours

When you fully trust your partner, you can always talk to him freely. You can tell him what you want to do in the future, your hobbies and dreams without the fear of being judged. You can always talk to him about anything and he will always listen to you.

He will support your endeavors and will always be there to support you. He will help you achieve your dreams and make sure that you get what you want. He is willing to give his all just so that you can fulfill your dreams. This shows that he is dedicated to your relationship and is serious about it. He willfully commit to the relationship and you can count on him.

He doesn’t feel insecure when you use his phone

Most of the guys will feel insecure whenever someone handles their smartphone. It’s as if they are hiding something and don’t want anyone else to find it, especially their partners. In some cases, they may even react aggressively when someone uses their phone.

But if a man has nothing to hide and is honest about his relationship, then he will never feel insecure about his partner using his phone. If your partner is secure then it means that he has nothing to hide.

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He wants to know more about you

Being in a relationship means getting to know each other better and lead a healthy life. If you don’t know anything about your partner, then the relationship cannot be healthy. Guys who are not serious about a relationship will have no interest in knowing more about their partners.

Only a guy who is genuinely interested in knowing more about his partner will fully commit to his partner. If your partner wants to know more about you, then he is the type of guy who takes a relationship seriously. Such a man will always love you and care for you.

He sets his boundary when around another woman

Your partner may have a lot of female friends who may sometimes flirt with him. In such situations, he will set some boundaries to not get too close to other women. This shows that he will never cheat on you and will always be faithful and loyal.

Even if he gets a chance to cheat on you, he will never do it. If your partner shows this sign, then you have got the most loyal partner. He will always love you no matter how many women try to get him.

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