15+ signs he loves you in bed

Numerous overwhelming things happen to you every time you go to bed with your man. But above all, the thought of whether your man is enjoying you in bed is something inevitable.

Depending on how long you have been in the relationship, things can be easier to figure out. But if you are new to the relationship, here are some things you can observe to know whether he loves you in bed or not.

Here are a few signs he loves you in bed

1. He will look you in the eye

The moment you start looking in your partner’s eye during your lovemaking session, you are also exposing yourself emotionally to your partner. So, the first thing that you must observe is whether he is looking you in the eye.

If he does this, then he is emotionally revealing himself to you. No person would be inclined towards doing it unless they love you in bed. So, as long as they are doing this, remember that he loves you in bed.

But if he does not do so, do not get demotivated and approach him and discuss with him how he feels being intimate with you.

2. He does not fail to look at you even when you are not

Maintaining eye contact during the act of love is one of the best ways to know if your man loves you in bed. But if he is shy, then there are chances that he would avoid it. But have you noticed if he looks at you when you are not looking at him?

If yes, then be sure that he loves you in bed. As mentioned, the guy may be shy, so making eye contact might be problematic for him. So, if he doesn’t miss a chance to look at you when you are not doing so, keep in mind that you are making someone very happy.

Moreover, it might be easier for him than making direct eye contact. Or it might also be the case that he like being caught watching you during sexual relations.

3. He is very emotional 

This is not abnormal for any person to get emotional during and after sexual intercourse. The dynamic range in a person surges significantly when he loves the act. So, try to observe whether he is getting emotional or not.

But again, this can never be the ultimate way to see whether he loves you in bed or not because there are people who are extremely good at hiding their true feelings and emotions. So, even after sex, your man may be able to conceal any surge in his feelings.

But you know him better than most. So, try to look deeper into him and analyze whether he is concealing his true feelings.

4. He has done his job

Just like you are thinking about whether your man enjoys you, your man also feels the same. So, he wants to make the whole act of sexual intercourse lovable to you. The more you love it, the more satisfied he is.

So, when you are satisfied, and your man understands this, he will love you in the bed. This is because he feels he has done his job successfully when you are satisfied. This is one of the things that will make him feel more masculine than anything else.

So remember, as long as you are satisfied and make your man feel it, your man loves to be in bed with you.

5. He cares about what you want

It is fantastic when your man knows how to satisfy you in bed. But it may so happen that the whole thing is coincidental. The guy is more concerned about himself, and pleasing you in the way you want might not be his priority.

If the guy loves you in bed, he will want to please you in the way you want. He would ask you about how you want to make love. He will be extremely keen to know about your needs and what you want him to do to satisfy you.

He will always want to stick around you most of the time. These are clear indications that he loves you in bed.

6. He is adventurous but not persuasive

You are lucky if your man wants to explore new things with you in bed. He may be very adventurous in bed, a characteristic that not all men possess. Trying out new things needs courage and a bold mind.

But does your man impose his feelings on you while trying out new things? Or does he try to persuade you to do what he wants? If not, he loves you in the bed just as you truly are. He does not want you to change yourself.

When your man is adventurous and does not try to persuade you to do what he wants, you must know that he loves you in bed.

7. He kisses you passionately

The first act of sexual intercourse is kissing. But this first act signifies a lot of things about his liking for you in bed. A kiss establishes the bond that is required to move further. So, the way your man kisses you implies so many things.

He loves you in bed if he kisses you passionately and for a long time. Warm and loving kisses cannot be faked; hence, if he is kissing you in that manner, keep in mind that he loves you a lot in bed.

If you see that he loves kissing you so much that you two spend the whole time just kissing and are not involved in anything more, then that is a good indication that he loves you in bed.

8. Penetration is not his ultimate goal

Well, a quickie is not wrong, but someone who loves you in bed will want something more than quickies. A man who loves you in bed will also love to have foreplay with you. He will want to make you feel on cloud nine.

As mentioned, a quickie is not wrong, but someone who loves you will want to explore you each time you move to the bed together. Above all, the process of exploring each other will be enjoyable for him as well.

So, try to observe if he is rushing into penetration or not. If not, congratulations! Your man loves you in bed.

9. He takes pleasure in every part of yours

For a guy, a flat tummy or a big chest of his partner does not matter. When he loves you in bed, it does not matter whether you have a sexy figure or, in that case, if you are eye-candy to everyone.

He will pay attention to every part of your body, not just the ones he finds sexy. He will love you for what you are. He will never try to make your body parts look sexier or attractive during sex.

If he loves you in bed, he will kiss every part of your body, not just your lips. So, when your partner does these things, be happy because your partner loves you in bed.

10. Accepts your hang-ups 

It is not very uncommon for people to have bad or traumatizing sexual experiences. This may cause you to have an emotional problem later in your life. As a result of the hang-ups, you may not feel like having sex even when your partner wants it.

This may make him disappointed. But if he accepts your hang-ups, he truly loves you in bed. Moreover, all these characteristics in a guy imply that not only in bed but he loves you outside the bed, too.

11. He makes an effort before sex as well

Loving you in bed does not only mean effort during the act of sex. This can be understood when you see your man making efforts to spend more time with you before and after sex as well. People may often not consider this, but this is one of the most important signs.

You will notice that the guy is trying to make your day perfect. And mind you, the perfect day will end with a passionate and enjoyable act of lovemaking. We are trying to say that if the man not only cares about sex but about more, then he loves you in bed as well.

So, try to observe whether he is doing this or not. If not, maybe he is not enjoying with you in bed.

12. He sleeps curled up with you

It does not matter how energetic your guy is; after sex, people certainly feel exhausted. As a result, people tend to fall asleep. But the way your man falls asleep also signifies many things because whether he loves you in bed or not can be known by this act.

Does he fall asleep facing the opposite side, or does he fall asleep by curling up with you? If he falls asleep with you, that is good news for you because when a man does this, he enjoys you a lot in bed.

But this might not always be true because some people do not have the habit of sleeping curled up with anyone. But in most cases, if this happens, the guy has loved you in bed.

13. Engages in pillow talk

One of the best things about sex comes after you are done with the act. The emotional and deep conversations you do with your partner, more commonly the pillow talks, are significantly meaningful when deciding whether your man loves you in bed or not.

If your man is actively involved in pillow talks, he loves you in bed. It is a wrong notion that guys do not want to engage in pillow talks. Many guys love to involve in romantic and passionate discussions after sex.

So consider yourself very lucky if your man does not fall asleep blatantly and gets involved in pillow talks with you after making love because he loves you in bed very much.

14. He says your name 

One of the most significant indicators that your man loves you in bed is when he says your name during sex. He can whisper your name, moan it out, or can shout. But when he does this, he loves you in the bed.

This act of your man signifies that he considers your relationship to be more than just a fling. This also means that he emphasizes intimacy and passion more than just having sex.

So, if you hear your man saying your name, be it a whisper or a loud moan, do remember that he loves being with you in the bed. This is not what all the girls get from their partners.

15. Calls you after everything is done

If you are new in the relationship and you don’t know whether your boyfriend loves to be in bed with you, you are not wrong to think so. Of course, everything is new now, and it takes time to understand.

But one easy way to understand whether your guy loves you in the bed or not is to see if he calls you after you two reach your respective homes. He will call and discuss how you felt with him. He will be naughty and discuss your experience.

This is one of the easiest tricks to understand whether your guy loves to be in bed with you. So, when you get a call from him, know that you have satisfied your guy, and he loves to be in bed with you.


The tricks and situations we mentioned here are not the only ways you can understand whether your guy loves to be in bed with you or not. There can be numerous ways by which your guy can express his true feelings.

It may so happen that your guy wants to have more sex with you. This does not mean he is a pyromaniac. Moreover, if your guy does not engage in pillow talks, it also does not mean he did not enjoy the session with you.

Remember that all the people in the world are unique. So, they will have different ways to express themselves. You will know your man better. So, try to analyze and figure out whether he loves you in bed or not. All the best!

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