20+ Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

How do you know that a guy is truly interested in you and wants to take things further?

In this article, we discuss some important signs that will help you understand if he wants to have a serious relationship with you and probably considers you the love of his life.

He will not see other people. 

He has his priorities sorted. He knows that he wants to be with you, and therefore, he does not even see other people, even for casual dating. He doesn’t want you to think that he might be interested in someone else and therefore makes you the focus of his life.

You won’t even find him on any dating apps.

Often, we make accounts on dating apps just to explore the scenario. But if a guy is truly interested and wants to have a serious relationship, you will never find him on any dating app. He doesn’t want to ruin the possibility of you liking him as a genuine person.

You are his only priority. 

All he is concerned about right now is you and this relationship. Your likes and dislikes, your feelings and opinions- he manages to make everything about you. He gives his best effort to make you feel extra special and is always there to help you out with anything you need.

He is genuinely interested in your life outside this relationship. 

Yes, he wants to have a relationship with you, but this is not the only thing he is concerned about. He truly loves you and wants to know you better. He asks you about your family, work, and friends because he is genuinely invested in every aspect of your life.

He always includes you in all his plans. 

Even if it’s a casual house party, he does nothing without you. Whatever he is planning to do, you are the first person to get an invitation. Since he wants to have a serious relationship with you, he wants to celebrate his achievements and, especially, his good days with you.

He tells you about his goals in life. 

He wants to share all his passions and goals with you. He wants you to be his biggest pillar of strength and motivation. Therefore, he would always try to share with you what he wants to achieve in life and know that he wants to do everything amazing with you.


How to set goals in life:

  • Before you start setting goals, understand the things you are truly passionate about.
  • Don’t set unrealistic goals that you know for sure will be very hard to achieve.
  • Before you set your goal, make a mental note of what your future might look like after you’ve made this decision.
  • Make a list of your goals on a piece of paper and look at them every day so that you never forget your target.
  • Break down the path of achieving your goals. Trying to get everything at the same time might not work out for you.
  • Come up with a viable plan that you think will work for you and help you achieve your goals.
  • Making plans is not enough; you have to dedicate yourself to working on them with determination and honesty.
  • Never lose perspective of what you want to do, no matter how difficult circumstances are.
  • Identify possible obstacles in your way and come up with a plan to deal with them.
  • Be accountable to your goals and always remind yourself that giving up is never an option.

He introduces you to his family and best friends. 

Since he has already thought this through and is ready to have a serious relationship, too, he is not afraid to introduce you to his loved ones. He takes you home, introduces you to his parents and family members, and all his best friends love you. He’s truly in love.

He expresses his adoration and respect toward you. 

Whenever you talk to this guy, his genuine respect and compassion for you are expressed in his words. He always treats you kindly and is cautious about making sure that nothing he says or does hurts you in any way. Also, he is not afraid to be vulnerable around you.

He says that he sees a future with you. 

We all want to plan our future with our loved ones. Therefore, if he is sharing his future plans with you and wants you to feel included, know that he’s in love with you and wants to have a serious relationship. Without you, none of his plans would be successful.

He is always eager to spend time with you.

No matter how busy he is, he will always find time to be with you. He never misses a chance to be with you or spend quality time together. Therefore, if you are meeting this guy every other day, know that things are eventually going to get serious between you.

You can sense that he’s not fooling around. 

Everything he does or says always has a hint of seriousness in it. He never jokes about commitment, having a relationship, or planning the future. If this guy skips silly games like blaming or ignoring you to play hard to get or manipulate you, he is truly serious about you.

He tells you that he wants to settle down. 

Why would a guy discuss his plans of settling down if they do not see their future with you? So if this guy is telling you about how he has a good job and is ready to provide for a family, know that he wants to have a serious relationship.

He is not afraid of commitment.

Do you see those typical guys who are easily scared every time you mention words like commitment, dedication, or loyalty? Yes, he is not one of them. Instead, he encourages you to understand the importance of being committed and how lovely it is to be in a serious relationship with someone.


Signs that your partner is afraid of commitment:

  • All their past relationships are very short and ended on a bad note.
  • They always make last-minute plans. They are never ready to commit to a date night before they absolutely have to.
  • They never let you know beforehand that they are coming to meet you.
  • Their conversations include a lot of modifiers.
  • They are not only sexually active but promiscuous to an extent too.
  • Even after dating for months, they will never say that they love you.
  • They hate to use the term partner or spouse for you.
  • They don’t have a good social life or close friends.
  • They are unpredictable, and you can never comprehend their approach or behavior beforehand.

He does what he says.

The best thing about a guy wanting to have a serious relationship with you is that they always stay true to their world. Since they value commitment so much, you never see their actions as different from their words. They don’t say or do something that they don’t believe wholeheartedly.

He is the best listener in this world. 

Do you know how girls want to have a partner who listens to them instead of just talking all the time? This guy is perfect if he always listens to you intently, even if you’re discussing a casual thing. He wants you to know that you always have his undivided attention.

He is always there to help you. 

Whenever you’re in trouble, you will always find him by your side. Even if there is no one to help or support you, this guy will always have your back. He wants to take your responsibility forever, and therefore, is hinting that he wants a serious relationship by being caring.

He is not afraid to reveal his flaws before you. 

He accepts that, like everyone else, he is flawed. He never tries to hide his imperfections to impress you because he knows that to be in a serious relationship with you, he must be completely honest. Therefore, if he shows you his flaws without feeling uncomfortable, it’s a good sign.

He tells you about his past. 

A guy who wants to have a serious relationship with you will have nothing to hide. Therefore, according to him, letting you know about his past is very important. Be it his bad experiences or past relationships, everything he has gone through, he will want to share with you.

He had been in serious relationships before. 

His willingness to have a serious relationship comes from his sense of commitment and dedication toward his past relationships as well. They might not have worked out well for him, but he never loses hope. In you, he finds his perfect partner with whom he can spend his life forever.

He prioritizes good conversation. 

A guy who wants to be in a serious relationship with you knows the value of effective communication to promote emotional intimacy. Therefore, he is very much interested in having a heart-to-heart conversation with you. Not only does he want to know you better, but he also listens to everything.

He never forces you to open up.

Since this guy loves you, he doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. He will never ask you to open up and will wait for you to do so when you want to. Therefore, a guy who always respects your privacy, no matter what, is truly in love with you.

Wherever you go on dates, it’s extra special.

If he wants a serious relationship, taking you out on a date is not just something he does because he has to. He doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make you feel special, and therefore, even the most casual date turns out to be a very romantic affair.

He makes time when you have time. 

He is ready to compromise with his schedule or plans to accommodate yours. He puts your priorities first, and therefore, he’s ready to change plans if needed. This respect and understanding towards you is an expression of his growing love and attraction and his wish to have a serious relationship.

He subconsciously creates relationship rituals. 

He asks you to text him whenever you reach home. He takes you out to a specific restaurant every weekend. Subconsciously, he is creating these relationship rituals to fulfill with you. He is doing so because he considers this a serious relationship and wants to keep doing these rituals forever.

He flaunts you on social media. 

If he is not afraid to express his love and adoration for you in public, especially on social media, this is proof that he takes this relationship seriously and wants to spend his life with you forever. He takes pride in letting others know that you are in a relationship.

He never hesitates to spend money on You. 

Although the financial aspect doesn’t matter much in a relationship, if a guy is spending loads of money to make you feel special, know that he is taking you very seriously. A guy will never spend money on someone until he feels a sense of commitment and loyalty toward them.

He introduces you to his world. 

He takes you to his workplace and to all the places he generally goes to. Unknowingly, you are actually stepping into his private world. Since he considers this a serious relationship, he is making you a part of the world he belongs to and wants to make you feel comfortable.

He asks you personal questions. 

A guy who asks you questions about your preferences, family, fears, et cetera. He not only wants to know you better but also wants to take care of you. He values effective communication and, therefore, asks you questions that will help him take this relationship seriously and understand you better.

He is not afraid of PDA.

A guy who wants a serious relationship will not be afraid to express his love and adoration for you, or what we call PDA(public display of affection). Therefore, if your guy is frequently hugging, or kissing you without any discomfort, know that things are getting pretty serious between you.

You have a feeling that this is exclusive. 

More than any signs, your gut feeling tells you that you are in an exclusive relationship and this guy is interested in no one else but you. Therefore, if he loves and wants you wholeheartedly, he will soon want to plan ahead and be in a serious relationship with you.


Therefore, if you can identify any of these signs in your relationship, prepare to get a proposal anytime now. The guy definitely wants a serious relationship and is ready to provide you with all the love and affection you want from him. It’s all up to you to choose wisely.


Signs you are ready for marriage:

  • You are absolutely sure why you want to get married.
  • You are planning your marriage and not just your wedding day.
  • You have enjoyed your life thoroughly up till now.
  • You have a very deep and understanding relationship with your partner.
  • You have been with your partner long enough to know that you trust them wholeheartedly.
  • Your partner is the love of your life, and you would not want to spend your life with anyone else ever.
  • You and your partner have an efficient way to resolve conflicts in your relationship.
  • You have already made long-term plans and set goals you want to achieve together.
  • You know your partner’s family and friends very well, and they somehow seem like your own family by now.
  • You can no longer imagine a future without your partner.

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