30 Signs Of A Bad Marriage: Is Your Marriage In Trouble?

Marriage is a sacred union requiring effort, commitment, and mutual understanding. However, certain circumstances can lead to an unhealthy and unhappy marriage.

It is crucial to recognize the signs of a troubled marriage early on to address issues and seek solutions. This article will explore the essential indicators of an unhealthy marriage, signs of unhappiness, and red flags that may point toward a bad marriage.

By understanding these warning signs, couples can proactively improve their relationship and foster a healthier and happier marital bond.

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Signs of A Bad Marriage You Should Know

1. You live separate lives. 

Although you are married and stay in the same house, it’s like two single people living together.

There is no contact or bond in your marriage; you only take care of your individual responsibilities towards the marriage.

As a result, your relationship’s love, warmth, and understanding have evaporated long ago.

2. You are okay with your spouse being with someone else.

You Are Okay With Your Spouse Being With Someone Else

Knowing that your partner is having an affair or has a better relationship with someone else doesn’t bother you.

You can imagine your life without them; you know they will not be with you forever. The thought of being unable to make this marriage work bothers you the least.

3. You put your desires before theirs. 

You are selfish and don’t care about the other person’s welfare and feelings. You only do what is good for you without even thinking if it affects your spouse.

You don’t bother considering their opinion before deciding because you don’t consider them important. You don’t feel connected to them anymore.

4. You don’t have sex anymore.

Physical intimacy is very important in a marriage. You must think something is wrong if you do not feel attracted to your partner sexually.

If you can sleep comfortably in the bedroom next to each other without communication, you must consider fixing your bad marriage and reviving your lost communication.

5. You don’t discuss anything with each other. 

You Dont Discuss Anything With Each Other

Be it your finances, workplace, or friends; you do not bother to tell each other anything. You have your lives and are happy to live without each other’s knowledge.

Unfortunately, day by day, the distance between you is growing, and your marriage is falling apart due to a lack of understanding.

6. You think it’s okay for you to cheat on your partner. 

Neither of you has a sense of possessiveness toward the other. You don’t mind them becoming intimate with someone else, and you don’t hesitate to flirt with someone as well.

Your reluctance to consider each other’s feelings regarding any matter reflects the absence of love and honesty in your marriage.

7. You have an emotional affair with someone else. 

If you find yourself talking to someone else online more than you speak to your partner, you are having an emotional affair with them.

You find it more comfortable to talk to a random stranger than the partner you live with because you are gradually growing distant from each other.

8. Your life goals have nothing to do with them. 

Your Life Goals Have Nothing To Do With Them

Be it your career or any other aspect of life; you do not think having your partner’s support and encouragement to achieve something great is important.

They are unaware of your successes and failures, and you prefer doing everything by yourself. So you don’t even bother celebrating each other’s achievements.

9. You have constant differences in opinion. 

When you find it difficult to agree with your partner regarding any matter, big or small, consider it a direct sign of a bad marriage.

Marriage is an institution that binds people together, but if you cannot agree on anything, that points to a lack of understanding in your relationship.

10. You do not solve your problems.

Although you know your marriage is not working out well, you or your partner do not feel the need to make an honest effort and find a solution to your problems because you are done with it.

There is no communication, so any chances of fixing your relationship are eliminated.

11. You would rather be alone than spend time with your spouse.

You Would Rather Be Alone Than Spend Time With Your Spouse

Even if you want to be with each other for a change, the other person makes lame excuses to get out of the plan because you don’t want to be together.

Their company is intolerable, and you prefer staying alone or hanging out with others more often than being together. 

12. None of you is interested in getting therapy. 

Even if you know that you need therapy to fix your marriage, you do not feel the urge to go to a therapist. You would rather see your relationship fall apart before your eyes fix it.

Nothing can be fixed anymore because you have lost all interest in your relationship.

13. Maybe therapy isn’t working for you. 

Therapy sessions are not helping your marriage. Things between you and your spouse have deteriorated to such an extent that nothing can revive the compassion and understanding your relationship has lost.

Remember that the best person to go to solve a problem is the one you have a problem with.

14. You will not compromise for anything. 

You Will Not Compromise For Anything

For a successful marriage, proper understanding and the ability to compromise and sacrifice for each other are very important.

But, you are in such a stage of your relationship that you choose your selfish desires and would not compromise for anything that could have fixed your marriage and improved understanding.

15. Thoughts of divorce linger in your mind. 

You often wonder if divorce would have solved your problems best. Even the smallest conflict in your relationship makes you consider permanently separating from your partner.

If the thought of divorce doesn’t evoke feelings of sadness or despair in your heart, you are in a bad marriage.

16. All you have for each other is endless contempt. 

Your only communication with your spouse comes from those cold shoulders and whatever. You constantly cough and shout at each other, and there is no moment of peace.

You have lost all respect for each other because you don’t validate the marriage and each other anymore.

17. You are both terrible listeners. 

You Are Both Terrible Listeners

To be a good partner, you need to be a listener. But in your case, you and your spouse are so self-involved that you do not consider listening to each other important.

As a result, only your opinions matter, and you have no consideration for each other’s thoughts and feelings.

18. You have innumerable secrets from one another. 

Since you are disconnected from your spouse, everything you do in your life is a secret.

They don’t even bother to talk to you about anything. If you don’t feel the urge to talk to your partner about your life, you are in a bad marriage with no mutual understanding.

19. You pay no attention to your well-wishers. 

Nobody wants to see a married couple fall out of love. So, even if your family and friends advise you to fix your marriage, you are reluctant to do everything they say or do.

Instead, you ignore and avoid their good intentions, considering them nosy and overly sympathetic.

20. All your fights include personal criticism. 

All Your Fights Include Personal Criticism

Even the tiniest dispute leads you to criticize each other for no reason. Your fights have no love or duration, and you just can’t tolerate each other’s bad habits.

If you get irritated at everything your spouse does or says, know that your marriage is not working well.

21. Every time you talk, it’s a fight. 

Not a day goes by without you fighting with each other. This is one of the biggest red flags to tell you that you are in a bad marriage.

There is no scope for a healthy debate between you and your spouse because you are just busy having non-stop arguments.

22. You don’t have funny arguments. 

If couples in a marriage argue with each other, that should be adorable, something you can think and laugh at later on together.

But if you cannot have a healthy argument with your partner anymore, it’s because you are critical of each other’s habits, and your marriage is becoming toxic.

23. You would die but not apologize, 

You Would Die But Not Apologize

Apologizing to your spouse for a genuine mistake seems to be a difficult task for you.

Your ego doesn’t let you see a simple apology to your partner, which you know could fix your relationship.

The relationship becomes unhealthy if you cannot be yourself with the person you live with.

24. You can’t discuss your problems with each other. 

Although people in a marriage are supposed to support and encourage each other in good and bad times, you cannot share your problems with your spouse.

As a result, you hesitate to mention to them that you are in trouble and refuse to take any help or advice from them.

25. You do not care about each other’s well-being. 

If one of you has developed a bad habit, the other person doesn’t even bother to fix it.

You are so self-involved and reluctant towards your marriage that you do not even consider your partner’s welfare to be something you should be bothered about. You just let them be themselves.

26. There is no mutual respect. 

There Is No Mutual Respect

Compassion and respect are the strongest pillars of any relationship, especially marriage.

So, if you find it difficult to respect your spouse for the person they are, you might have trouble accepting them as your life partner.

Without respect, relationships are dead; it becomes impossible to be with each other.

27. You have nothing in common. 

You share no similar interests and choose to do your own thing without considering your partner’s interests.

You do not watch the same films, listen to the same music, or buy the same things for your house. Wherever you go, differences of opinion keep following you, and you can’t agree.

28. You pay no attention to each other. 

Even if you are in the same room, sleeping on the same bed, you have zero connection to each other.

When one of you speaks, the other doesn’t bother to pay attention to what they are saying. This reluctance and lack of communication suggest you are in a bad marriage.

29. You feel exhausted in this marriage. 

You Feel Exhausted In This Marriage

The constant fighting and lack of proper communication make you feel exhausted.

You feel like this marriage is draining out all your physical and emotional energy, and you do not even have the urge to fix anything. At this point, getting out of it seems to you the easiest solution.

30. You get involved in a physical affair with someone else.

You are so done with your marriage and spouse that you step outside and start exploring other options.

You even get involved with someone else, emotionally and physically, because you know your marriage is on its way to being over, and you can do nothing to save it from crumbling.

Signs Of A Bad Marriage

How To Stay Positive In A Bad Marriage?

Staying positive in a challenging marriage can be tough, but there are ways you can work on maintaining your own well-being.

Here are some strategies to help you To Stay Positive In A Bad Marriage:

1. Prioritize Self-Care

Make your physical and mental health a priority. Engage in activities that bring you joy and help reduce stress.

Exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and make time for hobbies or interests that make you happy.

2. Seek Support

Reach out to friends, family, or a support network to share your feelings and concerns.

Joining a support group or seeking therapy can provide a safe space to express yourself and gain perspective on your situation.

3. Reflect On Yourself

Take time to think about your own needs, values, and goals.

Consider what you can do to improve your own happiness and fulfillment, regardless of the state of your marriage. Set personal goals and work towards them.

4. Communication And Boundaries

Engage in open and honest communication with your spouse, expressing your feelings and concerns in a calm and constructive manner.

Establish clear boundaries that protect your emotional well-being and communicate them to your partner.

5. Find Positive Outlets

Engage in activities that bring you joy and provide a sense of fulfillment outside of your marriage.

Cultivate hobbies, volunteer, or pursue personal interests that give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

6. Practice Gratitude

Focus on the positive aspects of your life, even if they don’t directly relate to your marriage. Each day, make an effort to identify things you are grateful for.

This can help shift your mindset towards a more positive outlook.

7. Seek Professional Help If Needed

If the marriage becomes unbearable or harmful, consider seeking professional help from a marriage counselor or therapist.

They can provide guidance, help you navigate difficult emotions, and support you in making decisions about your future.


Can financial issues indicate a bad marriage?

Yes, financial problems can contribute to marital strain. Frequent disagreements about money, excessive debt, or financial dishonesty can be signs of a troubled marriage.

Is a lack of intimacy a sign of a bad marriage?

Yes, a significant decline in physical or emotional intimacy can be indicative of a troubled marriage. It may suggest underlying issues such as emotional disconnect or lack of attraction.

Does feeling emotionally disconnected mean I’m in a bad marriage?

Yes, feeling emotionally disconnected from your spouse, where you no longer share your thoughts, dreams, or feelings, can be a sign of a troubled marriage.

Can a lack of support and appreciation indicate a bad marriage?

Yes, if one or both partners consistently fail to support or appreciate each other’s efforts, it can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction, indicating a troubled marriage.

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