30 Signs of A Toxic Marriage

Toxicity and miscommunication can ruin a marriage more easily than anything else. If you find your understanding of your partner disrupted, you need to think carefully and identify if your relationship is becoming toxic. These points will help you notice toxic attitudes in your marriage and take the necessary measures.

Signs of Toxic Marriage You Should Know

You are in an ‘all-take no-give relationship. 

Your contribution to the marriage is one-sided, and your spouse doesn’t feel like fulfilling his responsibilities. There is no balance between you, and it’s difficult for you to bear everything alone. Not bothering to share responsibilities increases the toxicity and misunderstanding between partners and makes them fall out of love,

You constantly feel drained. 

Any marriage should be peaceful and effortless. But it becomes toxic if you find your physical and emotional energy drained while trying to nourish or protect your relationship. If being with someone wears you out instead of making you strong, you are in the wrong relationship and need to think better.

You don’t trust each other. 

Trust and compatibility are the foundation of a good marriage. If you think you cannot trust your partner with anything, you have grown distant from each other. There is no reliability and understanding, which makes it difficult to be yourself when you are with them. Talk to them more openly.

The atmosphere is always hostile. 

Being in a marriage should be comfortable and peaceful for two people. But if you sense a growing hostility whenever you are together, it reflects on the anger and discontentment in your hearts. Angry conversations make you feel worse about each other, and you must find a solution to this.

You have no balance. 

A marriage can only work out when two people know how to balance their relationship. If you constantly feel your efforts and responsibilities are one-sided, realize that the toxicity is growing, and you need to work on it. Maintaining proper balance is the only way to make a marriage successful.

You are always judgmental of each other. 

You are responsible for correcting each other when you are wrong, but if that turns into unhealthy judgment, you are going in the wrong direction. Being constantly critical of your partner’s habits and activities can worsen your relationship, and you will realize a growing distance between you and your partner.

The reliability is decreasing with time. 

Whether it’s your personal affairs or something related to your marriage, you don’t consider each other reliable. Since trust and proper communication lie at the core of a good marriage, if you fail to develop mutual reliability and understanding, your marriage becomes toxic, and you need to focus on it.

You are constantly narcissistic in the relationship. 

Marriage is toxic when partners consider the relationship a reflection of their selves. If you are too self-obsessed to consider your partner‘s wishes and priorities, you bring bad vibes into your marriage. On the other hand, being too self-aware makes you selfish and offensive towards your partner and the marriage.

There is a lot of negative energy. 

If you or your partner fail to be optimistic about anything in your relationship, you are overcome with negative energy. The toxicity gradually growing in your marriage doesn’t let you see anything with a perspective of positivity and empathy. Don’t let ego and negativity ruin the understanding in your relationship.

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Ways to get rid of negative energy:

  • Understand that all of it is not bad.
  • Accept your tough times and fight stress head-on.
  • Reconsider your circle.
  • Count your blessings and be grateful.
  • Create memories.
  • Follow a mantra.
  • Find what is fun for you.
  • Refresh the surroundings.
  • Follow a daily routine.
  • Have your boundaries.

There is a lack of communication. 

Even though you live with your partner under the same roof, there is barely any communication. You do not need to talk to or connect with each other’s minds and hearts, consequently increasing the emotional distance between you. Communication is important when it comes to being positive in a marriage.

You don’t hesitate to disrespect each other. 

If you want to love your spouse, you must respect them first. If you don’t realize that you are being disrespectful or offensive to them, you are unaware of the toxic energy working in your relationship. Therefore, you must reflect on your attitude towards each other and acknowledge your feelings.

You avoid each other. 

If you prefer to spend time alone or with others than with your spouse, you are trying to avoid them because of the growing toxicity in your relationship. Being with them is a burden, and you want to avoid having that issue. The thought of spending time together is difficult.

You don’t support each other in times of need. 

To be a good partner in a marriage, you must support each other through good and bad times. Therefore, if you aren’t with each other, being supportive and sympathetic during difficult times, you are not obligated to think about each other’s welfare. This is an alarming sign of growing toxicity.

You have control issues. 

If you are in a constant emotional tug of war in your marriage, you may have difficulty sharing control and responsibility with your spouse. If you think your partner is being too bossy or trying to overpower you, you are a victim of a growing negative vibe in your relationship.

You have to go through a lot of drama. 

Being in a marriage should not wear you out physically and emotionally. Therefore, if you are going through constant fights and disagreements in your relationship, it reflects on the pathetic mess that your marriage is. It’s time to take a break and consider things from a different and fresh perspective.

You have to change your opinions of each other. 

Your partner accepts you for the person you are, so you change your opinions and say something you don’t believe in. The toxicity is growing if there is no honesty and authenticity in your marriage. The idea of marriage is to be with someone who always lets you be yourself.

Your marriage is challenging.

Every relationship has its highs and lows, but in your case, you face challenges daily. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, none of you can find a solution to the things that bother you and hamper your relationship. You are not hopeful about having a long and fulfilling marriage.

You feel unworthy. 

You and your partner are constantly making each other feel unworthy of being in this relationship. It hampers your confidence if you think you are not good enough for your partner. If your partner encourages these thoughts, they try to pull you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

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Ways to boost your self-worth:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Focus on your goals.
  • Build physical and emotional confidence.
  • Remember that nobody is perfect.
  • Know that you will make mistakes.
  • Focus on positive changes.
  • Do what makes you happy.
  • Celebrate your achievements, big or small.
  • Be helpful to others.
  • Surround yourself with optimistic people.

You feel trapped in an unwilling relationship. 

If your partner fails to be an inspiration in your life, your marriage will become more toxic gradually. If you ever start feeling suffocated being with the person you are supposed to be in love with, it just means that having this relationship is not worth your time and effort.

You are always undermining each other. 

You unknowingly mock each other’s weaknesses and fears. You do not reassure your partner that everything will be okay, and something you say or do constantly makes them feel that they are not strong enough to overcome their difficulties. If you make each other feel under-confident, you are being toxic.

Your communication is full of pretenses. 

Even when you speak to each other, you can understand that none of you is truly dedicated to this relationship but are putting on a drama to avoid problems. If you pretend before your partner, it’s time to think twice about your marriage. Realize your ability to be more genuine.

Your relationship is full of uncertainties. 

There is no sense of security in your marriage. Although you are legally bound to each other, you are uncertain of your partner’s behavior and activities. As a result, you cannot be assured of having a happy and peaceful life forever and are constantly overpowered by your fears and anxieties.

You are envious of each other. 

Instead of feeling proud of each other’s achievements, you are jealous. You do not feel like celebrating their successes as yours because you failed to connect with them on a deeper emotional level. If you fail to be sources of strength and inspiration for each other, your marriage is toxic. 

There is no autonomy in your marriage. 

If you are afraid to speak what you believe because of your partner, that is a prominent sign of toxicity. You are an independent, self-confident person with the right and ability to say anything, and if your spouse doesn’t make you feel that way, you are with the wrong person.

You are stuck in the past. 

If you or your partner fails to leave the burden of their past aside before being in the marriage, that can also be a sign of growing toxicity. Both of you must live in the moment, knowing that this marriage and the relationship you share are everything to you now.

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Signs you can’t let go of the past:

  • You feel nostalgic.
  • You blame yourself.
  • You have regrets.
  • You hold on to grudges.
  • You are bitter toward everyone.
  • You are afraid of change.
  • You have low self-esteem.
  • You are always hopeless.
  • You relive traumatic moments.
  • You don’t feel like moving forward.

You have diminished self-worth. 

If you are married to someone who doesn’t acknowledge your value as a person and partner, it’s time to recognize the toxicity growing in your relationship. Partners should help each other grow emotionally; if you lose your self-respect and pride because of your spouse, you are with the wrong person.

Your marriage is laced with dishonesty. 

There is no space for honesty in your relationship; you constantly lie to each other and say or do things you do not mean from your heart. Therefore, it will never work out if you lack genuine feelings in your marriage. Both of you should be dedicated to this relationship.

You are unhappy. 

If your marriage is hampering your mental peace and constantly making you feel anxious or resentful, your partner is being toxic and disrespectful to you. Marriage should be able to join two people in a joyous union, and if you miss out on that, you have to rethink your relationship.

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Habits for a happier life:

  • Smile more often.
  • Be physically active.
  • Sleep regularly.
  • Make healthier food choices.
  • Be grateful.
  • Compliment others.
  • Breath deeply.
  • Acknowledge your troubles.
  • Maintain a journal.
  • Don’t be afraid to face stress.

You are not comfortable with each other. 

If you feel that this marriage provides no comfort or peace, you fail to connect with your partner. Establishing a physical and emotional connection with your spouse is very important to have a happy marriage. Without comfort, you will fail to be in each other’s company for a long time. 

You lower the standard for each other. 

There is so much criticism and insult that you are not responsible for each other’s mental growth, you don’t encourage each other to achieve better things in life, and you make each other feel like they are meant to be ordinary. As a result, you don’t appreciate each other’s qualities.


You should not tolerate any toxicity in your marriage. If you find these signs, you need to talk to your partner and find the root cause of your problems. Discussing it openly with your spouse is the key to saving your marriage from becoming toxic and ruining your beautiful relationship.

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Steps to get out of a toxic relationship:

  • Recognize you are in a toxic relationship.
  • Identify any patterns.
  • Be financially stable.
  • Seek help from others.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak for yourself.
  • Create your boundaries and be true to them.
  • Go for a digital detox.
  • Be prepared for counterstrikes.
  • Limit contact as much as possible.
  • When you are around them, stay neutral and unemotional.

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