20+ Signs of A Strong Relationship

How do you understand if this relationship with your partner is strong enough to work out? The strength of relationships depends on several factors that we will discuss in detail in this article. The signs will help you understand how good the emotional equation you share with your partner is.

You are genuinely happy.

You are happy and grateful to be with your partner. You love every bit of this relationship, and there is not one thing that you would like to change about your partner. Only when you share a strong bond with your partner can you genuinely feel happy inside your heart.

Your arguments are constructive.

Disagreements are a normal part of all relationships. There will be differences in opinions and you will fight with each other. But what matters the most is how you deal with such complicated situations. In a strong relationship, your arguments will be constructive enough to lead you to a solution.

You love and support each other unconditionally.

Another important sign of a strong and healthy relationship is when two people genuinely care for each other without any expectations. You have nothing to gain from your partner; you just love and support them unconditionally. Caring for someone without bothering about their reciprocation is the purest form of love.

You communicate to help each other grow.

You know you have a strong understanding with your partner when your communications with each other help you grow emotionally as a person and a partner. You learn every day from them; they make you a better human being and help you recognize your mistakes without judging or blaming you.

You have tremendous respect for each other.

Partners in a strong and healthy relationship learn to respect each other before they express their love and adoration. Respecting your partner for who they are and letting them know how much they mean to you is very important in all relationships. You never disrespect each other, no matter what.

You have an amazing sex life.

Yes, having a good sex life is also a sign of having a strong relationship. It suggests that you have a balanced physical and emotional connection with each other which makes it easier for you to be intimate without any discomfort. Good sex requires a proper emotional connection between partners.

You are always ready to make an effort.

Your relationship will not always be a smooth ride, and there will be difficult situations. But you have a strong connection with your partner when you don’t easily give up and are willing to work on your relationship issues because you always support and trust each other, no matter what.

You are each other’s biggest supporters.

There is no unspoken jealousy or insecurity in your relationship. Therefore, you always support each other’s ambitions and passions, even when there is nobody else. You celebrate each other’s achievements as your own because you are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. This efficient understanding is a sign of a strong relationship.

You trust each other wholeheartedly.

There is no room for mistrust or insecurity in a strong and healthy relationship because doubts kill a relationship easily. You understand your partner more than anyone else, and you know you can trust them with everything. Unconditional trust and mutual understanding are the foundation stones of a good relationship.


Ways to build trust in a relationship:

  • Always stick to what you say, and especially what you promise to others.
  • Find out ways to communicate more effectively with people around you.
  • Know that it takes constant time and effort to build trust in any relationship.
  • Never jump to conclusions or make rash decisions without thinking wisely.
  • Never take your privileges for granted. Value doing things and people you have in life.
  • Practice open participation and helps people around you so that you can work or grow better.
  • Be honest, no matter what.
  • If people around you need your help and motivation, do so wholeheartedly.
  • Never try to bottle up feelings and shy away from expressing yourself.
  • Remember that it is not always to promote your humility and kindness.

You never feel the need to fake your emotion.

You love your partner, and you express it genuinely. You never feel like pretending something or expressing your adoration just to impress them. There is no over-showering of love, something that you don’t feel deep within. You know you have a strong relationship when you don’t have anything to fake.

You don’t hesitate to compromise if needed.

A relationship will never work out if you are not willing to compromise with your partner. So, you know you have a strong relationship when you are ready to meet your partner halfway rather than holding on to your ego when you know this might help you find a solution. 

You can always be comfortable around them.

In a strong relationship, you will never feel nervous or uncomfortable about your partner. They give you this sense of belonging in this relationship that makes you realize that you can relax and do or say anything when you are with them, and they will not ridicule or mock you. 

You always have a feel-good factor about the relationship.

As they say, always trust your instincts. So, if your gut says this relationship is going to work out well for you, trust yourself. You are in a strong relationship when no unspoken insecurities or grudges ever come to your mind because you are truly happy and satisfied with them.

You are never too busy for each other.

A major aspect of a strong relationship is that partners consider each other their biggest priorities. So, no matter how busy you are with work, you always have time for each other. Even if you get involved with something very important, you care enough to make up for it later.

You can explore common interests together.

You always feel that you are truly ‘made for each other. You have so much in common that it becomes so easy for you to bond with each other in this relationship without making too much effort. You have common hobbies and passions, and you help each other cultivate them.

It’s not always about sex.

Sex is important, but it is not everything. You and your partner validate other forms of intimacy equally. You always create an ambiance of comfort and reliability for each other. So, if you have great physical and emotional intimacy, it paves the way for you to have a strong relationship.


Reasons why sex is important in a relationship:

  • It is the best expression of your love and attraction toward your partner.
  • It helps you get rid of regular stress and anxiety at the workplace or elsewhere.
  • With growing physical intimacy, it becomes easier for you to trust each other in a relationship.
  • Good sex promotes physical and emotional intimacy, even outside the bedroom.
  • It has important health benefits as it boosts your immune system.
  • Your loyalty towards your partner and this relationship increases drastically.
  • It helps you develop better chemistry with your partner altogether.
  • It makes you validate and appreciate each other in this relationship.
  • As they say, good sex keeps your heart healthy, thereby giving you a fresh glow on the outside.
  • It keeps you truly satisfied in this relationship, both physically and emotionally.

You ‘get’ their jokes.

Having a similar sense of humor is also important for a strong relationship because if your partner doesn’t understand your jokes, they might consider them offensive or rude. This will eventually create issues. So, if you get each other’s jokes, it’s an added bonus and will help you a lot.

You can talk about the past without hesitating.

We often refrain from sharing our vulnerabilities with our partners because we don’t realize how they would respond to our past. So, another important sign of being in a strong and healthy relationship is that you can comfortably share your past with them. You don’t mind opening up to them.

You always listen to each other.

Being a good listener is very important for a strong relationship. If you don’t listen intently to your partner while discussing an issue, things become complicated because your partner might think you don’t take them seriously. So, make sure your partner always has your undivided attention when they are talking.

You celebrate with each other.

You are not afraid to express your pride in your partner when they achieve something great in life. You easily celebrate their accomplishments as your own because you see this relationship as a unit. So, being able to humbly celebrate each other is also a sign of a strong relationship.

You have couple goals.

You are in a strong relationship when you set goals together and work hard to achieve them as a unit. You have similar values and morals that make it easier for you to understand each other. This commitment and dedication strengthen your bond and keep you on the right track.

You always find a reason to fall in love.

You never get bored of each other because you find a new reason to love each other every day. You always keep the spark of excitement and unpredictability alive in your relationship so that you don’t fall into a pattern. Appreciating and validating each other every day is very important.

You clearly express what you want.

The fact that you can clearly express your emotional needs to your partner without any hesitation makes it certain that you are in a strong relationship. You don’t wait for your partner to read your mind and find out by themselves what you think or how you feel about something.

You know where this is going.

Most people lack strength and security in their relationships because they are not uncertain about the future. So, if you make your pattern and are on the same page regarding your expectations from this relationship and each other, it helps a lot to strengthen your foundation and improve your understanding.

You are honest with each other.

A strong and healthy relationship is always based on mutual trust and honesty. You know your pattern accepts you for who you are, and therefore, you are not afraid, to be honest with them. You can tell them everything because you don’t ever feel the need to lie about anything. 

You openly communicate your feelings.

We all know how important effective communication is in a relationship. So, if you always communicate your feelings openly to your partner and you know they will always understand and comfort you, this is a sign of a strong relationship. The more you talk effectively, the better your understanding becomes.

You always try to understand each other.

A strong relationship needs both partners to always want to understand each other. This expresses your eagerness to be with each other in this relationship and get to know each other better. The more you interact with your partner to know their preference and dislikes, the stronger your relationship becomes.

You don’t hold on to your grudges.

Yes, you have disagreements, and your partner pisses you off now and then. But the best part of your relationship is that you never hold on to an issue longer than needed. You accept your partner’s flaws and embrace them wholeheartedly. In a strong relationship, you always forgive and forget.

You embrace their imperfections.

Nobody is perfect; we all have our flaws and bad habits. Being in a strong relationship means you embrace your partner for who they are. You don’t judge or criticize them; instead, you help them understand their flaws and work on them. This is what ideal partners should always do.

You never point fingers.

A strong relationship makes you look at yourself and your partner as a unit. So even if they mess up, you never play the blame game. You consider their mistake equally as yours and try to find a solution to it peacefully. Doing this ensures you never have ugly fights.


Even if you have at least 5-10 of these factors working out well in your relationship, you need not worry about anything. Also, you cannot forcefully have a strong relationship. All you need to do is be genuine and kind, make efforts as required, and just go with the flow.


Signs that you are in a weak and toxic relationship:

  • Your expression of emotions towards each other is over-intense and has a harmful impact on your understanding.
  • You are unnecessarily possessive of each other. This leads to more insecurities in your relationship.
  • You or your partner tries to manipulate the other to get their way.
  • Your partner tries to isolate you from your loved ones- your family, friends, or colleagues at work.
  • Your partner deliberately tries to sabotage your achievement and happiness in life.
  • Your partner is constantly judgmental and critical of everything you do or say.
  • Whenever you have relationship problems, your partner wants you to feel responsible for everything.
  • You are constantly intimidated by your partner because you can never anticipate their reaction to your feelings or actions.
  • Your partner refuses to take responsibility for his careless or offensive behavior.
  • Your partner is disloyal but refuses to accept his flaw.

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