29+ Toxic Relationship Signs You Should Know

Do you ever find yourself feeling drained, anxious, or unhappy ? in your relationship? It’s possible that you may be caught in the clutches of a toxic partnership.

Toxic relationships can slowly erode your self-esteem, emotional well-being, and overall happiness. Recognizing the signs early on is crucial for your own mental and emotional health.

In this article, we will explore over 30 telltale signs of a toxic relationship ☢️, helping you gain the insights you need to identify and address any toxicity present in your own love life.

1. Your partner always treats you like a commodity.

Your Partner Always Treats You Like A Commodity

It’s like they bought you at a store or something. They try to exert ownership over you and make your decisions.

They do whatever they want without considering your opinion or feelings. This lack of respect or attempt to control someone’s freedom is an alarming sign of toxicity in relationships.

2. They keep talking about their past relationships.

They Keep Talking About Their Past Relationships

This is a toxic sign if your partner keeps telling you about their ex or the good and bad things about their past relationship.

They are probably doing this because they are stuck in the past. Therefore, it’s impossible for them to commit themselves to you and this relationship fully.

3. They constantly try to invade your private space.

They Constantly Try To Invade Your Private Space

If your partner keeps pestering you to tell them your phone or laptop passwords or has a habit of constantly sneaking into your whereabouts, you are in a toxic relationship.

They are doing so because they don’t trust you wholeheartedly, want to control you, and have insecurities about this relationship.

4. They never take your insecurities seriously.

They Never Take Your Insecurities Seriously

You have to be mindful of their insecurities, but they are least bothered about your feelings.

Even if you tell them that you are insecure about something in this relationship or want to discuss a problem, they pay no attention to you because they don’t consider your feelings equally important.

5. There is physical or mental abuse in your relationship.

There Is Physical Or Mental Abuse In Your Relationship

You don’t even need a sign to understand if you are in a toxic relationship when your partner is sexually or emotionally abusive towards you.

The first thing to do is to end the relationship and take necessary safety measures. If they’ve crossed boundaries, you can even take legal action.

6. They are sensitive, but only about themselves.

Your partner is empathetic, but their emotional mindfulness is restricted to themselves. They are hyper-sensitive when you hurt them in any way, even if it’s unintentional.

On the other hand, when you feel hurt or insecure, they have no moral obligation to accept their mistakes or make you feel better.

7. They don’t hesitate to flirt with others in your presence.

Suppose you are hanging out with your other friends. Your partner doesn’t hesitate to flirt with others or be unnecessarily touchy, even when they know you are watching.

8. He is a professional at ghosting.

He Is A Professional At Ghosting

Another important toxic sign is when you are always unsure about where the relationship is going or what equation you share with your partner.

They ghost you whenever they feel like it and only communicate with you when they want to. They are just in this relationship to pass the time.

9. They are the best at manipulating and lying.

If your partner always lies to you unnecessarily or manipulates you to suit their needs, you are in a toxic relationship.

They think they are great players and find joy in deception and mind games. No matter how charming a person is, always look at things from a logical perspective. 

10. They will never be supportive of what you do or say.

They Will Never Be Supportive Of What You Do Or Say

People with toxic mentalities enjoy disagreeing with others and being unsupportive, even if they are wrong.

Their false ego prevents them from accepting that people around them know stuff too. So, if you never find your partner’s constant support and encouragement in your endeavors, you are in a toxic relationship.

Signs of An Unsupportive Partner

11. They bully you subconsciously.

Your partner may seem charming and humorous outside, but they mentally dismantle you. They know you well and, therefore, can use your vulnerabilities against you.

Even if you object to their manipulative or insensitive behavior, they manage to bully you into continuing to stay in this toxic relationship.

12. They keep bringing up your past.

They Keep Bringing Up Your Past

It’s important to be transparent about your past relationships before you start a new journey with someone new.

But, you are in a toxic relationship when your partner refuses to let go of your ex and keeps referring to your past relationships. You can notice passive-aggressive behavior in such people.

13. They are only bothered about physical intimacy.

If your partner is in this relationship just for sex, you can never expect any emotional intimacy. They are only interested in getting you into bed; they are least bothered about your feelings.

If a person is reluctant to grow emotional intimacy in a relationship, it’s a toxic sign.

14. They constantly snoop on you.

They Constantly Snoop On You

As discussed, a toxic person cannot trust anybody. Therefore, you are in a toxic relationship if your partner constantly snoops on you or gets irritated if you ask them to respect your boundaries.

You cannot stay with someone who wants you to ask for their approval before you do anything.

15. They don’t prioritize self-care.

Before you take care of someone, you have to love yourself.

So, if your partner is constantly stressing over things, deliberately causing problems, or doesn’t have the ability to be peaceful themselves, they have a distorted perspective.

They don’t love themselves; how can you expect them to love you wholeheartedly?

16. They try to alienate you from your loved ones.

A good-hearted person will never disrespect the special bond you share with your family and friends.

You are in a toxic relationship when your partner tries to alienate you from your family members. If you are gradually losing touch with your loved ones because of them, it’s a toxic sign.

17. They have zero work-life balance.

They Have Zero Work Life Balance

You know a person can stay committed to a relationship when they are disciplined in other aspects of their life.

If your partner has problems dealing with work-life problems or is extremely messy about important matters, they lack focus and dedication in everything. This will eventually affect your relationship, too.

18. They are overly dramatic.

Does your partner have a habit of creating a big scene or threatening you that they will harm themselves whenever you try to talk about your relationship problems?

You are in a toxic relationship, and your partner is just creating unnecessary drama to divert your attention from important matters.

19. You break up and make up; it’s a pattern.

Your relationship is always on and off. You break up and then come back to start it all over again.

You might be superficially or physically attracted to this person, but you need to realize that this relationship is toxic, and you have zero compatibility with them.

Break Up

20. They are always testing you.

A relationship becomes obnoxiously toxic when your partner has major trust issues. They can never rely on you, and you have to prove yourself to them.

They always think you are cheating on them or you are not equally interested in this relationship. They are overly insincere and, consequently, mistrusting.

21. It’s always you who has to compromise.

Even one-sided relationships can be toxic. You are doing everything in this relationship while your partner doesn’t feel responsible at all.

This lack of balance is bound to cause problems later. So, if you are the one being bothered by relationship issues or apologizing during fights, it’s a toxic sign.

22. You are mentally exhausted in this relationship.

You Are Mentally Exhausted In This Relationship

A relationship should encourage you to become a better person and a more reliable partner. Instead, if this relationship is toxic, it will drain you emotionally.

You will constantly feel exhausted dealing with relationship issues or trying to figure out your relationship dynamics. This is harmful to your mental health.

23. They are extremely narcissistic.

In some relationships, toxicity and misunderstanding arise from one partner’s selfish ego. They are narcissistic; they think highly of themselves, and this lack of humility can crumble down even the best relationships.

If someone is too self-obsessed, they won’t be able to compromise to make their relationships better.

24. They are constantly critical of everything.

Your relationship will eventually become toxic if your partner always complains and criticizes you for trivial reasons. Everyone wants a supportive and sensitive partner who will motivate them, no matter what.

So, if your partner does the opposite and constantly deems you unworthy, you probably don’t want it.

25. Even your communication is toxic.

How can you be in a healthy relationship if you never have heartfelt communication with your partner? We all know the importance of good interaction.

So, if you constantly restrict yourself from speaking openly because you fear they will judge or humiliate you, you are in a toxic relationship.

26. They always run away from complicated situations.

You will surely face difficult situations in a relationship. But if your partner always avoids these situations and dumps your responsibility, you are in a toxic relationship.

You cannot solve problems on your own, and this way, you can never have unity and proper understanding with your partner.

27. They make you feel unworthy.

They Make You Feel Unworthy

Instead of motivating you, your partner makes you feel unworthy. They treat you with disrespect and take you for granted.

So, if you find no emotional growth in this relationship, you are living in a toxic ambiance. Your partner is not who you think they are; it’s just an illusion.

28. They manage to bring out the worst in you.

Nobody is perfect; we all have our flaws. A good and kind partner helps us cultivate goodness in ourselves.

On the other hand, a toxic partner and being in a toxic relationship will always bring out the worst in you. Their thoughts and actions will overrule your mind and heart.

29. They have zero practical wisdom.

Things can become worse if you are married or living together.

A lousy partner who cannot handle their finances wisely or someone who doesn’t value commitment and honesty in a relationship is difficult to deal with.

This can create a huge emotional burden on you and wreck your mental health.

30. They neglect you emotionally.

They Neglect You Emotionally

Your partner is in this relationship with you, but they never provide you with emotional support or at least are there to take care of you.

So, if you cannot even feel the mere presence of a person despite being in an intimate relationship with them, this is extremely toxic.

Signs Toxic Relationship

Key Takeaways

  • Lack of respect and control: If your partner treats you like a commodity, disregards your opinions and feelings, and tries to control your decisions, it’s a sign of toxicity.
  • Dwelling on the past: Constantly discussing past relationships and being unable to commit to the present relationship fully is a toxic sign.
  • Invasion of privacy: Constantly invading your private space, demanding access to personal devices, and displaying a lack of trust are indications of a toxic relationship.
  • Ignoring your insecurities: A toxic partner dismisses your insecurities and fails to prioritize your emotional well-being.
  • Physical and mental abuse: Any form of physical or emotional abuse is a sign of a toxic relationship requiring immediate action.


Can a toxic relationship be fixed?

It is possible for a toxic relationship to improve if both partners are willing to acknowledge the issues, seek help from professionals, and actively work toward positive changes.

However, not all toxic relationships can be fixed, and sometimes it’s best to end the relationship for your own well-being.

How can a toxic relationship affect my mental health?

Toxic relationships can severely affect your mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and a loss of personal identity.

Is it normal to have ups and downs in a relationship?

It is normal for relationships to have ups and downs, disagreements, and challenges. However, a healthy relationship should also have mutual respect, effective communication, and overall positive dynamics.

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